Michigan Police Tazer Man Holding 2 Months Old Baby in His Arms

Michigan Police Tazer Man Holding 2 Months Old Baby in His Arms

Michigan Police Tazer Man Holding 2 Months Old Baby in His Arms

In Westland, Michigan, a group of cops allegedly responded to a call regarding a dispute over the use of a slow cooker at a backyard barbecue, and did what cops in police states do – escalated the situation until they got their rocks off on brutalizing someone. This time their target was a father who held his 2 months old son in his arms while the cops zapped him with a tazer.

It’s interesting, albeit not surprising to observe how the cops were making up false accusations as they went along. Starting with claiming they were there due to a report of someone damaging property, but couldn’t say what was being damaged. Then, they claimed they would arrest the man for being drunk in public. Eventually that he’d be arrested for being disorderly.

So they settled with tazering the man for interrupting them. You can’t challenge the cops’ egos by talking while on your own property, you know.

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  1. This video is a prime example of how the black community acts. Also a prime example of why I will never have sympathy for them. They don’t know how to shut the Fck up. They think they can do whatever they want because of slavery. Then the other one calling the cops “hoe ass niggas”. They lack the ability to act civilized. As if evolution just skipped them in that department, and other departments as well.

    1. I will tell you the same bedtime story I told here once @simosbride

      3 groups of animals: chicken, sheep and pigs lived in their different factions in the same farm, crossed paths and interacted frequently. The pigs had the best portion of the enclosure, often well fed and comfortable. The sheep were also well to do, next to the pigs. The chicken were the worst off, quite uneasy often worrying about what their owners would do.

      First slaughter season came, their owners barged into the farm, grabbed the chickens and disappeared. The pigs and sheep held a long meeting about the incident, then concluded the chickens were taken because they looked and behaved differently – skinny, ugly and uneasy. Life goes on!

      Second slaughter season came, their owners barged in again, this time making away with the sheep. The pigs held a short meeting about it, then concluded the sheep were taken because they were different – too dull and noisy. Life goes on!

      Third slaughter season, the pigs were grabbed. While on their way to the slaughterhouse they asked their owners: “Why us? I thought you liked us?” The owners replied: “We fed you all these while so you’d become fat enough to feed us”.

      Moral Lesson:

      1.) Whoever / Whatever puts you in a comfort zone does not have a good plan for your future.
      2.) Whoever / Whatever “empowers” you does not necessarily wish you well.
      3.) Whoever / whatever cracks down on others who don’t look like you, would do the same on you if those “others” were not there to be cracked down on.
      4.) As long as you live in this little farm world, you’re a victim of the system. Feeling privileged is as good as self-stalling idiocy.
      5.) No one is immune to BS

      Finally, If you ignore the police brutality (which the video is about) and focus on race, you are as well a part of the problem and one of those giving mandate to police to brutalize citizens (including white people).

      1. you think we don’t already know all that? The races all hate each other so forget the bs and just accept it, if you’re not white be happy with whatever the fuck you are and stop using that animal farm stuff to try and BS us all into fitting in with you Gropella. I’m gonna say nigger/ spic/paki/chink whatever the fuck i want to because contrary to the popular media narrative we all fucking hate each other except for those few idiots who decide to fuck another race and then suddenly we’re all supposed to be okay with people who hate us. And yes, white people know only too well how we’ve been treated by the aristocracy, the Norman period, the industrial revolution, white europeans taking white slaves. etc, etc. Knowing all you’ve said still doesn’t make me love other races.

        1. The point of my story was to correct the person (hopefully not just a troll) who ignores the police brutality in the video and focuses on the race in question.
          The key issue here is the police brutality and how we condone it just because we think it’s a black community problem. No, it’s not. It started with black people and we applauded our cops for brutalizing them. Now the problem is on us too. It’s a power problem. Cops treat everyone like shit, including whites.

          It’s an animal farm out here buddy, and hating other races will not solve this problem

          1. I know everyone hates me and in return i hate everyone. What i know is this, you need to belong to a group and white people have belonged only to their jobs. Time they started putting group first. KKK is on the rise by the way and i think it’s wonderful.

          2. If KKK can stop the police brutality on citizens then I’ll gladly join and support.
            But if they dont have such a plan then they can go fuck themselves, just a little fantasy hate group with no relevance in a modern world.
            You don’t get tough by oppressing an oppressed people. You get tough by taking on the elephant in the room. Right now that elephant is the increasing power of law-enforcement in this country. And they’re the biggest enablers of societal BS and libtardism. Not black people @goerring

      2. “Finally, If you ignore the police brutality (which the video is about) and focus on race, you are as well a part of the problem”

        like BLM? , who focus on race to “protest” against police action against black criminals?

