Man with Mental Health Problems Brutalized by Cop in Glendale; Yes He Was White

Man with Mental Health Problems Brutalized by Cop in Glendale; Yes He Was White

Man with Mental Health Problems Brutalized by Cop in Glendale; Yes He Was White

I mean DUH! Of course he was white. White people are brutalized by cops disproportionately more often than any other race. White genocide happens on many fronts, and it is vigorously supported by globalist shills like that Mexican half nigger Kyle Rittenhouse. I can just imagine him popping a semi when he saw the video.

The incident happened on June 13, 2019 in Glendale, Arizona. Yes, that’s the same Glendale where we’ve seen the cops brutalize white people before. Another semi for NWO poster boy Kyle R.

The incident involved citizen killer Joshua Carroll, who responded to a call at an apartment complex about a man sleeping in his car. It was a so called “wellness check“. But we all know how those turn out in the end if the cops show up.

The name of the man in the car is David Dulaney. He has a mental health and cognitive problem that causes him to behave and communicate like a child. His condition was very noticeable right off the bat, but that didn’t matter to domestic terrorist Carroll.

Itching to assault the helpless man, around the 07:15 mark, after a period of antagonizing him, Carroll opens the car door and attempts to grab the victim which only caused the already scared and confused Dulaney to get even more stressed.

From then on, Carroll savagely assaults and tasers the non violent citizen. He pulls him out of the car and hits Dulaney hard in the back of the head, painting the road red with his blood.

He then abandons the taser after a while and strikes the victim with closed fists in the back of his head despite it already being cut open by the taser. In his report, Carroll claimed he used “pain compliance“.

After Dulaney was put in handcuffs, Carroll picked him up and threw him down hard on the other side of the curb where Dulaney continued to bleed from his head.

Following this video being released, there were no mass protests around the country or massive public outrage.

Since 2016, domestic terrorist Joshua Carroll has faced six disciplinary actions including one for dishonesty and one for high-risk policy violations during a pursuit. Because of the many instances of severe violations by the department, FBI stepped in to investigate Glendale PD.

A disciplinary records for one of Carroll’s previous violations reads:

Officer Carroll fired a rifle round at a suspect, putting civilian and other officers at risk. When I served Officer Carroll his discipline for the pursuit, he never accepted responsibility and provided excuses for his conduct. For example, Officer Carroll stated to me that this investigation would have never happened if it was 10 years earlier, and no cameras were in our vehicles.

The review board concluded the memo with a statement that Carroll should be terminated because he poses a risk to the community. However, Glendale never disciplined Carroll, and only served him with written reprimands.

With the FBI involved and the evidence mounting against him, Carroll eventually resigned from Glendale PD in lieu of termination. Then Glendale Police Chief Rick St. John responded to the probe by retiring after just two and a half years in the position.

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