NYPD Tyrants Ram Cruiser Into Crowd of Protesters

NYPD Tyrants Ram Cruiser Into Crowd of Protesters

NYPD Tyrants Ram Cruiser Into Crowd of Protesters

In New York, members of the local organized crime gang with badges drove through a barricade and into a crowd of protesters, because apparently to a cop in a police state, a day in the uniform would be wasted if at least one citizen was not injured or killed by their hand.

This glowing display of police brutality is not a new phenomenon. It’s what was the original purpose of forming the police – intimidate, threaten and arrest the slaves, and protect the property of the slave owners.


Here’s a bonus compilation of tyrants inciting violence during protests. It shows a tyrant trampling a protester with a horse in Houston, tyrants smashing car windows tasing driver for trying to go home, a pepper-spray drive-by by tyrants in Minneapolis, aerial view of of the cop SUVs running into/over protesters in Brooklyn, casual car door slam drive-by in NYC, a lot of casual unprovoked assaults by tyrants in NYC and more casual macing:

Another compilation, this time of vertical videos, showing a man with his hands in the air get his mask pulled down and pepper sprayed in the face, longer video of domestic terrorists shooting at people filming on their own porch in Minneapolis, tear gassing protesters in Fort Wayne, SWAT in SLC shoving old man walking with a cane to the ground, tyrant shoving a woman to the ground (she ends up having a seizure and is hospitalized in NYC), and the above seen ground view of the vehicular ram of the protesters:

This video shows the aftermath of 9 year old being maced by cop, and tyrants shoving someone then punching different person in the face repeatedly as they are pinned on the ground. Both instances of police brutality happened in Seattle:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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218 thoughts on “NYPD Tyrants Ram Cruiser Into Crowd of Protesters”

          1. Love all the goofy shit on the site, figured might as well add to it, glad you got a laugh out of it! Don’t know if it’s comparable to a mammogram but it sure felt like it was!

        1. The video I showed got my feeling.
          I think most of protesters and cops are keeping their sense.
          “CHINA !”should pay for the bad situation.lol


      1. I love the niggas cos they are going to destroy america, the white obese womans loves to fuck with niggas, the mulato creatures haves low iq and high violence tendencies. China becames the world superpower soon

          1. Any place there are niggers, there is failure everywhere. And it’s all always YT’s fault keeping all those future brain surgeons and rocket scientists down.

        1. Even in White majority areas nowadays I see an alarming number of mulattos walking about. It seems like fat white trailer whores fucking Tyrones are shitting them out at an exponential rate that is growing according to some ape/human ratio logarithm.

          1. the mulaaaaato are the same congoid shit only with lighter skin they are racially degenerated by the nymphomaniacs of white women venezuela is a mulatto people so the united states will end

      2. @kasper88
        Aaaaaahhhhhhh good ‘ol BG racists and antisemetics cant you guys understand that the only difference between you two and blacks/Jews is skin color and religion that’s really it bg is here for people to Express their opinions freely so I’m not gonna try and stop you guys I just feel like bg is getting overrun with racists and antisemitics.black people act different and might cause more trouble because of how they were raised the violent black people most likely grew up in the slums which means they possibly had to fight simply too eat it’s not their fault that they were born into that lifestyle though. The black communities have been injected with drugs by the major corporations and they turn to drugs because of the shit lifestyle they have it’s all one big cycle. All in all it’s not their fault and they dont deserve to be talked about like that. And as for why mostly black people show up in the news for doing bad stuff is simply because the people who run the media are racist like you

          1. Most Jews are white deadass you cant even argue with that shit lol if you picture a jew they have white skin correct? Exactly. I am sure there are Jews out there that aren’t great people but a majority of them are great people me and my brother used to go to a Jewish community center for summer camp and I cant remember a single bad thing about it they even let us go for free

          2. @stellpiggy You’re an ignorant fool. Ashkenazi Jews are descended from Neanderthals. Whites are descended from Cro-magnon man. Both have light skin, but are different breeds. There, you just learned something new.

            You are a Jewish propaganda agent. Get the fuck out of here. Hasbara rat!

