Cops Yank 71 Year Old Man in Bathrobe Out of Home, Hurl Him to Ground

Cops Yank 71 Year Old Man in Bathrobe Out of Home, Hurl Him to Ground

Cops Yank 71 Year Old Man in Bathrobe Out of Home, Hurl Him to Ground

In Louisville, Kentucky, a gang of thugs from the Louisville and Jeffersontown police departments banged on the front door of 71 year old Frank Seripiglia. Knowing he has done nothing illegal, Mr. Seripiglia opened the door.

Within a second of opening, the thugs violently yanked him out, and hurled him down the steps to the ground. He was in his bathrobe.

Unbeknown to Mr. Seripiglia, his wife who suffers from mental illness, called the police and claimed her husband had shot her in the head. It was not true.

While Mr. Seripiglia was handcuffed, citizen killers David Stettler and William Kline openly lied to their commanding officer that he was “non-compliant” and that the reason he got slammed face first to the ground was because he had “lost his footing and fell…“.

You know the extent of the police state you live in when even though the cops know they are being recorded, they spew blatant lies because they know they will get away with it.

In any other job, if you lied to your boss, you’d be fired the moment the evidence proves you lied. But as a cop, it gets you a medal and your boss will join in the lie to defend you.

Both the Louisville and Jeffersontown police departments are being sued.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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150 thoughts on “Cops Yank 71 Year Old Man in Bathrobe Out of Home, Hurl Him to Ground”

  1. Why the fuck are we still meeting this shit happen? It’s time to put a stop to this shit abd take our country back, starting at the ground level with these type of fucks right here all the way up to the top. I guess too many people believe that they need the government to protect them to ever do anything about it.

    1. Agreed ! The first thing that MUST happen for any change to take place is people need to be willing to die for the cause! Nothing will ever change and will only get worse until this happens ! The sheep say, but ohhhhh we must do it the right way and go through the courts, make stricter laws for these pigs who are committing these crimes , Bla Bla Bla , that shit will NEVER work. The cops, Judges and prosecutors are all in bed together and they protect their own to keep this nefarious money grabbing system in tact . Thankfully some folks are waking up to the dirty deeds of this Babylonian system, sadly there will never be enough awakened to make change. The change must come by force and once again there will be those who die to make this change happen. Bottom line is these animals do not speak common sense language , they are in control and they will kill to keep that control . There is no talking nice, we must fight fire with Fire ! PERIOD !

      1. Dragons Lair…

        Voting records on politicians works well for me…

        First, I look at their voting record, then I look at it’s hypocrisy, as it interferes with my standard of living, as an American citizen.

        For example…

        Here in Indiana, the roads suck. (cause/massive amounts of military spending) Most politicians vote for this.

        Privatized State Parks and highways. (cause/corporate politicians) Ex Governor Mike Pence and Ex Governor Mitch Daniels, approved of converting our State Parks to a sub division for the wealthy.

        School vouchers (cause/zionists) Mike Pence and Mitch Daniels want our taxpayer dollars, to go towards “The Work of the Lord.”


        Challenge these politicians on their voting record. Call/email/send them a snailmail, or arrange for a talk with them. (hard to do the last one, I’ve tried)

        However, expose their voting record, and the hypocrisy/damaging effects behind it with it’s results/facts.

        You don’t have to win…

        You just have to push back!

        …it does a splendid job combating apathy as well 🙂

        1. @pickmynose123
          sounds logical but these people don’t understand this kind of language, they only understand force and sadly I firmly believe it will come to a point when people have had enough and finally walk into these officials office and physically remove them by force ! People don’t care about living or dying anymore, it’s not worth living life under the tyranny of a corrupt government! This is why we came to this land, we needed to escape a tyrant king in England and now we are facing the same old shit over and over and over again ! I don’t know about you but I can only be pushed so far . Fortunately I don’t have any children to worry about.

          1. I always believe in communication before violence Dragons Lair. I think many times, people isolate themselves too long away from other people, as well as their politicians. There use to be a time in our history, when our government was afraid of it’s people. That was a result of having a non corporate media, representing the people’s voice. I’m old enough to remember this. Not perfect, but far better than it is today.

