Man Brings Knife to Gunfight with Cop and Gets Shot

Ecuadorean Man Brings Knife to Gunfight with Cop and Gets Shot

Ecuadorean Man Brings Knife to Gunfight with Cop and Gets Shot

Not much backinfo. The CCTV footage shows a man take on a cop with a knife, but armed with firepower, the cops ends up shooting the citizen.

While clearly armed with a blade, the citizen appears to primarily want to chase the tyrant away, as opposed to kill it. When they appear in the video, the cop is being chased but the citizen doesn’t really thrust the blade violently at him the way we tend to see in knife attacks. Rather he uses the blade the scare the cop away.

As the chase continues, the cop pulls out his firearm and shoots the citizen a few times. Once gunned down, two people, a man and a woman, come out of the house from where the citizen chased the cop away, and showing clear signs of distress over the cop shooting their relative, they use their bodies as shields to stop the tyrant from finishing the citizen off. The cop is later joined by another and as citizens keep pointing fingers at them, the pair kind of turns around and walks away.


The initial backinfo I got suggested that the incident happened in Ecuador. In fact, it happened in Rosh HaAyin, Israel. The knifeman was mentally ill. He was killed by the cop.

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107 thoughts on “Man Brings Knife to Gunfight with Cop and Gets Shot”

          1. Don’t want to be chased with a knife? Do not harass people in their residences. When an armed thug invades your life, you have every right to plug his brain with a dagger.

          1. For me it remains a prototype of the American cop because a good cop does not kill but sends to prison to make the guy suffer even more all his life … He is on the ground with a knife so there is something else to do but l assailant sucks because he could have smashed the cop long before …

          2. if you look closely as he chases him out drive he has a slash at the cop and as he falls he looks to have another slash but trips..
            if ur goen to take a knife to a gun fight learn to use the fucken thing.
            was his own fatal error/choice

        1. i get what you’re saying, but if someone is lunging at you with a life-threatening weapon you don’t really have time to think about where exactly to shoot them merely to save them. the fucker is trying to kill you! killing them is only fair game.

    1. in the description it says “When they appear in the video, the cop is being chased but the citizen doesn’t really thrust the blade violently at him the way we tend to see in knife attacks. Rather he uses the blade the scare the cop away.”

      This does not appear clear to me from the video.

      1. Lol…I was just being sarcastic….even though I’m not the biggest fan of cops…people expect cops not to have a natural human instinct,and that instinct is to kill (eh hem…stop the threat) or be killed…this shooting was definitely justified obviously.

  1. I love police doing their job, if they are aggressive holding a weapon just shoot them since there will be no need for warnings at that point, does not matter if they wield it at them or just holds it, Shoot to kill ! I wanted to become a cop but in Sweden police aint even police, i rather be an American police officer shooting everyone that even looks at me funny, go POLICE !

          1. Nems.
            Yes a beautiful country with lots of willing nubiles. Oh but snow and cold climates make me a Michelin Mann. An the ‘other fella’ goes into hibernation.

            Now when seeing what is REALLY happening there for such a lovely passive people, which is almost daily can barely complete the articles.
            So much do they NEED to wake up and regain their land from the invasion.
            Truly is ‘Life During Wartime’ and NOT just for the Swedish.

            Would have responded sooner but. This Kali keeps putting me in a ball, knocking me out.
            Hahaha Fucking astronomical style..!

          1. … and stop killing each other. I’m still saddened by all the whites killed in WWII with Germany vs. Russia. Damn that would have been a nice partnership to rid the world of mud. (insert sad face here)

          2. @Fuck Pig

            Maybe, if you want to rid the world of us dirty browns and blacks, and make this a white “gay” world, then perhaps you can first ask yourself why people started worshiping a Jewish god to begin with…? How the Jews were so easily able to infiltrate the world, and have pretty much all of us worshiping their God. How can the smallest minority of people (or one of the smallest minorities on the planet) gain so much power over the world…? It doesn’t make sense… Not unless of course you acknowledge the possible fact that they had help, and if they did have help… Then who helped them? Think outside the box a little bit. 🙂

  2. I went to a call many years ago, Domestic. The 400 lb negro had a skinny woman at bay holding a knife to her throat and was about 10 feet from me. He had lots of blood on his stretched out man beater although I could not tell where the blood was coming from. My many commands to drop the knife he did not. while waiting for back up , the female managed to squirm away and ran to the kitchen screaming. At that point you have to understand, there is a freaked out pissed off woman running around ( looking for weapon ?) and a 400 lb man now less than 10 feet looking through me staring , bloodied and not a happy camper walking toward me not dropping the knife. So many things run through your head you cannot imagine. Luckily, I did not fire as backup finally showed up. I still ask myself to this day what might of happened. Amazing how these old thoughts still bother me even though it was a long time ago.

    1. I’m wondering if the mentally ill person, was speaking truth to power, in regards to police brutality and the Israeli War Machine?

      There’s always two sides of the story. Unfortunately, the other side is usually buried with the victim.

    1. The white race sucks the Jew’s dick day and night. 90% of the white race even slavishly worships the Jewish God Jehovah/Jesus. Whites *think* they have some power over the darker races, but they can’t seem to understand that their power is actually the Jew’s power… What ever power they do have (for the most part) is simply just illusions. Got to control the slave/or prisoner population some how… (So they never have a real revolution), right? What better way is there to making them think they’re special..? I.E. the master race…

    1. Yeah especially when they chase you down the street with a fuckin knife. I’m sure he has a story to tell. At least the cop went to extreme precautions instead of lighting his ass up on his yard.