        American policemen are violent, fact!
        but the vast majority of innocents killed by this violence are white. blacks killed by police officers are usually convicted criminals who have reacted to the police approach.


    2. agreed, it’s simple, if you challenge the police, yell in their face, and/or not corporate, your ass is gonna get tased or shot. so shut the fuck up and resolve the situation like a civilized adult

      1. Well said. I especially like when the “caring” mother throws her baby in the cops face, saying look at my poor baby! I feel bad for the baby that he has the dumbest parents ever! I would be ticked off at the dad for insisting on holding the baby while confronting the cops. Not smart!

        1. As a teenager I once worked on a farm and was encouraged to stay in the vacant house that belonged to the current farmers deceased parents during the busy season of late summer hay baling.
          The first night there I swore I heard footsteps upstairs, when I got to the top of the stairs I could see light coming out of the first bedroom under the door and through the crack of the door which was slightly ajar.
          I again heard footsteps …..so I cautiously walked over & opened the door……… Guess what @illegalsmile55 ??
          The light went out the exact moment I touched the doorknob.
          I was on total darkness but still not spooked so I said haha very funny , who’s in here ……no response . so I reached inside, found the light switch & flipped it up … Nothing happened.
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          It wasn’t until I looked up at the ceiling and saw the empty light socket (no bulb) that I was not amused any more.
          Then I distinctly felt a calm but steady breeze coming in from the closed window , just enough to blow my hair gently as it went by me and then also stopped.
          That was the first day I believed in ghosts.
          And I still do even though I’ve NEVER actually seen one !!!!
          PS. Yes I spent the night unafraid and three whole weeks there , every night hearing footsteps and seeing lights coming from empty rooms that did NOT even have lightbulbs in the sockets.
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          OK ??

          1. PSS @illegalsmile55
            Please do not tell h f nemsie* I don’t like him he was a nosey bastard & I want him to keep thinking HE was hallucinating the very first day the badges were posted.
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            Maybe he was just a harmless paranoid loser who couldn’t find any other free porn pic’s on the interwebz*??

            So even if you never “did” have a badge , or even if it was only posted momentarily on that first day they were awarded by Mark .
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            I don’t really care , you’ll always be a V.I.P. in my imaginary clubhouse.

          1. thank you very much for kind words. feels good to be back in company of friends but I don’t know how often I will be around as I keep wacky hours now and by the time I hit a post there’s like 100+ comments and it’s just weird but who knows..

            however, LMFAO at fake loooosy the pussy if I never post again I gotta get that out

          2. @desp
            It’s easier now to comment to others who have tagged you. Even an occasional comment would be fun…I don’t have a life besides work so I’m here too much.
            Yes, the Poosy Chronicles were hilarious! 😛

            I cannot wish for a crotch rocket, I’m sorry but that’s just the way it is…I like you unsmeared too much to let that happen. How ’bout a nice cruiser? A classic softtail with a few miles on her…uh…it? 😉

          3. @illegalsmile55
            As long as the tail is soft, no complaints! I like a few miles of experience also. Have you ever had to talk a younger woman through a bj…I mean a safe lane change?
            Also, we haven’t seen Lady-Lexis for a while. Hmmm.

    1. Glad I read your comment before I posted. Couldn’t agree with you more! He’s the one that put the baby in harm’s way, by making a selfish decision to become Mr. Motormouth, over the safety of the baby. He may have had practice at this before.

      The encouraging part of the video, is when the woman stated that he/they didn’t have enough money to bail him out. 🙂

  2. An open pit or similar device requires a municipal permit or authorization in our great state of Michigan. The intent is to keep the peace. Behave yourself, no problem. Go ape shit, and you open yourself to the long arm of the law.

    No doubt some neighbor had enough shit and called in the sheriff department to break up this chimpfest.

  3. Stupid prick should never had picked the baby up why would you want your baby around that! If that was me 1st thing would of done was got the baby taken inside. Police still shouldn’t have done that while he did have it though

  4. When the cops are around is the only time a nigger wants to hold his baby? They should make a game of it and just taze whoever is holding the baby. It could be called, “I Dare You to Hold the Baby” or “Electric Babyland”

    1. @effoff

      So, monkey-in-the-middle (keep-away) meets hot-potato meets shocking roulette? You need to patent that! How does “Shock The Monkey” sound? You could use the Peter Gabriel song for the commercial.

