Ohio Deputy Sees News Photographer, Shoots Him Without Warning

Ohio Deputy Sees News Photographer, Shoots Him Without Warning

In Clark County, Ohio, Andy Grimm – a news photographer for the New Carlisle News was shot by a deputy who apparently believes in shooting first, asking questions never. Footage from Jacob Shaw’s bodycam shows the deputy open his cruiser door and right away fire two shots, without as much as saying a word.

The worst part of the video is that the victim himself is so brainwashed to worship the police state, after being shot by the trigger happy cop at the drop of a hat, he went all apologetic and said he didn’t want the cop to lose his job. I bet that stupid fuck also thanks fags for their service.

The trigger happy cop later realized he shot a friend, and applied pressure to his wound to save his life – something he wouldn’t have done if the wounded was not his friend. In that case, he would have put handcuffs on him and delay the arrival of paramedics to ensure the victim tell no tales.

That citizen killer’s job is much safer than a job of an average landscaper, yet he still acts like he’s in an active war zone with an open season on everything that moves. Whenever a state reaches the point in which cops actively seek to kill or maim citizens for their own enjoyment, one must wonder when will appropriate defense by neutralization of such threats on sight becomes legally justifiable.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. Listens here you filthy fucks of “best gore” (don’t get me wrong, I love this site. That’s what everyone calls each other of this site; right?) The cops (in USA) have been on SUPER alert recently bc of the actions ppl have taken against them (thanks liberals and the “nigger.. I.. I mean black movement”. I would shoot too if a guy I just pulled over took something out that looked like it could end my life(either my life or theirs, HELL YEAH I WOULD SHOOT FIRST). This video does NOT serve justice to what the cop seen. Only thing worthy of this video is what the cop said, HE THOUGHT IT WAS A GUN. But looking at all these comments, this whole country is FUCKED. And don’t you dare blame trump, this country has been falling apart since the presidency of that NIGGER (YOU CAN’T LIE)!

    1. Ever heard the saying that if all you elect to use is a hammer, every problem begins to look like a nail? A wise man sould ask: why are the cops so eager to see something in citizens’ hands and why everything looks like a gun to them?

      A cop who can’t tell a camera from a gun is a cop who can’t tell a child from a gun. No such excuse as “low visibility” or similar would stand, because if it was low visibility, meaning he can’t see well enough if what the man is holding is a child or a gun, then he ought to err on the side of sanity. But where’s fun in serving and protecting the citizens if you can terrorize and execute them instead, right?

          1. The Cop should have yelled “put it down” or “freeze”, “stop” some kind of warning before he shoots I thought is a requirement to shoot!!! Not just blast away.

            Also he had a good shot from that far away.

          2. I definitely agree @n1ne. The sole fact that he shot his own friend, someone he knows, tells you that he didn’t know what he was shooting at. Yet he still took those shots. There could actually something good come out of this, but it’ll only apply to this particular cop – he used to have itchy fingers and shoot at all that moved, but this experience may make him slow down a bit, cause that could have been his wife, his brother, his whoever. The point is – the cop opened fire just because he can and knows he will get away with it. But hopefully now he realizes that if he keeps shooting at everything that moves, he could also shoot someone he knows, even someone he cares about.

    2. @DECAP: I agree with you 120%. The USA has been forced hard left into the welfare state run by niggers, snowflakes, Clintonite cunts, LGBT weerdos, BLM, Democraps, Muslims, and illegal aliens.
      The GOP and peeps on the right have been neutralized by the MSM, movie and TV industries…. Cops are now demonized into the bad guys from years of unfair attacks by all of the above leftist influences.
      Beat cops are the “Thin Blue Line” between decent people and the collective of “niggers” as listed above.
      If I was a cop, I’d be all scared working a beat… especially in places where niggers live and where crime rates are high.
      Props to all law enforcement!

      1. blah. you can’t give carte blanche to cops ‘just because’ . cops are out of control and wholly dysfunctional until they are held accountable this disgrace will continue. cop respect is on the decline. they are no heroes the real hero in all these scenarios is their union who allows them to collect a paycheck till the mess disappears

    3. If you can’t tell the difference between a camera and a gun you must be an absolute imbecile, even in total darkness I can see the difference between a long barrel and a round objective of a camera, that’s just a bullshit excuse for being paranoid.

  2. “Listen… you’re gonna be ok. But listen, you’re gonna be ok… I love you brother. But hey, listen, you’re gonna be ok!… Ok?… Ok… But you’re gonna be ok. Ok… Listen, hey listen… hey? Stay with me brother. You’re gonna be ok. Stay with me, brother. Listen, youre gonna be ok. You’re good brother, you’re gonna be ok! But brother, listen, you’re gonna be ok.”

    Cops are like broken reccords confirmed… πŸ˜† The guy just wanted to call his wife and yet its like talking to a wall… except walls still listen. But listen… you’re gonna be ok!

  3. take the war to the police officers and their families..a citizens army is needed to defend their communities. I hope people use their guns on police officers on a daily basis..”shoot to kill” For every unarmed civilian thats murdered by the police, i hope the american public kill an officer in retaliation πŸ™‚

  4. Can’t remember the last time I heard of Police protecting anyone, doing the right thing or any good. All they do is shoot to kill(murder) these days.

    911 = Devils Desciples

    No change is imminent, best of luck to you all.

  5. There have been 837 line of duty officer deaths in Ohio, you try working the streets with a badge for a day and see how trigger happy you get. Pointing a camera at a cop is suicide by cop in my book.
    I guess reefer addicts would be biased against the police, so no supprise here!
    Would you like Jessice Fletcher to police your town instead?

    1. Quite the broad stroke for one cowering to immigrants miles away.

      If you Europeans had cops as dirty as America, Terrorists would be too busy attacking piggs to primarily target civilians.

      But just like a true coward, the piggs in American stick to terrorizing soft targets… until what once was ‘Soft’ turns (into a) ‘Callous’

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        STAY SAFE and may God be with you.

  6. Great point Mark!!

    Would this cop have applied pressure to US and get all bloody for someone he did not know!!!! Hell no !! I’ve never seen it quite like this. All the normal people would have bleed out and died, while he gets a gun from the trunk he took from a gang banger than drop it by the person he shot to show proof the person he shot had a gun!!!!

  7. Cops are trigger happy as hell trying to keep niggers in line in the states. I mean anybody out at night fucking around, not minding their P’s and Q’s is going to get shot or worse by authorities. The only thing this fucktard didn’t do is blow the cop and thank him for a free ass ramming. Are you fucking kidding me? Get my camera bag? Turn off my Jeep? Hey by the way officer my mouth still works.

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