            With communication, comes a sense of unity. Violence, only creates a political vacuum.

            Look at the Middle East for example.

          2. I wrote a long piece and lost it so I’ll keep it short now. The pilgrims were hunted on sight by a benevolent king not a tyrant. The pilgrims were cunts ,not nice people or pious. They were a pain to all other Christians in England around them . They were the ISIs)Zionists /Evangelical Christians of the day. The same happened with Mormons in latter -day Us. They were also a pain in the arse breaching the peace and it was legal to hunt them and shoot them on sight.

            The Pilgrims was a myth to form a country. They were actually much much worse than the crims settled in Australia (they simply stole bread to survive!) . Pity the Establishment sold you all a lie rather than tell you the truth of how you really became a nation.

        2. @pickmynose123
          Once again a very logical approach, BUT – I think we’ve passed the point of no return. I too am old enough to remember those days but the Jew has a very firm grip on media and it is no longer the voice of the people, it’s used as one of the greatest propaganda machines in the history of the technological world. These parasites can literally mold the minds of millions with very little effort ! The sad part is the millions believe they are well informed lol. I gave a guy a ride to work the other day and was listening to his “thesis” lol on the virus , when he mentioned the media I asked him if he believed everything the news told him ? He literally blew me away when he answered me with a resounding “of course I do”! Admittedly I came unglued on the idiot and let him have it from all ends, this guy is one of many that are brainwashed and have no idea ! ANYHOW- without trying to get off topic I really believe that talking, voting, common sense communication is GONE ! I firmly believe that we are entering into a socialist/communist America where big brother state will take care of us ! seriously , look at the orders they are setting down , no gatherings of 50 people or more, stay in your homes, do as we say, not as we do ! The president running to and fro with nary a thought about standing around others, the military going about business as usual (I’ve got two nephews in airforce and navy and neither are under these draconian style laws.
          I’m sure this is a frightening prospect dear sir but the fight and the bloodshed is absolutely inevitable. It’s been happening all through the Godless history of a world that is ruled by a Babylonian/luciferian agenda ! PERIOD …. I won’t apologize for saying that the enemy doesn’t play well with others. 12 For our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the world powers of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavens.

        3. Good on you for doing the snail mail,voting record and trying to meet and push back. That is more than nine out of every ten do already. I assure you if more acted like you things would change. For sure. They would either clamp down or change things for the better. It has always been so. Either way,freedom and RIGHTS are won with blood . So they clamp down? Who cares ,they have signalled they don’t care so you then take the war to them.

          I am a reasonable man but when the time comes for less words and more action ,you need to fight ’cause they will. They will call out the national guard to do their dirty work and keep their hands clean.
          JoeAverage or Mr Citizen doesn’t have that luxury.

          At sixty you are one of the last generations to have balls and brains. I’m younger and i am the last generation with balls and brains. Don’t expect to the Millennials and younger to fight for America,the are already castrated and fattened in pens on Insta ,football ,Facebook and Ghetto Americana or dumbed down and sold on “patriotism”.

          1. @hopingfornemesis
            I seriously don’t know how I will handle this situation right now. It takes serious balls to pull the trigger on one of the worlds most powerful armies IE Marines, Etc. The fight will surely take the lives of many who decide to go up against this domestic enemy. The only way for it to be worth the sacrifice is anyone prepared to fight this fight will need to get the drop on these domesticated, brainwashed morons and take at least two or three out of the pic before they get you! Then it will be worth it.
            Think about it, if one guy can eliminate two or three of the enemy then this country could be taken back in a fairly timely manner, EXCEPT now you’ve got muslims, jews and the rest of the outsiders trying to take advantage of the situation. How is an individual supposed to fight a fight at this level without a militia in tact ?

    2. Letting what shit happen… All I’m seeing is a frugal old man getting his ass thrown into the ground where it should be… Hes lucky I wasn’t there to knock his head up a little bit and take care of his Retarded wife.

