Kashmir Protesters Injured with Pellet Guns by Government Forces

Back Riddled with Injuries from Pellet Gun

Kashmir Protesters Injured with Pellet Guns by Government Forces

Indian government forces fired pellets at protesters who allegedly hurled stones at their vehicle in Qaimoh town, south Kulgam district, Kashmir. Indians tend to be the most blindly worshiping NPCs for Israel, so attacking protesters who pelt your armored vehicle with pebbles seems to be in line with the agenda.

This is not the first time Indian forces would have wounded protester in Kashmir.

Props to Best Gore member @hindustan for the pics:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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88 thoughts on “Kashmir Protesters Injured with Pellet Guns by Government Forces”

    1. @empty-soul

      This is so true. Additionally, Indians generally are strange creatures. There are a lot of good people among them too, but most of them are weirdos. These scrawny ass cheapsters eat less food, feed their kids a lot less, but would buy gold and diamonds and jewellery to show off. They are ashamed of talking in their native language, but would try to impress each other while speaking in butchered English in their nauseating accent.

      Indian men would work all life long, save a bunch of money, but would end up buying everything for their daughters and son in laws, in the form of dowry, and will still end up borrowing money from banks and even their relatives, who they have to pay for the rest of their lives.

      Including Kashmir, there are more than 27 separatist movements that are in vogue in all over the India. Their army is tired, their officers always complain about meager salaries and insufficient food provided to them.

      Strangely, they’d worship cows, monkeys, elephants, snakes, statues, penises, vaginas, but will kill fellow human beings. Their beaches are one of the filthiest in the world, their environment, especially their cities are full of smog, their movie industry is the largest in the world, in terms of quantity, they are nuclear power, but oddly enough, they have 218 million impoverished people, more than any country in the world. But in here in USA, they behave like they are the native Americans. No, you are NOT native Americans, you are only PURPLE. You Indians, don’t forget, there are Indians with feathers, and then there are you, Indians with dots, stuck on your jutting foreheads.

    1. Lol…you ignorant cunt. These are pisslamic savages. The gubmint is doing well to punch a few 100 hundred holes in theses ISIS wannabe desert savage insects. Hindus were driven out of Kashmir by these pisslamic terrorists with the aid of Allah’s faggot army of muhajids who suck each other’s cocks and fuck goats apart from raping their own sisters. The government needs to drive a tank over their crowds of stone-pelters who pelt stones to save their demonic muhammad pedophile’s co-religionists.
      A learned man said “If a pisslamic bastard does something wrong..kill 10..Then you will never have trouble from these desert savage monkeys.

  1. Pebbles are what I decorate my fishing tank with. Stones are what’s hurled with the intent to hurt a motherfucker real bad.

    If they did actually chimp out and went full ape, then they had this coming. But knowing this is India…

  2. Kashmir had a referendum where almost all the populace voted in favour of Pakistan. Vast majority wanted Kashmir to be a part of Pakistan.

    Kashmir is illegally occupied by Indian military. Its like a gigantic black market for internal organ extraction for wealthy Indians. Locals frequently go missing some dead bodies never return some are dumped in canals, lakes & farms.

    For wealthy Indians Kashmir organ supply is a lifeline which works out to be a lot quicker & cheaper. Corrupt military officials get paid hefty amounts in order to get the market going.

    Reportedly some Kashmiri men had their testicles crushed/removed. Indian army hates Kashmiri muslims & have reportedly raped children as young as 4.

    India has strong Israeli support

    1. @cockasian

      “Kashmir had a referendum where almost all the populace voted in favour of Pakistan”

      Stop talking rubbish. There never was any such referendum. The UN resolution 47 called for such a referendum, but it was never actually held. If such a referendum were to be held, the people of Kashmir would most likely opt for complete self-determination, i.e., they would reject any kind of formal association with both India and Pakistan.

    2. Who cares! Kashmir was and will remain part of India.

      So all the Moslems in Dearborn in Michigan keep reproducing till they become a majority in twenty years. Do you really think Uncle Sam is going to give them independence and sovereign nation status?

