Police Racket – UC Berkeley Campus Cop Steals Money from Street Food Vendor

Police Racket - UC Berkeley Campus Cop Steals Money from Street Food Vendor

Even though there is no gore in this video, I need to share it because it’s solid proof of what I’ve been telling you about the police all along – it’s a racket. Put bluntly – the purpose of police is to beat up, cage or execute those who fail to pay the protection money to the ruler.

In this case, a street hot dog vendor failed to pay the protection money to the ruler by way of purchasing a license to engage in the illegal activity. The reason the activity is illegal, is because you get arrested if you engage in it. The only exception is if you pay the protection money, then you can legally enagage in the othewise illegal activity and the racket enforcers (police) will, or at least should, leave you alone.

Observe that what we now call police, used to be called slave patrol. Their sole purpose was, has been and is to protect the rich from the working class folk, and to ensure no common folk becomes a threat to the rich.

The rich are rich by taking away from the poor. And the police are the means to the end. Any common folk who refuses to part with a significant portion of their earnings by paying the protection racket (ie the various licenses, fees and taxes, etc) will see their life destroyed by the cops. Remember the execution of Eric Garner who was choked to death by the cops for failing to pay the protection racking on his miserable earnings from the sale of cigarettes on the street? Yeah…

In the video below, a UC Berkeley campus cop by the name of Sean Aranas steals all of the money a Hispanic hot dog vendor has on him. The cop has no proof all of the money has been acquired by way of selling street food, but that doesn’t matter – he’s in the business of punishing the commoners who fail to pay the protection money, so that’s what he did.

Also observe that Sean Aranas steals the money. He STEALS it. He robs the man off it under the threat of violence or death. He claims to be using civil forfeiture, but he doesn’t place the money in a marked envelope and seals it. He pockets it. How much was there? Only Sean Aranas really knows. And he’s happy to be telling the passers by that the robbed gentleman can take it to the court. How can a man, who’s so poor he has to sell junk food on a street, and whom the cop just robbed off all the money he has, afford a competent lawyer to stand any chance in court?

BTW, Sean Aranas has a history of abuse. One more bit of info that may be of interest – as of 2014, for the first time in recorded history, police in the United States seized more money and property through civil asset forfeiture than all other burglars and thieves combined. I would only add that these numbers skew even farther if you add in all that cops steal unofficially, and how much of the crime attributed to burglars and thieves are actually committed by cops.


The public just gave the cops a fat fucking finger – Over $55K Raised for Vendor After Police Seize His Money.

Anyway, here’s the video. Never forget – cops are racketeers:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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128 thoughts on “Police Racket – UC Berkeley Campus Cop Steals Money from Street Food Vendor”

      1. He is a human being assturd, just because he is Mexican does not mean he is not human, it’s dickturds like you who give all other decent white people a bad name. When is this going to end? You are fighting a losing war with your racist shit. Take your head out your ass and come back to reality.

        1. Miguelor, do you let your kids fuck niggers and Spics? Are you OK with people being in our country illegally? Did you know that chances are that Mexican sends money back to Mexico to support his family and while in the states he gets a government Check and food stamps and doesn’t pay taxes?
          i am sure that a fucktard like you doesn’t even know what a property owning tax paying citizen is. I absolutely know that you haven’t the foggiest idea of what racism is in the States.
          Facts, Niggers hate us. The black population (NAACP) in America is the biggest hate group in the world. Uncle Tom included. That Uncle Tom shit is just another form of exploitation.
          Facts, Illegals, and Migrant workers and Americans who employ them are weakening our economy. It has been going on for decades now. Look at our country before NAFTA, and Affirmative Action. Do you even know what that is? Let me guess your a millennial mouth breather. Can you fuck your wife without texting?
          Facts, if American citizens will let our authorities do their job and keep niggers and wiggers and illegals in line, if America shuts up and stops racist talk, and starts acting by not buying dope and employing illegals, we will have a much better country.
          Try those three things. Don’t buy illegal dope, dont buy from or employ illegals, and shut up.

