NYPD Tyrants Violently Arrest People and Assault Guy for Witnessing

NYPD Tyrants Violently Arrest People and Assault Guy for Witnessing

NYPD Tyrants Violently Arrest People and Assault Guy for Witnessing

In New York, a gang of thugs with badges violently arrested some people allegedly for not socially distancing during the p(l)andemic. Whereas a guy witnessed the brutality, a citizen killer threatened him with a taser and then assaulted him, with help from a fellow tyrant. Per usual, no good cop existed anywhere in the lot. They remain an urban myth with zero evidence of existence in real life.

I can’t help but laugh at thoughts of bootlickers experiencing brain shortcuts watching these videos because the chief tyrant is a Hispanic dude, and along with his fellow thugs, the gang just drools over the ability to exploiting the plandemic to really let out their inner psychopath.

Thug Francisco X. Garcia, badge #19234, has over 40 outstanding complaints against him. He is known for being a level 10 tyrant who terrorizes the people in the Lower East Side. He enjoys the reputation he has and walks around the neighborhood looking for an excuse to assault someone. His malfeasance has cost the city (ie the tax payers) hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Here’s also a bird’s eye view of the incident, clearly showing the abuse of power by the tyrants, as well as the intent to cause harm to citizens:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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93 thoughts on “NYPD Tyrants Violently Arrest People and Assault Guy for Witnessing”

  1. The police just doing their jobs….removing scum from the streets. Notice how many cops there were, undercover so no doubt this was a sting. Nigger in white top didnt wanna comply so taken to the floor

    The big cop told the pussy guy not to square up to him….. you cant expect him to wait until the guy draws first so he did right and took his ass to walkway town

    Then theres the bitch….pussy pass denied good an’ proper

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      1. lol your right….I would have shat myself and ran

        But your a hard motherfucker aint you…..? So no running for you. No, instead you would have stick the head in and beat his ass right. Cos your tough right?

        See me, I would have run home, got under my bed and watched porn on my android phone

        But you, cos your a hard guy, would have been tasered, beat and maybe even shot. Then spend time in hospital before being locked up in a shithole prison where you’d be happy to bend down and pick up the soap

        But me….I’d be in my bed, ready to get up the next day and LIVE

        1. @meddyladisback You are one of them,arent you.
          Did you kick any puppys on the way out of your shithole apt. today?
          Do you get in peoples faces when you are not wearing the uniform and badge and have your gang back up? I bet not.
          Karma asshole, you better believe in it cause its coming for YOU!

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    2. You are a parasite and part of this worlds problem. I can’t wait till this kind of thing comes your way lol, if you don’t think it will then I suggest you take a look at history, you ya big bag of cunt are in for a surprise! Keep watching ya silly ignorant bag of slime .

    3. The cops getting his punishment as we speak . So he was wrong even in the eyes of the law. You complete imbecile. And also, if the government ever tried to tighten their grip on this country, you’ll be one of the boot lickers begging to join their ranks, and end up cleaning their underwear or something. Deactivate your account. You’re the ultimate kind of cuckold

  2. Obviously they were there for a reason a sting most likely. they got there man possibly moving major weight. And of course It’s another darkie causing problems and resisting arrest since they always think they know the law and shit. It will be a matter of time till they play the race card and sue the department

  3. I’m afraid, dear readers, that “nigger” does not mean a “person of color” anymore. It has nothing to do with color. That’s an invention of the jew. White, black, yellow,injun…. If you are reading this, you are likely a nigger in the eyes of the police. You. Go ahead and give them a chance to explain this concept to you. It’s fun!

      1. (sigh) I knew I would attract the attention of the blissfully uneducated. Yes, niggers exist. This proves the irony of intelligent design. In the view of the powers that be, WE are all niggers. I challenge you to find out. It’s fun!

  4. The cops are behaving like tyrants during this Corona lockdown for sure. Its happening in my country all the fucking time. This footage however……………….I’ll be honest, that white woman looks like a drug addict to me. Further backed up by the fact that after momentarily checking her surroundings for………………. whatever reasons she then conveniently stops right by that one particular nigger. A nigger just hanging about for………………….whatever reasons and then the police swoop in.

