People Rise Up Against Police Oppression in India, Chop Off Tyrant’s Hand

People Rise Up Against Police Oppression in India, Chop Off Tyrant's Hand

People Rise Up Against Police Oppression in India, Chop Off Tyrants Hand

In Patiala, Punjab, India, a group of citizens arose against a gang of tyrants who put up barricades as checkpoints in order to enforce oppression hiding under the veil of preventing the spread of COVID-19.

The tyrants were denying the people the ability to earn a living and/or acquire supplies by restricting access to a wholesale market to only the “chosen ones” who received curfew passes from the ruling class.

There were times in human history when the people stood up to oppression, even as NPCs of the time posed as roadblock to progress just as they do now, and in this spirit, the group of brave citizens barged through the barricade with a pickup truck and fought fire with fire. One of the tyrants got his hand chopped off with a swing of a blade.

The incident happened on April 12, 2020. The tyrant got his hand reattached by surgeons, according to reports. Nine people were later arrested allegedly in relation to this incident.

Props to Best Gore member @kastrojaxx for the video. Here’s the footage of the incident. The chop-off takes place at around the 1:01 minute mark:

Video of the tyrant being escorted to a motorcycle for a trip to hospital in the aftermath of the attack:

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89 thoughts on “People Rise Up Against Police Oppression in India, Chop Off Tyrant’s Hand”

    1. I don’t know why admin is a conspiracy theorists .
      the story is : a group of nihang sikhs (traditional Sikh warriors who are allowed to Carry swords in public ) When asked to show curfew pass they relatiated in the way shown , Which ofcourse was stupid .Furthermore lots of money ,weapons,petrolbombs and Drugs found in their stronghold

  1. The only thing Corona lockdown has done to me is massively increase my booze intake which is why my comments have been all over the place lately. This lockdown nonsense is pure bullshit though for a virus that is about on par with the winter flu. I do hope however that this shitty episode turns people against globalisation, open borders and mass migration. It should.

    The police in my country have been stopping shoppers and snooping in their bags for any ‘unnecessary’ items(of which wine is considered. Miserable fuckers) before attempting to fine people for failing to follow the “rules”. One could learn a thing or two from India then on how to react to such Orwellian behaviour.

    1. Boris Johnson was hospitalized, then put in ICU, released and addressed his nation…all within the same week. So this ‘war on coronavirus’ seems to be working, much like the war on terror. Haven’t heard from the latter for a few months now 😉 😉

      1. In my country all the old diseases we had long ago eradicated(TB, Scarlet fever etc) have made a come back since we went full open borders. Its not just the Chinese then that are bringing diseases with them. Its the third world traffic in general.

        First world business owners and elites are also hooked and highly dependent on third world sweatshops and workers because they are obsessed with profit margins beyond any and all logic and reason which is why our countries grind to a halt whenever a block in that chain happens.

        The above in general is the ignorance that is at play here. The Chinese and China would have no such power or influence had we not fired millions of first world workers and sent all their jobs over there.

        1. Which is why the captains of industry and our politicians of the last thirty years must be decimated in good old Roman fashion. All assembled in the town – square , stripped naked and their buttocks birched till blood is drawn. Then all separated into groups of ten . One of the ten’s names is then drawn out at random and then the other nine must then ALL beat him/her to death on pain of their own death.

          That will teach them all not to have been greedy ,treasonous or just plain stupid. An cautionary tale to Neo- apparatchiks who enter politics straight out of uni with no life experience.

          1. @hopingfornemesis

            Politics in England is where all the rich kids go that failed their exams at school. Its a type of falling upwards. Throw in a few tokens for good measure(gay, black, Arab, feminist etc) and you have our parliament.

            British politicians may be utter failures then but they do provide plenty of humour. Usually in the form of pretending to be straight and married whilst getting caught out in rooms full of rent boys and drugs.

            The above is why the corporations usually run the roost over here as our politicians couldn’t run a fast-food business in a town full of fatties.

