Man Voluntarily Surrenders to Cop Thugs, They Let K9 Gnaw His Leg

Man Voluntarily Surrenders to Cop Thugs, They Let K9 Gnaw His Leg

Man Voluntarily Surrenders to Cop Thugs, They Let K9 Gnaw His Leg

In Sonoma County, California, a gang of thugs with badges launch a raid on a home in Graton. 35 year old Jason Anglero-Wyrick willingly comes out of the home with hands in the air and voluntarily surrenders. The thugs respond by tasing him and letting a dog gnaw his leg while threatening eye witnesses.

The cops use dogs as indiscriminate pain compliance weapon. As far as I know, it has never been proven scientifically that dogs can understand human commands well enough to be held liable for the harm caused if they disobey commands. As such, canines are used by the cops with a sole objective to intimidate and inflict pain and suffering upon the people.

Jason Anglero-Wyrick is reportedly on parole for a felony from 9 years ago. The thugs showed up to assault him after someone said Anglero-Wyrick had pointed a gun at them. Said someone reportedly became uncooperative with the police later, so the cops had nothing to pin on the victim and had to resort to framing him with “resisting arrest“.

The press release on the incident released by the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department reads like something they wrote knowing that even though there is evidence of everything in the report being a lie, they don’t care because they know they will get away with it and abuse citizens, lie and carry out extrajudicial executions is what they do:

Anglero-Wyrick and a woman later identified as Naustachia Green, 35, Graton, walked out of the house and towards the street. Both suspects were confrontational and refused repeated commands from deputies. Deputies warned them that K-9 Vader could be used. Green stood between Anglero-Wyrick and deputies, which prevented them from safely arresting him. Deputies continued to give commands to try to safely detain both suspects, including telling Anglero-Wyrick to crawl towards them. Both suspects continued to yell expletives and refuse commands.

Anglero-Wyrick then pushed the woman aside and took several steps towards deputies, still yelling expletives. At the same time, two more people came out of the house and towards the scene and started yelling at deputies.

Deputies grabbed Green and pulled her away from Anglero-Wyrick, then he started to head towards the house. One deputy used his Taser while another deputy simultaneously released K-9 Vader. The first deputy saw Vader being released and deactivated his Taser before Vader bit Anglero-Wyrick. Vader bit him on the right leg but he continued to kick with his left leg. After a struggle, deputies were ultimately able to handcuff Anglero-Wyrick. Emergency medical personnel were immediately brought in to treat him.

Sonoma County Cops are the same organized crime gang which dragged the guy out of his car after he’d gotten it back from a car thief, and executed him.

Also note that there is not a single good cop in the lot. Time and time again it holds that good cops are an urban myth. And here at Best Gore we look at actual evidence. We don’t operate on myths. ACAB!

Props to Best Gore member @ximbachiefx for the video:

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169 thoughts on “Man Voluntarily Surrenders to Cop Thugs, They Let K9 Gnaw His Leg”

  1. Could you believe these fuckers???
    They bring-in the Police Chopper, and get the dog to attack him for being nice (stupid) and surrendering to those cunts.

    But even though it was a dumb move on the victims part to surrender, he Does-Not deserve to be mauled by that Cop Dog, who was (made to be) hungry for blood. 🙁

    And yes,,, i do remember that older man that they dragged-out and killed not so long ago in the link you provided Mark. And they have the nerve to call this Justice?? Like W.T.F. Man!

        1. I seriously hope this guy pays for all of the girls college and expenses. throw in a lump sum payable at her 18th bday as well. She deserves it, for thinking on her feet. She is going to be the sole reason dude will win his settlement against those pigs who cannot control their own fucking K9. You can see the pussy not trying his hardest not to panic when the dogs jaws were locked on his calf! I hate those good for nothing douche bags with badges.
          1. She immediately told dude to remain silent
          2. she’s a minor so she def was absolutely correct by saying that.
          3. She did what other kids would be too frozen in fear to do, start recording every fucking thing. If she didn’t, these pussy boys would of totally said he was resisting so they had to bring in the dog. good one little miss! Your people’s taught you well! thing.shit to the copsthe wins, on his the law suit give the minor who was recording