        1. Firstly.
          I’m neither Racists nor Supremacist.
          Racially Aware would be one terminology.
          Racial Realist would be another.
          Positive Discrimination is what I practice.
          In short, it means I individually positively choose to discriminate against them for the very fact that they do NOT Evolve.

          Take a closer look at the history of Africa, Niggers killing niggers and squandering any potential they had as people in tribal instincts to act as rabid monkeys at a rape festival. The white man turns up and commits against niggers what seem like fairly tamed wrong doings in comparison, all the while having atrocities committed against themselves equally if not more so.

          They were handed cities and infrastructure; a government and a structured society. They were offered the chance at development and future under the solidarity of a European founded nation. Yet in the face of so much promise, they immediately reverted to their animalistic barbarism and began tearing down what the white man had created.

          Then to do as they’ve always done when thinking they have Power, mon. Out of control Rape situation, civil war, ethnic cleansing, child soldiers, slavery and subjugation. etc etc etc.
          Need I say more..?

          1. Sadly true and even progressives like me have to admit it. Almost all the blacks with potential and educated elites departed once the White Man left.

            We must stop taking these elites in our own countries as i have said before and start hanging a few of these tossers who thought it was a good idea to allow this to happen. Reagan , Clinton ,Bushs, obama ,Trump, Major ,Blair ,Cameron ,Gordon ,Sarkozy ,Hollande,Merkel ,Berlusconi,Stoltenburg and Rasmussen just a few to start with. etc .

          2. Nems.
            This was my take on it. At the time.

            “The fact that David (Call me Dave. Zionist and proud of it) Cameron. Used the hum, disquiet and unhappiness with the union to offer a referendum as part of his election campaign. An election promise actually kept by a politician. (Wonders never cease).
            Initially he tried to do deals with the EU to lessen the burden upon the country but. The zionist held true to word. Even more FUCKING amazing than the supposed second coming, a jew kept his word..!
            The abject IRONY of that still gives me a giggle.
            It finished him. Hahaha.

            Then the malignanT May. Who did her very utmost to reverse the “Will of the people” for a moment it looked like. In Out, in out, shake it all about. Wo The Hokey Cokey. Extension, then once again, another extension. Uncles Sam and Shmuel, Rothschild’s bitch Macron, and Mama Merkel just wasn’t letting go. While comprador Johnson was playing along with it. Stalling for time maybe, hoping for a snap election that would reverse the already given will of the people in the democratic vote to exit perhaps..?
            Then WHAM..!
            May misjudged the whole show. (As had Cameron). Left the stage right, in floods of tears. Boris the spider Johnson seized the opportunity (Thatcher taught him well didn’t she). BINGO..!

            All the poisoned media, the celebs in droves mouthing the agenda’s mantra, billions in add campaigns of tax payers hard earned, squandered on pointless efforts to turn it around but.
            NO was the resounding echo of the answer.

            They couldn’t force another vote. Couldn’t split the vote. Couldn’t buy the vote. Most of all and most importantly couldn’t change the vote. We both know for sure it wasn’t negroid/dark skins/imports/or non indigenous people originally, regardless of political and/or religious persuasions that were voting to exit so.
            To some extent England had always maintained a type of “insularity” stance and approach to the EU while within said.
            Personally I think it is part of their native collective psyche. The real natives obviously. By that meaning the majority of the fair skinned people. (White).

            People with any world and historical understanding should realize by now; England will not give up it’s monarchy without civil war/nuclear even. It’s keeping it’s currency. Afternoon Tea. Warm Beer. Etc etc”.

        2. I agree with much of what you say but as Isaid previously black people turn up because they are not afraid to fight back. White people get murdered by cops and the average white american walks on by.

          Why ? ‘Cause the average american is too dumb to see that its police force has been militarised and there is a new normal. The Blacks are finely attuned to these changes and know what is what. How many White people rampaged when the black policeman murdered the White woman in her nightrobe and tried to cover it up (in Minneapolis) ? Fuck all , “not my business they said”.

          When america falls and the whites also feel unbearable hardship like starvation , murder balah balh balh , contagion ,you watch them die like flies before White police guns. Why? Cause white people still see it as a race issue (it won’t happen to us) so are like lambs to the slaughter.