      1. I’d like to know the whole story behind this one…

        For one, the citizen killer had enough time and distance between his victim, to simply wing him if need be.

        …however, dead people never lie about what really happened

        Secondly, why was his family so close behind, when the fatal shot(s) were fired?

        This indicates to me, that there may have been a confrontation involving more than 2 people at the time.

        As far as the man with the knife…

        It looks like he may have taken a swing at the cop. However it also appears, that he had several other opportunities to do so, BUT DIDN’T. The video also shows, that the man may have put his arms up in the air as well. Indicating to the cop to simply leave his ass alone.

        …just my perspective

  3. Let’s be honest, if a man is chasing an armed copper with a knife I’d be very surprised (and a little disappointed,) if the copper didn’t shoot the knife man dead.

    So, the moral of this story is; if you don’t want to be shot, don’t attack armed policemen with knives. And if you’re going to stab someone, don’t wave your knife around like a fucking spastic, keep it out of sight. The best kind of knife is the one the other guy doesn’t see coming.

  4. The tyrant killed the guy in cold blood, the guy was already on the ground, he killed him in front of his wife, what a fucking scumbag, hope he gets death sentence, cops are the worst scum in the world

    1. He will not get the death sentence, Justified 100%. I seriously doubt you would voice your opinion about Cops, face to face to a Cop. Some people are born with balls, some grow a pair via the internet. I know your type, Talk all the shit until you actually need a Cop to save your ass. Karma is a bitch.

      1. Hard to believe anyone is born with balls on this planet… Getting into fist fights, having heart is just one form of bravery… But how many are actually brave enough to confront their own “demons” (so to speak)? I haven’t met one person yet… Although I do agree with your comment, for the most part, but I’d also say that you don’t understand how karma works either. If it were that simple, there would be no government… No British royalty. No Hilary Clinton… No Mexican Cartels… You realize how much bloods these people have on their hands? Yet they’re rich as hell, living the dream… Far more than what any of us can say for our own lives.

          1. Actually there are countless examples of Karma, look no further than Hitler and the SS, Stalin, Hussein…….even small shit like The guy that stabbed me…….died a few years down the line with a hot dose of Heroin when not even the Cops could find him……..Examples like Hillary ( who failed at presidency) Karma?) will get there in time…….no time limit on Karma, still waiting for a few to get theirs. Yes, life is not fair, that I agree….

          2. Also, For the record, I do not condone what a small percentage of the shit some Cops do. I have seen my share of bad Cops and I know what they can do. From Fucking street hookers while their wife sits at home wondering when they will get home to unlawful beatings to selling drugs……..yes I have seen it but that too if life, there are bad people in every profession. I will say I have seen a ton more of good than bad though and for the good ones thank you for watching my back.

      2. Hitler was said to be a Zionist puppet… He opened the door for the creation of Israel, fulfilled bible prophecy (Christianity is a Jewish invention, created to enslave the gentiles… Strip us away from occult knowledge and power, so it can be used by a select few to enslave us all), and also gave the Jewish people the biggest sympathy card they have… Which is the holocaust (which is an exaggerated truth… There was no where near 6 million Jews dying at these camps, I think last I checked according to the Red Cross it was around 200,000 Jews which isn’t even close to 6 million). As for Satlin, he died of a stroke didn’t he? I wouldn’t exactly call that justice either, considering the fact that he killed millions (the Russian gulags were the REAL holocaust, not the one that took place in Germany) and it was even rumored that Stalin himself was Jewish… He looked like a Jew, and he was even married to a Jewess (known DOCUMENTED fact), and even had little Jewish kids… As for Hilary… She failed the election, so what…? She’s still responsible for the death of thousands (including children) in the middle east… She deserves farrrrrr worse than an election loss, but since the universe isn’t fair (and if karma existed, it would be fair), that being something we both can agree on, she’s probably never going to face justice…

  5. Come with the flame if you must, but can anyone honestly say that pig had NO reason to shoot that dude? Heck, I’m not even a cop but with my CCW, you bet your top dollar I would have shot him, too.

  6. Could it be with the updated background information that;
    A. It’s Israel.
    B. The police are an extension of state apparatus. (IDFT). etc.
    C. The Palestinians are being exterminated.
    D. The average Palestinian is tortured daily if not physically, mentality with this reality.
    E. The average Palestinian is disarmed to the point where a kitchen knife is about his ONLY lethal defense.
    F. Perhaps this particular Palestinian gave way to the pressure, seeing the unceasing destruction of his land, home, way of Life, and people.
    G. One can rightly assume that the Palestinian man would not have called for police attention.
    H. The police were out of their vehicles(s) already, so assume they’re approaching the Palestinian man.
    I. They the police were serving the Palestinian man with an eviction notice, giving him and his family the usual ten days (if there lucky, in some instances it’s 24, hours or less). HE the Palestinian man SNAPPED..!
    J. ews…

    It is a Maybe…

  7. I see all comments of innocent people they think that this is a mentally ill person is innocent he will try to kill the cop and if it was in United States this one was blasted to shits, not only gets shot

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