      1. fuck you pogue/ Americans TRAINED the ZioNazis. and this Jewfilth studied their Nazi oppressors and used the very same tactics of blitzkrieg to invade and colonize the Holy Land. And these Jews are free to do as they please in their homeland. And Africans are free to live the way they want in their own homelands. the same for the mestizos. Go create you communist paradise. Just don’t try it here. THIS IS MY LAND. NOT YOUR LAND

        1. Nah Communist country doesn’t welcome them either. The overreacting victim, kneejerk reacting blacks, done-nothing-wrong-but-dumb white police in this vid clip, none of these ppl know how to trust and sacrifice for each other in a Communist country, or a non-communist East Asia country like Japan.
          All I see in this vid are bunch of spoiled kids dressed up like adults overreacting and crying for more freedom (of bullying each other) but never ready for more responsibility.
          The bitch filming this is annoying as fuck as well.

      2. You all have good points my B G Brothers. But with that being said most Western Countries including mine Canada have their share of crooked & dirty Israeli-Trained Cops Also. But ALL Countries and Mark Himself can vouch for this,,, Have Crooked, & Power Tripping P.O.S Cops.
        So in my personal view Not One Is Worse Or Better Than The Other. But the fact that The U.S. Has 330 + Million Inhabitants, so it makes sense that we see more of this type stuff there, as let’s say,,, opposed to Canada, where we only just have 30 Million Occupants, but as many Cunt-Cops i’m sure Per Capita than the Western World,s average,,, No??

        1. pfft. canadian cops are like Barney Fifes compared to our commando Rambos. CAnadians are some of the most sheltered, pampered spoiled children on the planet. You are protected by your big brothers to the south and your uncles across the pond. just be sure to NEVER betray the USA, or else your capital city will be changed to Montreal and you will all be forced to speak francais

    1. this is EuroAmerica. you are an EuroAmerican. why would you frown upon paid employees who are doing their job with gusto, and bringing grief to thugs?
      I fully understand your hatred of the jews who help to enact laws which hamper the police and make them jump thru impossible hoops. Those Jews are little different than the blacks and browns. those Jews are also the minority in YOUR EuroAmerican nation. those Jews are the enemy who protect the minorities which create havoc and discord in YOUR nation.

      Can’t you see this? Do the police hassle you, a law-abiding citizen of the United States? And is it because you oppose them verbally,mentally, and perhaps physically…and WHY?

      1. Do you really think Euro-Americans like Trumpstein and his corporate cabal won’t use their sworn-in pig fucks on you? If you’re not in the oven dodger club or the millionaire club, then you’re on the menu.

        1. Trump is just a figurehead, a buffoon reality star placed there by the Deplorables, something you Antifa marxists always overlook. Getting rid of Orange Man won’t help you at all,. you have to get rid of the VAST electoral majority of 63+ million voters. Otherwise we will just put in Another FOOL to destroy the Democrat ranks..perhaps Pauly Shore or Kanye West.. We are going NATIONALIST and most probably FASCIST. not Globalist nor Marxist! The entire planet has rejected your globalism and Europe is just the last holdout. Look at Brexit, Russia Xi, Brazil, Mohdi, duterte, Kim, etc, do you think they want open borders?? NATIONALISM AND TRIBALISM is the future!!
          This is why you should leave for canada. before they come to their senses as well. You coup plotters are in big trouble. You have awakened a sleeping giant, we Deplorables are the majority of the military, police, and gun owners. We are the survivalists. We are going to DESTROY you in a civil war. You are the next Jews if you keep trying to overthrow the government.. leave for the sake of your children! You have lost your country with your treason. Do you REALLY want to wait for 1000 new Tim McVeighs and 10,000 new Anders Breiviks hunting your children? should you succeed in deposing our legally elected government, this is your bloody future,. BE SENSIBLE AND BE EXILES.