    My Spidey-senses are screaming drug bust on this one. Still. No need in attacking and arresting those not involved, those just filming. That’s definitely tyrant behaviour.

    This lockdown however has financially devastated the nigger pimps and drug dealers etc so I can understand the black community’s situation and desperation. That’s 80% of their employment market crushed instantly. Sheeeeeeeeit. Dat Corona must have grown up in a white lab or sum sheeeit to be keepin a playa down. Racist mudda fugga.

  5. As soon as I started hearing the 55 IQ pavement ape speak, “how U grab her UP like dat” I muted it instantly. It is beyond annoying to hear the retarded noise from these stupid as as hell troglodytes. Everything they say in their limited vocabulary of butchered English is laughably stupid, and on top of that, they always repeat everything they say way too many times like a stuck broken record. I also hate the sound of their voices, it’s so ugly and reeks of stupidity. I cannot tolerate it, mute ftw.

    1. I have to agree. They do much the same to every language they ‘learn’. They make Ohio farm-boys sound like geniuses.

      Still. Can’t be too hard on them I guess. I don’t expect my cat to be reciting Shakespeare any time soon so one shouldn’t place such lofty expectations on a life form far less intelligent than that.

      1. I work with alot of black people and for the most part their language skills are somewhat refined to the average black folk
        omg across the board to listen to them “talk deep” and debate current affairs or otherwise voice their opinion on stuff? holy shit wow it is both comical and unfortunate

  6. Arguably the most aggressive affirmative action program ever implemented in the United States was a series of court-ordered racial hiring quotas imposed on municipal police departments. My best estimate of the effect of court-ordered affirmative action on workforce composition is a 14 percentage point gain in the fraction African American among newly hired officers. Evidence on police performance is mixed. Despite substantial black-white test score differences on police department entrance examinations, city crime rates appear unaffected by litigation. However, litigation lowers slightly both arrests per crime and the fraction black among serious arrestees.
    NBER Working Paper No. 12368
    Issued in July 2006
    NBER Program(s):Labor Studies, Public Economics)

        1. Send a snapshot of your Drivers License so we can all check your age and bank accounts….ain’t there a store somewhere you should be in enforcing the bullshit mask laws…stay in your lane.

  7. Didn’t used to think so, but they are fucking tyrants and act as such. Not every cop obviously, but there’s and has been a clear pattern in police behavior and conduct. It’s been this literally from the day the force was founded in America. Every century, generation, and decade. Some (alot) of hispanics are utterly worthless. They’d sell their souls, their mothers, their kids just to be white. This plays out in any number of ways daily. Extreme exaggerated hatred of black people is most to try in get close to their formal masters who they still clearly worship. To hate black people people who’ve done nothing to them as a group that has left any lasting effect. While dicking and refusing to show any hostility (as a group ) to a race who’s actually done something (everything) to them pathetic. It would clearly seem that in America the only people besides white people who hold their heads up high pridefully without endlessly kissing another races ass are black people the niggers as you all say. May Mr. Garcia and his family all die violently very soon.

    1. Typical American lefty tripe.

      There are plenty of other races who hate niggers too and plenty who hold their own race up as being superior to everyone else and who have done so long before whitey climbed the ranks of racial hegemony but in usual lefty fashion the white man is the progenitor of all non-white racial hated held all around the world.

      In case it has escaped you though, by placing the white man at the top of everything all the time and the black man at the bottom as the eternal victim you are being far more racist towards blacks than any member of the KKK ever could because you are perpetrating that which you claim to despise but from the position of being a “black-ally” which is a far more damaging form of attack because it comes from inside.

      Its like the black man who goes on and on about black people being passed over for white people all the time. Who goes on and on about black people being seen as inferior and less attractive and less wanted but who then himself dates white women instead of black ones. Its so fucking tiring and pathetic.

