Oklahoma Cops Execute 29 Year Old Dustin Pigeon for Being Suicidal

Oklahoma Cops Execute 29 Year Old Dustin Pigeon for Being Suicidal

On November 15, 2017, at 2:40 A.M. multiple Oklahoma City police officers respond to a call for a suicidal individual. The suicidal individual, 29-year-old Dustin Pigeon, is holding an object in his hand as officers approach, and it is identified by the first two officers on scene as a lighter and lighter fluid. One officer is holding a shotgun allegedly loaded with less-than-lethal munitions in the form of beanbag rounds. The other officers are maintaining a lethal option.

In the hands of Dustin Pigeon is a bottle of lighter fluid that he has apparently doused himself in, and a lighter. Seeing the potential for the man to kill himself at any second, and thus rob the officers of the joy of killing him themselves, the officer with the less-than-lethal option takes his shot, triggering a fire orgy of the his trigger itchy compadres. One of them is facing up to 10 years in prison for second degree murder, which we know all too well will never materialize and he’ll be out on the streets killing more citizens should they have the nerve to deprive him of the joy of killing them himself.

Suicides can be prevented by simply being nice to people who need help. But to act civilized, the nation would need to have evolved out of being savages first.

Props to Best Gore member @1purple8 for the video:

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        1. Yeah America is so bad that everyone’s always asking for a handout from us then talking shit. Sounds like a ungrateful child. No one is begging to come to your shit hole country so your kind of irrelevant.

          1. Please i am american i need a handout!!! No idea where you are from and i really dont give a fuck.. You ever make it to america i need you to come to my house so i can torture the fuck out of you and make you wish you lived in america you ungratefull fucking no good CUNT… Wish i knew where you were i would come fuck you in the ass and slap that bitch face off your head mother fucker.. America is the best country in this world.. You know and every fucking body in this world knows it.. You honestly would be better off killing yourself!!!

      1. Ha North Korea wouldn’t stand a chance against us. We would destroy that place in prob less then a 40 minutes. Getting back to this dirty swine. I hope his charges stick and he is sent to North Korea.

      2. Im SURE wherever you live it’s SSSOOOO much better. Probably live in the UK where cops are useless because they only carry batons lol. That’s why those Muslims ran around cutting people and the cops did nothing because they were scared running until actual weapons showed up. There is a reason they call them SILLY NANNYS….Lmao stfu

    1. SERIOUSLY, what the fuck is wrong with you Americans ? This cold blooded murder by the very people you hire to protect you, just like all the others is fucking outrageous.
      When are you dumb fucks going to do something about this. If this happened here in Australia, all hell would break loose and all of those cops that pointed a weapon at the poor guy, not just the shooter,would be jailed that very night with bail refused. There is NOway those arseholes would get away with that shit here. Disgusting. Pppffftt……

      1. Just made an account so I can comment on your dumbass reply. You just fucking said it yourself “to protect and serve” that guy they shot had called in saying he was suicidal and was going to end his own life. Now if the cops were trained to protect and serve then they would fucking protect himself from killing himself!! No instead they murdered him over a lighter and lighter fluid.. They are trained to murder and to let the rich thrive.

      1. @joedirt810
        I agree with you brother, like what the fuck is PokingMen On??? A very large portion of their calls are, and **Have Always Been** for mental health related issues. Now whether it,s from Natural Causes,,,Drug, or Alcohol Abuse Related, they are still Mental Health Issues nonetheless. So to say that they are not responsible, or to blame for their actions because they are not trained to handle such situations in their Line Of Work, is comparable to saying you like the taste, and smell of Sand, & Salt, and this is the only reason that you have inadvertently become A Police Bootlicker.

          1. What Continent,,,Country,,, State,,, or Province,,, Are You From Eva, You Extremely Perverted, *Poker-Of-Many-Men*. I say Many, because First, You Get Poked By Them, And If they don,t (Make You Squirt Wildly, Just Like A Garden Hose),,,Then You Do The *Poke-A-Man* While Poking-Em with Your Black, 9mm. Glock, While Making Them Moan, And Squirt insdead,,oops!,,, instead 😉

    1. As the inimitable Robin Williams once said:

      L.A. Cop: BANGBANG!! “Stop or I will shoot!”
      New York cop: “Stop, or I will shoot!” BANGBANG!!
      London cop: “Stop that! Wait….I don’t have a gun! Stop that right now…please….I’ll lose my job! Stop!”

  1. Dunno how I feel about this one… I mean, if he REALLY was suicidal; then yes, his wish was granted….Far better way to go than immolation. But if he really was just crying out for help, I feel sorry for him. Seems like all the officers could have used beanbags and taken him down, and while I understand that they are not trained to handle mental health issues, doesn’t mean they have to kill people… But that’s what the machine wants right? Better to snuff someone than have them be a burden to society?

      1. If you taser a man who has doused himself with flammable fluid, you’ll set him on fire, but yes, the it was a cry for help. Most people who do that shit don’t want to die really.

        The cops handled this badly. Dealing with stressful situations is an occupational hazard as a cop.
        You need to be psychologically strong and handle things maturely. These cunts just don’t have the right stuff.