        3. @stellpiggy

          To be fair, you may not be stupid and ignorant but what you say is completely stupid, ignorant, crazy and it makes no sense at all. You only have excuses for these animals that rape, kill, torture, steal, loot etc …

          Full of negroes are white and albinos but are identical to them who have around 70 IQ, same cranial box, same blood, same mentality, live exactly like every niggers. African negroes kill these albinos every day because they are different from them, they cut their hands, legs, arms, their cranial box and take their bones to make voodou shit and I do not kidding it is really the case, I saw 3 documentaries on the subject.

          They still think that negroes who have mental problems and illnesses like ipilepsy and skysofrenia are possessed and are demons. They rape them often torture them to death, kidnap them and kill them like dogs. Often it’s even their OWN PARENT who HUNTS AND KILLS them because they think that the kid is possessed

          All fucking medias is controle by jews and nigger lover…..
          You fucking kidding me when you said medias are racist LMFAO !!!!!

          I’m racist and antisemetic ?
          thats what you said ?
          Is it that obvious ?

          1. The people you see in those documentaries and in those videos most likely either live in rural Africa and just aren’t integrated into our society so they dont know what’s right or wrong for us they are just doing what they have been for centuries without knowing that it’s wrong……….or they do live in a 1st world country and just have some sort of mental illness that they cant treat either because they’re country has shit health care or because that mental illness prohibits them from functioning in public (ie.extreme paranoia,extreme psychosis,extreme sociopathy,extreme psychopathy) they have absolutally no way of helping themselves.i would also like to point out that white people rape,steal,torture,murder ect. As well. I mean for fucks sake a common stereotype for elderly white men is that they rape children and if you think about it legit the only serial killer I can think about rn are white ( Ted bundy,Jeffrey dahmer,holmes(I forget his first name) Wayne gacy,Dylan klebold and his friend) name that many black SERIAL killers (yes serial,which means that they repeatedly and methodically killed people that had almost nothing in common and most of them had very high iq’s which goes directly against your previous statement that blacks had an average IQ of 70.) Without using google. @kasper88

    1. What BG really needs to be showing is all the dregs (mostly blacks) looting, vandalizing, and smashing up Target stores, dental clinics, mom & pop stores, and candle stores all on YouTube. Who the fuck steals candle supplies….niggers …that’s who. Glad I left America years ago and ashamed to say I’m American overseas. My black friends outside America are nothing like this. The stupid Antifa fags with no experience living in NK or Venezuela need to take their next vacation there to see how lucky they got it. Not to mention the secret militia backed by Russia and don’t realize whom they themselves are supporting.

        1. I see a single cop or group of cops collaborating with a personal agenda or hatred to incite even further violence in those videos you mentioned above. For that to be directed by the higher-ups would be a big risk and decision to make for each of those above them. When it comes to keeping things quiet you’ve got to really trust your Gestapo partners. I tend to believe people will not trust that the others won’t fold before making such crucial decisions. Who knows, maybe they are funded from overseas. The CCP would sure like to learn from the real pros, The Russians.

        2. Them niggers are in my town they already looted WWS shoe store, metro pcs stores and now is 2:00 am June 1st and I can hear all the commotion not far from where I live, can even hear the helicopter talking through the speaker… I got my phones with more than half battery on them and I might catch some action I hope not but who knows.
          And I mean these are niggers as in negroes I’ve seen them with my own eyes and a few hispanics too but mostly blacks.

    2. thats not the point, the cops are supposed to “protect and serve” right? so this is the way to protect..?? what?? and serve?..who..?? feeling populair with your idiot comment?

        1. The protestors are idiots, thats because theyre common people. The average american is a fucking retard. But the police in america, they are the front line of the jewish internationalist financial order.

    3. i absolutely agree just because you are protesting doesn’t mean you can block an active motorway without being run the fuck over. but i do enjoy a good protest crashing motor vehicle style. why police don’t drive strait through those idiots more often it’s hilarious thanks NYPD.

  1. American people Fight Back
    With everything you have
    Organize get on the Rooftops of your City Streets ATTACK.
    Kill anything in a Uniform.
    Before it Kills YOU..






