Pennsylvania Cop Uses Stun Gun on Nonviolent Man Sitting on Curb

Pennsylvania Cop Uses Stun Gun on Nonviolent Man Sitting on Curb

Pennsylvania Cop Uses Stun Gun on Nonviolent Man Sitting on Curb

Every time there’s a video proof of cops going to work with the intent to cause harm or death and can’t satisfy the itch until they get the fix, bootlickers feed us the bullshit about the victim not complying: “If he sat on the curb as instructed, if he spread his legs as instructed, if he kept his hands visible as instructed, if he didn’t make any sudden moves as instructed, etc. the cop wouldn’t have to compensate for insecurities…” Except, there is no end to videos of cops deliberately and actively fishing for reasons to kill or maim, while at the same time there being essentially no videos, except purely coincidental, of cops serving and protecting citizens.

On June 28, 2018 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, domestic terrorist Shannon Mazzante allegedly responded to a call alleging disturbance on South Prince Street. On the scene, Mazzante encountered 27 year old Sean Williams. The cop ordered him to do a bunch of stuff and just itched for a reason to take it out on the man.

Whereas Sean Williams complied with all, including unreasonable requests, Mazzante was feeling insecure and puzzled by how he’s gonna go home without brutalizing someone, and despite being filmed (ie fully aware he’ll get away with anything), deployed his stun gun into the back of compliant, non violent, zero threat, seated on the curb man.

The cop assisted himself with conflicting orders, like: “Put your legs straight out and cross them now“, which had for its purpose nothing but to manufacture the reason for the unreasonable assault on the citizen.

The other cops who showed up acting like nothing happened, once again proving that good cops are a myth. Ain’t nothing “good” about granting exceptions, and protecting bad cops. Even among the lowest of gangsters would a man shooting someone in the back be considered nothing more than pure dirt.

Props to Best Gore member @refuse2renig for the video:

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197 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Cop Uses Stun Gun on Nonviolent Man Sitting on Curb”

        1. I agree. Fear is something that the deep state requires, to keep the masses at bay. Someday, this piece of shit may realize, that they don’t give a fuck about him either. You see, it doesn’t really matter if he is wearing a badge or not. There’s plenty of violence to go around, when people operate in a state of fear from being victimized themselves. They turn against each other, instead of taking fascism by the balls and crushing it.

          Roger Waters of Pink Floyd has made this clear regarding the Israeli Military against the Palestinian People. He states that he doesn’t have anything against Israel. His main disgust is apartheid. I agree. Personally, I believe that most of congress and Netanyahu should be indicted on war crimes.

          When you remove the powers that be that support this kind of oppressive government, then you have eliminated the problem. First, you contact your elected official as I have done on many occasions. If they don’t respond, then don’t vote for them. I find it much easier to vote, when I make some attempt to become involved in the political process. Simply look at their voting record, and follow the money trail. It’s not that difficult.

          …and of course, don’t watch corporate television. that should be “a given” by now!

    1. Seems like everyone’s angry, bitter now days. Those that are happy are on opioids. We don’t have an opioid crisis we have a spiritual crisis. An identity crisis. It take s taser to give a cop a hard on. Even cops are miserable, their fix is the gun or the taser. The rest of us make do with drugs. Somehow it will end and in tears. @hopingfornemesis

      1. I used to work for a law enforcement agency and I remember always hearing them joking with one another or in the lunchroom about the last person they got to use their taser on. There are plenty good cops, but there are a ton of adrenaline junky, power tripping cops out there that can’t wait for the opportunity to use any of their weapons.

        1. As an EMT many of us in the shop have been asked by Cops if we want to see someone “Ride the Lightning”. Ok. How do you plan that out ahead of time? Find someone without recourse, give conflicting commands, then have your way with them. COPS CALL IT MAKING SOMEONE “RIDE THE LIGHTNING”. It is their little funny term they coined and get off on it. Can we all just Class Action Suit the TASER Company already for inventing a Cop Torture Device?

      2. polluted, I have a lot of co-workers that are on prescription opioids and anti-depressants. Normal healthy adults that don’t have any reason to be depressed and shouldn’t be on that shit. The drug companies are making a huge profit, while the government benefits from everyone being zonked out like zombies, so they passively accept shittier and shittier living conditions every year and the corporate fake news reporting on the 24 hour news cycle whose only purpose seems to be to propagandize us all into believing that everything that is good for us is actually bad for us and everything that is bad for us is actually good for us. That and manufacturing “outrage” every week to beat you down mentally with their massive amounts of stupidity.