          1. Wow! A little bit racist? The fact is that jobs are not stolen from Americans. Some of the back breaking work that is done in the fields to harvest crops will NEVER be done by Americans for way less than minimum wage! Go ahead, get rid of all these people, men and women who bust their ass and have torn up hands and backs, and let’s see all the Americans lining up to have these jobs!! I’m not a supporter of illegals ok, but i get angry at the blind racism that is cancer in our country and the world!! Oh, by the way illegals are not just Mexicans! There Asians, Europeans, middle eastern, central & south Americans plus others that are illegal. Mexicans are always blamed for some stupid reason!!
            As for the Dreamers (stupid name to call them), they came here as children. Many are lawyers, doctors, teachers, professors, college students, high school valedictorians and over all good law abiding tax paying people!! Why would anyone want to toss them out to a country they don’t know?
            I know I sound like a dripping liberal, but I’m not! I’m just a person that grew up without an ounce of racism or hatred in my heart. My only prejudice is people who are prejudiced, racist, and hateful!! There are really horrible people in every race! There are two white people within this week that are accused of sexual assault. On Rep senator resigned today, and the other we all know who that liberal asswipe is from hollywood!! Enough!! No disrespect!! Just wish people could not be so hateful.

        2. He needs a permit. They probably told him a hundred fucking times already. He needs to get his sleepy ass off campus. The money is held as evidence. They had to confiscate his illegal untaxed earnings. This is a legal issue. Not everything is a human rights issue. If you need a cause, pick a different video.

      2. I agree! The law is the law and just like Mexicans who drive without insurance, and run businesses without licenses, this wet back was selling without a permit. What if he was using rotting hot dogs with no proper refrigeration, that’s why you get a permit/license. He should pay taxes too but he won’t. His fifteen kids are also bogging down our education system. He needs a permit like everyone else. Fuck him he deserves his money taken away , and he should get deported too. Along with the Beaner that is yelling in the background. Mark is wrong about this video!!

      1. Something to think about. I wonder if this cop knew that his actions and this video would result in this vendor getting donated 52 THOUSAND dollars as of late, would he still have written the ticket? Or let him go on his way. As in if he had a crystal ball and saw the future result of his actions, would he have had the heart to follow through and give the ticket knowing the vendor would get such an outpouring of support. Or go on his way like the evil asshole he probably is. Because we all know he did this just to fuck with the dude. He would honestly care less if he weren’t an asshole with a little power. Sometimes humanity actually does the right thing.

          1. Its ridiculous how so many people assume that just because someone speaks Spanish and looks Hispanic or Latino, they must be illegal.
            I don’t support illegal immigration but I have compassion for the ones that only want to make an honest living. The average nonprofessional makes $5.00 a day. Professionals make maybe $20-25 a day. Not making excuses, but I get it why they want a better life. Other countries around mexico and south I don’t know what they make.
            I have a few green card holders that help me on occasion with repairs around my house. They are on time, work 7 days a week, meticulous and honest. As for criminals, toss them the hell out!!!

    1. In the early 00’s the Spanish decent could not tell 50’s from 20’s. I got so pissed off being a teller. I would try to explain neoevo or Cinco with my limited Espanol. It pissed me off to no end that I knew some assholes took advantage. They can’t understand that someone actually wanted to let them prosper. Assholes.

    2. NoA small fraction remember their humanity but ALL of them remember their mortality.

      Hence the hair-trigger personalities and arrogant chauvanism that is INFESTING and HAS BEEN for decades before the smartphone/camera.

      This is nothing fucking new. What’s new is that the worthless cunts at UC Berkley are getting some overdue criticism from the American populace.

      I’m mostly talking about cops but most of the people in California should disseminate and form their own doomed city-state.

      Call it an ethnic cleansing!

  1. Oxford, Michigan, an hour from Canada, 1/7 of a second from anywhere in the world via wifi…

    Our Tim Hortons has “tag teams” of two county sheriff cars in the parking lot every fucking morning. The coffee and donuts are fresh mainly because the workers can’t keep up.

    The McDonalds across the street is a peace officer hot spot as well. There is a decal at the pay window, “This business is patrolled by the Oakland County Sheriff Dept” or some such Hitlerese. Boy, I don’t know how the department can keep those uniforms grease free – supposedly Canadian bacon – Mark knows better.

    I can relate to the horse shit that Wyatt Earp worshippers and descendants pull all across the continent. Honest citizens trying to make a living while making people happy? Oh, yeah, read this ticket and the judge will explain the local law as the bailiff grabs you by the ankles.

    1. ahh Oxford MI, such a quaint town but what holds my heart is yearly trek to convent. was so exciting! (cue: field trip!) my takeaway is only every third girl was allowed to flush toilet during bathroom break in mother house

      EDIT: Oxford is also beginning hotspot for state troopers along 1-75 clear through to Clarkston

  2. Fucking disgusting pig. That’s some bullshit made up rule that needs correcting.

    A broken jaw and jellyfied arms to this scum cop wouldn’t be harsh enough punishment.

    Shit world when corrupt cunts like this are going round in uniform supposedly protecting us. What a joke.

