Naked Thief Beaten by Cops in Papua New Guinea

Naked Thief Beaten by Cops in Papua New Guinea

Naked Thief Beaten by Cops in Papua New Guinea

Best Gore member @kulu321 has the backinfo:

The video shows two armed police officers in Papua New Guinea hitting a naked thief with sticks, kicking him in the head, and dragging him along the rocks. In addition to pointing an M-16 to his head, at one point one of the officers grabs a slingshot and fires a stone at him.

The boy was allegedly part of a theft gang. Ironically, when they were caught, the rest of his mates escaped and abandoned him.

Between piece of shit thieves and ACAB, there are no winners here. Many thanks for the video, @kulu321:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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48 thoughts on “Naked Thief Beaten by Cops in Papua New Guinea”

  1. y’all better be thankful you’re not in shitty counties like this one. sooner or later, the good countries are gonna be the same exact way anyway. proof of it is in America with these bullshit riots right now.

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  3. Not a M16 but a south Korea knockoff known as Daewoo Precision Industries K2. K2C (C=”Carbine”): Carbine version of K2 rifle with Picatinny rail, M4-type buttstock, barrel reduced to 310 mm (12 in). Exports started in 2012. Papua New Guinea: Purchased K2C in 2013 You fucking nerds!

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