        1. You’re generally correct coffindodger. I might add, that the general population is pretty zonked out as well. Zonked out to the point, that they are unable to comprehend that the 1% own us. They don’t seem to understand, that it’s our corrosive government, that is keeping ourselves at bay with one another. It’s not only prescription drugs that our corporate media wants to sell the masses. It’s the smartphones, the new cars, a new wardrobe and other shit, that will keep one hostage to their corporate credit cards for the rest of their lives. Imagine not knowing what the real problem is, then paying for it for the rest of your life. At this point, your not in a position to fight these bastards, if you’re a hostage to their corporate greed to begin with.

          …you’re not a citizen anymore, you’re a victim!

          A drug addict operates in a similar fashion, by marginalizing the very same people they come in contact with. They seek the ones who are unempowered to the dangers of drug addiction, so they can get the necessary drugs, money, food or a place to stay from them. The last person that an addict wants to fuck with, is one who knows their game.

          So here we have an addict (our government) who tells you things you want to hear, so they can steal your money and sense of self worth. And with the help of the enablers (our corporate media) they usually get what they want.

          After all, it’s much easier to anesthetize oneself at a shopping mall, as opposed to sending an e-mail, a letter or a phone call to your elected official.

          And the outrage?

          Yes, isn’t it sad that the corporate media produces this outrage. Not, from what our government is doing to us, but reporting the outrage from people that they have victimized. They love to report the symptoms, but never report on the causes, that brought about the symptoms to begin with.

          1. @coffindodger
            100% correct. This is why I push the notion we’ve evolved beyond commonsense

            But after saying all these, you’ll laugh at the “third world” with mentally stable people who choose to NOT be tied to capitalism (and all the glamorous technological illusions they bring to enslave people).

            And you’ll even support our government to go destroy them for not being as stupid as we are. So much for Hypocrisy!

          2. No, I would never laugh at the third world for not wanting to be capitalized or communized. I’m aware that all political systems are repressive systems. The whole world doesn’t need to be like us, and that was the old leftist position before the neocons took over the democrat and republican parties. Later it was decided that we needed to police the world. It’s funny how this crap goes back and forth.

        2. @coffindodger Keep a close eye on your work colleagues. One day up next day down. Always looking for something to steal, making rash decisions. Often talking too much. fuckin pain in the ass because people on opioids think we’re all cheered up by them being happy but it’s like being in a bar full of drunk people. You’re not quite on the same wavelength.

          1. @sadisticchild39 I find them unnerving because it’s not really natural when you first approach someone to be overly happy. they don’t realise that they actually put people off them. I’m not jealous, I think sometimes it’s an act and they expect you to be happy too. Then when you meet again the next time it’s as though you have to put on an effort to be happy to see them. A bit like when girls meet and do all that screaming…weird



      3. I agree with that polluted. The rot has set in. Western man has nothing more to live for . He is beat down by external and internal enemies. Even his sperm count is lower from all the chemicals in our environment.

        It is a horrible thing to say but if we dont get some real leaders who will do what we want rather than what our Atlantic Cousin wants we will be fucked. Swamped by alien peoples who do not want to be like us ,they just want the things we have. That will be the least of our worries.

        I have cousins in Germany and they say they see rapefugees walking around with the best sportgear,watches,cars etc. Not bad for arrival in germany one or two years ago hah? How many english or german natives do you know that can do that after paying their bills and taxes! Do you think we would be treated the same if you and i claimed asylum in Saud or Turkey?

        1. @hopingfornemesis I doubt we could go anywhere in the world Nem. We would get a bad reception. So yes, in the face of failure people are dosing themselves up and watching football. All those cheering crowds completely oblivious to everything once a goal is scored. They’re happy and that’s all we want from life. let the heathen breed their way into power. They’ll all still be at war because this world is eternally at war no matter what colour, religion, whatever.
          Nem i ordered “Greek Myths and Legends”. Thanks for reminding of the old tales.

          1. My pleasure Polluted. Good books on the greek myths are by graves ,another by warner and maybe one by Bury. They are classics of course written by Oxford Dons etc.

            Yes,i know re Phillip being a womaniser and have heard he was homo as well yet did not know he was a child molester !! Must be from the queens greatuncle Mountbatten whom he also calls great uncle. Haha!

