Murder Suspect Shoots Three Cops Before Being Killed in Laredo, Texas

Murder Suspect Shoots Three Cops Before Being Killed in Laredo, Texas

In Laredo, Texas, three cops were shot during a shootout with a murder suspect. Identified as Antonio Gerardo Rodriguez, the suspect was believed to have killed his girlfriend. He was shot dead by the cops. Whether any of the shot cops died is uncertain.

Best Gore member @LadyLazuras notes:

Just heard from my friend that down by the border in Laredo, Texas there was a confrontation between a murder suspect and several police offers. He allegedly murdered his wife.

Things like this do not normally occur in that area. But nothing surprises me anymore. After all, we are all living in an era of ultra violence. Laredo is neighbors with Nuevo Laredo, MX. It’s right by where those bodies were found hanging by a bridge.

Thank you for the video, @LadyLazuras:

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76 thoughts on “Murder Suspect Shoots Three Cops Before Being Killed in Laredo, Texas”

    1. Yeah, visuals suck. I’m trying to see if I can find a better more detailed video. A relative of mine had just left that convenience store 5 minutes before the altercation happened. Too bad I wasn’t in town to gawk and record for BG family. Hahaha
      A large argument with the citizens of this predominantly Hispanic city was that the cops were ill prepared, and not trained properly. One of them was shot in the face, and I believe three of them died.

    2. This video shows how fucked up of a job cops have… quick, go from giving tickets to this shit… can you do it…quick, that guy just raped you mom and killed a kid… don’t let him get away… let’s see you do it…quick, don’t pull over to many black people…ohhh snap the town is full of black people doing shit…quick a baby is being delivered…plus lots of drunk white people you just wanna baton in the face or tazze the fucker…fun job…… i would be in jail if i were a cop…

      1. I thought that’s the average size for USA? UK coppers are not so fat. We have to keep ours lean and mean, see, coz our cops don’t carry guns to defend themselves.
        These days they do so, as we are on red alert.

        Yesterday we had a terrorist attack 7 miles away in London and we had armed coppers despatch the perpetrators

  1. The cameramen is one of us. No care he’s in the line of fire. Keeeeeeeeeeeeep rolling the film with a nice steady hand. A full 180 steady view. Drive off in the middle of THE shootout. cause there’s no cops in their cars. keep filming. Def one of us.
    Great job.

    1. Fuck yeah!! 187-50 24/7/365
      The only good cop is a dead cop, might make his family watch, kill em before they fire shots, paint the world with their blood and dont miss a spot. Dead cops populate parking lots, lakes, ditches, wherever they drop. Confiscate their guns, good ol snatch and run, having loads of fun, not even close to being done, shots stay fired more will come, FTP dirty pigs better run, or taste these bullets as they split tongues. Aim for all the piggly mouths, POW! Right in the kisser mouths extra round, citizens skull-fuckin dead cops all around. See a badge shoot it off, they vested up so dont stop, lock me up i think not, shoot to kill all the cops, watch happily as they drop n flop, dead cops everywhere let em rot, they shoulda packed up their robots, shiit probably wouldn’t help at all, stomping action will make em stop, yeah bitch fuck the law! Dont stop till you get em all, list of dead cops is forever long, naw don’t give up fight strong, trigger finger going crazy will it stop? Shiiit only if I’m ready to get got. But uh…fuck a cop!!!!

      1. Even though im a very authoritarian person, i’d say to each country their own needs, cops dont need to be trained how to use weapons on a regular basis in countries like Iceland for example, where crime is almost unexistent… But in ‘muricah, where guns are sold like candy, if you dont want to get shot and killed… DONT. BREAK. THE. LAW… πŸ˜† How is that so fucking hard for some people?

    1. Bro I drive a tractor trailer and I’ve never delivered anything down in Laredo​. My buddy does flatbed and when he woke up the next morning all of his straps were stolen and his trailer wheel’s were gone

      1. Lol I believe it, it’s always been a dicey area to deliver to lol I run northeast regional for past 15 years giving up otr and feel safer running the shitholes of the south Bronx then going to Laredo

  2. Those cops where pretty out of shape and training looked shitty! The one plain clothes fat cop was running up to the gun fight then drawing his gun my shit would have been out before exiting vehicle

  3. I wonder what our Indian friends think of the roads with their signage and lines and markings and lanes and lights. is it all a bit confusing and overwhelming? or do you see how it could be helpful

  4. Laredo is basically a shit hole Mexico. When ever I get freight going down in Laredo, I tell my dispatcher hell no I’m not trying to get killed give that to someone else. I mean the State of Texas will be officially Mexico soon

  5. Another dumbass Iphone user that cant hold a phone camera correct to view ANYTHING. TURN IT SIDEWAYS….IDIOT. Nobody said Apple users were bright….sorry for the Apple users that actually DO take video or pics correct….you are dismissed from their stupidity.


    I live in Laredo and this happened a few blocks from where I work. The video in the link I posted above shows what is probably the best angle that was recorded along with other crappy videos. Two officers approached him at the convenience store and he shot at them both hitting one in the face. Another officer was hurt by shrapnel. All officers are expected to survive.

  7. Ye as an aspiring sheriff deputy to be i can agree on a few things 1 being that most cops ive seen especially in my area are a bunch of fat useless fuck knuckles. 2 shoot instead of calming the situation. And one more reason for me to join the force is to bring back the protect and serve not the oppress and kill. And one more to give the bestgore family insider info on what is being taught in these academies.

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