Philadelphia Man Abused by Multiracial Police Gang

Philadelphia Man Abused by Multiracial Police Gang

Philadelphia Man Abused by Multiracial Police Gang

In the great multicultural city of Philadelphia, a multicultural gang of citizen killers and racketeers known as the police picked on a guy who appeared to just mind his own business.

An openly abusive cop desperate to escalate the situation manhandled the victim, but because the victim remain non-violent and complaint, the cop threw his expensive phone on the ground in order to get a reaction, which once he got, he finally felt like he manufactured the reason enough to punch the guy in the face and did exactly that.

The rest of the cops who showed up all proved that there is no such thing as a good cop. The myth of the alleged good cop thus remains an undisputed myth.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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122 thoughts on “Philadelphia Man Abused by Multiracial Police Gang”

      1. I could never understand how you can just sit there and watch yourself slowly becoming obese without doing anything about it. It just doesn’t sound human to me. How can you let something like that slide? I’m average weight and people say I look underweight but when I gain 2 pounds by the end of the week I freak the hell out and stop eating as much.

        1. the cop tried to manhandle him but quickly gave up. Too much work trying to move that bulk around. Might mess up his punk-cop haircut. Surprised he doesn’t have those stupid tattoos they wear now.

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  1. This same police gang impounded my car for not having a proper temporary tag, when I bought the car out of state, had it insured, and was just on my way home… All in all it costed me $1200, I’m not usually a hateful person but I wish nothing but the worst for these wanna be tough guy cops who hide behind five other pigs! And you wonder why cops are in fear for their lives! It is because they’re always doing wrong to people who are just minding their own business and don’t know just when and where the shits gonna hit the fucking fan like a Mack truck!

    1. And I’m sure you were cooperative, and civil, right? First of all, you were in violation, a temp tag is around $20.00, but you probably figured the law don’t apply to you. Aside from that, I’m guessing you couldn’t pass up an opportunity to flex a little bit, and run your mouth. Play silly games, win silly prizes.

  2. I’ve said before and I’ll say it say it again….let the cops and niggers cancel each other out and maybe, a BIG maybe we’ll get somewhere, but in actually… we wont. let the meteor earth already.

  3. the only thing abused is his fridge. I don’t see the cops acting like thugs, the fatass starting yelling abuse at one of the cops and he got what he asked for. Rodney King was assaulted and abused, he is just being taught some manners by the police. Also what is the camera dude saying, sounds like english but I can’t understand it.

  4. You know the world has gone to shit when they hire these fucking animals into the police force. Like there weren’t enough of them polluting first world countries as it was, leaving a trail of shit everywhere they go.

    1. All my retarted anime loving depressed bullied phaggot friends became pigs. Shit I wanted to do the same but local PDs require college. Except LAPD but all those cocksuckers are from da hood or rednecks.

  5. NOW THAT,, Is A Fucking PIG. Fucker throws his phone probably busting the glass on The Cement Sidewalk, and Punches Him In The Face. But Funny Who This Half-Breed Pig, *Only* did So After Putting Super Tight Hand Cuffs On Him, For Absolutely *NO Reason Whatsoever* Before hitting him, Knowing Damn Well That This Guy, (And Probably Any Other Guy) Would Knock Da-Snot Outta That Cunt-Cop, Knocking Him Right Da-Fuck-Out,,, If Hit, Like He Was For Doing Fuck-All,,,, Goof.

  6. The dudes recording are funny….would love to see the police get fucked up in a video on here…fucking hate pigs….they think cause they have a badge and a gun they tough but really they little bitches….FUCK THE POLICE…CUNTS

  7. Considering I’ve been in jobs where I deal with prepotent shit people who think their individual rights can trump mine with the “customer is always right” mindset, I always feel glad to see a belligerent motherfucker get karmachameleon’d. Those loudmouthed nigras recording will eventually collect theirs, one way or another.

    Everyone gets what’s coming to them in just measure.

  8. I think the real reason here is because he was rude to the police officers, and this doesn’t go well with their ego. The guy had no ID (is it required by law to have ID on you at all times is US?), but he probably would be okay if he stood on his knees and sucked the cop off (this is a metaphor). Instead he decided to stand up for himself, and that’s when the cop decided that it won’t do to have some ordinary citizen showing disrespect, and not acknowledging his authority and power (by not sucking the cop’s dick).

