Man with Mental Health Problems Brutalized by Cop in Glendale; Yes He Was White

Man with Mental Health Problems Brutalized by Cop in Glendale; Yes He Was White

Man with Mental Health Problems Brutalized by Cop in Glendale; Yes He Was White

I mean DUH! Of course he was white. White people are brutalized by cops disproportionately more often than any other race. White genocide happens on many fronts, and it is vigorously supported by globalist shills like that Mexican half nigger Kyle Rittenhouse. I can just imagine him popping a semi when he saw the video.

The incident happened on June 13, 2019 in Glendale, Arizona. Yes, that’s the same Glendale where we’ve seen the cops brutalize white people before. Another semi for NWO poster boy Kyle R.

The incident involved citizen killer Joshua Carroll, who responded to a call at an apartment complex about a man sleeping in his car. It was a so called “wellness check“. But we all know how those turn out in the end if the cops show up.

The name of the man in the car is David Dulaney. He has a mental health and cognitive problem that causes him to behave and communicate like a child. His condition was very noticeable right off the bat, but that didn’t matter to domestic terrorist Carroll.

Itching to assault the helpless man, around the 07:15 mark, after a period of antagonizing him, Carroll opens the car door and attempts to grab the victim which only caused the already scared and confused Dulaney to get even more stressed.

From then on, Carroll savagely assaults and tasers the non violent citizen. He pulls him out of the car and hits Dulaney hard in the back of the head, painting the road red with his blood.

He then abandons the taser after a while and strikes the victim with closed fists in the back of his head despite it already being cut open by the taser. In his report, Carroll claimed he used “pain compliance“.

After Dulaney was put in handcuffs, Carroll picked him up and threw him down hard on the other side of the curb where Dulaney continued to bleed from his head.

Following this video being released, there were no mass protests around the country or massive public outrage.

Since 2016, domestic terrorist Joshua Carroll has faced six disciplinary actions including one for dishonesty and one for high-risk policy violations during a pursuit. Because of the many instances of severe violations by the department, FBI stepped in to investigate Glendale PD.

A disciplinary records for one of Carroll’s previous violations reads:

Officer Carroll fired a rifle round at a suspect, putting civilian and other officers at risk. When I served Officer Carroll his discipline for the pursuit, he never accepted responsibility and provided excuses for his conduct. For example, Officer Carroll stated to me that this investigation would have never happened if it was 10 years earlier, and no cameras were in our vehicles.

The review board concluded the memo with a statement that Carroll should be terminated because he poses a risk to the community. However, Glendale never disciplined Carroll, and only served him with written reprimands.

With the FBI involved and the evidence mounting against him, Carroll eventually resigned from Glendale PD in lieu of termination. Then Glendale Police Chief Rick St. John responded to the probe by retiring after just two and a half years in the position.

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120 thoughts on “Man with Mental Health Problems Brutalized by Cop in Glendale; Yes He Was White”

    1. The problem with American police officers compared to other countries is that we are seemed as the most agressive, compared to Brazil. They lack proper training with dealing with people with mental disorders and drug habits. If they learned and read the signs of some of the people, some deaths and unnecessary force can be prevented.

      I think police should automatically call an EMT or a rehab specialist while dealing with these type of people.

      Here is a list of deaths caused by law enforcement by country and you can see Denmark and the U.K don’t have anything above 5 deaths.

    2. Don’t be a crawler to Anderson Cooper Fag Leftist media cunts ..

      The cops probably did this useless drug addict fuck a favor by killing him

      What good was this filth ever gonna be to his kids, family, community ??

      None .. Really ?? And you worked this out all by your dumb ass self ??

      Shit, nigger …..

      Fuck this piece of white trash shit

      R.I.P. white trash ….

    1. He should have just followed the rules or he wouldn’t have been in this position. If your not doing nothing cop’s won’t hurt you. He probably had a criminal record before this so they had to treat him like this.

  1. You could actually FEEL the rage in this one. It was like watching a kettle reach boiling point as the cop continued going in circles. Imagine dealing with these retarded people day in day out butting heads over such trivial matters. He should of just walked away and bought himself Wendy’s for lunch. Would have saved him the headache xD

    1. Agreed. He also has a mental disorders or drug problem clearly and needs some special handling. The officer should have called an EMT or someone who is certified in dealing with these type of people…psych ward helpers I think they are called.

      1. exactly right from the start he clearly stated i need to go t0 the bathroom. let him go to the bathroom. then ask him what is needed to complete your traffic stop or whatever. the other cops show up, oh Jesus what did you do to the poor guy, were you using him as a punching bag or something.