          1. Lmao living in WestBubbafuck USA has really got you away from reality. You do realize there are waaayy more armed left leaning citizens than you realize or made to think. We don’t flaunt it. We gather and move in silence learning and teaching the ways of guerrilla warfare. Don’t let mainstream media and the two party system fool you. We own repeaters and amateur radio license holders. We don’t aim for civil war, we aim for defense. We are made up of all types of nationalities and races. Service members and all. You are loud in displaying your true ideologies and frankly it’s disconcerting. Civil war is not what you want. Learn from the past bro and stop thinking POC are not proud Americans. We just want to have the government work for the people and not the other way around. Too much is spent on making the rich even richer. I think it’s time for the people to have its share of its own financed por don’t ya think? Left leaning people are not leeches or wanting hand outs, we work hard and also live legitimate lives. If that weren’t true then why does NY and CA bring in the most tax money federally? Like I said we just want more for what we pay for. Aside from the civil rights issues of the 50’s there was a large tax rate on the rich causing the middle class to have a one person usually husband providing for a whole family with one job. Nowadays it’s flipped and it’s not ok.

      2. Last time I checked the United States are mostly bordered by Latino countries and the second most spoken language there is Mexican Spanish by a million miles to the rest of the list of foreign language’s. there’s absolutely no European country close to that country mate

        1. Welcome to the United Nations of America.. Although Spanish is the most widely-used second language (Like Korean in Japan) it is no longer the domain of Mexicans. There are far more Central Americans in my country than Mexicans, due to the increasing prosperity of my southern brother and the decline of my own nation. However, Chinese and tagalog are not far behind them, as with Korean and vietnamese.. And, sorry, my myopic, buck-toothed, inscrutable former enemy now slavish vassal (japan) but your Geography is flawed, You seem to have ignored O Canada as the world’s second largest nation, a EuroAmerican nation, which straddle the northern border of the United States . Aho!

          1. Canada is one there are about 20 other countries below mexico that speak Spanish. and Chinese and Tagalog combine make about 5 million total speakers in the US alone vs 40+ million Spanish speaking people. I figured it would be easier for a Latino to cross over than a Filipina or a Chinese getting approved for a visa or start rowing 6000 miles east.unless they marry a mid 50s white guy named Mike or Peter with a failed marriage and nothing to live for in the states for a green card which is usually the case

          2. And unless you can find some way to place the United States in the middle of the ocean or a Jurassic type fence with 50,000 volts surrounding the border away from those countries. these Spanish speaking people are always going to keep pouring in by the thousands And English and Spanish are always going to keep being the dominate languages for years to come.

      3. @deadvector
        I Am not sure if your message is directed at myself, or another member, but i do not hate every police officer around as there are some (like my 2 next door neighbors) that are incredibly nice, and down to earth. The problem usually, and oftentimes lie with their Superior Officers who are sometimes present at the scene, who tell them to either back-off, or go rougher on them.

        But like i have always said, and will continue to say, *THE PROBLEMS LIE WITH THE JEWS* 🙁

    2. WTF man! welcome to the United States of America! you OBVIOUSLY bought into the Jew Hollywood propaganda and believed their fantastic lies about my country. You watched Roots and The Color Purple and Schindler’s List and it convinced you of their fantasy.. How THEY want my country to be.
      You bought the hype. Now get ready for a reality check. those were just MOVIES created for ENTERTAINMENT. they have no basis in reality

          1. @Chomo
            I See lots of expensive Uniforms out there also dude, lol.
            And you can bet your bottom dollar that the filthy Jews
            Are in On It, as they love to dress-up the western Worlds Armies
            That do all of the fighting for them Those Despicable Cockroaches. 😉

    3. This is the real story. That is what best gore is about REAL shit not democrats trying to make cops racist. They are just doing their job dealing with deadly people that dont listen to their orders. Get on the ground gtf on the ground. If you can’t do it you deserve to get bitten by a dog. This dumb ass guy thinks hes hard walking around pointing guns at people.

      Sonoma County deputies investigating a Graton man they were told pointed a gun at a friend and his wife Saturday afternoon approached him with their guns and electro-shock weapons drawn, shouting orders that he step forward with arms raised and get on the ground, newly released body-worn camera footage shows.

      The Sheriff’s Office video provides additional context in the arrest of Jason Anglero-Wyrick, 35, who was taken into custody after deputies stunned him with their electro-shock weapons and set loose a police dog to subdue him after he refused to follow their orders, Sonoma County Sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Juan Valencia said.

      1. hes not so tough anymore. Thats only way they learn is when they finally feel so real pain. Then they aren’t tough guys no more. No more gratification then letting a tough guy realize how fragile he is.

