Orthodox Jews Protesting Arrest of Youth Who Refused to Enlist Brutalized by Israeli Police

Orthodox Jews Protesting Arrest of Youth Who Refused to Enlist Brutalized by Israeli Police

Orthodox Jews Protesting Arrest of Youth Who Refused to Enlist Brutalized by Israeli Police

On November 1, 2018, a large group of Orthodox Jews took to the streets of Bnei Brak suburb of Tel Aviv, to protest the arrest of a religious youth who refused to enlist in the Israeli army.

Israeli police responded to the protest with brutality and violence. Mounted police used their horses to trample protesters, while cops on foot stomped and punched them. 13 protesters were reported to have been arrested.

This is not the first time we’ve seen the video of Israeli police brutalizing protesters opposing mandatory conscription.

Even though these Orthodox Jews oppose conscription to the Israeli Army, and with it seemingly refuse to participate in the mass murder of the innocent, they are still part of the illegal occupation of the land that doesn’t belong to them, so they’re not a whole lot better than those who do conscript.

While we’re on the topic of the Jew, I can’t not mention the recently leaked “Israel Lobby” documentary and the importance that everybody finds the time to watch it.

But speaking of which, tell me guys what you think of the fact that despite utterly explosive revelations the documentary presents, which should be blowing up with front page coverage on news sites that like to present themselves as “alternative media“, there appears to be nothing on Antiwar, Counterpunch, Truthdig, the Intercept, Infowars, Breitbart, Rebel Media, Washington’s Blog, Off-Guardian, etc. Is it me, or may the leak have had a side effect of exposing who truly is behind some “alt” sites?

The video of police brutality in Tel Aviv’s Bnei Brak is below. By the way, these are the same police who train the cops from the USA and Canada to “shoot first, ask questions later“, and resort to arbitrary brutality in everyday encounters with citizens:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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122 thoughts on “Orthodox Jews Protesting Arrest of Youth Who Refused to Enlist Brutalized by Israeli Police”

  1. I got called nigger, spic and wetback by an ultra Orthodox Jew in West L.A. so I’m glad they got beat to shit for being lazy parasites living off the state. Jews as a whole are cool people but ultra orthodox tend to be asses.

    1. Your Excellency, THANK YOU!!! Same situation for me here in NYC. Most Jews are, in fact, really cool people; and I can’t get enough of their women!

      But these pieces of shit???

      They need to be trampled on and stomped out more regularly. They’re parasitic fucking leeches.

    2. Of course… Jews are the most racist people on the planet. They hate all gentiles and they’re constantly race-baiting, keeping the gentile races from uniting against them… And I’m not talking about race-mixing either, I believe culture is important and so is each race, but the Jewish race humanity can do without… Humanity can still unite against this problem, without destroying culture in the process. The Jews control the world, this is no secret… People even worship a Jew (Jesus)… That’s how much power the Jewish people have… But the real question is, who gave them that power in the first place? Not God, not Satan, as these ‘beings’ are imaginary… But if I say that, I’d look crazy, but if I say it was aliens… I’d look even crayzier, despite the fact that my belief in such falls into the realm of scientific plausibility (where as God and Satan do not)… That’s how sick and crazy the world I live on is… That’s how backwards we are as a species.

      “Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.”
      ― Michael Ellner

      “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” – Krishnamurti



    1. He would say “Zee! I told you all, even zee Juden must hate zee Juden. A boot in zee face for all Juden is what is required by the true mankind! Now get me out of this cryogenic chamber I’m ready to rise again!”

      1. Hitler’s paternal grandmother was Maria Anna Schicklgruber, see for example p. 330/331 from “Im Angesicht des Galgens”, the memoirs of Hitler’s Jewish Governor of Poland, Hans Frank, written while he was waiting for his execution in Neurenberg, in which Frank claimed that Hitler was blackmailed with his Jewish roots, by his nephew William Patrick Hitler, son of Alois Hitler Jr. No one knows exactly who Hitler’s paternal grandfather was. Some say Frankenberger, others say Baron Rothschild of Vienna. Hitler’s mother Klara Pölzl was a Sabbatean-Frankist Crypto-Jewess, with Jewish ancestors Pollack and Decker.

    2. He would say most Orthodox Jews are just Frankists and formed when a Turk Jew by the name of Shabbetai zevi thought he was he Messiah. He was tortured by Muslims and made to recant and became a Moslem or crypto- Jew called a Donmeh.All his followers became Moslems or became these orthodox Jews or Hasids or Askenazi which means “Turks “. True.
      Also most Of Turkey’s ruling class,until Erdogan as well as Sauds are all Crypto -Jews.