      That is only for Average Joe Americans to be suckered into and Uncle Sam only loves doing that in places away from its borders. Ie Yugoslavia etc

      Having said that everything you mention is true.

    3. No referendum was ever held. Actually this whole issue was carefully planned and orchestrated by the British back in ’47 so India and Pakistan continually remain in conflict and have something to fight over.

      When British ruled they gave this region autonomy and during independence they allowed the Maharaja to choose between India, Pakistan or remain independent. Maharaja wanted to remain independent because this region was the northernmost point of India having international borders with Afghanistan and China and so it could easily thrive without help of anyone.

      There was a British general of the Indian Army who mutinied and helped Pakistan take over some parts of the state. He was working under orders of the British government.

      The state had a very mixed population of Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Buddhists with Muslims being the majority in Kashmir Valley only. The Jammu region was Hindu majority with a significant Sikh population and the Ladakh region being a Buddhist majority.

      The Kashmiris originally did not want to join Pakistan. Their leaders like Sheikh Abdullah even said that they would rather remain in secular India than be with Islamic Pakistan. Because most of them did not believe in Shariah. There were no protests and rebellions until 1989 when Pakistan started sending militias for the insurgency. Because they had a lot of support of US and NATO since Pakistan helped them defeat the Soviets in Afghanistan.

      Now, the tables have turned and Pakistan has become the enemy of NATO and USA so they are not supporting them anymore.

      Also, Kashmir is a very small region, only having some 16,000km². Most of the state contains Jammu and Ladakh, both of which are Hindu and Buddhist mainly.

      In the end, it’s all politics. Politicians make people fight for their own benefit.

  3. Speaking of protests, I heard that there are supposed to be nation wide protests tomorrow, due to today’s events in the political soap opera that is American politics. Someone asked me if I was going to attend any of them. I made a joke about it, but the reality is that I believe that it would truly be pointless. What would I protest? The fact that all this shit is a fucked up illusion? The presidency is a joke. At this point they are just a distraction, who’s job is to take your attention away from what’s really going on. If you think you know what’s really going on, then you probably don’t. It’s really quite sad.

      1. Lethality depends on range, pelletsize, and pattern density.
        Pattern density is determined by amount of choke in barrel.
        Larger pellets are lethal at longer ranges.
        Probably #8 shot at 25-30 yards from a cylinder bore choke.
        Police type shotguns typically have cylinder bore chokes to allow use of slugs and buckshot.

  4. OP seems to be speaking in a pro muslim manner, well since I hear he is canadian, I hope he likes all the muzzies that are slowly setting up sharia no go zones in Canada and will probably do this same exact thing in about 10 years to Canada. The Jews would be angered by this, because their goal is to undermine any society by flooding it with either muslims or any 3rd world destitute migrants, so OP is wrong trying to tie this to Israel telling india to do this. I guarantee, (((they))) are on the side of the protesters.

  5. @VincitOmniaVeritas

    You Are 100% Correct Brother On Them Being Pellets, As They Are Indeed Pellets That Were Sot From Shotguns. They Were Shot From Either A 12,,, 16,,, 20,,, or Even,,, Something as Small as A 410 Gauge Shotgun, (The Smallest Shotgun Ever Made), as they All Shoot Rounds Consisting Of Pellets, Unless If Your Using *A Slug* that Consists Of 1 Fat Round Bullet In The Shell, when hunting Bigger Game *Like Humans* For Example, With, lol.

    So,,, i have to give the Kashmir Government, & There Military credit for that. Because using Small Bird Shot Shells Instead Of Using Full Military Rounds, and Rifles Like The Fucktards In Israel,s Military Use Everyday On Palestinians for much less, has got me thinking, that at the very least They Are Trying To Discourage Them From Protesting From Causing Injuries to them, instead of Blowing-Up 8 Year Old Palestinians With Ar-15,s or Tank Shells.