    That’s true for every empowered organization (criminal, police, military, e.t.c) – when you have weapons and power, you start to feel the need to show everyone that you are above them, that you deserve more respect and compliance, and that everyone must suck your dick now. That’s how ordinary human’s brain works, and by ordinary I mean 85% or human population (which are useless, stupid, ignorant fucks).

    Thanks for reading my rant, have a nice day.

    1. The ID requirement varies by state if not driving.

      In my state you can refuse to show ID if the officer does not have a verifiable probable cause.
      But you ARE required to state your name, home address & current business (what you are doing) upon request but that is all that is required.

  9. Fuck those cops. This guy probably breaks into a sweat just eating a sandwich. He doesn’t have the energy to be a criminal. Unless heart disease and diabetes are illegal, I’d say he’s pretty harmless.

  10. What the fuck is qrong with you guys??? Making fun of fat people? That’s just disgusting. I used to be fat as a kid because of medication i was on at the time and i couldn’t believe the way i was treated by EVERYONE! Even complete strangers seem disgusted with you and won’t give you the time of day. I know this because when i grew up and thinned out I was treated so much better by everyone.
    This country is just so unbelievable.

  11. As a mid 20 yr old female in nz who’s trying to enter the nz Police… I am so fucking over all these dumb cop cunts who take advantage of their power!! Honestly…. hardly any good cops these days.. I want to work with youth and not treat them like shit but show kindness and support to help show the way that they don’t need to be criminal .. guys… there are a few good cops but I mean very few very very few indeed. Justice needs to be served and once I get into the police someone will take me out because I won’t tolerate any corruption

  12. Gotta love the shit talking hood rats. Calling names and trying to instigate a reaction from the cops. A bunch of disrespectful shitbags. Looked to me like fatso wasn’t cooperating so he brought the boom on himself. He probably had courage because his buddies were all standing around him.

  13. I wonder if that crooked cop knows that if you are arresting someone illegally they have the Right to defend themselves with up to and including lethal force?

    I fucking HATE crooked cops…they should get TRIPLE time when convicted (like that ever happens).

    Assault & battery under color of law.
    Unlawful detainment.
    Illegal arrest.
    Destruction of property.
    Possible “hate crime”

  14. Ah…found the rest of the story (note that it took SIX MONTHS to investigate this):

    Two Philadelphia police officers were arrested Wednesday and charged with illegally detaining a man during an April pedestrian stop in East Mount Airy.

    Officers Matthew Walsh, 30, and Marvin Jones, 48, both assigned to the 14th District, were suspended for 30 days with intent to dismiss by Commissioner Richard Ross, the department said.

    Both were charged with obstructing administration of law, a felony; and with misdemeanor counts of false imprisonment, tampering with records, and official oppression. The charges were approved by the District Attorney’s Office on Monday.

    The department said Walsh, a four-year veteran of the force, and Jones, a 10-year veteran, stopped the man in the 100 block of East Sharpnack Street just after 10 a.m. April 17, without the legally required reasonable suspicion or probable cause.

    The two officers improperly searched the man — who was not identified — and his vehicle, detained him in handcuffs for about 15 minutes, then drove him a block away and released him, the department said.

    Based on surveillance video, internal affairs investigators found that the officers falsified the paperwork they submitted on the arrest, the department said.

    A department statement Thursday said that according to “documentation subsequently prepared and submitted by the officers, the citizen was stopped for ‘apparently using narcotics.’ Also according to the officers’ paperwork, during the encounter, the citizen was frisked because he failed to take his hands out of his pockets.”

    “Based on video surveillance recovered during the course of the IAD investigation, Police Officer Walsh and Police Officer Jones could not have seen the citizen ‘apparently using narcotics.’ In addition, the citizen was fully compliant at the time of the stop,” the statement said.

    The investigation “also determined that Officers Walsh and Jones falsified the Vehicle/Pedestrian Investigation Report they prepared and submitted,” it said.

    Meanwhile, the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 5 said in a statement Thursday that it would provide legal representation for “both officers, who are entitled to due process,” as well as continuing their union representation.

  15. Police are supposed to serve and protect, instead they assault, harrass, murder and steal. I think its about time every citizen stood up and overrun them. This world was just fine without police for thousands of years and we will be just fine without them

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