            I also heard gandhi was gay and now i hear he is a child molester. Dirty cunts! All these fuckers need to be horsewhipped! That is just sick and criminal to me. I can tolerate homo stuff but underage no way.


          2. @hopingfornemesis a new Mrs Polluted. Already? Oh well he should know bettter than to introduce his gf to a sloth. The fat slags in newcastle will always be there Nem, maybe that’s their problem, they’re just too convenient. I think Greek mythology is the way forward Nem. When i worked at the hospital i used to ask people the way to Greek mythology. They actually used to think about it before answering they didn’t know.

    2. Hoping…

      Yep! Keep the masses in a constant state of fear under oppressive fascism. Cops that operate in this fashion are utter cowards. They, unlike other branches of government, have the opportunity to come in direct contact with the people they suppose to serve and protect. Many of these moral degenerates unfortunately, are under the influence of their superiors and/or fellow police officers who too, have been victimized by such a corrosive government as well.

      They just don’t have the courage nor the critically thinking skills to either see, or admit it.

      1. Everyone seems to have such a brilliant understanding about law enforcement. It’s not at all as complicated as most people make it.. I seriously sit here and think to myself ” what in the Fuck happened to these people who state the shit they do”.. Cuz if they were correct… Id be getting a hard on over this video cuz I’m a cop. The common denominator is this.. All the angry anti cop, police state, rhetoric comes from the ones who have done something opposite to what the law says they can do.. I sure as hell don’t want a pig interfering with that.. (why, because it’s his job?) Or… You’ve had a bad run in with LE. And in your heart of hearts know you didn’t deserve any part..? Cuz you just don’t break any laws.. I sure as hell don’t trade war stories with fellow cops about who I tazed.. Like someone here claims to have witnessed. Seriously? I guess it takes someone like myself who’s seen my partners head blown off over some guy not having his licence; to come in here and troll miserable anti cop BS. I LOVED coming in here back in the day.. Because I couldn’t share the gore mindset with anyone IRL… I saw the things on here, in person on a daily basis… Best gore users would “get it”…. Chatting with ppl who “get” the shit I saw at work…helped me cope. Mark wasn’t at all the way I now see. If not for what he experienced with the authority’s… captions would be much different.

        1. I wouldn’t want you patrolling my neighborhood. After reading your post, it’s clear to me, that you see only one side of the story.

          Let me give you an example…

          Over the course of the last two years, I was confronted on two occasions by two different police officers, who asked me for my identification when I was walking. One, was late at night, and the other was this last March when it was snowing during the day. I had done nothing illegal beforehand. I asked these cops why they were asking for my identification. Both, stated that they had the right to, if they suspected suspicious behavior. Suspicious behavior isn’t illegal, if nothing illegal was committed in the first place.

          Btw: They didn’t get my identification.

          I looked into the law where I live, and they had no right to ask for it. Furthermore, I asked two other police officers, if they had the right to ask for my identification. Their response, was what the law already stated. They had no right to ask for my identification, if nothing illegal happened in the first place. They stated if I was walking in the middle of the street blocking traffic, or on someone’s property then yes. But walking in the snow during the day, or late night outside our local park, is not illegal. I wasn’t inside the park, as it closes after dark.

          So when you state that someone does something opposite of what the law states well…

          What did I do wrong? Surely, I didn’t break any law now, did I.

          There were over 1200 unarmed people murdered last year by trigger happy cops. By far, most were unarmed. Most, showed absolutely no aggression towards the cop. But what alarms me about your post, is what the two other police officers had already stated. It was the word “suspicious.” And it’s this word alone, that gives these trigger happy cowards, the authority to kill people.

          When one breaks the law, it doesn’t give a cop the authority to murder them. However, if this street thug suspects something they can’t prove, then suspicion has just become a crime. Not by the suspect, but by the cop who shot them. Your comment regarding someone who had a bad run in with law enforcement, is only an assumption. If someone broke the law to begin with, then their background would be checked shortly afterwards. Another assumption by law enforcement. Guilty before breaking the law.

          Btw: Your statement about one “in their heart of hearts” never broke any laws well…

          I didn’t break any law(s), and I don’t have a criminal record either. So where’s that gettin’ ya?

          The simple fact that you’ve denied the statistics about police brutality has me worried. In addition, you must of seen several videos, where the suspect has been apprehended. Even if they had done something illegal, it doesn’t give the cop the authority to beat or murder them. Are you blind, or assuming this didn’t happen either?