      1. Turkey was founded by Mustafa Kemal “Atatürk”, a descendant of Shabbetai Tzvi, the satanic Jewish Messiah, with more than one million followers in 1666. Shabbetai was a Romaniote Jew, and a descendant of King David. The Rothschilds are also descendants of Shabbetai Tzvi, which makes them Davidic too.

  2. Controlled opposition. I tend to be a bit skeptical of people who claim to “expose the truth”, until they are murdered, or “commit suicide”. That’s really the only way to know if they are being honest.

    1. Or having their entire lives destroyed by suffering character assassination, losing their jobs, having their academic degrees dismissed, suffering defamation and straight out censorship, receiving death threats, assassination attempts, and being thrown in jail for merely exposing their opinion (which are based on facts) or worse yet – for actually exposing the facts.

      Ernst Zündel (1939-2017) and Robert Faurisson (1929-2018), may both rest in peace.

      Also, all the strength to Ursula Haverbeck, the 89 years old German grandmother who have been thrown in jail this year in Germany and will be serving a two year sentence for exposing the truth on national television. The latest post in the Holohoax category here at BG is about her.

      It is dangerous to be right in matters where established men are wrong.
      – Voltaire


  3. When the cats take care of the mice…

    The vast majority of Jews adhere either intentionally or unintentionally to the globalist agenda, which is also primarily created and put into motion by Jews, and this is happening since the Jews managed to infiltrate in Europe centuries ago. Globalism as we know it didn’t exist all this time, obviously, but it is a well known fact that wherever they went and started to form a clique together, the sovereignty of the country started to get undermined. Their fist major victory was the Russian Revolution in 1917, when an entire powerful nation was under their totalitarian control. Genocide of millions upon millions of Europeans followed.

    However, what sadly many Jews don’t realize is the fact that all the Jews who are truly running things from behind the curtains (their bosses, if you will), which are a minority compared with the rest, will not hesitate or think twice before sacrificing other Jews if that’s what it needs to be done to complete their agenda. This video is a little proof of that.

    1. Completely delusional. You should read “The Jewish Question” by Trotsky, the secular jew commander of the Red Army. Jews as a ethno-religious society were considered counter-revolutionaries by the commies. Rabbis and those who wielded guns against the red army were cut down. Lenin considered mass deporting not by racial reasons but because Jews were conspiring together with the Western powers. That’s all in Trotsky’s book. Marx and Engels were ousted from the jewish society because of their atheistic and internationalist views. Marx before being ousted wrote extensively against Jewish ethno-religious nationalism. That jewish-bolshevik conspiranoia comes from the NSDAP and it was proved wrong countless times by evidence. Lenin was not a jew or a descendant. And Stalin purged them, killed them and sent them to gulags. The Jews control the USA, both Republican and Democratic parties. That’s where they won. Not the USSR where they were going to be expelled of forcibly resettled near Vladivostok. Just because you are anti-communist it doesn’t mean you have to repeat lies that go with your agenda.

      1. @kllense

        You’re the one who’s completely delusional, not me. Jewish involvement in revolutionary movements and the undermining of a nation’s sovereignty, including socialism/communism, is well documented, and was by no means created by the NSDAP – they just expanded it. There’s also more than a few sources outside of Germany documenting the very same thing regarding Jewish involvement in the USSR, and most of these sources were American or British and opposed to Hitler’s Germany. The mere fact that Jews were killed in the USSR does not in any shape or form indicate the lack of Jewish involvement or command in the revolution and in the dictatorship that followed it. Who financed the revolution in the first place? It was not funded by people right there in Eastern Europe, but by people in the West. Follow the money.

        As you stated, the Jews won in the USA and control both the Democratic and Republican parties. Only a delusional person would assume these power-hungry Jews would not try to expand their influence to the East. The socialist/communist leaders in Germany and in Russia, most of them being Jews, also had the support of the majority of the Jews at the time. You know, just like today there is a great number of Jewish leadership behind Globalism and Leftist ideologies and they also gather the support of the majority of the Jews in the West. The globalist mainstream media is Jew owned, and has been so since USSR times. A good example being The New York Times. The revolution in Russia, like other revolutions that took place, were financed by bankers in the West, most of them being Jews. Some of the Jewish leadership behind socialist/communist parties that I mentioned above, traveled to the West to expose their ideologies and gather more support, more specifically to the USA, and also had the support of a great number of Jews here.