    1. Americans are also currently under attack by antifa and niggers too. Lots of homes have been looted and the owners beaten to a pulp. A white woman was also found raped and murdered in the back of a car these gud boi, din du nuffin joggers had been hanging around.

      They are under attack from many different players then, including the police and army. Its fucked up.

      1. Yes, many of us feel like we are currently under attack from all sides. Gotta watch everything you do nowadays and keep a sharp eye on your possessions just to keep a roof over your head and not be the next victim of the government, the niggers, or the airborne AIDS.

      2. Hi ES.
        This under different circumstances would be a different comment to you otherwise, tho most of what you say I find agreement with.

        America was founded on Race Replacement.
        All fair skinned people (WHITE) you are now the Natives. All other races colors are also your enemies
        You CANNOT trust those amongst you.
        Deal accordingly with them.
        DON’T carry ‘Dead Weights’

      3. @empty-soul

        When I say that “Races are not equal and are not of the same value” I know it is offensive to some, myself tho I feel comfortable enough and confident in saying that. But I say that because I know this, and that is the obvious truth.

        What ever we do, We have to make sure that our INTENT isn’t motivated by hate and vengeance or revenge but by what is right and wrong.

        Personally I think and feel:- We need to hang the people who brought the third world into Europe not out of revenge but out of the fact that they MUST be used as an example for OTHERS on what is the fate of traitors who endanger society because otherwise society will decline into chaos.
        In doing that we’d be no different than the allied war criminals and their witch hunt likened to the Nuremberg Trials.
        Alternatively we lock them up in their own purpose built human menagerie..!
        Kinda Death Row Limbo.
        I really Honestly don’t know,
        What do you think we should do..?
        More to the point. What would you do..?
        What collectively could be done..?
        While bearing in mind of course, what you KNOW they’d be doing to you, and I, and have so.

        If I wanted revenge I would support TORTURE, but I don’t because my motive isn’t revenge. They need to be hanged or jailed or euthanized neutralized disenfranchised before tribunal and that’s, that.

        We need to remove the other than white immigrants from Europe in order to save our race from extinction not because we “hate” them, but because it is the RIGHT thing to do.

        I know it is more difficult said than done but what ever we do we need to make sure that we are NOT motivated by “hate”. We do need to hate bad behavior it is good to hate evil. But evil people need to be punished not because we hate them but because it is the right thing to do.

        So society. White societies can once again function and flourish in a manner encoded thru our civilized culture and halt this current decline into chaos and further gross genetic destruction.

        To Add; Feeling that you were a little er, suspicious a while back, I can say that I Do too Hate the gypsies both Irish and Roma probably more than you do. Also would exterminate those interbred Termites no qualms whatsoever.
        Thank You for being in touch, I appreciate this, and look forward to further communications between ourselves…

    2. @JXK777


      Ho yeah sure i will fight for all these fucking Niggers, jews, white niggers and imigrants like you !!

      Why not, right ? Hummm wait a minute…. Maybe because you are the enemy here my little fucking jew

        1. Either you are ignorant and stupid or a traitor …

          If you are white as you say it is because of white nigger like you that we have these Niggers making riots, rape, killing, looting, thief, assault, criminal fire…. AGAINST OUR RACE

          You encourage these negroes dirty little bastard our race dies because of people like you, you encourage these fucking animals you should be ashamed

          I would love to know what you have to say for your defense please. I don’t understand why you encourage these animals.

          Look and read the bullshit you wrote and think about it a little bit…..
          This is the same speech as Black live matter, atifa and all niggers

          ”American people Fight Back
          With everything you have
          Organize get on the Rooftops of your City Streets ATTACK.
          Kill anything in a Uniform.
          Before it Kills YOU..

    3. Uhm, I live only hours from the white house, and shits pretty much the same as its always been theres low key bullshit happening all the time but it really depends on your class standing if it effects you or not. Lower, middle, upper middle, upper etc.

        1. Shit has hit the fan, but ive been playing Fallout 4 A-L-O-T okay so I feel pretty confident I’d survive at LEAST 72 hours after the world ends before my lack of life skills and ability to do anything for myself kill me ^.^

    4. well said my friend, they have guns fucking use them!!! in uk if this happened police would be on the run, us cops have been getting away with murder for years, ffs lock and load!!!!