          2. Haha. Like Hague being caught sharing a room with his assistant ! Lol

            Yes ,we called it being” kicked upstairs” here in Aus and is a stultifying phenomenon which kills off the potential of a country . Very sad and nevertheless true. Having them rule us so long is like us being frogs being boiled to death without knowing it. Day by day it takes its toll on us and I firmly believe the UK would have retained world cachet ,power and wealth for the Middle classes if it didn’t have such a servile obeisance to Uncle Sam and Neoliberal Globalism/Privatisation . It ripped the guts out of The UK to enrich the few way more than was ever needed. Now we have Richmens’ idiots and jumpups’ daughters in power. Now that is saying something from a guy who is particularly Multipolar and not wanting the UK nor the US nor anyone ruling him!

      1. It has only killed immune-compromised people over here so far. Its killed a number of cancer sufferers. A number of the over 85 club. Although a 104 year old did catch and beat it recently. Its killed a few people with fatty heart disease etc. It is not however killing or even damaging the strong and healthy so far.

        1. True in broad-brushstrokes but that is also because of isolation . When the second wave comes and it will come, it will kill many of us.

          I could be wrong but that thickhead ,Bojo was saved In a NHS hospital or at least that was bandied about,no? Well I hope he remembers that ,given he secretly negotiated with US powerbrokers to privatise your health system . It has its faults but is still a gold standard for most. Ironic the prick was saved by those he was going to bone! Prick ; hate his stupidity and greediness. A contender for birching ,that fat fuck part -Ottoman.

          1. @Nemesis, I think the funniest thing was that BoJo caught Coronavirus after going to a hospital and shaking hands with all the Covid-19 patients. Did he think he was immune? I’ve never seen him on TV with a mask and gloves. So not surprising he caught it.

        2. The mainstream media said that a 21 year old British girl died of the virus too. I don’t know what to believe at this point but I’m definitely sure that this virus didn’t come from bats or that wet market in China. If this virus is even real then it’s man made and this was pre-planned. There is a book written in the 80s which describes a fictional event in the future of a virus that would come out of Wuhan, and it also mentions the year 2020.

          All we are getting is numbers so far and many people dying from other diseases are being labelled as having died from Covid-19.

          1. @gunz

            The key phrase being used over and over again to count this death rate is death with “COVID-related symptoms”.

            Here’s what the Office for National Statistics has to say about it,

            “A death can be registered with both COVID-19 and Influenza and Pneumonia mentioned on the death certificate, therefore a death may be counted in both categories”.

            “Coronavirus (COVID-19) deaths are those deaths registered in England and Wales in the stated week where COVID-19 was mentioned on the death certificate as “deaths involving COVID-19”. A doctor can certify the involvement of COVID-19 based on symptoms and clinical findings – a positive test result is not required”.

            Ergo, all deaths sharing the symptom range are being counted as COVID-19 deaths.

            This is further backed up by the fact that they have stated over and over again that they have no actual workable test that spots COVID-19 directly. They have been saying everyday now that they are working day and night to create such a workable test. COVID-19 then is currently being counted via symptom range, not actual infection and I suspect the same is going on in most countries.

          2. Yes ,Gunz ,also a scenario was run only months before the supposed Western outbreak by Gates or some such. The details are harrowingly on point. Too much if you ask me. It was a playbook for letting it loose. The evidence is very much in favour of the US or Israel making it and letting it loose by accident or by design. Bats and wet markets are a load of bullshit. Just a plausible cover. The Yanks were there in Wuhan during the World military games as were many other NATO countries yet this is NEVER mentioned on mainstream news. Also a “vape pneumonia pandemic “was occurring in the US around the time of Sept /November last year with noone knowing why. Also Fort Dietrich ,the preeminent US biowarfare research lab was mysteriously totally shut down for a period of time for documented leaks of bioweapons! The list is endless and yet many still think it is Bats.

            No doubt there is no faith in testing as an unacceptably large amount of American -designed testkits are bullshit and give false negatives! They are walking around infecting us all.


            I will give you my email address soon.

  2. Soon we are to EXPECT this in the United States. Can’t keep us fuckin’ caged UP forever. What kind of communist bullshit WORLD are we living NOW where the Pig-controlled government is fuckin’ fining us for just driving our fucking vehicles to certain locations? Like BEND the fuck over and get boned BECAUSE I’m doing what the fuck I want! Props to the Curry Eater for chopping that Indian Pig’s hand off. A fuckin’ symptom that is NO different than the god damn common-flu is WHAT the world is overreacting to here. The next time I get sick, it will be from a damn cold. WAY to get the pig-government to control the entire WORLD!

