NYPD Tyrants Ram Cruiser Into Crowd of Protesters

NYPD Tyrants Ram Cruiser Into Crowd of Protesters

NYPD Tyrants Ram Cruiser Into Crowd of Protesters

In New York, members of the local organized crime gang with badges drove through a barricade and into a crowd of protesters, because apparently to a cop in a police state, a day in the uniform would be wasted if at least one citizen was not injured or killed by their hand.

This glowing display of police brutality is not a new phenomenon. It’s what was the original purpose of forming the police – intimidate, threaten and arrest the slaves, and protect the property of the slave owners.


Here’s a bonus compilation of tyrants inciting violence during protests. It shows a tyrant trampling a protester with a horse in Houston, tyrants smashing car windows tasing driver for trying to go home, a pepper-spray drive-by by tyrants in Minneapolis, aerial view of of the cop SUVs running into/over protesters in Brooklyn, casual car door slam drive-by in NYC, a lot of casual unprovoked assaults by tyrants in NYC and more casual macing:

Another compilation, this time of vertical videos, showing a man with his hands in the air get his mask pulled down and pepper sprayed in the face, longer video of domestic terrorists shooting at people filming on their own porch in Minneapolis, tear gassing protesters in Fort Wayne, SWAT in SLC shoving old man walking with a cane to the ground, tyrant shoving a woman to the ground (she ends up having a seizure and is hospitalized in NYC), and the above seen ground view of the vehicular ram of the protesters:

This video shows the aftermath of 9 year old being maced by cop, and tyrants shoving someone then punching different person in the face repeatedly as they are pinned on the ground. Both instances of police brutality happened in Seattle:

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218 thoughts on “NYPD Tyrants Ram Cruiser Into Crowd of Protesters”

  1. 2nd Video: “tyrants smashing car windows tasing driver for trying to go home”
    I am NOT defending the police but that is not what happened. The car driver was in a previous altercation with the police and tried to drive away from the scene. The police involved have been fired and/or suspended.

    4th Video: Who the fuck brings a 9 year old little girl to a violent riot???

    1. I am NOT defending the police – YES you are. That’s not what happened with the driver. That’s what the cops say happened and what they say is a lie.

      Just a bootlicker like you would ask a question like that. Everyone else would ask, who the hell is macing a 9 year old?

      The American regime kills people for protesting. The international community should bomb those savages into democracy.

      1. Actually I saw all of the videos so, no, I am not defending the police.
        And as I mentioned they have all been fired or suspended (without pay).

        Maybe if you weren’t a mindless moron that does zero research you would know that there were many more videos of the event out there not just this one heavily redacted one.

        Next time…do a little research before you come off looking stupid.

  2. I’m pretty surprised at all the comments defending the cops under the guise of wanting gore ‘run them all over’ etc etc – may I say in the best queen’s english – FUCK YOU ALL YOU FUCKING BENDERS – at what point are you visiting this site and think thats acceptable? Now I’m saying of course, everyone has their right to personal thoughts and critical thinking, but it strikes me that a fair share of the newer crowd here are showing their low IQ to garner some kind of circlejerk slap-each-other-in-the-face-with-their-chode fucking happy clappy band.

    If I may take such an imposition to say, please do all choke on your own limp dicks; or whomever’s of that which is near to you.

    Secondly, to each and every time I’ve read (usually in response to violence outside of the USA or to any mass shooting). Where the fuck are you gung-ho gunslinger 2nd Amendment cunts who’s main slogan seems to read “if I was there with my –generic military rifle– they wouldn’t have – “blah, blah blaaaah. This is a blatant revolt against the american public, backed by the large-faced orange order. And like it or not, race aside – you’re getting fucked. So where are you now? And don’t even bother with the “niggers can burn” usual hyperbole, it will just show your lack of argument, and generic retard status.

    Right anyway bollocks to all this, I’m off to have a cuppa.

  3. There is no surprise once you are aware of which country and which groups are behind America’s militarisation of the police forces…Israel.

    In case you think it is only for counterterrorism ,wrong! There is much out there -even Jewish Israeli newspapers- that state they have been behind training much of South and Meso America’s civil police forces as well.

    Much of it kept out of the media as it is paid for by Jewish groups in the US.
    Why would a people who maintain they have been victimised by authorities -Nazis -want America’s police force to be militarised?

    Do you know any other victimised groups who ask for a longer and heavier rod for their backs?

  4. Look at all these nigger loving cucks,who have nothing better to do other than virtue singal whole day and loot few stores here. I dont like neither cops or blacks but everything cops do now,beatings,tasing,torturing,killing,running over with cars,trampling with horses,gas canisters,rubber bulleting and other shit is totally justified.

  5. Brilliant videos. Keep these lawless motherfuckers off the streets. Any excuse for lefties to riot and loot and kill and maim. Shoot the cunts. No good you hurling bricks at the cops and then raising your hands to say it was not me officer. It’s obvious it was you and you deserve a beating. Fucking muppets stay at home. Where we’re you riots when white Justine Damond was shot and murdered by a black cop . Hypocritical racist cunts.

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