      1. *slow clap* such a tuff guy. I’m impressed. I’m thinking YOUR lucky you weren’t there or that frugal? Lol guy would probably kick your ass, as you try and hide behind your keyboard.

        1. Im down to take my chances with that dude… He was clumsy enough to fall right on his face… I can only amagine it took him a few mins to get up… Also, the cops acted like the should have… In real life I would have thrown him on his ass if a lady called in saying her husband was trying to stab her…

  2. it always makes me laugh! Ignore the demands of the police and they HURT me?? How can this be?

    Its not fair!..

    Brave New world. Get used to it or check on out.

    1. failure to comply to police demands? that ALWAYS works out well!

      Me? its “yes Sir..No,sir, and May I go, sir”…..

      and guess what? I always am treated with respect, and they let me go.

      But you keep fighting the good fight, dotard. And good luck with your lawsuit.

      Not my ideal retirement scenario, but… up to you ya dumb fuck.

          1. @deadvector
            I’ve read your posts , you are nothing but a tool and a fool ! You’re the kind who bends the knee as long as he walks free LOL. what a PANZY , grow a sack kid, this nation will never move forward and out of her tyranny until weaklings like you are removed from society , Only the strong survive little fella !

    1. let’s be real. the only person who would want to be a cop is a sadist, to inflict pain on those giving him that opportunity.

      And? this geezer obliged the cops. usually only 20 year olds discovering beer do that.

      But? 20 year olds can handle sidewalk naps.

      You showed them, Gramps!

        1. they shouldn’t have to. In most sensible countries, refusing to comply with the police gets you a beatdown. And, even more correctly, attempting to flee gets you shot without further warning. This is the case virtually everywhere, from Russia to indonesia to Israel to Iran to Brazil. innocent people comply with the police, the guilty resist.

          The police protect us from mob violence. They keep shoplifters, thieves, pedophiles, rapists, thugs, and crazies from being beaten to death by the locals. I remember once in Java, a shoplifter was being pummeled by the shopowners, the bicycle taxis, the street people…. To the police, when they arrived, he shrieked out “Thank God you came!!”..
          they gave him a few more whacks to placate the populace and then whisked him off to do his 10 year stint in a prison that would make Shawshank look like a resort spa..

          Needless to say, shoplifting in that country doesn’t happen much at all. And their crime rate is far lower than the US, AU, UK, and EU

          1. You are either troll or just stupid.

            “innocent people comply with the police, the guilty resist.”

            Only moron after dozen of videos of police brutality against innocent people would say something like this.

            “The police protect us from mob violence.”

            Police protect traitorous and corrupt politicians in the West, first and foremost.

            ” I remember once in Java”

            Third World country. Irrelevant.
            In those countries police is maybe little better than criminal organizations.

            “Needless to say, shoplifting in that country doesn’t happen much at all. And their crime rate is far lower than the US, AU, UK, and EU”

            Because people are affraid of mob lynching.

            Majority of crime in aforementioned countries are done by cololured people, thanks to “cultural enrichment” by “vibrant diversity”. Because “diversity is strength”.

        2. Police forces (and sometimes corrections) don’t recruit people from the working classes anymore, or to be more specific, people that earn under $50,000 pre-recruitment. Government doesn’t want their officers to be empathetic towards the ripped off workers and down trodden. They want career whores who have no issues with sticking an unroadworthy on a disability scooter.

  3. Everybody saw how unbecoming was that of an old fuck to be compliant to the cops in the first place which he was not , calling shots to the cops because he felt like a bearded lion in his own den and being abusive at the same time because he thought his door was knocked for no valid reasons and garnering sympathy later ; all because he felt he had the Septuagenarian label to himself guaranteeing immunity to any person of his age from all odds .

    Initially it looked as if the old fart was at the receiving end but the clip proves it to be otherwise . He can be clearly seen stumbling and falling all by himself because he was rushing down the stairs like a mad bull in a fit of rage . And that’s where he lost his footing registering a face plant on the pavement in turn .
    For once I would say cops weren’t at fault as they were only living up to their call of duty .