    1. I would pay some serious cash to see a cop piece of shit get jellyfication on the arms and legs. Hell, get his fucken cock too, just put a german shephard in front of him and watch him get hard straight away and then smash his cock into a jelly bean.

  3. Yes I want to live in a world where there are unlimited street vendors and no rules on who or where they sell their goods. the reason they have to obtain licenses is to ensure there is not a Mogadishu style bazaar being operated every ten feet. love the BG authors down with the struggle. What a bunch of stupid motherfuckers most.of you are.

    1. Right. Let not the supply and demand of the market dictate who succeeds in business and who fails, which in turn would dictate how many vendors are on the street, and what they sell, how they treat the customer, etc. Instead, let fear, intimidation and murder take care of it. Makes sense…

      By your reasoning, Best Gore should be shut down. Internet is an open platform, much as the streets of Mogadishu, if I were to use your example, where there are unlimited street vendors without licenses. It sure must bother you to no end that there are unlimited providers offering content dictated by the public demand, not by the force of the police who tried to shut me down, and imprisoned me for 3 years, but ultimately failed.

      But if you were to have it your way, I’d be shut down because the government doesn’t approve of this website and God forbid information not approved by the government is on offer for the masses. Can you imagine the horror of supply and demand determining which websites succeed and thus keep going on, and which fail and thus get abandoned because no one would keep investing their time and resources into a project that nobody cares to use? Oh the horror of being free and not oppressed.

      1. to me, I think the purpose of a license is to trigger ‘awareness’ (ie visits from health department to ensure you aren’t peddling diced dog, ideally) but I cannot imagine that is procedure/protocol to dip in that dude’s wallet and confiscate his cash, your lunch money? issue him citation or shut him down and let courts handle it. problem is vendor more than likely illegal so he’s ‘happy’ with outcome (extortion) keeps mouth shut which in turn perpetuates this bullshit

    2. @alltheway Spoken like a True Jew. You fucking dumb-Ass,, Permits were only created so Jew-mans Bagel shop, don’t end-up losing business to a real hard working Man, and his free ( well not so free) i should say,,, enterprise next door. You would probably have 10 year old kids busted for selling lemonade on the street corner, if next to your Starbucks!

    3. Agreed. Here in Brazil, police corruption has allowed these illegal street vendors to proliferate. They sell food with no health control, sell conterfeit goods, sell stolen goods, and ruin the small business of legal stores that pay taxes.
      As for your hate towards police, well, we recently had a police strike here in Brazil, in the State of Espirito Santo. Due to being underpaid, police stopped working for a few days. The result was complete chaos in the cities of that State, stores were looted, crime rate skyrocketed, and people wouldnt dare go out of their houses to go to work.
      I tell you, if police stopped to work in the US, in cities like Detroit and Chicago ,after a few days all of you would be begging for them to come back!

  4. Fucking filthy piece of shit CUCK is going to buy his partner, & himself lunch with that poor Man’s hard earned money. That Pig was asked by The Jew’s Cafeteria Owner to bust him, so he can sell his preservative filled GMO Cancer causing garbage, to the students instead, me thinks!

  5. Street vendor is lucky he didn’t got his food cart tossed and flipped…
    Just get the fuck out of campus and go sell hotdogs in the park or in the street or anywhere else it’s not like if they took his food away now that would’ve been scandalous…

    1. Fuck-Off @Joorenhoo,, I would pay Big Dollars to see You Flipped-Over, While a naked-Midget stood behind you & shoved every one of those hot sausage deep up your ass with long, and sharp metal tongues, raw onions, and all, you Piglet-Cock-Magnet.

  6. And that ticket don’t mean shit it’s just an infraction or misdemeanor at most which most DA’s don’t care to prosecute. No big deal.
    They probably just gave him a ticket for selling food in public with no license or not having a food handlers card.
    Thats nothing he’s not gonna go to jail and he doesn’t need a professional lawyer or money to get representation in a court of law. If he is smart enough he’ll fight the case, win and get his money back plus he could then proceed in a civil court and get more money for any inconvenience he may have suffered because of the money that was taken from him caused him some hardships.
    It’s a long process but he would win if he’s coherent while in court…

    1. Trying to make-up for your asshole comment above??? His lost time,,,, Parking,,, Court Fees,,, Day off work,,,, Humiliation,,, Gas,,,. And you think that the justice system would give him his money back?, lol. Holy fuck buddy, i dunno what Favella you crawled-out of, but i smell SHEEPLE. Have you Ever been to a small claims court before????

