Polish Truck Driver Beaten, Kicked and Mauled by Police Dog in Netherlands

Polish Truck Driver Beaten, Kicked and Mauled by Police Dog in Netherlands

At a Shell gas station in Rhoon, just outside the city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, a Polish truck driver was beaten with a stick, kicked and mauled by a dog during a violent arrest by the Dutch police.

The beginning of the video shows the driver behaving erratically, but I don’t have reliable information at this time, confirming what sparked the violent arrest. If you live in Holland and know more about what exactly is going on, please share in the comments.

Props to Best Gore member @anke for the video:

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91 thoughts on “Polish Truck Driver Beaten, Kicked and Mauled by Police Dog in Netherlands”

  1. Looks like the dog had a great night and even had a treat too. I’ve learned the worst thing to do is to attack or hurt a police dog. The cops will beat your ass ten times worse than if you attack a human cop.

  2. The Dog had a field day chasing the lunatic around who annoyed the latter more because of his loud piercing cries . If he only were to maintain a pin drop silence the Politie Dog would have spared and even wagged his tail off at him ;rather chew his arse up for a good 50 long seconds.

    Try to stay calm when a German Shepard 🐕 shows up with cops in tow.

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    1. Yea, you think that they would have done a better job at containing & cuffing this guy on the spot, instead of dragging him out while he was wailing his arms, and destroying half the merchandise.

  3. I feel sorry for the pole,I’ve been in these countless times and wanted to kick off over the price of a sandwich,nice few kicks in the back by cop at the end,obviously justified,man on floor not complying after asp and dog attack.Sack the security guard the woman was better than him.

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  5. Holy Fuck man, i little overkill with the pooch tearing what looks like, his face off. Once on the guy is on the ground & subdued, get the dog off of him as to help him calm down. Anyone in this kind of pain would remain uncontrollable, and furious. WTF??? Typical, aggressive cops have no borders, it seems like.

  6. God damn, did he just try to level the fucking shelf of products or what?! If a cop staring at you with a baton don’t stop you from acting like a retard, the barking dog sure as Hell should have! Dumbass!!!

  7. I live in Holland, and from what i heard, the guy was threatening people in the gas station. In the beginning he is actually heard talking to the police on his cellphone. He is asking for Police but doesn’t get there is one right in front of him. They tried to talk sense in to him but no luck The policeman in front of him tells him to give up and come outside, or else. Well the rest what happened is clearly visible in the video. Bout what’s wrong with this fucker, the story goes from drugs to alcohol and to a Psychosis. So what is really wrong with him i don’t know, however he knows now how police in Holland works

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  9. The dog is called ‘Rakker’ ( Dutch for ‘Scamp’).
    According to what the cops ( politie basis team Oude Maas ) say on FB, this happened at about 5 AM at gas station Portland on the A15. ‘A man who seemed to be confused and under influence, walked into the gas station. He didn’t want to leave the shop and he bothered both staff and customers.’ ( blah blah, sensation report follows.)
    P.S.: Polish drivers often seem to cause trouble ( in NL ) by being drunk and/or behaving erratically and/or committing fraude.

    1. A friend of my father-in-law was there when it happened. They are both truckers and sadly see this stuff quite a lot. Apparently the Polish guy was drunk as can be, threatening the employee and other customers and refused to leave. When the Police arrived and asked the guy to leave, he did not comply and started his erratic behaviour as seen in the video. The policeman clearly and repeatedly ordered him to comply and exit the building which he obviously didn’t do. When the dog gets hold of the drunkard the policeman repeatedly tells him to be quiet and lay still so the dog will let go.
      The policeman handled the situation as best he could. The only thing he shouldn’t have done is kick/hit the guy when he was down.
      As I said, this kind of behaviour (getting piss-drunk and causing trouble) happens way too often amongst the Polish truckers in the Netherlands and specifically in that region so you won’t hear anybody complain over here 🙂

  10. The dog is called ‘Rakker’ ( Dutch for ‘Scamp’).
    According to what the cops ( politie basis team Oude Maas ) say on FB, this happened at about 5 AM at gas station Portland on the A15. ‘A man who seemed to be confused and under influence, walked into the gas station. He didn’t want to leave the shop and he bothered both staff and customers.’
    P.S.: Polish drivers often seem to cause trouble ( in NL ) by being drunk and/or behaving erratically and/or committing fraude.

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