Man with Handgun Raises Hands, Cops Then Feel Validated to Execute Him

Home Owner with Handgun Raises Hands, Cops Then Feel Validated to Execute Him

Man with Handgun Raises Hands, Cops Then Feel Validated to Execute Him

In St. Paul, Minnesota, a group of heavily armed gangsters trained in domestic terrorism by Israel invaded a home of a native American man. Without identifying themselves as anything, they immediately proceeded to threaten the man’s life .

The man responded to the invasion with a pistol in his hand, but being outgunned, he non-threateningly followed the gangsters’ orders to put his hands up as he slowly raised his gun-holding arm. That was all the trigger happy cops needed to validate their desire to execute the man.

Relatives of the victim, who was identified as 43 year old William James Hughes, a member of the White Earth Nation, told investigators he had been suicidal over a terminal illness that limited his quality of life. He had reportedly fired two or three shots into a wall and then pointed his gun at a roommate.

John Gordon, executive director of the Minnesota chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, issued a statement saying: “Having a gun, in and of itself, is not reason enough for someone to be shot.” Apparently it’s reason enough if you’re a cop and you wake up with an urge to validate your ego by executing someone. That’s particularly the case if the chosen target is suicidal.

The citizen killers were identified as Matthew Jones and Vincent Adam.

Props to Best Gore member @terminator_g for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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229 thoughts on “Man with Handgun Raises Hands, Cops Then Feel Validated to Execute Him”

        1. No he can’t. But it looked like a gun he raised, perhaps to present a deadly weapon in a attempt to surrender said weapon peacefully. But all the cops in the US are trained to be fucking pussies so they act like so. I see a man raising a gun, but not pointing it at me. Yes I am scared cause he does have a gun but not threatened cause I don’t know yet, if it is a gun or if he wants to kill me with it. Thus the appropriate action, most likely, would be. Please drop what’s in your hand.

          1. Hey The G? Bet if that was a black guy you’d be praising the police for executing him! You fucking assholes here in Bestgore are a bunch of fucking racist hypocrites!!!!! And you make me sick.

    1. Every one is afraid of being killed by a pig.. Fuck them pigs it has gotten worse just in the last 5 years cops getting away with murder.. What happen to the good’ole days when the paper work was a bitch when a cop killed someone.. Now it is check the body cam and find a reason we had to shoot.. (NWA) FUCK THE POLICE!!!!

      1. Back in the day when it was only happening to black people, racist trolls were here celebrating it. I remember I mentioned that whatever you approve / applaud happening to others will someday close in on you. Today cops are murdering all kinds of people.

        Whites are increasingly being murdered by cops. Suddenly, it’s becomes a problem . Hurray!

          1. I’ve always been objective and practical. But an incident like this was extremely rare back in the 90s it would even make national news. Now it’s all too common and not even for good reason.

            Why is this happening? Just trigger-happy cops armed and encouraged to kill blacks have found a new purpose in their boring nigger-killing lives, new prey on the menu.

            We caused this and now we have to deal with it objectively

        1. Black oppression in the U.S is a myth that unfortunately has serious consequences. Its a myth that encourages racist to lynch innocent whites. We saw it in BLM riots in Milwaukee, and in Charlotte. Since when has an oppressed people had their talented athletes, musicians, and other stars worshiped like blacks are in the U.S?

          Since when has an oppressed minority, who represents less than 14% of the total population, had a president elected, not once but twice?

          Since when has an oppressed people’s culture been more dominant in the country where they’re alleged to be oppressed, than the culture of the alleged people doing the oppression?

          And since when did oppressed people ever have the ability to constantly protest and attack their alleged oppressors in the streets and never face consequences?

          1. “Innocent whites” LOL! I can’t be sure such a phrase applies accurately in any context whatsoever. I’d rather go with “Innocent Japanese Soldiers” or “Innocent Jewish Capitalists”… Whites are good at victim playing hence idiotisms like feminism and false police reporting have become part of our core values.

            “Since when has an oppressed people had their talented athletes, musicians, and other stars worshiped like blacks are in the U.S?” Although this is off topic the fact that cops kills more blacks with impunity, I’ll tell you why blacks have excelled more in entertainment and sports.