    2. I normally silently side with alot of your comments @sorrenho but this one I must disagree. this is what They want,pay the fine and make it all go away.. that cop opening up his wallet and indescriminately swiping cash out of it is wrong. they count on the working man paying the fine as to not waste his time because working man must work for a living, a day off work is probably equivalent to fine one must pay
      most people would say screw aggrivation of that scene rather than sitting in front of judge for afternoon. what a racket -and- cop gets lunch

      1. I want to believe that that officer is not taking this man’ s hard earned cash for his personal gain.
        I would say that if the officer took that man’s money he will write it down in the police report how much money he took and the reason why he took the cash.
        Basically through the eyes of the piglet this person selling hotdogs is not different than a hustler selling dope in the streets, so just like they would take the money from a dopedealer they took this vendor’s money.
        In other words this guy was earning income that most likely won’t pay taxes.
        And we all know that this country runs on taxes. Every country runs on taxes imposed upon their people
        That is one and the most major issue with the behavior of this cop.
        That cop was just being a fucking asshole thats it.
        Maybe he dislikes people that he can’t communicate with.
        I would say he’s like that with everyone.
        If he was a real dick the moment he took contents out of wallet and the vendor got in his personal space he wouldn’t have given him a warning to back up and he would have had feared for his life and would have unloaded on the guy and the person recording cause he would’ve thought the recording device was a gun.
        Shit needs to/has to be called for what it is.
        The officer is just doing his job and his job is putting in dirty work.
        That’s why they’re called

        And by the way
        I rarely eat pork on my diet.
        Pork is really bad for me.
        I like to play nice with the porcupine
        They could be an annoying pain in the ass that you have to deal with from time to time.

        1. I didn’t look into it to see if it’s common procedure to seize assests of illegal street vendors as they do with drug bust and large sums of money. what strikes me as incredibly wrong with this scene is he took the man’s wallet. I highly doubt if someone walks up and buys a hotdog hes making change from his wallet. what if he had his rent money in there? he’d be wrecked!
          cameraman = superstar

          1. I thought of that shit too @desp and a whole lot of other shit like for instance if the officer has that man’s wallet it must have been that vendor was asked for an ID and he was unable to show it so he probably has his birth certificate folded somewhere in his wallet and while he was getting it he probably was shaking maybe intimidated by the cop so the cop just snatched his wallet and helped himself going through it.
            He must have had a couple hundred bucks and officer decided to implement power of the badge and confiscate this guy’s money.
            He may have thought about that is not money made from this sales cause it’is not on his apron but still decided to take it.
            He was just being a fucking asshole all the way through… Well almost all the way through.
            He actually was being a very nice asshole.
            He could’ve easily taken him to jail and he didn’t.
            At least what the video shows.

    3. Of course he is not going to get any compensation or his money back. If he did not have a licence then he is very unlikely to be paying any tax either.

      What makes you think that a court is going to be lenient to a Tax evader? Judges get the highest of pleasure by sending Tax evaders to Jail.

      It is people like you (who offer bad advice) encouraging these kind of people (who are guilty and have 0% chance of winning in court) who are really fucking these people up. Sound advice would be to live & learn… accept your fine, get a licence and pay your Tax.

      I am absolutely certain about this as I am the Taxman.

    1. Let me help you, then. This happened in the USA, where the 5th Amendment to the Constitution states:

      …nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

      If what the video shows looks like due process of law to you, then you should be fine with what transpired.

  7. @Mark The only correction I would make here is that the police started with a very specific intended purpose in America. To catch and return run away slaves. Not for just any rich person, but for white slave owners to get their black slave property back. The description you gave was a bit vague as to the origin of the Police. Yes, they evolved to include protecting the way of life of the rich of any race or creed in modern times. But their origins were very much more specific in scope and purpose. Slave catchers.

      1. @Mark Indeed, today we are all slaves as far as the establishment is concerned. The system sucks. The only bright light is that it people more and more are “woke” and fighting back. Independent journalists like yourself and others not bound to corporate media are sucking the life away from the establishment and it’s lying dogma. The internet along with social media and independent journalism will be influential in the downfall of the establishment and they fucking KNOW it. Which is why they tried so hard to smother you and BG. But the cat is already outta the bag and the clock is ticking. I am glad to have stumbled upon this site. My wife thinks I am crazy but I tell her that reality doesn’t change just because people decide to pretend it doesn’t exist. And I refuse to have my head in the sand. You provide a good service for the public and I will support you any way I can. Like I said before, I may not agree with everything you say (quite a bit I do ), but I will fight for your right to say it. We all have to judge the information we get for ourselves and the government has NO right to keep us from it.

