Police in El Salvador Kick and Stand on Head of Handcuffed Man

Police in El Salvador Kick and Stand on Head of Handcuffed Man

Police in El Salvador Kick and Stand on Head of Handcuffed Man

In Santa Ana, El Salvador, a gang of cops were caught on video abusing a handcuffed man. After what looks like a female cop felt the victim’s balls, the male cops kicked him in the face, head and chest, and stood on his head.

Basically, it matters not where you look, ACAB seems to hold true everywhere.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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84 thoughts on “Police in El Salvador Kick and Stand on Head of Handcuffed Man”

  1. What kinda fucking sick maniacs these are ; wearing police uniforms ……..first up the slutty bitch of a cop measures victim’s balls to see if his is bigger than her lover ‘s and later on her other dicksy counterparts felt like , invincibles when they kicked and stood above his head as if his was a mount of everest.
    So what the hell these clumsy bastards derived by their sadistic pleasure …………purely nothing but loads of shit for takes .

  2. I bet the bitch is a tiger in bed: roaring, scratching and biting. God help the man who doesn’t satisfy her. In fact, maybe that was the man she slept with the previous night, and his performance just wasn’t good enough. Some women have very high standards, and can’t take disappointment.

          1. Hahah. Nice one but jokes aside ,I wonder ,Do they actually do that? Female prison guards doing the inmates? I have no prison guard mates so I don’t know. Wouldn’t the bitches be scared ie of being murdered by a murderer /vicious rapist or forget reckon they can take him?

            Any cops ,excops or prison-guards here that can tell us real info and experiences?

            Here in Australia we have had cases of prison guards and lawyers marrying prisoners and even helping them escape! One, the lawyer was fucken hot !


            How’s that for a hot bitch!
            I know you guys love this stuff.

    1. They’ve been confirming this shit since the 80’s, and helmets still aren’t compulsory in the US or europe…? Slow fecking learners…

      Then again, the US still refuses to adopt the metric system, funnily enough demonstrated by the “scientific” Journal of Neurosurgery failing to use SI units. That’s why El Salavador cops distrust your science, and have to do the empirical testing to make sure for themselves!

  3. Bunch of cowards, thats what we have here. This guy was probably a piece of shit that deserved it. Im just mad because I wasnt able to get a boot in. Not on the cuffed turd, and not on the boot lace turds. This happens in the states too, because cops think they get to serve justice. One day blue piglets, one day. When it all hits the fan, we will be equals. That will be the day we see who is really tough.

    1. I can’t think why so many of you have such a problem with this. Personanlly i’d love to have a go at standing on the cunt’s head. I tried to join the police just so i could do this sort of thing but they wouldn’t have me. I think it was the few years i spent in the loony bin what done it

  4. At first things didn’t seem that bad to me. It seemed like they were applying basic light boot to head tactics. Even the female Police Officer was participating in the abuse of power. However, things escalated significantly when the overweight Police Officer decided to step on the mans head an apply his ENTIRE BODY WEIGHT upon his skull. That was dangerous and could have killed the man!

      1. I agree with most you said..
        But we dont know why he was arrested…
        Of course aint nothin like street justice… But the reason have to be 100% right…
        It allready happened that innocent have been pay …
        And not few cases that cops destroyed an innocent victims..
        Human nature is bad…

  5. It seems that this is what the majority of white men want in the USA from their police force.

    Police and women cops fondling your balls and stomping on your head for some perceived or low level crime.

    They would justify this happening to their own mother if they had a chance to suck the cops cock and thank him for his 85,000$ a year “service” that comes with a special credit union.

    White men seem very afraid of “niggers” and crime when the rates in the USA are the lowest they’ve been since they started keeping count, and you still stand to have an aggression committed by your own race against you across the board no matter what color.

    Blue is the enemy.

  6. Fuck every Hispanic country
    People love to inflict harm and get away with it
    it’s a huge fucking game of who looks better but isn’t actually better whatsoever. they’re cowards, profiteers and usurpers
    what do we learn at school? economics? gardening? self-sufficiency? 0 community garden 0 self reliance. Just work 9 to 5 and let these fuckers make babies(lots of retards.) It’s pretty fucking pathetic
    I want to kill every fucking Mexican retard I see. I am so fucking sick of these cunts

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