            Not too long ago in our history (after the WW2) blacks were restricted from politics and civil service just like every other white dominated industry. The few who were accepted were given very low positions to basically still work as slaves and called humiliating slurs like “Tom” and “Jane” rather than their real names. So more and more blacks decided to turn to the one thing they created and dominated at that time: Music Genres like Rock, Pop (then called “disco”), Blues and Jazz. Other blacks went into sports which was one of the very limited options where they would apparently out-perform whites and therefore hopefully be rewarded fairly. It was only after the black talents were seen to shine in entertainment and sports, were they allowed into other fields in which they also performed well. However, whites continued to hate and oppress them nonetheless. Today, with our money and power, whites have taken over all major record producing labels and bought over all sports clubs once again enslaving black people in their own talents and culture.

            We all know the story of Muhammad Ali how they tried to forcefully draft him to go and die in Vietnam. Donald Trump was also in this country at that time, similar in age to Muhammad Ali. Why didn’t they forcefully draft Trump? he never served. We also know the stories of Malcom X and MLK… And these are just the ones who talked loud and created a legacy from the oppression.

            Fast-forward 50 years later, within which timelines we’ve done very anti-black oppressive things like supporting and sponsoring the Apartheid Govt in South Africa, we have learned over the years that open racism does not give the US good standing on the international stage. So we resort to underhanded racism. e.g: A cop who kills a black man under any circumstances shall never be found guilty. But of course this is not written clearly on any policy paper but we all know the score.

            “Since when has an oppressed people’s culture been more dominant in the country where they’re alleged to be oppressed, than the culture of the alleged people doing the oppression?” Perhaps blacks just have a talent to rise from the mud. That does not mean we should keep pouring more mud on them and enjoy watching how they struggle to rise from it.

            Obama? haha! Obama was just a puppet of the whites, sponsored, installed and controlled by whites at the time when the democratic party failed so woefully that they needed to present something different, something like an “outsider” to rekindle the faith of their base in them. That being said, Obama is not an accurate portrayal of power falling in the hands of a black man. Although imaginably his struggles as a person of color through oppression and racism cannot be denied.

            Read the story of Tupac Shakur, the rose that grew from concrete. Then you will understand how we have unfairly underestimated black people’s strength and ability to stand even when we do everything to keep them fallen. I tell you, if we continue with this racist attitude, sometime not too long in the future, God will remind us that the people we once spat on as a helpless minority will inevitably have the chance to spit on us too. Come 2080!

            Enjoy your whiteness while you can, but learn to respect others while at it

          2. We are constantly reminded of Whites whipping slaves or the current abuse of poor black “youths” at the hands of “racist” policemen and White citizens. The news media will extensively cover any White-on-Black crime (which is always a “hate” crime) while ignoring the massive amount of Black-on-Black crime and Black-on-White crime. They will even go so far as to call George Zimmerman a “White Hispanic” in order to drum up outrage from the Black community. We are rarely presented with the real color of crime.
            “Black people kill more black people every six months than the KKK did in 86 years.” – Allen West, Black politician
            The Color of Crime report (2005) was compiled from crime statistics in America, adjusted for the different population sizes of racial groups, showing that:
            Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder, and eight times more likely to commit robbery.
            The single best indicator of violent crime levels in an area is the percentage of the population that is Black and Hispanic.
            Blacks are an estimated 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against a White than vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit robbery.
            Blacks commit more violent crime against whites than against blacks. Forty-five percent of their victims are white, 43 percent are Black, and 10 percent are Hispanic. When Whites commit violent crime, only three percent of their victims are Black.
            Only 10 percent of youth gang members are white.
            Hispanics are 19 times more likely than whites to be members of youth gangs. Blacks are 15 times more likely, and Asians are 9 times more likely.
            “Perhaps the most shocking of all the crime data dealing with cross-race crime is the incredible rate of crime by Black males against White women. According to U.S. Justice Department figures over 34,460 White women are sexually assaulted or raped by Black men each year, and most authorities believe that the actual rape figures are at least twice the reported number. In perhaps the most shocking crime figure of all is the number of White rapes against Black women. Statistically, it is 0! Because they have fewer than 10 cases nationally.

