Cops Assault Veteran Named Omar in Beaumont, Texas

Cops Assault Veteran Named Omar in Beaumont, Texas

Cops Assault Veteran Named Omar in Beaumont, Texas

In a normal world, a video like this one would cause a shortcut in the brain of bootlickers. When two sworn enemies of the people clash, whom would a bootlicker shill for? Both are NWO agents trained to advance and maintain the globalist agendas. But then again, bootlickers ain’t got no brain, so there’s nothing to shortcut.

Best Gore member @crywolf has the backstory:

The victim in the video is an enemy of the people, veteran faggot. He served in some terror branch of the US armed forces according to the info I got. Here’s the back info I was able to find.

In August 2020, cops of the Beaumont police in Texas brutalized a man identified as a veteran named Omar who was trying to help his intoxicated friend before police arrested him.

Three pigs can be seen pinning him down, including one at the 0:14 mark who places his left knee directly on the victim’s face. The pigs seemed to have already applied handcuffs on him and attempted to flip him onto his stomach.

They then flipped him violently around the 0:28 mark slamming the victim’s head on the concrete curb, cracking open his forehead and causing him to loose consciousness. As they tried to lift him to his feet, you can see him clearly go limp followed by blood streaming down his face.

Following the incident, he was bailed out and released him from custody. An online petition was started to get the officers involved terminated for the arrest.

Many thanks for the video and backinfo, @crywolf. Don’t let the fucking bootlickers immanentize the eschaton:

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105 thoughts on “Cops Assault Veteran Named Omar in Beaumont, Texas”

      1. If I loved in America, land of the guns, instead of deer hunting name fishing id take me guns and go pig hunting on Sundays. I’d honestly feel better about myself after doing a service like eliminating some domestic terrorist pigs

  1. Beaner got smashed BUT good. This one’s an old clip and all. But nonetheless important.
    Definitely make bootlickers glitch up. But alas they’ll still be bootlickers.
    Whitey blackie beaner or chinkers, all suffer at the hands of them oinkers. Look at that race traitor beaner cunt.

  2. I see the cops assaulting a civilian. What difference does it make that he is a veteran? The cops harass and assault people with impunity. They lie, cheat, kill, maim, plant evidence, and put innocent people in prison while covering up crimes that there fellow cops committed.
    I don’t shill or lick boots, I just don’t like the police.

      1. No it’s not that bad. Most likely, this Dildo got charged with domestic violence or smoking weed, so now he hates the mean police man now. The police are pretty chill in the US. I call them all the time to exterminate minorities for me. the rest of the world is only getting the Zionist-edited angle of it all. But yea, stay in your country for now.

          1. Well I hope ur doing better, life is a rollercoaster, last time I was on a ward I used to play cards with this guy who had a pet dog, but it was invisible so I dunno lol very interesting

          1. But why? You just got me curious now. How do they keep track of you? How about move to a different place, build a new identity, a new life? Very curious thing, but really, really, weird.

    1. I often think it would of been better if Germany won ww2 but at the same time you gotta respect the men who put their life on the line for everyone back home, I rarely ever say anything positive but dude vets get a pass imo

    2. Brazilian_NOTDASILVA…

      You make a good point…

      However, both parties have been victimized by a power structure that quite frankly, doesn’t give a fuck about anyone. The corporate media is CLEARLY to blame for this. If Raytheon, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, General Electric etc. cannot advertise on their corporate airwaves, then a push back would occur.

      …not clearly to happen anytime soon

      I believe that the majority of wars could be eliminated, simply by utilizing diplomacy. But unfortunately, when a corporate media can marginalize it’s viewers by race, economic status, sexual orientation, religion etc, then they have control over them. Our Founding Fathers clearly warned us of this.

      What I take slight issue with you is the military. Yes, both in my opinion, have become victims to warlike propaganda. However and unlike the police, people in the military spend months if not years, in a country that simply wants them out. Many are in constant danger of getting killed, patrolling an area in my opinion, that has no business being patrolled to begin with. In addition, many sign up for the military for it’s benefits. Benefits such as free or affordable healthcare, a college education or a sweet pension. Their training to defend a population, is much more extensive as well. However and unfortunately, the propaganda associated with what it takes to be a true Patriot, is blasphemed with the opportunity to kill innocent people overseas, just to receive all these “perks.” If one wants to experience being a true Patriot domestically, may I suggest exercising this right in front of the police?

      This is truly some sick shit here… 🙁

      (speaking of sick shit)

      The police on the other hand, go home to a warm bed and a spouse every night. In addition, these Whores of Homicide are treated as heroes, on shows such as “Cops,” or “Shop with a Cop,” as they needlessly beat the Christ out of people, they were sworn to serve and protect. (unfortunately, not in THEIR community) In addition, these Citizen Slayers carry many of these same military grade weapons, as the military does.