      Shocking Roulette: https://i5.walmartimages.com/asr/410ce49a-70f7-41a3-95da-34f622d303c6_1.6d64b6ad1470cce598af1ecae909b3b0.jpeg?odnHeight=450&odnWidth=450&odnBg=FFFFFF

      Shock The Monkey – Peter Gabriel: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CnVf1ZoCJSo

  5. honestly? listening to those assholes, i’d taze the fuck out of them, too. i don’t get why people don’t just shut the fuck up and listen. it’s automatic attitude. hopefully some of that ‘tude was tazed away.

  6. Geez these cops are patient.

    All Americans complain so much about the Poooolice.

    The amount of crap they have to put up with I’m surprised they don’t shoot more mouthy civilians.

    Come to South Africa and try mouth off a cop.

  7. really pisses me off how they use that baby as defence when they can’t calm down and corporate. The parents are the ones putting that child in danger, not the cops. In situations like these it seems like the black community REALLY pushes the boundaries and patience of the police involved like they’re TRYING to get them to shoot so they can have something to cry about

  8. Just so y’all know, Westland is primarily a white trash suburb of DeToilet. The neighborhood where most of the crime occurs is affectionately known as “Shacktown” which were originally dwellings for WWII defense workers but it deteriorated into the cesspool it is today.

  9. This pig was planning on doing something wrong. He knew he was being recorded, that is why he pointed his light at the guys camera. Cops are trained to do this when being recorded. It’s a low-handed way to infringe on your right to record any interactions with the pigs. Everybody needs to learn their rights when it comes to being stopped by the police, or them coming to your door. The choice is yours to give them any information in most cases. They will try to manipulate you, they will lie, they will hurt you. Record the police!!! EVERY TIME! Also be a good neighbour and record police interactions that don’t involve you if you come across them. We can take the pigs down together. KILL COPS!

  10. And once again, I have the immeasurable pleasure to watch how retards of the same *race can behave so badly in these wonderful USA that’s ruled by Aipac, supremacists joos, NRA addicts, Cleet-ons, LN de-generated admirers, Faux news junkies, zionist neocUnTs, give 4 billion$/year to Israel and stupidly blame “spics”, “niggas”, “muzies” or socialists for everything going wrong (when 85% don’t actually know what socialism is all about).
    *I mean trigger-happy chubby Cops.
    And there are still posts from Judge Dredd wannabees such as “respect the Law or be shot”, sort of…

  11. Exact example of why police in the US need less power. If they can taze a man holding a baby on his own property over something so… Irrelevant.. Tazers are meant for when use of your firearm is unessisary, and you simply need to subdue the threat. This man in no way was a threat to the police, he didn’t resist…


    “I had to catch the baby,” Skidmore said. “I was in the street talking with the cops. I had to come over. The taser is on this side of him, and the baby is over here. As soon as they start tasing him the baby flew out of his hands and I had to grab him, or he would have fell.”

    Brown was arrested and placed in custody soon after that.

    According to a Facebook post by the Westland Police Community Partnership, Brown attempted to grab his child only after learning he would be arrested. The department says that officers chose to deploy a Taser due to the “close quarters,” and that the child was also in the hands of the mother at the time the Taser was used.

    The Community Partnership also stated that a “thorough internal investigation” would be conducted.

    Copyright 2018 Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

    lol fight me Scripps Media

    But in all seriousness, the baby is clearly still being held by the man when he is tazed.. So the fact they need to “conduct an investigation” when their is literal video evidence goes to show the corruption of our trigger happy shoot first ask questions later police. Now not all police are bad, I’ve met some pretty lenient officers before… But the majority of our police need a psych evaluation. I don’t see how this could possibly be justified by the police.. How can they get away with this…? Yea the man may have been running their mouth, but that in no way whatsoever (in this instance) should have ever dignified the use of a taser.

  12. Another fine example of talking yourself into jail. I grew up around Westland, the police have a reputation for being hard asses when they need to, but all you have to do is show them the same respect you expect for yourself, and they are usually pretty decent.

  13. ‍♀️y’all whyte pipo are ridiculous!!!!!! So assbackwards when it comes to black people or people in general that talk in slang, or “act black” y’all would defend a whole pedophile/rapist over an angry black man voicing their opinion like white men do EVERY DAMN DAY. Y’all complain over everything and the dumbest things all I can do is laugh at y’all! So type nigger all you want on here because y’all knw you’re scary ass won’t say it in real life

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