    1. I genuinely like you IP, youve forever come across as rather articulate. I dont know if I pay more attention as you are ‘of color’ and maybe that’s wrong but for what it’s worth I dig your style. hope you enjoyed your cake. (and pie!) happy birthday

  8. Haha…..
    Many scream Police pigs and fuck the Police. But in a world of anarchy many of the “macho keyboard heroes” here should not survive 5 sec.
    Many of the “bad Police” movies here are just fake because this page are full of pathetic redsocks and anarchists…

  9. We do not live in the Wild West… this means that you cannot just “set up shop” anywhere you like otherwise everybody would be doing it.

    Taxes and licences are a good thing when you fully understand them. If you want to reach the top of your game (be rich) then you need to follow the existing rules/regulations set in place as making up your own rules will simply not get you there.

    If this vendor had taken the time and effort to establish his business correctly then he would indeed be very happy to see another vendor who did not follow these procedures being moved on or fined. This is simply how business works.

  10. I’d say this street vendor is likely the equivalent to a pikey/ gypsy, in that because he is not registered via a birth certificate or a NI number or such like, he, in reality, does not exist, therefore he has no option of recourse.
    Easy target for a government employed cock sucking pig.

  11. Obviously only a campus cop, not a proper cop. Proper cop would have taken all his sausages as well. That’s why US cops have to shoot so many suspects. They’re so fat that they would never be able to catch them. Easier to shoot and save energy for the afternoon doughnut eating contest.

  12. A starving man can’t even go down to the river and take a fish without a fucking license. You buy a house, cash, paid in full, then you get letters through your door demanding property tax. You need coat for the winter and the cunts want 23% V.A.T. #stuckinthesystem yaaoooow!!!

  13. hey what’s up with you bestgore? he don’t pay tax, bought a cheap second hand hot dog stand, probably nearly poisons everyone who eats that shit, the legal people here pay tax, work like dogs, end up with nothing at the end of the month and for what, so that he can earn without paying? don’t get me wrong he looks like a nice enough bloke but why should he not pay tax? so let’s all of us not pay tax and see how many people want top live in the west when there’s no money to be shared around

  14. Fuck that, Mr Hotdog vendor needs to live by the law like everyone else. USA is full of illegal aliens working for cash, getting free education, health care, etc and paying nothing.
    If I want to sell a fucking hotdog I have to do it by the rules…so he should too.
    The only thing the cop did wrong was that he failed to check to see if this asshole needed to be deported.

  15. Why is “Gay” always used as a derogatory term on here ? im gay and have 100s of gay friends , none of us are like this cop and bully people , use “banker” or “politician” if you want to describe someone in a derogatory way please.

    1. Hey! I used to work for a bank. Don’t let it get to you. I’m gay, but still use the word in a critical term to describe something or someone. Bit like niggers calling each other niggers. There is a fair bit of genuine, personal hate on here, but they’re just closet homos and jealous that we get a LOT more sex than they do 🙂

  16. In Brazil these illegal street vendors have proliferated due to police corruption.
    Despite the fact that they can sell food that can harm you and will not be accountable for it, they also represent an outlet for counterfeit and stolen goods. They play an important part in the commercial logistics of crime.

    But, whats more important, dont go thinking that you can just start seeling goods illegally, just because the streets are full of them. The proliferation of illegal vendors have created a Mafia that controls the most lucrative locations to sell. A lot of people have been killed cause they dared to sell in areas already controlled by illegal vendors.

    So, good luck with your hate towards the Police and your support for the poor illegal vendors. You would feel at home in the 3rd world.

  17. Vendor has no license. Which makes it illegal to sell to the general public.
    Vendor doesn’t speak english. For his age, if he attended school in the usa, he would have had to learn english first, and elected later in his education to learn another. Whats this mean? Yea, illegal.
    An illegal, illegally selling food to the general public.
    Where’s the certification that the food meets the fda standard? For all we know the dogs are to 3rd world standard and the customers didn’t live to long to tell their story.
    Yea, the police (bicycle patrol, by his fancy kiddy helmet) is in the wrong too and shouldn’t be employed. He may feel taking advantage of a guy taking advantage of the country justifies it, but that badge says he CANNOT do this.
    Ship the illegal (and his family) back home so he can do his street vending according to the free law of the country who’s language he speaks. Reprimand the cop to washing police cars @ an amount of time/stolen cash equal to his using the law for said stealing, and then fire him once that’s reached. The money pocketed under the law belongs to the police force and court system (% by law). So he robbed them as well in the process.

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