      1. Dear god typical predictable inevitable expected idiot. There plenty of races who hate whites, asians, hispanics etc. sites more than enough proof of. Perhaps it was phrased wrong of course minorities have racial supremacist, but the point being that black people kiss the dominantclasses ass (white people) the least. While historically standing up to it the most in territorial mainstream America. To make it at least a partial democracy where everybody can vote and is somewhat represented(attempted).No not just black people, but black people had the strongest influence fact. I’m not the one endlessly placing white people at the top and black at the bottom that’s you. That’s the other bg members, that’s the media, criminal justice system, congress, other races. I’m just stating what’s clearly right in front of you in every aspect of life if you can handle reality. A reality which in people like you or who can even somewhat pass for you often get placed above others and you still can’t accept that that’s what’s pathetic. A man who dates( can possibly fuck) another man’s woman will do so proudly. Especially with social dynamic of American society where what do you know white people are the top and black people at the absolute bottom. Do commenters not daily brag about or talk about be willing to fuck women of inferior races as opposed to fucking women of a supposed superior race which is worse. Your an idiot.

        1. “I’m not the one endlessly placing white people at the top and black at the bottom that’s you. That’s the other bg members, that’s the media, criminal justice system, congress, other races. I’m just stating what’s clearly right in front of you in every aspect of life if you can handle reality. A reality which in people like you or who can even somewhat pass for you often get placed above others and you still can’t accept that that’s what’s pathetic”.

          I’ll spell it out to you since you can’t seem to understand the “reality” you harp on about. Black people are around 13% of the American population the last time I checked so why on Earth do you expect them to have more dominance than the majority racial group?. In most places on the planet the majority racial group has more dominance than all other racial groups living there. The Indians have dominance in India. The Chinese have it in China. The Japanese have it in Japan. The Kenyans have it in Kenya so on and so forth yet you wouldn’t for example accuse the Indians living in India of having “brown privilege” now would you. You would just accept that the majority racial group gets to call the shots because if you did not you would be siding with South African Apartheid like systems where the minority rules over the majority and we both know you would never choose to do that.

          “A man who dates( can possibly fuck) another man’s woman will do so proudly. Especially with social dynamic of American society where what do you know white people are the top and black people at the absolute bottom”.

          To go along with your maladjusted view on reality it would appear that you are not very good with numbers either. What you think will happen to a 13% that won’t stick by each other?. That won’t fuck and procreate with each other. A 13% that keeps killing each other in record numbers?. That number will greatly dwindle that is what will happen whilst the majority racial group will only show a tiny dip in overall population which over time will turn a 13% into 0% easily.

          The only way for African Americans to stop that rot is for their men to stop lusting after “dem whitey wommenz” and to stop killing each other over stupid shit like basketball shoes and fried chicken. Their numbers would improve and so would their lot in life if they were to act like the Chinese immigrants do by sticking by each other and forming strong family bonds and communities. However. For many a black man “dat wite poosey” is far more important than any of the dreams of black betterment that you keep harping on about and it seems to be more important to you as well given your stated commentary on the matter.

    2. Over here blacks rob and kill Latinos since they have money saved and don’t carry guns, so they wait in the bayous by apartments at night and ambush Latinos, Whites they mind their business here, so keep telling lies everyone is tired of “ya’lls” bs

      1. Whew that’s good to know thanks for the info. As hispanics in California have doing this for years except they honorlessly target kids as well. Doing exactly as I said hate blacks and find a way to position yourself even subtle as standing side by side with your white masters. Whites mind their own business so much that there’s a political party full em. Who are working overtime to demonise anything hispanic, mexican whatever. And this reaches straight from the white house the highest office in the land. White officeers waiting to shoot and set up burrito’s just as quick. Sure to let you know your not real Americans to keep you from positions of power, endlessly creating new stereotypes for you. And this has always been the case black people moved America socially forward not( I wanna pass for white, but I love my people hispanics) hispanics. Yet today just like then you infinite reasons to try and befriend those who’ve shown that they held and hold you in contempt. People who’ve destroyed,invaded your land, original culture, languages, religion, brainwashed your bitches to worship their cocks, and repeatedly tells you to get out. Yet you hate black people who’ve done less nothing negative that impacts hispanics as a whole, but lay the road for modern America that all minorities are piggy backing on. My point stands accurate and true suck it taco.