      2. lol thanks for the extra video. even after reviewing the additional evidence my conclusion stands. the pigs suck lmfao his hands were up and they fucked him up big time. glad it wasn’t me.

    1. ya its democrat bullshit trying to put cops lives in danger. But they sure will call the cops if some black guy points a gun at them right? So will everyone making comments how cops are pigs. THe guys obviously dangerous guy. Cops are gonna snow flake a dangerous guy that has a felony warrant and told on the phone he is in possession of a gun. He didnt get on the ground his dumb ass is getting bit. THey dont have time to play nice letting the guy act all tough that might have a weapon him.

  2. this mulatto did NOT voluntarily surrender..this criminal on probation tripped and fell while trying to escape. You idiot guests in my country don’t realize that you are to FREEZE when the police investigate you, show respect and show identification, without any revolutionary attitude. After all? you have been captured and you are a POW.
    it’s NAME RANK AND SERIAL NUMBER. Yes Sir, No, sir, and May I Go Sir?. and you will be treated with a modicum of professional respect. After all, you are all here VOLUNTARILY. Slavery is abolished, you have your homelands in Africa and Latin America. you are TOLERATED GUESTS.

    If you oppose my police, who are there to maintain law and order in my country, and bring safety to my community, you WILL be treated with cruelty and without consideration. GET THE FUCK OUT my country if you don’t like my country. My police are tough and do not use kid gloves.
    Comply with my police and surrender..OR ELSE be treated as a vicious animal, bitten by vicious animals. you want to puff up and fight? My police will certainly oblige you gladly. That’s why they take the job.

    STOP BEING FUCKING IDIOTS and wake up to reality in this Brave New world

    1. “who are there to maintain law and order in my country, and bring safety to my community,”

      Hahahahahahahaha, LOLOLOLOLOL…… hahahahahahahaha. WTF? I’ve seen morons in comments, but this one is a new grade of GET A BRAIN MORANS. GO USA. Sorry….. hahahahahahahaha.

      1. the United States of America. a nation of European Americans. All others are guests.
        the police are here to protect EuroAmericans..who are beset upon by invading predators who want to replace you…

        JOIN THEM. they are on your side. They are soldiers. They risk their lives. god Bless EuroAmerica. all others? follow our rules or GET THE FUCK OUT. its as simple as that. Things will NOT change in this regard. Non-Europeans in my country are only guests. Go back to your homelands and run them anyway you choose. This is MY country. Not yours. Understand?

      1. cops didn’t see that. only we did. they saw him spin around and head for the house. As far as I’m concerned? if I’m a cop and tell u to freeze? I shoot you if you don’t.

        but I guess I won’t get hired as a cop. well? cool. its a hard job and everybody hates you, nobody like a cop, I get that. but if there aren’t any cops around? and I have a gun and say don’t move? you budge and its bang bang. i never bluff

          1. They are serving and protecting….. AMERICANS….. NOT INVADERS…..
            There’s a reason you’ve been ALLOWED to stay here….. and IT AIN’T so you can “be free to pillage”….
            The USA isn’t perfect but it sure beats the land of filthy spics/niggs…

          2. REspect? do you ACTUALLY think its important that everyone “respects” my police? no, my mongrel friend, second and third class citizens in my country do NOT respect the enforcement apparatus of the first class citizens of the United States of EuroAmerica. Their role is to protect MY people, and hold yours back in abeyance, with prisons if need be. And I dare say you DO respect the power of my police, and walk softly when they are about..for you know only too well what they have at their disposal. My police have been very successful at filling my prisons with the second class citizens who despise my nation.

            “Organically” respected? no idea what that means..back to English class..but my police DO protect and serve the FIRST class citizens, the EuroAmericans, who for the most part welcome their the expense of your mongrel rabble which exist in my country only for the financial aspect, the almighty dollar, and nothing more. Your huddled masses, having abandoned your own homelands and peoples, are in MY country for greed and sloth, you don’t respect anything else we have anyway, police or otherwise.

            You are only temporarily allowed in my great nation for your dubious qualities at being drone workers..and with technology, you are slowly being made obsolete, and will be pushed back to where you belong. Despite what that feckless Okie Woody Guthrie sang, ‘this land is MY land..this land is NOT YOUR land. and the police are there to make sure you never forget it. REspect THAT more than anything else, squatter!