          3. Jim Crow laws etc, all they did was force blacks NOT to integrate with whites. In the federally imposed black history month we learn that blacks have been able to be powerful historical figures, get college educations and live lives equal to that of whites, even during times of “oppression”. They were just made to do it separately.
            Well, the problem there was that they couldn’t sustain and take care of themselves. The “oppression” was that they were forced to live amongst, and sustain, their own people.
            They have to force themselves upon whites because we support them!! Find me one nation, city, state, hell neighborhood that is completely black and is civil! Go ahead, I dare you. You, can’t, it don’t exist

          4. And, indeed, some blacks have raped white women for reasons of pure, political hatred.

            For a 179-day period in 1973 and 1974, a group of Black Muslim “Death Angels” kept the city of San Francisco in a panic as they killed randomly-chosen “blue-eyed devils” in what came to be called the “zebra murders.” Estimates put the number of white victims at between 15 and 73. Female victims were often raped before they were executed.


          5. 1992, Joseph Gardner of Charleston, South Carolina, and his two friends, Matt Williams and Matt Mack, decided to get “get even” for white oppression by murdering a white woman. They abducted Melissa “Missi” McLauchlin and brought her back to their trailer park. They raped her and put out the word that they had “captured a white woman.” Three other black men came and also raped her. Then they tortured her with bleach and hydrogen peroxide, shot her in the face five times, and left her to die by the side of a road.


          6. In 2008, a white woman wept on the witness stand as she described her rape at the hands of a black man who broke into her apartment in Raleigh, North Carolina. He told her he was punishing her for the historic crimes of whites.

            In 2013 Corey Batey, a black football player at Vanderbilt University filmed himself and some of his teammates as they raped a white woman at a party. Mr. Batey then urinated on her face, saying, “That’s for 400 years of slavery you b—-.”


          7. In prisons, black men rape white men out of hatred and a desire to dominate them. A 2001 report by Human Rights Watch concluded that tens of thousands of men are raped every year in the United States—almost all of them white prisoners raped by blacks. Some blacks make whites their sex slaves, whom they buy, sell, and rent out to other blacks.

            Within a week he was pimping me out to other inmates at $3.00 a man,” said a white who was forced to become a black inmates “wife.” “You can buy a kid for 20 or 30 dollars on most wings,” explained one convict. “They sell them like cattle.”


        2. Oppressed my ass. Try living somewhere in America that has a large black population, too many of them in one place and they start eating each other. Their poor morals oppress them, not their skin color. I’ve met numerous black men and women from Africa, and they have all been good, hard working people, who despise American Negroes and their vile culture.

          While I agree that the cops have no guts, at any hint of the slightest chance they could be harmed, they go trigger happy. But it’s got nothing to do with race, they do it with all colors, equal cop executions for everyone, there’s plenty of examples of that. It’s not a racial thing, it just seems more common because it’s the American black man that commits more crime, the most murders, and usually they kill other black people. Go ahead, fact check that.

          1. @killaw4ttz, you voted for Trump, didn’t you whity? Make America fuck again, my ass when rest of the world is thinking US become a racist country full of retards who hates each other. I’m not American but when I watched those twin tower collapsed with innocent American I felt pain but today seeing you idiots are fighting with each other, I think you deserve this, may be another 9/11 can make America great again.

        3. @Gropella Wonder how much nigger dick you suck off to everyday fuckboi? 6 10 maybe even every single nigger loving fuck from chicago. Every comment you spew about how whites are not people or that they are all evil only makes you look like a nigger lover or a nigger yourself. How many times do you see a group of white people protest by burning tires robbing stores killing people including there own race just because one nigger got killed? None. How many blacks do you see do it? Every fucking one.


            I’m about the truth and nothing more. I will not be blindly racist just because it’s been made more convenient by our society. I will always stand for the truth. And the truth is: Whites are more evil-oriented than blacks will ever be. That’s a fact supported by countless modern and historical evidences.

            To answer your other question: When this bitch lied about being raped by 3 black men, the KKK prepared a violent response against random black people, which was fortunately halted as the truth came out within weeks of the rape hoax.

            Whatever blacks do which we get furiously against, Whites have done 100 times over. Blacks may be a bit silly and disorganized in general but they’re not as evil as we are. Not even close to the way we portray them. They simply do not fit in our culture and that’s no cause for alarm considering the fact that they didn’t bring themselves here, WE DID, we forced them here. That makes us more guilty for hating them.

