Owner of Illegal Drug Operation Extra-Judicially Killed by Philippine Police

Owner of Illegal Drug Operation Extra-Judicially Killed by Philippine Police

See that blood stained pointer up there? Pics don’t get any more Best-Gorey than that. Only the presence of a flip flop could make it more epic.

One of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s running platforms was to fight crime the same way he kept it at the lowest level in the Philippines while serving as mayor of Davao City. There, Rody’s death squads were responsible for the countless extrajudicial killings of suspected criminals.

While he didn’t fuck around with suspected criminals, the extra judicial killings raised questions about where the lines are drawn, giving rise to fears that in the same way, he would be disposing of people he simply didn’t like.

Whereas Rodrigo Duterte recently became the president of the Philippines, deaths of suspected criminals are chalked up to his successful platform on which he ran.

On August 25, 2016 at about 8:00am, in Barangay Ampayon, Butuan City, members of the Philippine CIGD (Criminal Investigation and Detection Group), carried out what they called an anti-illegal drugs operation, which lead to the death of a man.

According to their report, Raul Oranza, alias “Opaw”, tried to escape and fired his handgun at the cops. The cops responded and neutralized him.

From the scene they recovered a 38 caliber Revolver loaded with four live ammos and one fired cartridge, and a sachet of suspected Shabu with estimated weight of 25 grams and value of 295,000 Philippine Pesos.

Shabu is a type of Methamphetamine sold in the Philippines.

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32 thoughts on “Owner of Illegal Drug Operation Extra-Judicially Killed by Philippine Police”

  1. highly doubt he’s innocent, Police are not just going to kill anyone randomly just for the fun of it…they did warn to surrender and give up their habits and/or business given another chance w/o any conviction….it is the obvious they fought back and will be killed! Duterte had ask all the officials/politicians to generals in PNP was named and to step down their position and had so! Duterte has done good for the people of the Philippines so far knowingly that the innocent will be safe from thugs/drugdealers (criminals)! Cleaning up the corrupted government is a must!

  2. Fantasctic ! Look at me ma ; this is how I can swim even when there is no water .
    I lived and have died a toad’s life
    That Breast stroke was my best stroke.

  3. These drug personalities are well known to their neighbors and communities since there was no effort to keep their activities a secret because the previous administrations largely ignored them. Many officials are even involved in drugs. It’s only now that the government is actually doing something about it. It’s going to be bloody and a lot of innocents will be caught in the crossfire just like in any war…

  4. He was killed because he fought back! Don’t lay all the blame with our President! You know nothing shit about our country! Extrajuidicial killing are done by some drug lords,corrupt politician,and some corrupt policeman,they kill their own guys,so that the won’t squeal their names out and give Duterte a bad name period! Hope you understand now and Hope you see more of this! We are law abiding citizen here and we start to appreciate our men in uniform now,unlike before we fear them!

  5. Is it just me or did some else notice thegun is under his arm? If he was firing at the cops wouldn’t it be in his hand or close to it? Oh wait a minute, we are not supposed to see details like that,because the authorities did everything by the book and are not corrupt.

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