    And You See my Good B G Brother that some shotgun blasts with smaller pellets like #6 , or even # 7 1/2 Sized are made for hunting Partridge,,, Pheasants, and so on, called Bird Shot!
    But Do not be fooled by the holes sizes Boys, & Girls, cause they are looking much bigger than they actually ware, cause these are looking larger from the instant swelling.

    Also,,, if they were shot at at more that 75, or 100 feet, with Rounds/Shotgun Shells meant to hunt small fowl, & Game with at relatively short distances they are often called “Bird Shot Shells” like The Marked #5,,, #6,,, & # 7 1/2 Shells. So these Shotgun shells pack much less of “A Punch” per say, cause they are filled with very small pellets, and therefore lose Much Of Their Velocity/Speed & Quite Rapidly, while they constantly tangle, and hit each other once they’ve left the mussel, and as a result, fall towards the ground much quicker.

    Now as Opposed To There Cousins, & counterparts, The SSG,,, Buckshot,,, B.B.,,, #2,,, rounds/shells consisting of fewer, but heavier Pellets in them. Now The Slug Round/Shell “that can also be used & loaded”, in Any/All Shotguns like Again,,, The 12,,, 16,,, 20,,, or 410 Gauge,”The Smallest Shotgun Out There” Consists of *Only 1 large Roundish Shot* in it, making It Much deadlier, and with a much longer distance/range” to them.

  6. 20 years ago i got shot by a salt round fired by SEPTA police in Philadelphia (small beanbag filled with rock salt designed to break your skin and dust the wounds with salt). They did it for sport, which is kind of funny looking back on it, and it was a great shot as it was fired from a shotgun from the rear door of a moving subway train.

    I was with a group of friends on a corner waiting for a taxi, the equivalent of 5 or 6 city blocks away from the train platform, and it blasted me square in the calf. Took my legs right out from under me, and immediately lost all feeling from the waist down.

    I’m pretty sure he just fired it indisciminantly into our small crowd of people but my fucking god did it hurt. Didnt look as bad as this Indian pussy’s back but it was def no fucking joke

    1. I Have Heard That Those Salt Rounds/Shots Burn Like A Motherfucker. And it makes complete sense if you’ve ever inadvertently ended-up spilling salt on an open wound Before, as it Burns Just Like Spilling Alcohol in it! That Must’ve Sucked, & Big-Time B G Bro! 🙁

      1. I appreciate you buddy

        The two good things i had going for me was I was wearing jeans, and it was a pretty long distance for a non lethal round. The force of which it hit me though was whats mind blowing – it was no different than having your leg swept by a 2×4. The impact broke my skin but the jeans prevented most of the salt from actually penetrating my skin. My calf burned for almost 2 days though, and I had a welt for about 7 months

        I can laugh now bc it is what it is but at the time i was angry and miserable bc of it

        1. Yea and as they say,,, now that it,s been awhile since the incident it,s better laugh than to cry right?lol, ?

          I Am happy to know that you,ve come-out of it relatively unscathed, as i hate to see *Anybody Suffer Needlessly*, and especially when they are protesting for what,s Just, & Right! 🙂

  7. Because im a faggot englishman and faggot laws say you cant own a shotgun if you have a history of mental illness i went n bought a co2 .177 pellet airgun… god bless the fucking NRA

    The weapon of choice for murder in london is knives, and everyone has a fucking kitchen knife theres been 119 murders by stabbings in london this year.. great stuff. Puts the great in faggot britain. And a lot happen in south london where i live. So im proud of my city.

    But i like guns because im the american werewolf in london, i live the american dream in south east fucking london, its fucking great. And if anyone fucks with me which they dont because im insane ive got a airgun to pop a cap lol… im just messing i just use it for target practice. Itd be funny if the armed police surrounded my flat because i kept a cat hostage, id demand a copy of red dead redemption and an xbox, even tho i dont play computer games COS IM FOR REAL MUTHAFUCKA


    Ive carved out a good life for myself… and im gonna live for ever baybee!!!


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