        There also was a great number of Jews in positions of power in the USSR (Genrikh Yagoda, Lazar Kaganovich, Ilya Ehrenburg) and many Jews in the West who fully supported the USSR during its existence. Some of them were spies even. A good example of spies would be the couple Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, who gave copies of nuclear science annotations and formulas for the USSR. After the fall of the USSR and of some other communist dictatorship the followed, like in Romania for instance, the Jewish influence immigrated almost completely to the West, where it already was strong enough, and created Globalism – the current evolution of the virus, which is a lot more subtle than straight out socialism/communism, since it incorporates both the Left and the Right sides of the political spectrum. Jews were involved in the creation, command and support of Leftist ideologies throughout history, and it doesn’t matter if it makes sense or not, or if sometimes a lot of Jews suffered because of it – it simply is. It’s a fact. As always, this fact has been very effectively omitted, not discussed, not debated, dismissed as a “antisemitic White supremacist conspiracy theory”, considered a (((coincidence))) or straight out censored. Something that happens with a lot of other important and factual subjects.

          1. @hopingfornemesis

            Lol honestly I have no idea, you had to see it for yourself. Best I can describe it is like a football shaped head, “high cheekbones” like you said but her chin was also a bit further down giving her cheeks a really “long” and narrow appearance. I had pictures but my current girlfriend wanted me to delete all pictures of other girls from my phone who I had… inappropriate interactions with.

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  4. So the same people who teach the special kind of you’re special here in America must have taken that garbage on vacation with them. I read an article about the Jew being only a 2% of the population in America. I was a little suspect of that percentage. Just look at Hollyjewland and that amount of them there are .

  5. I see lots of Naturei Karta there. They are Jews that want the state of Israel dismantled. They are anti-zionists and consider the occupiers of 1948 as invaders. They are Haredi Jews and they never left. Sephardic Jews live there since the 15th century and they are not happy with the Ashkenazic occupation either but they are more sympathetic because they don’t have a religious reason to oppose Israel as the Naturei Karta have. Not all the Jews living there are occupiers.

      1. They are a different sect and a different ethnicity by now as well. But indeed they are also against the Jewish occupation and they always there. They get along with non-muslims and Christians living there from before the ottoman conquest. Israel since it took power ostracised them from society and isolated them.

  6. The orthodox Jews are not refusing to enlist out of any moral positioning. They are refusing to enlist out of a sense of superiority.

    Put simply, physical work is for others. People should be working for them and not the other way around.

    Orthodox Jews to my knowledge have no problem with other countries forces(non Jews) enlisting and fighting for Israel.

    Orthodox Jews are basically Zionists on steroids then. They believe in the Torah like no other and the Torah says Palestine is their land.

    As for peoples response to the documentary about the power of the Israel lobby, well……it’s nothing new unfortunately.

    The Balfour Declaration itself was the result of the Jewish lobby. Even Richard the Lionheart had enough of them when he ordered them flogged and killed in 1189 because they wouldn’t stop trying to infiltrate his court and gain power over him.

  7. I have been involved in the peace movement (CND etc) since the 1970s. I have known conscientious objectors more than I have known acquiescent military puppet humans. I love people who simply refuse. I don’t give a fuck who they are or what “religious” background they came from.

    I have known men who walked to Spain from Scotland to fight for causes through their conscience. I have known men who refused to murder for The State but who chose instead to go onto active battle fields armed with nothing more than stretchers and bandages and their Faith (or none). Two of those were internationally known Scottish Poets. They all chose to serve time in prison for choosing to NOT murder other human beings. They chose to subject themselves to the mockery of the Press for refusing to murder people.
    The State fucking HATES people like this. They are the fucking spanner in The Works and the ghost in The Machine.

    I love these people.

    Fuck da Police comin’ straight from the undergound… straight from a misty Scottish Glen…

  8. I wish USA would force their youth to join the millitary for 2 years so that they can be trained and disciplined to handle guns also to prevent becoming a fat ass and also a mass shooter. There will be a reward and benefits that he can have a millitary grade firearms he/she can take home if only he can afford to buy it from the government.

    1. Wow, a crazy gun obsessed american who believes their youth should be able to buy military grade weapons off their own crazy govt. (because you think you idiots need more public mass shootings ???) The scariest thing about all of that, is that this nutter is actually serious and his govt. will probably think its a great idea………

  9. One one side you have Jews who are police. On the other, you have Super Jews in silly hats. I’m not sure which is worse.
    I have a feeling that the Arabs had a hand in this. Circulating expired coupons throughout the community may be the only thing to cause such an uprising.

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