        1. “People who’ve destroyed,invaded your land, original culture, languages, religion, brainwashed your bitches to worship their cocks, and repeatedly tells you to get out. Yet you hate black people who’ve done less nothing negative that impacts hispanics as a whole”.

          Does history not get taught in America or something?. Just what do you think “Hispanic” means?. I’ll help you out, it means of or relating to Spanish people and their culture. Now. How do you think those Spanish peoples and their culture arrived in South America?. Through osmosis perhaps?. A time paradox maybe?. Or do you think they arrived in large numbers during the conquistador age of discovery alongside the likes of Hernan Cortes?. I’ll let you take a guess.

          Anyway. The point being that both the Hispanics and the whites got to where they are in the Americas by invasion and destruction so there is little point in trying to use such a strategy of divide and conquer based upon that past as it won’t work.

          The real reason why Hispanics prefer whites over blacks then is because we are less criminally inclined and more intelligent which usually translates into upward mobility. The goal of most people in life.

          1. Dear,god why don’t you change your name to empty skull. I never said or even insinuated that black people should racially dominate anyone. Never said the majority shouldn’t dominate, but you apparently think so. In South Africa blacks are the natives and the majority. Until recently whites dominated damn near everything and America and most of the world didn’t give much shit. Same thing in Uganda at one point Asians(foreigners) had the majority of economic dominance with a black majority. Again the western world didn’t mind big suprise. Again empty skull never said insinuated that all or even most black men should procreate with white women. I said there’s no problem with fucking. The way white men encourage each other on this very site to fuck bitches of different races , but that’s okay of course. The same way asian women disproportionately date white men in America never any talk about anybody’s race being destroyed big suprise. What do you mean where whites and hispanics got. Last I checked black people have made it farther than any racial minority in America. Lets see the white house check , governors, mayors, generals, pop icons. When the world thinks American there thinking black before hispanic especially in the western world the only part that matters to you. When Americans think of American history, culture they black people as well even if they won’t admit it aloud. You know most crime is committed by white people in America don’t you. Statistics are arrests, convictions etc. We know black and whites use drugs at the same rate in America Fact. With whites doing harder drugs and there being more white people as you intelligently pointed out. There should be way more white people in jail/prison for drugs. During a historic opioid crisis that’s a lot of illegal buying, possessing, using drugs crime crime crime. Every cop that blows away a black guy. Every judge that lies, every prosecutor, ceo bad door dealing. Every fag priest boy scout leader that violates an endless list of victims crime crime crime. Unlike black crime that black people may disproportionately do it’s intraracial in the worst environments that were intentionally socially engineered. White crime tends to effect everyone. That good enough empty skull.

  8. The cop told the guy to move back, and told him not to flex. The poor, innocent citizen kept flexing like a tough guy and moved towards the cop looking for trouble and a fight, and guess what? He found both.

  9. As bad as this looks.

    She knew something was coming.

    They knew they were in trouble. Then the law came upon them in force. Now you stop. You think. Why?

    Why she know something is coming?

    Just a simple little man and a woman. Why all these police? Why all this force?


  10. I wish that I could just have 10 mins with one of these thugs alone in a room, no badges, no weapons, man to man bare hand fight to the death. I just want to rip their throats out with my teeth to take them off that high horse their on. Their tyrants who have too much fun playing god on the streets they forget their just flesh and bone.

    1. Many cops were bullies themselves or were bullied when civilians. If you ever get a chance to talk to one personally, it’ll become obvious real quick.

      No tact in resolving any problem(s) they confront.
      Most assume you’re guilty, with no evidence to support it.
      They attempt to marginalize/victimize you, thinking you’re the problem.
      They want to do all the talking. It’s their way of controlling you.

      …and of course

      Violence is the only solution.