  2. Being in Great Shitain we see tons of these vids on BG coming from the States but we don’t have these things being filmed happening in the uk to view on BG (not to say they don’t appen in shitain though by any means). However, what comes across from seeing all the vids of USA law enforcement v Joe public, whether that be nigger or honky, is that anyone in Donny Trump’s kingdom should be feared MORE of the police in 2020 than anything else, like psychotic wogs, murderers, rapists, etc? I would like to look at a comment from an American, first hand opinion, of whether this REALLY is how it is today in ALL the usa, as how I ‘see’ it coming off of BG is that the police are simply legal assassins in uniforms? And the 2 questions I would just have to ask are;
    a) Why have the police become this?
    b) Why do they continue when they KNOW every breath they take and muscle they move is recorded visually?

    1. Cops became this way when they stopped hiring big guys. Now we have these little pricks running around scared shitless because they KNOW that they are pussies.

      No cop should be under 6’3″, ever. It’s always a little shit loosing his cool.

      1. I don’t agree, you can have a 5’6” guy fuck up guys twice his size ! And have 6’3” guys be total pussies. Ive seen it! It’s all mental and training. What they should do is stop hiring women first and dumb stupid motherfuckers second. Stupidity kills more humans than anything else on earth !, that’s my opinion! But don’t forget policing is an impossible job. Only threw strenuous training and mental examination to get the best candidates to do the job should be the way to go but unfortunately that’s not possible.

    2. Well Artful Dodger, Not all cops are like this, only the Cowards. Yes Cowards, Did you notice how the cops breathing become more labored. He was breathing like he had just ran a marathon. I’m sure his heart was racing as well. The reason he kept yelling was so onlookers would think this guy was putting up a fight, which he definitely wasn’t. This cop is a Coward, Scared fucking cunt. There is still a few cops around. The older more experienced ones. I hope this one gets what he deserves.

    3. I thank fuck our police aren’t like this. I have autism and severe social anxiety. When I get overwhelmed I start spiralling into a meltdown like this and police interrogating me doesn’t help one bit. I’ve had them stop me leaving the premises when forcibly taken to the hospital before but at least they didn’t have guns or fuck me up like this. I could feel this poor guys frustration and anxiety levels rising the whole time.

      1. Oh you’re an absolute fucking cunt you know that, the guy in the car has a mental illness you fucking muppet. Yeah if youd follow what the officer says you’ll be fine but but hes mentally ill you dumb cunt. I dont care who or what you are, no police officer should ever fucking do that to anyone unless they have to and as you seen, he had no fucking right to do that to this poor man,

    1. Agreed. Police officers should be required to call a medical certified professional in dealing with drug abuse people or people with mental disorders.

      If I was the governor I would require them to be taught how to handle situations like this by a medical professional.

    2. As someone with autism albeit ‘higher functioning’ I identified with this poor dude straight off the bat. I’ve been in similar situations myself. It must suck even more with the level of cognition he has. Fucking nobody has autism training that could prevent shit like this from escalating.

      ‘What are you scared about’


      Fuck, man.

  3. I see we left out him flooring his car and his the cops car with it. Weird how stuff like that slips by when your directing the story a certain way. Also drug and alcohol abuse and mental illness often present similar. Erratically moving and difficulty tracking the conversation, paranoia all can be found in meth users. And those with cognitive conditions. Look in context of the whole thing, the guys evading identifing himself, a weird story by a guy that looks disheveled appearance in an area with a large meth problem.

    1. I don’t disagree, it can absolutely be assumed he’s a meth user, etc. But why should that be the FIRST assumption? And even in that kind of situation, even meth users deserve compassion first from officers unless they’re being violent…

      1. When you hear hooves think horses not zebras, sadly. Nobody wants to see anyone get hurt or having to go hands on with people. But the truth of the matter is attacks on police are often quick, and you have a guy acting that way you’ve got to secure and check for weapons. Go on youtube and look up attacks on police, it’s wild the stuff people will do and go from compliant to swing a machete. Guy that lit those cops up in california yesterday is a good example. Now this is a big and growing issue with incident s like this. It’s gotten to the supreme court a few times. This was a known lady but similar issues.