  2. I can’t believe that retard cop said “I didn’t know you had a beanbag dude”.?? He might not have known what kind of ammo the other cop had, but he damn sure knew his gun didn’t have beanbag ammo in it!

    1. Cops have pack behavior, They act like dogs or piranas: If one is killing a victim, the other ones attack it too without second thinking. He just saw a fellow pig shoot a person and imitated him without analyzing the situation.

    1. @terminator_g

      You don,t call yourself The Terminator for nothing dude. Lol, *A Fucking Meat Pigeon*, lol.
      With the taste of fuel on it, The Chinese would love that preparation technique, cause i saw them cook clams in the sand with pouring lighter fuel on it, and they kept lighting it repeatedly, until it was ready. It was on one of the Departures Episode, a Canadian Travel Show with 2 young guys from Brantford Ontario.

    1. i was thinking the same thing. i just want to know when exactly the american people are going to get tired of it and start taking action? i really hate the freaking ass wipe cops that we have. they think that they are gods with guns. need to have a couple of them gunned down, by friendlies and see how they like it.
      just a bunch of shitheads.

    1. Shots to the thigh can be lethal because it’s likely that you will hit the femoral arteries if you shot there. However, in most of the the videos of USA cops killing people here on Best Gore it’s pretty clear that the cops didn’t even had to shoot at all to begin with; they just have way too itchy trigger fingers.

  3. Best gore is the best for having guts to expose this scumbags.
    Do you know that most sites take videos from here?
    -You see something here and next day it’s in all Orwellian news.
    I post them also on mine not so exclusive and fancy YT channel, to spread word about murderers in blue.
    I always put link and give all credit to BG.

    1. @srbijabgd

      But that is the difference between You, and these other Low-Lifes,,, and that is you have something in particular, and that is something that They Will Never Have, and that is Called, Having Respect For Others,,, and Yourself Alike, My Good Brother! 🙂

    1. Oklahoma City has a population of 650,000, so it’s not like they don’t have comprehensive training, field superiors and a full range of specialists. Plus, it’s lighter fluid, not much of a existential threat to cops several meters away.

      No excuse whatsoever… Scumbags, indeed!

  4. It took about 30 seconds to execute him once they got out of their execution squad vehicles. They couldn’t jog their doughnut-larded fuckbutts along quick enough when they realised they could shoot the poor fucker without any risk to themselves. When the killsquad realised the kid was only armed with a bottle of lighter fluid and couldn’t possibly harm them, the kid’s life was as good as over.
    I’m amazed the victim still managed to move and twitch his death-throes at the last three or four seconds of the video. It should have been headshots all the way. Maybe they couldn’t see well enough for headshots because it was quite dark.

  5. Well on the positive note. Suicide is consider a sin in many theological circles. In that respect the cops did him a favor and did it for him. Now he doesn’t have suicide on his list of sins he committed throughout his life. Maybe his soul can go to heaven instead of tormenting in hellfire.

  6. Nice going! It’s like they’re not even trying these days. Everyone know you don’t shout at the top of your lunges to someone that’s suicidal. First step should always be to at least pretend that you care for the individual and ask what’s up.

    These assholes gave him less than 2 seconds to react to the fire warning before they blasted him. He made no quick moves, or any attempts to pull out a concealed weapon. Dude never had a chance to prevent the execution happening.

    At least when it comes to Daniel Shaver you could argue that it looked like he was gonna pull out a gun from his briefs, and a trigger happy finger just happened to react too quickly. Even though the cops obviously made him panic to the point that he couldn’t even crawl straight, hence they made him fuck up in a deadly game of Simon Says.

    I bet they would even shoot someone standing on the edge of a skyscraper if given a chance.

    I’d rather go to Brazil or Mexico, even fucking Bangladesh; the shittiest fuckhole on earth, than ever setting my foot on US soil.

    If this happened to me, or someone I cared about I would make it my life long mission to do as much damage to the police force along with the government as possible. Surely there’s plenty of opportunities in life were you can take out like a bunch of scumbags at the same time.

  7. “To protect and serve” who exactly? He was clearly only a threat to himself when he was executed, and barely a threat at that. It’s getting to the point now where people don’t call the cops because they are scared they will show up and execute someone.

  8. Here in OZ, there was a case where a man clearly under the effects of some sort of hallucinogen, in other words tripping balls was tased to death! Apparently, he was tased over 50 times sending him into cardiac arrest. As far as I know, no charges were laid. Motherfuckers will kill you with pepper spray given the chance.

  9. UGGGGG i hate motherfucking cops esp the american ones they suck dick!! i used to have them every time up at my doorstep when i smoked my bong of weed.. they need to fucking get run over bye a car and gett beheaded.

  10. What the living fuck did I just watch?? The guy had lighter fluid. IS that equivalent to a nuclear weapon that could have taken the whole city out? The only threat this sad sap was to himself.
    The cops were supposedly there to defus………what am I thinking?… Nahhh he DESERVED TO DIE!!

  11. Hope the charges stick. Hopw the cop Keith Sweeney has to sit in P.C for at least 10 years this guy had a fucking can of lighter fluid wtf he had to shoot him cause of that what a fucking pussy didn’t try helping him at all

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