          3. It must be why “Euro-Americans” are attacked, falsely accused, and executed by police more than any other race. Only NPCs like you appreciate the presence of tyrants. Those who can think for themselves, think … well, for themselves.

            Go back to licking Jewish ass. You got no nation. You got a slab of land filled with slaves. Go back to living on your knees. Leave dying on one’s feet to the brave and the free. Slave.

    2. I agree with @deadvector on this one.

      To quote Winston in John Wick 2,

      “Nothing, you demand nothing of me, Mr. D’Antonio. This kingdom is mine and mine alone. And you, its privileges, sir”.

      Any foreign elements in white man’s land then (Niggers included) are guests and are therefore given privileges, not rights, and those privileges can be automatically revoked at any time for whatever reason.

      If we are talking about indigenous people though then the police are answerable to them and can be questioned, criticised and removed if necessary by them.

      Niggers however. They can fuck off back to their glorious, fantastically advanced Wakanda if they don’t like it here in ebil wite debil land.

      I am sick to death of those who apparently hate whitey culture choosing to live here. Hypocritical fucks.

      To conclude. I don’t give a flying fuck about niggers or half-breed niggers and I certainly do not care about their treatment. Go back to Africa if you don’t like it here.

      1. the apartheid system of the USA has seen fit to give certain ethnicities priveleges over others. the so-called “Native” (indigenous, aboriginal) Americans are blessed with autonomous self-policing reservations which receive tax-free status, plus extra government subsidies for energy, etc, and the right to operate casinos, UNTAXED. This abomination is against the US constitution and must INSTANTLY be rescinded. The indigenous ALSO immigrated to my country,albeit 20,000 years ago (tops), but the fucking gas stations they operate, without paying gas or income tax make it IMPOSSIBLE for normal American businesses to compete with. This is why we must form a NATIONAL TAX BOYCOTT REVOLT, and threaten to push the Federal Government into insolvency ,until this disgusting apartheid is ended and these injuns are forced to assimilate like the rest of us. Stop all recognition of the tribal system, it has no bearing on modern-day life in my country and is only valid for historic conjecture. They are not a suffering people. WE ARE

          1. Unless you are talking about the Druids,. an Englishman IS indigenous to the British Isles, which geographically are part of Europe. EuroAmericans, such as the majority of people in the United States and Canada, are made up of 95% European stock.
            there are also EuroAfricans (afrikaaners and Rhodesians) as well as EuroAustrals (AU and NZ)
            My point is? NEVER allow anyone to refer to you as a “white” that is a racial slur, and is an exclusionary designation intended to separate us from so-called “people of color”. It is used mostly by African and Asian Supremacists, it is a horrid racial epithet, the equivalent of nigger, and we proud Euros should NEVER walk away from such a vicious racial insult. Kick out the molars of ANYONE who dares to refer to you as “white” or “Caucasian” there ARE no such creatures. even an albino is pink! and there were NEVER any humans that came from the Caucasus mountains in southwest Asia.

      2. its not even about race. They do the same shit to white people. I seen them release dogs on white people and shoot them too just like black peopel or anyone that dont listen. They even tied a white guy up so tight he suffocated and died. They don’t give a fuck what race you are. All they care about is if you listen or not. If you don’t you gonna end up like that dude screaming. He is just another low iq dumb ass that thinks he can act tough around cops. He watch to many gangster movies not realizing what reality is. Its good for him to feel that kind of pain to humble him and rrealize hes not as tough as he thinks he is. I seen white guys do the same shit try act all tough and get a full can of mace in their eyes or tazed and scream like little girls. If your an asshole get ready to feel so pain. THese cops lives are always in danger and its a split second from someone pulling a gun and shooting them. I seen 4 cops killed from a guy pulling out a machete and stabbing all of them and they all had guns.They tried to snow flake it and they all died. People don’t realize how dangerous people are.

      1. can’t wait for order to break down,and see your families rounded up and put in camps. Just like the wretched Jewish parasites that REFUSED to acknowledge the native Germans right to rule his own nation..and IGNORED the prophet Adolf Hitler when he asked you to leave, and then, after you laughed at him, INSISTED you leave.