  11. Any cop implementing these methods on behalf of Bill Gates’ mandatory vaccinaton, any arrest or order should be referred to as a GATESTAPO action and a direct sell out and breach of duty by law enforcement.

  12. Brooklyn Cop by Norman MacCaig

    Built like a gorilla but less timid,
    thick-fleshed, steak-coloured, with two
    hieroglyphs in his face that mean
    trouble, he walks the sidewalk and the
    thin tissue over violence. This morning,
    when he said, ‘See you, babe’ to his wife,
    he hoped it, he truly hoped it.
    He is a gorilla
    to whom ‘Hiya, honey’ is no cliché.

    Should the tissue tear, should he plunge through
    into violence, what clubbings, what
    gunshots between Phoebe’s Whamburger
    and Louie’s Place.

    Who would be him, gorilla with a nightstick,
    whose home is a place
    he might, this time, never get back to?

    And who would be who have to be
    his victims?

  13. If this were a third world country a mob would have converged on those cops and beat the shit out of them. I wonder when that will happen in this country. Someone needs to hold them accountable- their superiors don’t!

  14. Seems like NY cops have absolutely fucking lost it. The one delivering the beating looks/sounds sexually repressed and the one in front w/ mask looks too scared to be there. Big changes are coming.

  15. Man, fuck that big gorilla looking fucker. I’m not a “bootlicker” and I’m also not one of these all cops are evil people either. I call’em as I see’em. I try not to prejudge these incidents one way or the other without knowing all the facts. That said, this cop is clearly scum and needs to be removed from his job asap. Walking up on American Citizens, who are doing nothing wrong, and pointing a taser at them while pulling it’s trigger in a threatening manner is an actual crime.

    “Why you flexin?” What? Mother fucker, you come pointing a taser and zapping it in my direction out of no where, and for no reason, and you wonder why someone would step back in a defensive position as if they’re about to be attacked? Fuck you! These cops give the entire police force a bad name. Which negatively effects all the other officers. And the fact that these guys get away with this shit over and over means they should have that bad name. They all earn it by not firing & charging these thugs.

  16. america is a shithole, every mongrel nation in history fails and crashes, ‘murica will be the same. look at that mulatto cross breed piece of shit nigger with his ‘you flexing’ bullshit, this is what happens, the IQ of a mongrel nation just keeps dropping and dropping and everything else slowly gets dragged down with the people of that nation. no matter what happens in a nation it will reflect the majority of the people that inhabit that land and when you factor in a mongrel has no bond to a nation you have a recipe for a disaster. the spirit of a nation is its people and america is really fucked now they will spiral in to a third world mongrel shithole nation and its coming very VERY fast.

  17. Does not matter if you put a uniform on a nigger he will still behave like a nigger and this fat fucker proves that with his tough guy hood nigger bullshit behaviour. if you are white you need to understand that you are going to lose it all your magnificent ancestors left you by even existing near these waste of space apes, start banding with your own people because what has happened to every white nation is a monstrous crime and times are going to get very nasty.

  18. Term “Badge Nigger” get a whole new level.

    The cops, who look like gang members, one of them even with a flat-billed hat and a gross nigger-beard, were wrestling a man to the ground when another black standing there did the whole “he didn’t even do nothing” routine. This routine, usually ignored, triggered the anger of the gang member cop, and he tased him, started punching him in the head, tackled him and arrested him as well.

    It doesn’t really matter if they were social distancing or not, because this is not a real law, and no one should have to do this bullshit. It’s dumb.

    If you’re watching this and thinking “haha, niggers,” then you’ve got another thing coming. These thug cops are going to treat you just like the niggers. This is the dawn of a new police state, and of course they’re trying out their new powers to just beat the shit out of people randomly on the street on the blacks.

    In another couple of months, this is going to be a scene on every street that doesn’t even make you blink. Because this is not about a virus. This is about creating insane new social rules that no one can possibly follow, which allow the cops to attack you randomly on the street and keep you in a state of constant fear.

    If you want a picture of the future, imagine this fat tattooed nigger sitting on your body, punching you in the head, forever.

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