          …only an assumption or suspicion, gets one killed by cops nowadays

          And to call us trolls…

          But it’s been said, that a street thug will shoot first with insults, accusations and assumptions, when seizing control over the people they were sworn to serve and protect.

          I assume your fellow police officer was blown away, because he assaulted the guy, when he asked him for his driver’s license.

          Cuts both ways dude!

          1. Wow.. Judging by your stats, your comment reflects quite a bit. Quote Washington post 2017″Barely 50 of the 976 fatal police shootings last year involved unarmed people and half of them were attacking police”. You state my partner was killed for assaulting a guy, when asking for a license. No she was actually ambushed. Dunning Krueger effect definitely applies to you. Which leaves no room for any discussion. Not sure where you live, nor do I care. Unfortunately I don’t work in a Mayberry kind of town. “And to call us trolls”… Nope, I said I was the one trolling.. that’s your “US Vs. Them” mentality. Exact opposite of any message I wanted to convey. Simply put.. Bad cops or unorthodox, whatever, are the ones sensationalized..

          2. It’s obvious you didn’t understand a word I said in my previous post. One could only imagine what your police reports look like.

            …filled with more bias and assumptions I imagine

            I never stated that your fellow officer provoked anyone. If you had read and understood my response, you would of understood that by now. However, I did state that if the same set of standards were applied to a police offer as a civilian, (that is, assuming that a civilian is a criminal before being arrested) then the police may understand what it’s like to be on the other end. It’s a fact, that most civilians murdered, involve unarmed civilians. Name calling (i.e. Dunning Krueger effect) is also something I already covered as well. If you cannot support your position on what REALLY happens with police violence, then name calling is a terrible second option.

            People like you need to find peace with yourself, before handling a firearm.

            Btw: I did call you a troll. And if you admit you were trolling, then I was correct. Thanks for supporting my observation, and acting like one as well.

          3. Are you for real? Pigsonthewing:
            *”I never stated that your fellow officer provoked anyone. If you had read and understood my response, you would of understood that by now”.

            **”I assume your fellow police officer was blown away, because he assaulted the guy, when he asked him for his driver’s license.”————-
            I didn’t say “assault nor provoke”.

            *”And to call us trolls…”
            **”Btw: I did call you a troll.”

            *”Dunning Krueger effect) is also something I already covered as well. ”
            What? Name calling? That’s the most quintessential and ironic reply one could make.

            The most ridiculous thing you’ve stated
            ****”There were over 1200 unarmed people murdered last year by trigger happy cops. ”

            2015, The Post created a database cataloging every fatal shooting nationwide by a police officer in the line of duty, collecting data on those who were killed and details of the shootings. The effort began because data compiled by the federal government was unreliable and incomplete. The project was awarded the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting.. Barely 50 of the 976 fatal police shootings last year involved unarmed people and half of them were attacking police. Mental illness played a roll in more than a quarter of incidents.”

            Let that sink in for a second.. 1200 vs. 50…
            Not only a TOTAL disregard for providing a crucial stat which supports your views.. But providing an absurd haphazard number.. To inflame passions. Your replies are one big gaslighting session. I don’t have time for that. Im sure plenty here would agree. But that doesn’t matter I suppose. Stay high-keep low, and as Always.. Fuck da police

    3. The funny thing is.. After all these, you still buy it when they tell you China is the one with the “poor human rights record”. America “the free country”. They convince you that someone else somewhere named “Assad” or “Gaddafi” or “Saddam” is terrorizing his “own people”, and so let’s go crucify him. You buy it all and give your government your tax money and the mandate to go mess up other places while they distract you from the reality of America “the free country”… Freedom here is just an illusion. “Human rights” is a mask for implementing anti-nature Libtard social re-engineering programs like Feminism, “Gender Equality”, LGBTQ Marriage, and other stupidities which our law enforcement is trained to protect.

      The problem my friends is right here at home. Americans are pussies if we don’t start showing these puppets of authority (by all means necessary) that this country belongs to the people, and we the people will start doing more than just stand-by, watch and film; as these methods of documenting and discussing are no longer effective. Therefore, any time you see police stop a citizen and start a conversation with them, you should automatically presume the worst. Form a crowd and gather around the situation. If that/those so-called officer(s) dares/dare to not be deterred by the number of eyes watching, then we take it further to show them this country belongs to hardworking citizens. Not trigger-happy gang members with guns and badges…

      Wake up America. Wake up!