      1. Right. I’m sure the reason this fuckin’ Dune-Coon incident OCCURRED is because the Indian ran out of Curry-mix, and was so fuckin’ RABID to just drive his vehicle through the Pig-controlled barricade to get the fuckin’ ingredients at the Turban-Head market. They’ll do ANYTHING for Curry!

    1. GET A GRIP.. It wont happen here in the states, i live in the biggest city in the united states, i just drove where ever i wanted, got gas and beer, just use common sense, its actually fabulous no one is around, you can drive 115 mph on the highway, cops don’t care.

      1. Well. There’s NO stopping a New Yorker as I’ve seen before. You guys have a different WAY of life over there where you can just easily maneuver around the city without getting the Pigs in Blue to bust you for driving on RURAL-area roads. How is the NYPD going control the MOST populated city in the world? Yea…they really CAN’T. My point is there seems to be MORE ways of cheating the pandemic than in the midwest for example. Surrounded in a town-community area where there’s not as much ACTION with city buildings and traffic to deal with. The assholes in blue WILL write you a ticket just for traveling a distance on the 96 highway. Thank our fuckin’ State governor for that.

        Of course this WON’T last forever. But as of right now, people will eventually revolt against this shit. I mean literally PREVENTING our fuckin’ freedom to socialize in person, driving to a location that HAS to be a necessity, AND wearing a mask that makes me look like a surgeon.

  3. HAND by bad jonny

    They took my hand
    But I was just making a stand
    Grabbed me by the hair
    Pulling every strand

    All I wanted
    Was justice in my land
    Cops came and punch’d us
    With Facism arm band

    Fuck’d us in the ass
    Face pushed in the sand
    While G-men at the whorehouse
    Eating grapes n being fanned

    I couldn’t get my hand out
    Had become fucking jammed
    Twentyfour police cars
    And all those fuckers manned

    All the bastards jumped right out
    And all those bastards tanned
    Put some pot shots in us
    We turned away and ran

    Innocents just blown away
    Like my poor old Gran
    Poor old Gran was raped and shot
    Face down in the sand

    They grabbed us by the head
    Slammed into the van
    Conditions for the innocent
    Are worse than in Iran

    All our captors Muzzie scum
    And homos like Afghan
    We’re dying now like insects
    Bodybags in Wuhan ..

  4. What kind of piece of shit police force do they have over there? Just standing around, their fat curry filled guts straining at their belts, posing with long sticks. What did they think they were going to do with those? Beat the car into submission?

    Still, never fear for the manually challenged officer. Though he may lose his hand, it will be replaced with a prosthetic made with cutting edge Indian technology, and it will be better than ever. That’ll be a lace-up leather stump cover with a toilet roll holder bolted to the end of it. Then they can put him to work, patrolling the designated shitting streets and dispensing toilet paper to all the curry shit squirting citizens squatting in the kerb.

  5. “enforce oppression hiding under the veil of preventing the spread of COVID-19” Oh you one of these ass holes, its a conspiracy. Unfortunately i know 4 people who died of it. Real people. I know of others who did not. I’m not talking about hearing about them, I KNOW THESE PEOPLE. As for the shit skins who cut of this dudes hand, the government should order a drone strike and wipe them all out. Or just let them all die. Fuck them. Let me ask you something, you think its 5G? LOL! Also what if i told you the conspiracy IS THE conspiracy?

  6. Cut the crap. The “unprivileged” faction you’re referring to (Muslims) constitutes of a bunch of illiterate, brainwashed and hard-headed goat-shaggers who simply can’t comprehend the ticking bomb that COVID-19 can prove to be. The parasitic numbskulls are putting the rest of the population at risk. Following a massive gathering amid the lockdown, the dumbfucks deactivated their mobile phones and made it impossible to track them. The roaches then assaulted healthcare workers who wanted to test them to assess the risk.

  7. Crazy footage… In aftermath footage I think I hear gunshots in the background. I like their style imo they just got off on them no hesitation… Rushed the barricade and got off when left with no choice.. balls

  8. I don’t know why…but I have a really strange obsessive thought when I look at that severed hand…I want to pull at those exposed tendons like a Marionettist pulls a puppet with its strings.

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