  2. We have failed this country the day we gave humanity way to many rights. Now it’s gotten to the point citizens are acting no different than a bunch of caged animals being released at the local zoo attacking the guest just because there angry

      1. Or even better, the Chinese military would liquidate all of them. But they can keep that BS propaganda of them trying to show only police brutality while claiming “This is freedom” but still not showing Chinese citizens with their 2.2M army of paid media robots American male negros breaking into and looting every cosmetic and candle wax store open and stealing paint from those shop walls.

  3. Serious what idiots do you have in the States? Even if i am a german i dont pull the lowlife/Nazi card, but tbh…. statistic from 2018 = 992 persons shot by police (lets add 200 killed otherwiese)
    2019 = 505 shot dead killed Policeofficers: (only have numbers from 2017) 143.

    All the deads, how many where gulty? How many innoscent? And how many of them where just plain dicks or stupid to provoke reactions ? I am wondering how many Veterans, Republicans or normal citizens getn killed by Police without a cause? (Spoiler) i bet not much, guess why? Because they know how to follow laws or better, how to not fuck up if the lawenforcer asks questions.

    So, lets think about. We have Punks, Criminals, Antifa, liberals who are hitting on officers, complains about charges and laws and shit. I can feel the need to just beat the shit out of some random asshole who trys to tell me that i am the pig by risking my life for him to raise his cornky mouth in freedom of speech.

    And at least for the Videos…. In a case of emergency (cuz of people burning shit for no reason) trying to baricade lawenforcenment or rescue vehicles and than get run over, yeah, deserved right? For the 9 year old what was hit with peppergas, For Fuck sakes…the Parents deserved a serious beating. Who is so irresponsible to bring his Kids to a Streetwar against the police? And all the other dickheads who get punched or pushed away to the ground …deserved too! What did you know if they can punch/push you? RIGHT that you was too fucking close to them! Provoking people with batons/Guns by throwing shit at them isnt the best way to stay healthy.

    1. Libtards, niggers who think they are owed everything, Antifa Libtards who don’t realize they are being influenced by Russia, as well as the guys with guns (secret militia also back by Russia and probably China by now too), stupid whites who believe socialism is the answer to all, blah blah. Most of them have never been to a truly controlled state.

  4. Where are all the guns ones we hear about ones used in armed robberies murders etc? Europeans have this perception of states being flooded with firearms which to an extent is reality I guess? Correct me if I am wrong but every sort of few days people die of gunshot wounds stabbings etc.

    These wimps just going to stand there repeatedly getting kicked in nuts or retaliate?

    Even so called british gangsters as well as protesters do a far better job than the americans when the time comes to retaliate. Seeing the fellow protesters getting suffocated ass kicked punched & standing there doing fuck all is just sad.

    I know vast majority of protesters are the average non violent type however some form aggression sometimes helps especially when getting attacked by the law itself

      1. Europe is chill AF trying to not die of COVID, theres actually 0 division here right now, everyones holding hands and saying its going to be alright, so I dont see shit escalating like that in a near future.

        I hope america wises the fuck up, if these are protests against violence, stay fucking focused! Dont play the blame game and demand solutions.

    1. Fire is the peoples weapon. They could burn down all of their infrastructure and all of their vehicles with it. Fire bomb their parking lots. They could do that if they wanted to. Put the tyrants out of business. Burn all of their secret society club houses too. They could kick down the doors and get the membership list in these secret society temples. I’m not saying they should do that though, just speculating.

  5. The protesters should start bringing bags of rocks and molotov cocktails with them. Also, the cell phone towers need to be destroyed. That’s what they are using for their signals intelligence program against the people. Aka MK Ultra mind control. The frequencies can manipulate your nervous system. Your nervous system works by electrical impulses. They torture you with them.

    A message to all women. NEVER DATE OR MARRY A COP. they are all in secret societies and they are secretly committing crimes against civilians and using frequency weapons on men and women, and they are throwing political dissidents in mental hospitals and poisoning them with injections.

    If your husband or boyfriend is a cop, leave him. Don’t date these corrupt pieces of shit in these secret societies.