      1. Whenever I hear someone blame Liberals for this mess, the first thing that comes to mind is the corporate media. (I imagine Faux)

        Most people don’t know what a true Liberal is. A true Liberal operates from the center. They make sure that human rights are reinforced, while making sure that the government runs efficiently. Nixon, a Republican was the last Liberal we had in office. This is why…

        Please remember, it’s our corporate media that will not support human rights, a living wage, affordable healthcare/ education and a cleaner environment. If they did, their corporate sponsors would start pulling their ads.

        Imagine these presstitutes being homeless like millions of others. (pleasant thought) Remember, it’s not the amount of money being spent. It’s what it’s being spent on. The military takes up 53% of our budget. Sobering huh!

        The corporate media MUST marginalize it’s viewers, if they want to control them. Fascism requires it.

        1. Every mainstream media belongs to one side of the coin or the other… but that’s not the problem. Alex Russo once said: the problem with Americans is that we distract ourselves complaining about left and right puppets rather than focus on the puppet master (I’m not quoting him word for word)… but it makes sense. Right – Left wars are just a distraction from the plan of the puppet master.. That’s why both right and left stand for all the illusions which control our lives…

          53% budget for the military is not enough. Haven’t you heard Trump flirting with the idea of having a military base in space? 😀 get ready to pay more taxes, or give away your benefits

          “The problem my friends is right here at home. Americans are pussies”… doesn’t matter if they wear red or blue. Anyone who allows or does not participate in stopping these social experiments is a part of the problem. @hopingfornemesis

      1. @assassinisher To be honest at this point with how these piggies have been always trigger happy fuckwads or just doing whatever they want to anyone based on knowing they can get away with it. I wish we could just go out an do the same fucking thing to them. ” Oh you want to kill my one of my family members or slam them on the ground because you think you are above the law? Then let me do the same to you an your buttfucking friends an I to wont get into trouble since I am of the people”. Sad truth is the government is a corrupt shithole an has been for a while it only compounds the fact the pigs are creating such chaos instead of doing what was suppose to be ” Creating Law and Order”.

        Instead the pigs have it in there tiny brains that just because they have a badge they can do whatever they want when they want without repercussion. If they decided tomorrow they wanted a couple of weeks off from work they will go out an beat the fuck out of someone or kill them just to get a paid vacation.

    1. I once had a bunch of aluminum cereal bar wrappers in my pocket since I used to be a health nut as a kid. Cop frisked me and lost his shit thinking they were drugs until he saw the cereal and dry milk middle lmao.

      1. haha excellent avatar Supreme leader. i often wondered about having like a baggie of sugar or sweetener if it would trigger the cops. One day when sweets are banned your “Health” bars will probably cost you a term in prison.

        1. I think you may find yourself surprised. The piggies have some reinforcements they are allowed to call in when the casualty reaches five on THEIR side. Mob em and a town stands a chance against 30 pistols. Mob their reinforcements with a city of two and you won’t get closer than forty feet. That is, banking on the fact our guns are being taken from us.

          1. That’s another shit thing “specific people” demand we lose our guns for what reason other to then be beaten an killed faster by the police an anything else. The 2nd amendment was made to make a militia well we need said militia to fight the piggies an there brutality/killings of civilian lives. True Riot Squads an Swat team might have decent gear but if you look at all the civilian weapons Im pretty sure we would be fine.

          1. @hopingfornemesis haha yes. His extra leg is what must have got him noticed by the royals. Certainly philip would have had a good laugh at that in the sixties. probably around the time he got caught with two underage girls on his yacht. That was all hushed up of course.

          2. @mimiman Jake the peg liked underage girls but then so did prince philip and ghandi had them sent to his room every night on tap. The world is run by evil.
            “Power tends to corrupt, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”
            Hence no matter who you vote for you get evil. Might explain why after centuries we’ve never really got it right. We’re on the brink of war.

  1. From the cops perspective if your not competent enough to follow simple instructions then your deserve to be tasered. I’d like to have a little get to know each other time in the sack with a nice voluptuous female cop once in my life. Preferably a Latina, blonde or red head. Wet dream to reality.

    It would go a little something like this.

    Female cop naked in sack with mint chocolate chip flavored nipples dialogue ~ Pull your male member out now and stick it in my ass please. Yearning and quivering tone.