            So, when next you see a black person, remember that and shut the fuck up

          2. Over the course of a decade, John Floyd Thomas, Jr. raped and killed as many as 30 elderly white women throughout Los Angeles County, which means he was probably the area’s most prolific serial killer. He is black and every one of his victims was white. Was this a coincidence or was he, too, “getting even”? His Wikipedia page is silent about the race of his victims; this would be unthinkable in the case of white killers, such as Joseph Paul Franklin


        4. Well said Gorithan! Well said. Just like with this Meth/Heroin/Opiates addiction problem in “white america”. Drug addiction is suddenly a problem now when before, when it was mostly black people and crack, they wanted everybody to go to jail. Now they want to get people help since this is a mostly white thing. Racist hypocrisy of the highest order!

    2. They are on private property with their guns locked and loaded. They then yell at him to put his hands up. More than likely the dude was prob. woke up and half asleep. These cops should have known better. However, I think they did not care.

      1. Yeah if only there was some way that we could really catch and nail the shit cops…maybe like if the good ones could actually show some fucking balls and testify againt their “brothers in blue” instead of shrugging and walking away.

    1. Devirgin…

      Most of the time it’s the government that puts these pricks into power to begin with.

      …courtesy of a dumbed down society that’s incapable of voting for politicians, that have their best interest at heart!

    1. Dead Callum…

      For one, this pig’s community involves hanging around with street thugs such as him. Yes, HIS community IS wrecking several towns across this country. However, OUR community shouldn’t act in the same manner as this. OUR community should demand accountability from the Mayor and/or Chief of Police. (I’d recommend the Mayor)

      When you have an empowered community, you don’t wreck the community in which you live.

      …however, you can wreck a Mayor and/or Chief of Police’s career! It’s gratifying to see this happen from time to time!

  1. The cops could clearly see that the gun was in his hand, knew that by saying raise your arms the gun was going up also. Shouldn’t the proper command be drop the gun then raise your arms? Police in America are proper cunts.

    It’s pretty obvious that they wanted the confused man to raise the gun so it gives them reason to murder him.

          1. Lol. Man, I’d love to see that upload. Nice 2 hour long vid of hundreds of pigs in a line squealing waiting to be slaughtered.

      1. I believe the idiots, were the cops who didn’t tell him to drop the gun first Mike…

        That’s why many of my comments about cops, has been focused around proper training of law enforcement. In addition, this person in all likelihood, had a mental condition as well.

        I imagine cops deal with many situations out on the streets. Unfortunately there’s a few, who escalate the situation, as opposed to diffusing it.

          1. @mattjack666
            lol i got you perrty mad lol XD for a retard who can’t spell for shit *faggot your welcome i live in greater london but let’s just say that you being the utter pussy faggot you are wouldn’t even dream of coming over here pffffff lets have it guy but you aren’t exactly the fucking sinaloa cartel are you? you are as soft as wet shit, so just wind your neck in faggot you aint going to do shit and we both know it.
            maybe you should of been the load your dad should’ve shot in your mums face.

    1. Kahlua…

      Could it be possible, that the guy was at the end of his rope and needed psychological help? If he wanted to commit suicide by cop, I imagine he would of simply pointed the gun at these testosterone driven pigs.

      I’m no mental health professional by any stretch of the imagine. (my priest and playboy bunny can verify this) However, people do have a breaking point, and will do anything possible sometimes, to raise awareness of a problem that they may have.

      The problem as I see it, is the training and support that many police departments give to their officers throughout the country. Primarily, the training to diffuse a situation, before it gets out of hand.

      …and it starts at the top

      You can get a few bad apples within a police department, and it won’t take long, before many will follow their unrighteous path. Especially, if the rest of the police force isn’t trained to deal with these street thugs. I’ve seen this happen within my own community. Instead of the Chief of Police providing adequate support for his officers to be tactful under these situations, he’s spending time in front of the camera, TELLING his community, why his department needs more high powered artillery to keep his community at bay.

      People in their community first, need to understand this problem. Secondly and just as important, they need to put pressure on the MAYOR, and demand accountability for his department’s actions. It’s refreshing at times, when a Mayor will give the Chief of Police their walking papers, because they think they can oppress/control a community, that they took an oath to serve and protect.

      It’s unfortunate, that people think that this will never happen to them. However it can and often does, when you have a dumbed down society with no integrity or courage, to speak out against such abuse.

      …if you can get at the root of the problem, you’ve eliminated the problem altogether!

  2. I gotta say though – and it’s the same with a few of these videos now I’ve noticed – it’s a frequent occurrence that they get shot due to a lack of taking simple instructions. Why does he not put his hands up the first time, let alone after numerous requests from the officers? Not that he deserves to be shot by any means.. but I can at least see why they’d feel the need to take further action.