  4. I can’t believe this. The Cop start fabricating what just happened. He said, he lost his footing and fall to the ground. You cocksucking lying Gestapo mother fuckers. That Nazi Cop yank that mans arm like rag dull. How do you kill a Cop without getting caught?

    1. your taxes pay those settlements, not one dime comes from the police coffers. So do you think they give a fuck about a lawsuit.

      Me? I haven’t paid taxes since 1998. You can pay my share of the settlements.

      1. True, but i wonder if it was your father the cops molested, would you be so flippant, my father was a horrible cunt, and died a loser alcoholic , but this man cared for his mentally unstable wife, should have had more care and help…

        1. My father was an LA city firefighter..they have exactly the same union and benefits as the police, and he knew a bunch of pigs, but never liked them. Oh, and my old man was called a hero. Only the police are called pigs

    1. fuck universal care. for the niggers and the wetbacks? And the True Americans pay for it? fuck that noise. bring back smallpox and TB. Let them use a coat-hanger for an abortion.

      if they have brain cancer, send the smelly injuns to Walmart for some aspirin.

      The only medical care that should be given in jails and prisons should be castrations and lobotomies.

    1. and they like it when you give them a reason to make you scream in agony! I would compress those handcuffs until your hands turned black and fell off, and when you didn’t remain silent I’d taze your eyes

  5. Why does nobody ever go after the private person?

    When an officer acts unlawfully they lose qualified immunity.
    That means you can put a lien against their property be it a vehicle or a house or multiple houses and you sue them in their private capacity. They have to pay because of the lien.
    You can literally destroy them for the rest of their lives and they can’t do shit about it!

    Teach the piggies a lesson they will take to their grave!

    1. A lien can hurt your credit, but has no effect on a property unless it is sold. Plus? In the US you can register your property with homestead status, and you cannot be evicted from it for any reason. well. except for the IRS. They use the Napoleonic code of “guilty until proven innocent” and they can do whatever they want. But they usually don’t do such measures unless you have stature in the community, and they want to make an example of you. Redd Foxx, for instance.

      They came in and took everything in his house, except for the mattresses, including his prize dogs, and agents wrestled his jewelry off his neck and fingers, as the comedian in his 80’s struggled.
      Roxx had refused to file returns for years and scoffed at the IRS even during the Sanford and Son years. He died a broken man just a year or two after this event.

      How do I know this story? I too was working in IRS collections and the agents were bragging about it after it happened

    2. On the contrary…

      Police usually attack the private person. Especially if they’re not part of the middle class. Which happens to be the majority of the population nowadays. They’re designed to protect the 1%, along with their arsenol of corporate lawyers and politicians, to make judgement in their favor.

      Show me a rich person on the lethal injection table, and I’ll show you economic and social equality.

    1. Wow, some saintly true wordz there, crazy is great when you have a couple of lines and a quart of wild turkey under your belt – not so cool when the cops are pointing ARs at you first thing in the morning

      Counts for dementia too, shot that bitch the fuck off to sunny acres the minute she starts forgetting your name, you will thank me later…

  6. Lost his footing? My arse! He was dragged and he then lost his footing. No question. Called them cocksuckers? So what ,so would I after them doing that to me! You can hear the surprise in his voice asking,”what are you doing?”.
    Even if he was a murderer he had his hands in full view. There was no NEED to yank him or scream at him like that. That is enough to confuse a younger man ,much less a seventy one year old. Truth be told ,at forty he could probably take them all on and win.

    These gum -chewing Hicks need a good old birching like I would once get.

  7. Fuck’n ass holes I’ll like to see how they like it being slammed to the ground like some slug of meat. Can’t stand disgusting pieces of shit like those and that stupid old skank is at fault for this too how is it you marry someone who’s clearly gonna develop mental illness it’s like this old fart stabbed himself in the back with that decision.

  8. Bunch of abusive serial killers motherfuckers! I don’t understand why american sheeple let these happen. They could have easily killed them, usa cops are the worst scum on earth, and they deserve ALL the hate they have and more…

  9. Ya gotta love this………no one is questioning why the false call was made in the first place……..if you were a cop and you got a report that someone shot someone how would you react ?………hugs and heart shaped hands do not stop a bullet ………common sense folks…….the problem here is the woman who over exaggerated a situation……the cops reacted accordingly.