    Me ~ Am I under oath? Am I being detained?

        1. Wi Ar tha moast amurzing uv aul da creechers. Doesn’t matter that octopi and squid have shown thanks and gratitude for being saved, doesn’t matter that animals have proven to be more than instincts. Wrong thing but it fits (sorta). Also, I find it disturbing how people like to themselves so much. There are skeletal, TANGIBLE differences between many ethnicities and many brain differences as well. The black brain and skull show physical differences, mainly in jaw shape and brain proportions. The part of the brain dedicated to emotions is higher in africans, while intuition or more instinctual thoughts are a bigger role in Inuit minds. Asians typically have a higher affinity for logical processing. It is n’t rascism, it’s facts. Just quickly I apologize for any spelling errors for wrong words. Evil Amazon doesn’t put what you spell, it puts what’s similar and used by everyone else.

  2. I usually tend to stick with law enforcement, but this is complete bullshit. Guy definitely was not a threat, was compliant to the best of his abilities, and in no moment did he acted erratically or aggressively, even after being zapped. There’s no way anyone can stick for the other guy.

    I hope the dude gets a fat settlement outta this, and that pussy cop gets destituted. Motherfucker.

    1. “If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.” – President Lyndon Baines Johnson

          1. He is not a nigger. He is a brown man and as such has rights under the law. I hope he sues the pigs for this villainous and barbarous act.

      1. Yeah mate; shitty quote, even shittier president. It implies that blacks or anyone else for that matter have a right to live en masse in the US and that if white man complains he’s just a trailer trash.

        “Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than that these people(blacks) are to be free. Nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. – Thomas Jefferson

      2. I spend a great deal of my time observing the subaltern classes of my country. What I have discovered is that they are all the same, regardless of their skin colour, e.g., working class Arabs and Africans are no different from the working class natives of my country: they are foul-smelling, bark like dogs at their kids, and have a hard time ruling their instincts. It is when you see creatures like these that you fathom the true meaning of the word ‘Entfremdung’ (alienation); these creatures are at odds with their own humanity.

    2. You know what pisses me off?
      Having to wait till your eggs cool off after being boiled. Damn! I mean, I could staff ’em into the freezer for faster coolin’, but it’s stacked with human hea- I mean what?

  3. These arseholes have been hardwired to put more of an act when they they have some bunch of women cops on the scene alongside only to impress cause they know ’em cunts are gonna warm their beds when the day is done.
    The poor dude did comply though to each shitty mugged up instruction from the smelly dick who like a parrot kept squawking out and yet he puts his stun gun to use .
    Trust these pigs to defend the citizenry as a whole . They are a real disgrace , awfully disgusting when their fingers start to itch to pull a trigger .

  4. Piggy: “Hands in the air!”
    Victim: [Lifts hands in the air]
    Piggy: “Now put them in your head!”
    Victim: [Puts hands in his head]
    Piggy: “Now sit!”
    Victim: [Sits on the ground]
    Piggy: “Roll!”
    Victim: [Lays on the ground and rolls]
    Piggy: “Get back up and jump a backflip!”
    Victim: [Does a sick backflip]
    Piggy: “What is the area of a circle whose radius is 43 squared?! Answer quickly!”
    Victim: “What?”
    Piggy: “Wrong answer!” [Fires 30 rounds of his AR-15 at the slow thinker]

    1. The cop needs to make his mind up .. We are not puppets to be changing position every 2 seconds . I just hope the guy did not do anything to deserve that because I don’t know the full story. But from what we can see he was compliant.

          1. So the combination is… one, two, three, four, five? That’s the stupidest combination I’ve ever heard in my life! That’s the kind of thing an idiot would have on his luggage!

    2. @42ridick
      at subsequent inquest into guys death:
      Coroner: So, PC Schwein…. what ultimately influenced your decision to open fire?
      Piggy: Well, the guy hesitantly considered my ludicrous question in a way that made me fear for my life

      1. Not only would he slurp that cop’s knob, @brutalbob would also be trying to sue the breaks off the police department if he was treated the way this guy was in the video. Guessing your mommy would want some justice too, how bout it I?

        Also, keep your fuckin mouth shut the next time you try and sound like someone who’s completely violated is in the wrong.
        Find somewhere else to defend the cops on their every move.