        This is why the defund the police is just a horrible idea. Having officers spend significant time training is what we want. The scenario based training and hand to hand in things like jiujitsu are things you want. Guy that walks out of their initial or ongoing training having fun through things like this a dozen times and is proficient in a grappling , and useful Martial art so striking and and hitting isn’t your first go to. And you’ve spent time fighting. You’d be amazed how many cops have never taken a punch to the face, first time could be as your fighting a guy like this, and have no idea about him, weapons, etc your scared and it shows. Instead of calm and confident, your fighting for your life. I know this is a dumb thing to say out loud but cops by in far are good people trying to make things safer on our behalf. But we set them up to fail, and shit like this is a great example and a lot of things that have happened were and are justified. But they never should have gotten to that point, and we should have people out there that know how to and can handle common and extreme situations without out much thinking. With the Marines we trained constantly from regular situations to the extreme of a bad bad day. Gunfights, hands on fighting and detaining, situational awareness and reading people were done almost without thinking. Obviously different, but some core skills and methods are alike. This isn’t defending either way a lot of the dumb shit these guys do. A lot of it if we did, in a warzone, would have gotten the clowns responsible some time in the brig. A big part of that was because they knew better and let emotions cloud good judgement. And they were held accountable, as they should because you were given the tools and training to operate at a high standard. There’s no excuses, it’s on you. And I think we need to give the police everything we can to put in their toolbox, makes them safer, and us safer. And nowhere to deflect responsibility and accountability. Because they’re not going anywhere, and some areas may do that but they’ll learn quick. There is evil in the world, and it will prey on the ones who can’t or won’t defend themselves. Them knowing there’s nobody coming to help will lead to some dark dark times.

      1. Like somebody acting as a retard…..;)
        This kind of stuff is exactly why refund the police is a horrible idea. They’re not going away, and they should be putting in more training and scenario based training for things like this.

  4. Yep. Definitely police brutality. No shades of grey with this one. It also takes a certain level of psychopathic tendencies to treat a weak and vulnerable retard like this. Its the same kind of innate wickedness and morally bankrupt behaviour you often see from those who get their kicks inflicting pain and suffering on animals.

    That aside. Do they really let barely functioning retards on God knows how much medication drive cars in America?. That’s crazy if true.

    Also, Mark. You are getting a bit obsessed with Rittennigger lately. He was not a secret agent with a secret mission to genocide the white race. He was just a very naughty boy to copy Monty Python’s Life of Brian. He also never killed “white people” in the true sense of the word. He killed white-niggers. Anti-white, self loathing black loving/pandering wiggers and no white person would ever consider such filth to be a member of the white race. They are as lowly as mud-shark coal burning whores and just as hated.

    Rittennigger was just a clown with a hard-on for “authority” who only felt special, powerful, wanted and needed when in the process and act of puffing out his chest and keeping “da-peace” and the police made use of that for their own ends by standing back and letting him shine in the only way he knew how.

    Anyhow. If Rittennigger was the villain that day what the fuck does that make Antifa and BLM?. The devil incarnate?. As behaviour wise they were a hundred times worse.

    Back to the actual post though. This again acts to show that BLM is full of shit and that black people don’t get singled out. It also fucks over the myth that all white people have ‘da wite plifilige’.

    1. That barely functioning retard driving threw me off also, and made my mind think drugs not mental. Even more so when he goes its my friends mother’s car. Somebody presumably sane handed the keys off to him no problem? My next stop if I was the cops out there would be to her house to have a little heart to heart.

      1. @happy

        That’s nothing new, Mark. That’s just tribalism. People shilling for their own side. It happens all the time in every single aspect of life and society and will continue to do so.

        People are not getting off on Rittennigger then, they don’t give a shit about him as a person. They are getting off on the fact that he shot libtards just as many on the far left were getting off on that Antifa guy who shot a Trump supporter dead and there will continue to be many such people as Rittennigger and the murdering Antfia guy in future because our societies are becoming more and more divided and hateful towards each other as a result of the destruction of monoculture.

        Focusing on Ritennigger is a road to nowhere then because he is just an unremarkable clown whose only claim to fame is that he shot people. Its best not to get so hung up then on whoever the useful idiot of the month is and instead focus more on the tribes and who or what is riling them up and for what purpose.

  5. Wonder what would’ve happened if this guy exercised his right to remain silent and would’ve just rolled the window back up as soon as he rolled it down.
    According to what I can understand from the law if this guy would’ve done just that the piglet cannot engage him physically or force his way into the car unless there’s a clear visual of a law being broken… For example there’s a gun in his front seat within the man’s reach or there appears to be drugs in the vehicle, an empty baggy might constitute enough reason to suspect there might be drugs in the car and that can warrant a search for the vehicle.
    But if there’s non of that and the car’s license plates are run and everything is current and legit and the R.O. does not come back to be wanted there shouldn’t be shit that porcupine can do.

    Me on the personal my only advice I have for anyone interacting with LEO is to just keep cool and if you have nothing to hide just be straight up and everything will workout in your favor. If you get caught with something illegal like drugs and shit just keep your fucking mouth shut and do not get out of silence mode, most xs it works miracles as cops build a case against you most xs because of statements that you made statements that if you wouldn’t have said there wouldn’t be no case.