        You are NOT going to change my nation. Not the language, not the religion, not the culture. and if you think you can persevere? then don’t be surprised if my storm troopers sic their dogs on you, shock you with tasers, and shoot you dead…
        YOU SHOULD ALREADY BE GONE. Why be like the Jews and have us FORCE you out?

    1. aint hard to shut down a dog…
      all you have to do to make him let go a bite, is to put 2 fingers in his nose and pull back on his head.
      that would inflict extreme pain to the dog and make it let go any bite in less than 10 secondes.

      nose is the weak point of any dogs. (that aint protect fact that he can bite you back once he release… but the other option is also working only on male dog, just grab his balls and squeeze hard. dog will bark like a duck before running away fast XD)

      1. those cops LOVE their dogs and hate niggers. would YOU hurt your dog just because it got excited and gnawed a bit too hard? hell no! when is the last time you mistreated YOUR dog>>? can’t blame a dog for doing its job, and getting a bit too excited. My dog won’t give back the stick it fetched. but I dont beat the shit out it. I wait and eventually it will drop the stick.. just takes some time and patience. again.. those K9 cops LOVE those loyal aim-to-please Belgian dogs, and those dogs are the smartest dogs in the world. thats why they cost over $50K. You gonna beat a race horse too? for what? running too fast?

        1. i hate dogs…
          wouldnt mind misstreating one. spcially more if it doesnt obey and injury someone.

          a dog, specially a defense/attack dog, need to be teached, and one of the way to teach them is by pain. specifically for this kind of situation.

    1. we need more cops, and more prisons. and to work criminals 16 hours a day in these prisons and receive fortified bread and water should they refuse. And the police should have the right to shoot you on sight if you run away or do not comply with their demands. This is the norm is virtually all other countries, the so-called third world. and the USA is now a ‘third world’ country. Until we force out the Third worlders who came here and changed it into a third world country.

        1. they COULD be. prisoners aren’t worked. they lift weights and watch Jerry Springer. Not in China. We could turn prisons in factories. Why should china make our toothbrushes? This is a HUGE labor force.
          so, you say..they are worthless sociopaths. They are useless and won’t work…. perhaps.

          But those who don’t meet the quota are given only fortified bread and water, and sit in solitary until they look like Jews at Auschwitz. But meet the work quota? tortillas, beans, meat, substantial army type food.

          Prisons would be self-sustaining. They grow their own food.. We put them on the border to build our wall for free. non Union labor. shot on sight if they fight.

          Okay. what about the crazies? Gotcha. they are given lobotomies and forced to run on treadmills. generating electricity. The 21st century is not going to be enlightened nor progressive. It will seem like the 19th century. brutal beyond belief. its over-population. Life is meaningless, and humans are in excess. the more that die? the better for all the rest

          make prisons like gulags. only the desperadoes will risk crime ; normal people won’t chance a prison sentence. They will actually consider suicide first.

          We make prisons a corporation. inmates are workers. they sell a product. Prisons don’t cost taxpayer money. Some are even profitable. Perhaps shared with prisoners. They learn a trade..laying concrete, framing. Union type jobs. perhaps even having a trade upon release.

          Now? they are useless and unemployable when they get out. under my system? they have jobs waiting for them on the outside. they are proven tradesmen. Highly sought after. turn prisoners into soldiers. No toleration for deviants. they are buried and create compost.

          No rights. No visits. No exceptions. Otto Warmber didn’t survive a North Korean work camp. wasn’t tough enough. Didn’t make the grade. You want to live? WORK HARD. you want to eat decent? WORK HARD You want to get out of prison? WORK HARD.

          yes. slave camps for corporations. I like your idea. Prisons become corporations. Let’s see if we need chinese goods in our dollar stores.. Nope, our labor makes 15 cents an a hour. china can’t compete with that/

          Brave New World. fill a function, or be discarded into a landfill. nobody lifts weights in prison. you just worked 16 hours, you don’t need an exercise yard. and you are too tired for sodomy. Gangs? YES! chain gangs. segregated of course. No compassion, and no fucks given. Follow the law or become a slave. anyone can understand that logic