    1. He can sue but I don’t think it will go any where…….the cops acted according to the call they got…….which was someone getting shot.

      Cops can’t afford to second guess someones ability to shoot them……..and the report said he had already shot someone……….

      Thanks to Bill Clintons strings he attached to cops getting ex military gear, they are going to use that equipment whenever they can, or they lose it…….saying that I think DT removed that stipulation because cops were using their tanks and things a little bit too much and in the wrong situations.

    1. Cops need to get tougher. if the police are fucking with you? it means the society that hired them doesn’t want you in it. We need these Barney Fifes to clean up the streets from you law-breaking greasers, you soulless niggers, you wretched Jews who think the rules ain’t made for you. If you don’t like these extensions of society then? GTFO of the society. You aren’t wanted there anyway. Want proof? BECAUSE THE COPS ARE FUCKING WITH YOU! now find your freedom in slab city with the rest of the tweekers and ne’er-do-wells that just can’t be bothered with car registration, noise enforcement, and alcoholism.


      1. Totally agree. That’s why i never kneejerk bitch abt police back home bcuz they did a wonderful job keeping streets super safe. Though abuse happens I would still say fuck police but never overstate it. Police and soldiers hv to be tough. Occasional abuse is inevitable statistically.

  10. I am with the Georgetown and Jeffersontown Police Department with this one. He was non-compliant because he seemed to turn and not let go of the door knob, exaggerate and throw your hands up, sucks, but get real.

    Also, how would you feel if some woman calls claiming her husband shot her at her head. Bathrobe or not, reality is domestic violence and homicides can occur in any fashion. They just wanted to take this guy out, and not deal with a psycho and his trigger happy ways. Point blank.

    Maybe he should consider this a result of being married to that woman, that is the underlying issue there.

  11. i am 76 and my wife is 84 and we don’t open the door unless we know you.and my doors would take a lot of work to breach not to mention what
    would happen if you got it open. if your home is not your castle, you
    ain’t got shit to live for. if the police want to talk to me, well they got my phone number. besides i would rather die for what i believe in than die for nothing. the civilian killers only understand force. in a metropolitan area
    (Odessa TX) .a 87 year old man in his home took out 3 cops, they are not invincible.

    1. we taxpayers too , as well as the cops, would rather have you die what you believe for. because you probably didn’t contribute much to your social security, and you have a few more years of draining our strapped medical system with your cortizone and inhalers..

      1. There is no fucking way you are a taxpayer, deadvector. You are too mentally unbalanced to be able to attain let alone hold down a job.

        You are definitely on some type of welfare provision then which gives you no right to chastise the elderly and pensioned. They at least have earned their laziness, you haven’t.

        Also. If you hate the fact that your medical system is strapped blame the niggers spics and other invading parasites, not the wrinkled folk as we all become one of the wrinkled folk eventually.

        To hate and loathe the elderly is to hate and loathe your future self.

        1. To hate and loathe the elderly is to hate and loathe your future self.. FART

          To hate and loathe your future is to hate the elderly that created it.

          1. But yesterday’s youth became the present day elderly and thus created your current day youth vs future elderly.

            To hate and loathe the elderly then is to hate and loathe the youth because they both feed into each other.

          1. Brain not work eh. Too bad Mr downs. Still. Your welfare keep you going eh. But please, do lay off those pensioners though Chunk. Dey not your dums dums.

  12. Had the ogre complied with the cops, and was reasonable and respectful with them, they would have went past him and confronted that crazy bitch, and taken her in for 5150 72 hour mental observation.

    Old toughster could have used that time to forge a power of attorney, institutionalize his wife..sell the house, move to Thailand, find a ladyboy, get hooked on ice, and then we would have a much different video with which to enjoy here at BG.