      …don’t forget your masks, your life literally may depend on it 🙁

      Ask yourself why our Corporate Presstitutes don’t run a TV show about our military, turning innocent people overseas into red mist?

      And I’ll show you a press, pushing for affordable healthcare, a greener economy and roads, that you can actually drive on, without stocking their potholes full of perch when it rains.

      1. They are some strange people. I’d almost say cultish.
        I had the misfortune of having one try and recruit me, well tell me about the process.. They are pretty secretive but he told me about their hierarchy and some of their rituals. I understood less about them when he finished than when he started.
        My head was spinning by the time I pealed away.

        1. I saw in the news, after Nikolas cruz did the false flag, the freemasonic compass. No lie mainstream news.
          Basically they worship lucifer, and call him the morning star.
          Their symbolism is in everything. 33. Black and white tiles. Every tv show I’ve ever watched. Even features prominently in dire straits money for nothing video. Even more so in sean Lennon’s blood and Rockets. It’s faggotry, but the majority nonetheless.
 just mute it.
          Alister crowley’s faggot ass is a huge part of shit too. It’s all gay ass devil worship.

          1. dafack! Are they fucking faggots? What that explosive/missile in shape of a penis mean? Lol Serious, those people are really fucking sick in their fucked heads.

          1. @Mad Scientist
            Yeah they are. That pretty much sums up the symbolism I’m talking about. That dude who made the rocket was friends with crowley. Crowley wrote some sick shit. Pretty much rivals jewish talmud and their sick beliefs. Take care sir.

    1. Yes a hundred thousand times, to all you fellow bruthas, who see the masonic crap.
      Seriously thought I was alone. Even in the gore sites, I’ve yet to read such fantastic like minded comments.
      Shaq is a fuckin Freemason, along with being a police chief, big shocker eh? Masons are always cops, or something like that. Got a lodge in my town. You should see the fat fucking cunts who are actually lodge ‘brothers’, I actually feel sorry for em.

    1. I don’t think that at all…

      I think a veteran’s obligation, is to serve our country. Only a military turning a country into a parking lot will produce a veteran, destined to take advantage of a people.

      …they’re called the police.

      What is sad and even sick, is the fact that our corporate airwaves can produce a hero and a victim from a veteran, simultaneously.

      btw: we’re all pawns to corporate power

      And speaking truth to power, will make you a domestic terrorist as well. This, I agree with you on!

    2. Lol “warcrimes”.
      Do you honestly think people give a shit that these psychos travel a thousand miles away and kill sand niggers?
      In regards to people on this site I’d say very few.
      The only warcrime is them serving as mercenaries for the fat noses.

      1. I don’t think people care about that either, it’s what I see, and you basically repeated the same thing I said, they are serving. What do you think they serve ? tea ? Whether they kill niggers or humans, they’re all the same, what differs them is a badge and a shinier permission to kill.

        1. If we’re going to get technical about what you said, no what I said is not what you said.
          I mentioned them serving fat noses as a warcrime, I assume you were alluding to them killing/assaulting innocent people as a warcrime.

    1. They won’t back you.
      They’ll sooner watch you get beaten by a group of faggot marxists before they save you.
      They’ll sooner arrest you on behalf of the D.A. for defending yourself against said faggots.
      Fuck them.

  3. DUDE by bad jonny

    Dude, do you ever?
    Think about your final night?
    When you can’t breathe and scream?
    In your final fright?

    It’s your time to die now
    You put up a good fight
    Your remember as kids
    You used to fly kite

    Read about history
    Battles of the ‘knight’

    As some fat Chingy nurse
    Turns down your light
    Your body was strong once
    Now feeble and light

    You can’t even swallow
    Your Budweiser Lite
    You angry at ‘death’
    It doesn’t seem right

    As the Who when they played
    Live at Isle Wight

    You now a crippled
    Man who had height
    You feel your soul
    Already to take flight

    From the depths of your gut
    To eternal great height
    You think about what you did
    And what you have ‘might’

    No oxygen to the brain
    Your eyes losing sight
    No blood to your brain now
    Your face turning white

    This is your future, man
    I ain’t speaking shite ..

    Just a ‘lil reminder, Poontah
    That death
    Is waiting
    For YOU …

  4. What police are doing when they do this tip American citizens is treason… and they should be fuckin hung/ electrocuted- whatever…kills them.. according to the actual u.s. law. They earn their deaths, every one of those pigs. And justu lune a cop would say to me well if your worth em you’r guilty just the same.. so yes I mean EVERY pig cop.

    1. Im so tired of people cutting out the video until it shows the cops trying to arrest him. THey don’t show all the shit he did before he got arrested. Lefty painting a fake picture as usual. And idiots like you fall for it so they keep on doing it knowing 95% of society is to stupid to use common sense on what put him in that situation in first place.

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