        1. Goddamn hot sauce! what kind of sauce did u drink today? It’s too hot! Hot, steaming, chili-gazed, Carolina reaper passion on why you hate cops, Mayo.
          Good thing he didn’t have a gun behind his head. Or that would have been more than a misconducted call.

      1. As long as you don’t steal their donuts, they love their donuts. Especially the donuts that are covered in colorful sprinkles. That poor bastard probably took their fairy-jizzed donuts and got tased, I don’t know, I wasn’t there. Didn’t see it too, just a regular bystander – yes, they will taze me too if I say anything.

          1. Waffle House after 12 at night. Where the drunks and cops go to get coffee and a meal. It is the only Neutral Ground I have seen in the War between Cops and Civilians.

    1. Well, If you do what the cops say and you do. However, you still get shit for doing what you were told to do? get the fuck out of here. Unless, that guy must do everything in the right order, in the right time. Call the perfection.

  5. If the Nigger wasn’t out there causing problems all the time, he wouldn’t have got tazed, just like that dead coon in Pittsburgh, if he didn’t just get done shooting another Negro his chances of even having the deadly encounter with the Police would have been drastically reduced. Cops have to deal with these uppity Negroes 24-7 , even they get Negro fatigue.

      1. It’s fear, they are afraid of black people. That’s why there is so much racism in BestGore; it’s a vicious circle of seeing the fucked up shit that goes on in the third world feeding their fear and turning it into hate, then looking for more such videos to keep fueling the fear so they can never forget why they hate.

      2. Tom, have you ever Really spent anytime among Ghetto Blacks or Whites? Lets be honest here, Hard Working Decent Folks can’t stand to be around the trash, It doesn’t matter what your skin color is. As a Black Man I am more fearful of other Black Men than I am of Whites. You have any idea why? Look around, smell the roses and start looking at The World thru the lens of who is really more likely to hurt, Rob, or kill you. If you can’t understand this concept, take your ass into a real ghetto, rent or buy a place to live there, and stay there for a year or so. After that we can talk about your feelings and philosophies about what a piece of shit I am because I speak the truth.

    1. “I beez wantz a White womin”, or “I beez killn Whitey”, or “Muh diKKK, muh diKKK”, or “Whitey owz me a livin’ “, or “What I did beez Whitey’s fault”. People keep saying that Americans are stupid, but I disagree. Anyone that builds a city 10 meters below sea level, in a hurricane zone, and fills it with niggers is a fucking genius!

    1. You never know they might have 12-inch shlongs between their legs.
      Double the pain; knowing you’re getting pounded from behind by a she-male and she has a bigger dick than you.

    1. Hahaha, so your sayin’ that the department has some kind of funky, weird achievements for cops to obtain. Peter, ‘killed 10 innocents’. John, ‘Ran over 2 children’. Jack, ‘Mowed down 13 people, trying to kill the bad guy’ – was accidental, He swears.

      1. The police department gives out achievement lists to all the patrolmen in the precinct to have done before the end of the day to get special bonuses.

        1. Kill 2 Civilians before the End of the Day
        2. Taze someone an record it on bodycam
        3. Piss on a child then laugh at them
        4. Run over 15 blacks with your car before the end of the day

        Prizes Include Free Donuts for 4 days
        Paid vacation for 1 week
        A new Rifle with 200 rounds

  6. I don’t hate cops, but some cops go beyond the line or abuse the power. Some are good and some are bad, most of them are preventing shitbags from killing good people like you from being killed. “Good” isn’t the word for bestgore users.


    1. I disagree. Most cops are hiding behind a bush with their little ray guns fucking with people who are just going to work to scratch out a living at their real jobs.

      1. No, I disagree! Most cops are doing their work next to the bush with their little notepads, writing names and plate numbers. They are fucking with people who are just doing work to scratch out their bad habits like living in abandoned houses so they can do some crack, heroin, meth and all sorts of shit.

  7. When cops want to abuse you, it’s SOP for them to scream contradictory orders at you, knowing that it’s impossible for you to comply with both orders at the same time.

    Cop 1: “Get on the ground!”
    Cop 2: “Don’t move!”

    Now, they have an excuse to injure or kill you for being “non-compliant.”

  8. There are a lot of what so called police “brutality” around, but some of them are justified in my book. But this one is the worst abuse I’ve seen so far in term of decision making quality. Let’s just say, no sane lawyer should to take his case.