        1. No bison tonight, I’m making short ribs in a port sauce. I made brioche and pickled dilly beans this morning. I’m trying to make a decision on dessert. Would chocolate bundt cake be okay? Come on over, I’ll leave a light on for you. 😉

    1. I disagree. The guy was raising his hands in the air, while the gun was still in his hand. There is a difference between pointing a gun at a police officer, and raising one’s hands in the air.

      He should of been ordered to drop the gun or at least, been shot in the leg, if the police officer’s orders weren’t carried out.

      …he didn’t have to die!

        1. Yes. He DID shoot him Swollen. However, he was never ordered to DROP THE GUN FIRST!

          This in my opinion, (and I’m entitled to one) comes from a lack of tactical training from the militarized police force, that’s becoming a problem within several communities across this country nowadays.

          In addition, the constant use of profanity from one particular pig, indicates he was not capable of dealing with this situation to begin with. Shooting the guy in the leg however, would of given the police better control in taking away his weapon.

          What I find equally disturbing, is the fact that these pigs recommend dispatch calling an ambulance, after the victim has been thoroughly saturated in lead.

          …another disturbing thought, as how our militarized police force is trained/supported nowadays!

          1. Dude I couldn’t agree more with you. If you look at the way these cops present themselves, and you see how relaxed the homeowner comes forwards and does exactly as he is being told. And prestoooo, a fatal lead poisoning.

            I don’t even live there, but somehow this video just struck a very disturbing cord with me…
            Isn’t it a “constitutional right” to own a weapon and to defend your property with deadly force if need be? Now a kill squad can just be called in… under any pretense if the caller wishes to do so, You might as well lie about the intended target. But once the cops are there, there is no way to back out of the imminent execution.

    1. His account has been terminated. Hahaha. I bet the piece of shit is raging hard. I lmfao when I clicked on his profile and it said unavailable. 1 cunt down, just a few more to go.

        1. @godfellas He sure was. He’s been on this site for like 6-7 years, maybe longer spewing his dribble. He probably thought being here so long gave him immunity and could say whatever he wanted without any problems. How wrong was he lol. Sadly i can’t express in words how glad i am that he’s gone.

          His little posse of mutts will probably read this and interpret my saying “glad he’s gone” as polluted hurt my feelings. HELL NO!! I’m glad he’s gone because i wish i was a fly on the wall to watch him type, realise he was banned, go into an almighty rage, smashed up his computer and slash his wrists. Lol.

  3. WTF? I was right all police officers all over the united states are authorized to use deadly force any reason given.

    At least they are now equiped with automatic pistols and assult rifles, What’s next anti-personal missiles that chase suspects all over the neighborhood like a cartoon until the missile hits the suspect and then blows him/her/it up

    1. .. I believe we’ll be adapting a “Judge Dredd” type scenario, whereas the individual cop will act as an autonomous arm of der staats.. Supported by machines and given ALL the combined judiciary powers.. That’s just the beginning!.. They’ll eventually take away all human involvement (because we’re ALL, *except myself *corrupt, Jew-squid, flesh-viruses).. That’s when they’ll implement the “Skynet” scenario and we’re all fukt.. That’s why I’m following this guy, he really tells it like it is, but you gotta give him a chance RP…

  4. If it’s true that this guy pointed a gun at his room mate, then fuck him for all I care. Doesn’t matter if the gun was loaded or not. If you point a live gun at someone without the intent to shoot (or rather, without the good reason to shoot), you’re a fucking scum.

    1. “If it’s true,” is not a fact Andrew. Nor is it true, that he pointed the gun at the police to begin with.

      But I appreciate the FACT, that when the facts cannot be supported, you’re judge and jury has appointed me to be your scum!

      1. That’s why I said “if it’s true”. If someone points the real gun at me (doesn’t matter in which state the gun actually is), this person would immediately disappear from my life, it’s not forgivable.

        And you shouldn’t do that to. And there are good reasons for that. Many people suffered or died because some prick thought the gun was not loaded or was on safety.

        1. There’s a difference between someone pointing a gun at you, versus a cop shooting this victim, because he pointed a gun at someone else Andrew. If someone points a gun at me, I may take the necessary actions to defend myself as well.

          From what I have seen in this video, these pigs never ordered him to drop the weapon to begin with. What he did or did not do to his roommate, doesn’t come into play here. That situation could of been handled in a court of law later.