    1. yeah, punish the taxpayers, who will lower the wage of the police, and thereby lower the standards and quality of the police. And you think with these cops making the same as a security guard will be any more professional?.

      does that feeble mind of yours ever try to operate OUTSIDE the propaganda and shite you have been bombarded with? can you even contemplate the responses to your ideas, you drooling, grinning mongoloid?

      1. You do not under stand what your typing, What the video shows the police being violent against and old man and should of… Ok fine if you like to see police beat the shit out of some one then send us a video, Just saying the police should of used deadly force on both party’s The old man and the old lady, Just blast both of there brain out and problem solved.

        1. i have no empathy. being a sociopath. And he looked like he deserved it.

          Me? being pragmatic? I’m a POW in front of the police. they run the show.

          For me? It’s just name rank and serial number. Yes Sir, No sir, may I go sir. and so far? I have never done a sidewalk planking.. maybe it sounds cowardly… but they demand you acknowledge their authority, and its only words. You can still hate their guts inside your mind… smart for once. They have guns and all sorts of torture devices

          think of the shit you go through with your boss…. gotta kow-tow once in awhile.
          rule of law and rights? they are just words really.

          My brother is in jail nearly 2 years for murder 1, without even a mention of a trial yet. TWO YEARS!. so much for the Constitutional right to a speedy trial. remember that the US has a concentration camp in a Cuban colony…

          1. Getmo? Terrorist death camp, And soon for all types of pedophiles. and your brother is spending 2 years in jail for murder? Not bad for blasting someone’s brains out with a shotgun, Heck he might kill off the entire prison population and get out for good behavior just for it.

        2. he doesn’t speak a word to the cops, so they just throw him in stir and hope he talks in jail. nearly 2 years,.. trying to break him..coerce him into accepting a plea. Apparently they don’t have the murder weapon. That means no physical evidence. The jury can’t be sure the bullets in the dead man came from HIS gun or what gun, because the gun was not recovered…

          The DA knows it will be the piece of doubt that can get him off. Without the murder weapon linked to my brother? it could mean the gun belonged to the man killed. its the chain of physical evidence that is necessary for a murder conviction. But even if he’s acquitted? He still will have done over 2 years in jail. So not really a win/win..

          And the cops fully know this. And? he’s lost EVERYTHING, his house, his car, his savings, (lawyer), he will be homeless . Its a lesson in the USA legal system. One that was expressly forbidden in the Constitution. Therefore its just a piece of meaningless paper to me. And of course you don’t come out of jail for that long as the same man…. After that time of being caged, you’ll come out an animal

    1. i don’t even give the pigs an attitude. what good does it do? rebel without a cause. and I’ve gotten away with lots of shit. I have smashed so many windshields and flattened so many tires and thrown so many rocks I can’t remember. gotta know when to fold ’em, gambler

    1. i bet you wouldn’t give an SS trooper any shit either. kike.

      ya can’t beat em? join ’em. I’d become a Nazi if it meant my family didn’t go to a camp

  13. Obviously the Cops were lying about the fall and that WAS bullshit, However……… The COPS are not mind readers. A dispatched call that a woman was shot in the head by husband is a serious call. IF THE BITCH WAS MENTAL THEN TAKE HER FUCKING PHONE AWAY, LOCK HER UP IN A LOONY BIN OR KEEP A CELL PHONE IN YOUR DAMN POCKET TO MAKE SURE SHE CANNOT MAKE BOGUS CALLS. Don’t Blame the Cops for taking the call seriously.

  14. This is my first comment as an actual member of the Bestgore family. These cocks are some of the worst humans. They should be dealt with like the Haitians deal with people like this, which fyi is, hack them to bits and sell the meat to those willing to eat pork!

    1. I find it funny Most of the Anti-Police Tards use little gay avatars. Lets see what you look like ! Have some balls. I have no doubt you would changing your story if they saved your sorry ass or a family member from harm. I have seen it far too often.