    2. oh darn. they are like Gestapo? they are meanies. really? why can’t they give lollipops and hugs>? thugs are just misunderstood,. those cops need to explain themselves and follow all the rules. they must never be brutal. how naive are you? I would knock a thug’s teeth out for using profanity or even giving me an attitude. You don’t have an ID. get in the car, you do 30 days. you run from me? I shoot you in the back. you spit on me? I cut off your lips at the station, maybe your nose. You shit in my car? you just made your dinner. You glare at me? they will call you cyclops later. You will stand at attention and call me Sir, yes Sir. just like full metal jacket. or you will have an “unfortunate accident”
      LA sheriffs are scum? bud. you ain’t seen scum yet

      1. i will befriend an Arab, Turk, or Persian than a Jew. the enemy of my enemy is my friend. the jews destroyed my country. not anyone else from the middle east. the jews can be moved to Ukraine. they have the money, and they can buy land between the two warring Ukraine peoples. the new israel will be a buffer zone separating the two, the Ukraine civil war will end. and the hard working jews will prosper there like they prospered in the Middle East. and they won’t have enemies. as they do now. they will know peace. and israel will prosper. and the Arabs will end their war against the West, and regain the Holy land. everybody happy. win win

          1. im a native American. my enemy is the American Jew. they have destroyed my country infiltrated my government and taken over Hollywood for their propaganda. they control the economy like parasites and steal the money of the American laborer. They turn us against ourselves. they foster communism. homosexuality. drug usage. they are anti-god. they don’t care about my country.. for them its is nothing but a bank.
            we despise them even more than you arabs do. you don’t have to live with them or work for them. we do

    1. you will given a choice: pay your taxes. or go to prison and pay your taxes with your labor. either way you provide for the state. not the other way around. its not enough to do time. you do LABOR

      1. we will stop all diplomatic relations with Israel, we will deport dual citizenship jews. we won’t sell them guns. we will demand they turn over their nukes just like north korea? of course they will refuse. then we will blockade any food going there and not allow them to engage in international trade. JUST LIKE WE DO TO NORTH KOREA AND IRAN. eventually they will attack us, like they did the USS Liberty. then we will nuke them. sorry. no Arab will be able to go back. but I never met a palestinian who cared. they hate the jew so much they are willing to nuke their own land even though its uninhabitable for the next 10 centuries. I have pali friends. they all agree. nuke the jew. forget about afterwards. In syallah

        the last prophet was Adolf Hitler. he was divine and born before his time. he was the first to war against the Jew. he saw the future, and tried to save it. He failed, but we won’t. we will learn from his mistakes. Alhamdulillah

    1. With what, a slingshot?… stupid greasy spic deserved it…..
      And you wouldn’t know how to use a gun if it was handed to you loaded….gtfo of our country or else we’ll sic every dog in the country on your filthy asstec azz…

  3. “” As such, canines are used by the cops with a sole objective to intimidate and inflict pain and suffering upon the people.””

    that’s actually the reason to everybody who own a dog.
    its aint for beauty or for having a chat with it. its only for protection (wich consist of intimidation and inflicting pain to any eventual thread).
    you dont own a dog for any other reasons that this.

    its like owning a cat , this is only for BDSM reasons and enjoying the fact that the cat will always claw attack you multiples times every year, even if you pet it all days. its in their nature, cant deafeat nature.

  4. K9 unit had bit of a situation doggie won’t let go of his leg spilled blood in this manner surely means big payout right? It will be in the UK

    K9 unit got pulled lost control am sure that was accidental

  5. Serves this nigga right ! Fuck him ! Squealin’ like a piggy

    TRUMP-TOWN by bad jonny

    You think Trump gives a fuck?

    Whether your Mom lives ?
    Or dies like a duck ?

    “Oh bring in another
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    “Watch your step now
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    “Watch your head now
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    “I guess your poor parents
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    “While into my pants
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    “You can’t get away
    Now you’re all stuck”

    “Oh you need help?
    Dial 911-FUCK ! .. ”

  6. I’d make a horrible cop. I would be craving donuts and Asian hookers. Can’t be bothered with this shit. Best to just shoot the fucker and I can be on my way to Dunkin Donuts and Jie Lei’s “hand job” house.

  7. Whether it’s COVID-season or NOT. It’s open-nigger season YEAR-round for the Pigs in blue. From ANYONE at the top of the list to the bottom. We’re all under the SAME man-made society’s control. Which might as well be the “rape me because I’m your bitch” control. What the fuck does ANYONE not under-fuckin’-stand about that??? Had the dumb fucker NOT committed the crime 9 years earlier…this shit…probably would have happened to some other colored-boon in America. Fuckin’ sad…but true as HELL… Happy PANDEMIC everyone!!!