    1. well he did not give his surname,by law driving a car he must give details .this can be seen two ways..he was avasive like a crack head ,i need the toilet..the car wasnt his ,he dosnt live there,his freinds not there ,no surname,strange wellbeing check..the cop should have de escalated the situation.heavy breathing in the end was for sympathy from fellow stormtroopers,he realised he did wrong…bastard war monger jewtards..he did ask about drinking so he was going down that route to extract ,detain,search,intimadate,vilify ,degrade,attack,abuse,terrorise ,the land of the free,ask the natives how free are they in their own land…oh the horror.

    1. Well, not exactly. He’s siding with the cops who are Freemasons who work for the Jews. So there is that. That doesn’t mean I like Antifa or liberals though.

      I’m going to put him in the in-between category. He’s half a hero for shooting those Antifa faggots.

      In all reality, the Jews control both sides. The cops are Masons, and Antifa are a bunch of liberals and Jew communists. It’s a weird one to sort out. The Jews are playing both sides, like they usually do.

  6. its pigs like this that makes the riots happen fucking retard the poor man has a mental disorder u need proper way to handle these type of people serve and protect my motherfucking ass ABUSIVE POWER is what it is end of rant lmao

  7. I’m no rocket scientist but anyone could see that the guy was slow right from the beginning. The cop is supposed to deescalate situations, not antagonize shit. That cop is a complete dick. Who in their right mind terrorizes a mentally handicapped person. Cannot understand why the cop would not walk away temporarily until backup police or the guys friend at least arrived to maybe calm the guy back down. It was plain to see he wasn’t high or drunk…he sounded like a big kid. If anyone deserved to go to jail or get shot, it would definitely be the boy in blue…. I hope the guy sues the shit out of the cop and the city….

    1. How is the cop supposed to know that? He can’t just let someone like that go. I think the cop said civilians had reported this guy for being unfit to drive. Would you want the cop to just let him go so he can continue driving around? This is not a man I’d want driving a car on my street to say the least. And that’s assuming he didn’t pose other dangers which the cop wouldn’t have known.

      1. He did nothing illegal. He’s retarded. He was upset. He has the mind of a child. You don’t grab a retarded guy and start man handling him. With someone like that, you use patience, gentleness, and kindness. You have to talk to him like he’s a child, because mentally he is.

        That cop just either doesn’t have any common sense, or he just has a sadistic streak. How someone treats a retarded guy says a lot about them.

        You can’t just assume someone sitting there doing nothing poses a danger. Until he does something, he is innocent.

  8. If these “protestors” more like terrorist rioters, came to our neck of the woods, we’d be in the street with our rifles protecting our shit too. Fuck blm and anyone else who is too shallow to see that all this shit is just an excuse to take more control. And if you don’t fight you should get the fuck to California after we paint a yellow stripe down your back. Pussies.

  9. First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.
    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

    If you think you are safe from the Brown shirt cops because you are not Black, Native American or Hispanic. Then you are in for a rude awakening. We all should be supporting BLM. The overlords are using the classic divide and conquer, they know we are too strong if we united!

    1. Supporting BLM? Are you fucking nuts? Whats the point of destroying innocent peoples businesses and burning down their own communities for some marxist bullshit to further divide and seperate society?

    1. Truly is! A legit fruit cake of a psychopath. Picking on people weaker than he is. Often these pussies becomes police for this reason. Without the badge they may act tough but without the ability to get away with murder they would be more hesitant. We have to put our trust in karma and hope that a good patriot takes things into his or hers own hands and that this pussy gets got during a traffic stop

  10. It sickens me to see anyone give those BLM fuckers any attention. Pretending to even know what they are or what the hit squad is actually about while their marxist bullshit directive helps destroy their own country. Meanwhile we have this happening and not a single word muttered to the masses. It does not further fuel more racism in this country.

    I can only hope and pray that this cop gets got one day during a traffic stop. Im crossing my fingers! I am going to make wishes on dandilions

  11. poor guy. this is upsetting to watch, there was obviously something wrong with the guy. there are so many blm assholes out there that could use a beat down, focus on those assclowns and leave the disabled alone. 🙁

  12. 99% of americans has that mental health problem, the problem of not getting out the car. Cuz ffs just ask the police to take you quickly to the policy department to give your testimony or whatever before they beat the shit out of your anus. Trying to explain something to those polices is the same as asking “please, police, beat the hekk out of me and smash my face on the ground, also use your knee against my chest or behind my neck and suffocate me. Thanks, sir”.

  13. I bet that pig bitch would love to snuggle up to my avatar.
    What a fucking pussy. He must have an IQ below 75 not to see that the poor guy was autistic and mentally retarded.
    Fucking A… it’s not like the retard was a kid or teen… then you could argue he was doing his civic duty to remove him from the gene pool. But this poor dumb fuck was old…. and piggy bitch couldn’t even get the job done without injuring himself——- against a retard.
    What medal do you think he earned that shift?

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