  6. Don’t care about the cops or whatever just that it is NOT a protest anymore it’s a RIOT and Antifa is hijacking BLM and the memory of George Floyd which is now dishonored and tarnished.

    Having the current cops is better than having Antifa as the new cops.

    Because when something is destroyed something always fills the void and then becomes a lesser of two evils choice.

    1. Zombified bootlickers have no issue chewing on the boots of their oppressors in exchange for security from the imaginary boogie man terrorist who are gonna magically show up at their door step kidnap their woman kids, rape & murder them and all that NPC shit they’ve been fed their entire life by news media run by The Jews while they steal all of America wealth Sending it to Israel for they’re greater Israel agenda in the works.

  7. It reminds me a bit of when Americans were dropping Napalm on innocent wee Vietnamese Children. I know Mace is like sherbert compared to Napalm but it is started to even the karma a little and dropping a few weights on my revenge scale. Only when Armorika sees the behaviour it metes out to people in foreign lands perpetrated on its own innocent people will they be forced to change.

    But the nasty MIC is now too big and too nasty to be pulled like the rotten tooth it once was. It is now the entire head of Armorika. Armorika has to decapitate itself to get rid of this shit. And it cannot because that also means removing their own eyes, being blind for a while and then working out what the fuck to do.

    Those guys doing the beatings are Blackwater. Posing as cops. Armorika’s streets are now full of the Blackwater and Executive Outcomes Mercenary Squads it sent to kill children, women and men who were sitting on their own porches and walking in their own streets in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria… welkome home.

  8. I can remember during a fairly large union protest, Police command employed some unknown thugs to attack their own police horses and mounted officers, happened right in front of news cameras of course. Good to see the masses finally waking up to the con-job that is Government.

  9. I find it rather amusing some of the brain dead protestors sheeple didn’t expect their local authority enforcers to use excessive force on everyone specially on the commoners who have nothing to do with this. Meanwhile the local bootlickers are ranting about how they should be obeying the law while chewing on the boots of the tyrants and cheering for the tyrants and Dear leader trump agenda of police state America and all that other NPC shit for brainless sheeple. Divide and conquer in the works.

    1. That faggot is being charged with murder how is that impunity?
      One hand washed the other, if you were on their side who would you vote for? Common sense. Don’t hate the player hate the game. Calling cops tyrants from a loud speaker doesn’t move anything but air. The military at least kills for what it wants while most on here think bitching is enough

      1. How many faggots get away with that shit, he did it in broad daylight imagine when you’re in the back of the vehicle at night. What are you crying about, You’re bitching right now bitch, in fact you’re a bigger little bitch for bitching online about others. hahah maggot.

    1. Race traitors, wtf are you talking about? Stupid shit like this is what pissed me off. Race traitors…. These dumb fucks are standing in front of cop cars throwing shit what did you think was going to happen? The only traitors are the ones who think it’s more important to complain than to produce. They betray themselves by thinking other people have power over them. Instead of standing on a corner making noise wasting time, they should go somewhere and figure out how to raise their children to not be like that faggot cop in Minneapolis

  10. Tyrants being tyrants, amazing how people let pigs to kill innocent people and don’t fight back, this is what happens when you give weapons and authority to the wrong people, amazing how the corrupted state uses people’s tax money to kill and opress that same people

  11. Let’s protest in vain, cause a huge fucking scene and then feel indignant when the cops show up. That will teach those tyrants! Make sure to bring your kids to the big riot. Extra points if you catch anyone being hurt on camera. Make sure to edit out the part where you escalated things.

  12. Responsibility is the reason why most internet hero’s use aliases. We all talk shit and judge the next man but only few show their face while doing it. Mark as weak as he is at least has a name behind the remarks.

  13. Those disgusting bastards! Damn I wish I could be in those riots. Police are supposed to protect the people. What are they protecting us from now, huh? Protecting us from freedom, is that how this works?

  14. A some sort of orphanage or a center in a secluded area must be opened where only white people procreate everyday in order to save this dying race. Intelligence will die with the white race that’s how the jews will reign. Goddamn it! The mixed race is as dumb as the black race and easy to control. I hope I won’t live to witness the completion of that project. How would the future generation counter the diabolical filthy nasty vermin jews.

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