  9. It’s easy to come to think that every cop is awful when you constantly see videos of cops doing awful shit but on the other hand the only reason you see videos of cops doing awful shit is because no-one would bother to film a video of a cop simply doing his/her job to protect and serve the people. That’d be like filming someone stock shelves at Walmart.

    This comes as a surprise to me personally as someone who’s been born and raised in Pennsylvania. 99% of cops around here actually have good heads on their shoulders.
    The cop in this video, of course, would be that other 1%.

    1. Bad Cops do the deed and “Good” Cops look the other way. No Good Cops turning on the Bad Ones, eh? No Stings being done? No Cops telling other Cops when they have gone too far? Nope. If the so called “Good” Cops stood up they’d receive no back up or be shot by their own.

  10. “…Standing armies…” such as our Boys In Blue, “…should be avoided as dangerous to liberty…”
    “…That a well-regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to arms, is the proper, natural, and safe defense of a free state…”

    From section 13 of the Virginia Declaration of Rights.

    1. “…That government is, or ought to be, instituted for the common benefit, protection, and security of the people, nation, or community; of all the various modes and forms of government, that is best which is capable of producing the greatest degree of happiness and safety and is most effectually secured against the danger of maladministration. And that, when any government shall be found inadequate or contrary to these purposes, a majority of the community has an indubitable, inalienable, and indefeasible right to reform, alter, or abolish it, in such manner as shall be judged most conducive to the public weal…”

      From section 3 of the Virginia Declaration of Rights.

  11. It Doesn’t Matter if it’s “A Stun-Gun”,,, “A Shotgun”… “A Taser”,,, or Just An Everyday Regular “Handgun”,,, Cause It Does Not Take Too Much Convincing To Make These Degenerate Trigger-Happy Cock-Munching Cunts Pull-It!
    So I Thought That I Would *Let It Be* By Playing A Great Tune By One Of The Worlds Best Bands;
    Because The Beatles Say-It Best, When They Sing Just How Trigger-Happy, Enjoy! 🙂
    Happiness Is A Warm Gun,,, Bang,,,! Bang,,,! Shoo-OO-oo-OOT!
    Happiness Is A Warm Gun Mama!
    Happiness Is A Warm,,, Yes It Is,,is,,,IS,,,,,,,,, Gunnnnn!


      1. @pigsonthewings

        So true Brother. As he was Constantly Continuing to open Pandora’s Box, but a little to wider with Passing Every Album, while inserting his Truther Lyrics.
        And after His *Watching The Wheels* which had 2 meanings in it, referring to playing the Music industry game, and Also Referencing The Flat-Earth,,, He Was Done.

        Chapman, who killed him, had many doubles replace him in Jail as they were all paid millions to switch and spend one or so years in Jail. So the real one was out shortly after a millionaire. They do this alot, just like Micheal Jackson’s Doctor who played the scapegoat role for millions. Slimy Jew-Cunts!

        God Bless You John,
        And Continue To Rest In Peace
        My Good Brother!

  12. Most Cops are not like that, I wasn’t. I have worked with many diff hundreds of cops and this guy makes up about 1-5 percent of the assholes that ruin it for everyone. You will never see the good things a lot of cops do like save, protect and even change lives. The media wants you to see just the bad things. I have seen even the toughest of thugs or even the whining ones that say fuck the cops 100 times a day want to cry and shit/ piss their pants when they think they are gonna get hurt but happy to see law when they arrive to save their day.

    1. It sounds like you were an active participant in the community that you wanted to serve and protect. I want to ask you…

      Were you, or any of your fellow officers, under any kind of influence to act in such an unprofessional manner as this asshole did? I understand that peer pressure can play a role, in how a police officer treats another human being at times.

      I imagine there had to be a significant amount of emotional support from your fellow officers and superiors, to make sure situations such as this would never happen. Being such a stressful job, did you get the adequate support that you needed at times? Did you get the support from your community as well?

    1. Dude, I love your comments, you always make me LMFAO. Never stop commenting on videos please. Most of your comments have huge basis in fact, and that’s why I love reading them.

      You understand how things go and I respect that.

  13. I’m curious what Officer Mazzante’s significant other thinks about this. I bet she (or he?) would probably say something like, “That’s my Shannon, alright! Always too early, and needing an electric device to finish his job…”

  14. This is fucked up and what’s more fucked up is all the officers will say their fellow officer brother was in the right. The fact any of them has a job that pays 3x the average. We all need to take out at least two cops before we die.

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