          …that is, if the victim wasn’t murdered by a couple trigger happy pigs

          When he raised his arms, the gun went with them. The victim never aimed the gun at the cops.

          And what makes you think I would do such a foolish thing in regards to gun safety? That’s not the issue here in the first place. The issue resides in a couple cops, murdering a victim who never pointed his gun at them.

    2. Very true. The black folks now is some actually want to get shot by police so their families can get paid after suing city, police, and anyone else they think might had a hand in the shooting. These parents should warn their kids if you are crazy enough to point a gun at someone you should expect to get shot.

    1. Never heard of this made-up tribe. Being Cherokee and getting paid for it a lot of people are making up these “tribes” to try to get recognized by the government and be able to build casino’s.

      I personally would have dropped the gun and saved myself from being shot by ignorant cops that have hardly any training. I think even if they had told him to put down the gun he already had the mindset to want to die.

  5. He didn’t seem to have a Chippewa on his shoulders, he was calm and collected .. Looks like he brought out the gun Hopi’ng to get killed… Well, I guess it’s safe to say he Souix’ceeded in gettin himself Ottawa embarrassing situation!…No..?

  6. Clearly there’s a publicly unspoken mandate to kill people as much as they can. Especially if they have mental health problems and suggest they’re suicidal.

    I think that’s seriously what’s happening. They’re hiring people they wouldn’t have hired 20 years ago. They’re hiring thugs to be cops. Pretty sure it’s a planned agenda. Nothing else explains it.

    1. “Profiling, means never having to say you’re sorry.” (especially when assuming comes into play)

      I generally agree with your statement Travis. I might add, when you live in a society governed by corporate profits, you tend to create a sick society.

      No one wakes up one day, and says they want to be drug addicts, axe murderers or rapists. Problems such as these, are often created and not inherited.

      btw: “They’re,” happens to be The Deep State. (for the record)

      1. Cool. Yeah. I see things similarly. The world is a battle between good and evil, right and wrong. Everybody, however, seems to invent their own versions of what good and evil, right and wrong are.

        Corporations, by definition, when one breaks down the root words and what not – it could easily be viewed as dead-speak or death-speak. Or any combination of words that mean death and speech. Downright evil. Indeed.


          1. his tag isnt working, has he left BG?

            and yeah i was thinking about inviting over for a homo photoshoot together, lubed up with poppers up our asses, together…. by the river thames on a hot n steamy saturday night… with poppers up our arses, together….

            then thought nahh…

  7. They didn’t yell put the gun down? They didn’t then yell put your hands up? Pretty easy to give the cops shit sitting behind your

    I would have laid him to waste faster than they did..

  8. What I saw: Guy comes around the corner holding what looked like a gun. Cops scream to put his hands up. He does, but in doing so, raises the hand holding the gun, likely intentionally aiming it in the direction of the cops on the way up. Of course the cops will shoot, but giving dumbassed rookie orders like that is why it happened. The proper order would have been “Do not fucking move!” The following command after he appears to understand would be “Slowly turn around and do NOT raise your arm!”. After he is turned around, the next correct order would then be “Slowly place the gun on the floor, aiming towards the wall!”. I get it that cops in this situation are experiencing a great deal of anxiety, but this is what they should be getting proper training for. In my opinion, they killed a guy for following rookie orders. The victim was either suicidal anyhow or too damn dumb / impaired to realize the outcome before following their orders. My suggestion: You hear someone screaming police and all you can see is bright lights in your eyes, don’t follow dumb orders. If you are carrying a gun, slowly squat down and place it on the floor away from them, then raise your hands. Follow that and get killed, then I will be in support of the author for BG.

    1. Well said. Newbie pigs are funny as fuck. My roommate and I were drinkin’ a few beers the other night on the balcony, having good conversation and one of his friends, already loaded came over and started getting very belligerent and didn’t want to leave, so my roomate called the cops to have him removed. Two nubes, one male, one female (both seemed younger than me, I’m 29) the male pig looked at me during the questioning and asked me my name. I gave him a shit eating grin and non chalantly turned back to the nuisance and mediated the situation by telling him he should just leave and avoid handcuffs and County, and he reasoned with me and left on his own. Fucking newb didn’t know what to do after I ignored him… Oh well. Stupid fuck, I wasn’t involved with the complaint, so I’m not gonna answer stupid questions… They really do need better training, for fucks sake.

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