  8. i hate that fat fuck filming! i bet her dad is a tax payer, yea right! a family of hoods. you can tell that from how she spoke to the cop when he just asked a question. no nice kid talks that way. you respect the police. she is trouble from point A. this family sucks, and i bet the ahole deserved it. looks painful! 🙂

    1. It’s a fucked up trash-stacked family. Usually that means they have little to NO fuckin’ will-
      power that will get them FAR in life…Not that the word “life” has any fuckin’ meaning to
      them. No at-home parents with NO nigger-loving guidance WHAT so ever. Nope. Too they’re
      busy hitting the fuckin’ Casino WHILE getting knocked the fuck up at the “self-ran abortion
      clinic” located on “Michael Brown street.” To be very assured that they can POP out as many
      of “America’s futures criminals” as they POSSIBLY can in order to collect as much fuckin’ Child Support so they can go BUY more bunk-weed AND lottery tickets. Most of them CAN’T keep their fuckin’ heads down WHEN knowing the Pigs in Blue will always HAVE to breath down their fuckin’ necks while having to assume the worst. When having to go through the same “American hood cycle” over AND fuckin over again… the Pigs can EASILY assume these Jigs are probably just looking for drugs on the street while getting into some physical altercation with Trayvon the welfare-supported nigger at the convenient store. America is NOT good enough for them…taken for granted of course…especially in California where they are PROBABLY getting fuckin’ raped to death by the fucking taxes there.

  9. I live in Sonoma county and can tell y’all first hand that these guys are straight pigs. I’ve witnessed on more than a few occasions where they definitely used their “athorty” to a unnecessary degree. Rohonert Park police of Sonoma county are the absolute worst.

  10. I’m afraid I have to disagree with the female remonstrating that this isn’t right.
    This IS right. Very right. American pigs MUST be allowed to vent their anger and sadistic ways on ANY Gollywog who crosses their path.

    1. had nothign to do with anger he tried to play gangster and didn’t listen. There is a link above of a different video of him not listening to the cops trying to act all tough. He just being a dumb ass and put himself and his girlfriends life in danger. All he had to do was get in the ground. He thinks he can play gangster and point guns at people with a felony and get away with it and then not listen to cops when they were told he was carrying a gun= low iq dumb ass belongs in prison.

  11. The dirty spic said “call my attorney”….gd when will you filthy illegal ALIENS learn, THIS IS OUR COUNTRY…. YOU DON’T OBEY THE LAWS THEN GTFO!!!!…. OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES….

  12. I won’t say anything except happy Easter also clearly that dog Use is inhumane and pointless example ; if you have a dog and he or she bites some one they will put it to sleep but if it’s a “ K-9” police dog it’s ok joe isn’t this fair to the animal or the “ victims “ my heart goes out to this family I can’t say anything else

  13. From all the video footage I’ve seen and the 911 call, I think the cop that used the taser will be found justified but the officer in charge of the K-9 could/should be fired. They (the family) definately have enough cause to sue.

  14. No one wanted to realize the massive police state, brutality and obvious militarisation of the police and now we are in a situation where the states GOVs are taking rights left and right. Yet, people still have hope in returning to the way things were.

    Nope. I doubt it.

    Maybe once they finish the complete rollout of 5g while we have been locked down, then a supposed forced inoculation that we know wont work because the virus simply mutates too much. I honestly believe it will be for mass surveillance with microscopic RFID chips or the “Mark Of The Beast” quantum dot tattoo ole Bill Gates has in store.

    Im worried about the future of this planet. Have been for a while now. The answers to who is behind this are obvious for those who are not dumbed down sheep brainwashed by their cell phones..

    The USA insists on an information propaganda war with China. We have China and The USA pointing fingers. The USA smear campaign on China is not good. That is FAR from the things that we need right now during this world crisis.

  15. They should not be allowed to use dogs if they can’t control them. The police have to have full control over their weapons. Using an animal as a weapon is a bad idea, because animals can be unpredictable.

    They should only use dogs for tracking, not attacking.

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