      1. I’m very pro cop. I donated to my local barracks today as a matter of fact. There was an incident where 2 officers were injured, and forced to shoot someone who was trying to run them over. Maybe the joke was lost on you, and that’s ok, but i just didnt want you to think that because I say something, something I thought was overtly sarcastic, that it means i hate cops. If it weren’t for police we wouldnt be able to enjoy this site. Thanks for being a cliche though. If youd like to verify my story i donated to the Signal30 fund which directly goes to NYS troopers..I’m in Port Henry Ny presently and I have 3 young children in my house..I’d love for you to come on in and wish us harm. Be my guest.

      2. And now I find you funny, just for the record. Should I take a photo of my covered face for you? Will that please you. What an ass you are. I also happen to be the biggest Donut operator fan I know, so you can stick that in your pipe too pal.

    2. haitians don’t deal with cops like that in Port au Prince, I guarantee? those haitian cops will shoot you in a heartbeat. that activity only takes place when the cops AREN’t around.

      food for thought

        1. upper class filipinos? those are Chinese mestizos. The equivalent of Jews. Despised but they run the economies of ALL the ASEAN nations. Well, vietnam got rid of their chinese jews, they were called Boat People in the late 70’s , google it. And thailand intermarried so much they are almost undetectable, much like in the USA.

          the little Philip is the most family-centered nationality in the group. priority #1, and husbands, whether kano or local? are expected to help out.

          You don’t get it. The wife’s family becomes the husband’s family…that’s why arranged marriages were used for so long. Marriage there is like a business venture. and for a flip? marrying a westerner is a fucking BUSINESS, like prostitution

        2. marcos was ilocano the rest are mostly tagalogs. but all have a lot of chinese blood so? yes? you can’t go by the surname, but if its a Spanish surname? then they are mestizos. that’s how they got that name. the Westerners that colonialized asia always used the chinese as middleman, and when they left these mestizos took over as the colonial masters,.

          Duterte,. does he LOOK chinese? he’s a true maharlikan.. and by the way, malaysia and singapore used to be crippled by opium and heroin, they killed them all off with executions just like duterte does now..but they did it in the early 60’s and 70’s. there’s not much dope there now, and that’s another reason they are rich

        3. That’s like saying a euroAmerican is a British because his DNA includes English bloodlines. Yo can identify a native Maharlikan by the surname. But that doesnt mean they are pure maharlikan. of course just like Americans, they are mongrels.

          I am a EuroAmerican but look like a healthy Englishman. This is because I have a chin and strong teeth, from my Germanic stock, and my temperment is Roman , with perhaps the olive complexion and aquiline nose. I am the best that Europe offers. thats why we are superior and dominate the European race in culture, economics and geo-politics. thank God I don’t have pure English blood. those knock-kneed, effeminate, sodomy-loving chalk toofed, chinless, bald bastards are clever and hardy and can withstand an amazing level of discomfort..but they are no match for the Germans and have been reliant on EuroAmericans for survival since the middle of last century

          1. A lot of what you say is true but I disagree with some as well. I don’t believe America became the hegemon because of some innate superiority. In fact ,I believe it is due to chance. You simply had deep pockets and were the last man standing.
            As for your mixed blood making you “better”, well that makes sense, as hybrid vigour gives strength and survivability to offspring , a total stronger than its parts if you will. This of course depends on the parents having “good traits” to begin with.

            So you look like Zappa as well. Lol ; he was mesmerising and many women found him wildly attractive.

          2. zappa was atrocious. Horrible teeth. But women flocked to him because of his intelligence. Even Einstein got laid a lot. Women like smart guys. It is men that rely upon looks. not women. we are the vain ones

  15. This is totally unacceptable. I live very close to where this happend and I heard nothing on the news about it. Instead they wanna report on how some high school kid played in a fucking game. I’m tired of cops and niggers ruining people’s lives. Bring on the fucking race war or whatever that’s coming. There scaring people into hiding In there homes at the moment .

  16. It’s always the fuckin’ American Pigs at their worst in these situations. Thinking they’re some kind of fuckin’ action hero out of the movies. Well guess what pigs? Don’t think just because you have to take your job seriously or have the so-called authority to be a jerk-off towards a citizen, that you can just fuckin’ abuse your FALSE power and NOT have to face the consequences for it. Even if the old wind bag didn’t comply you STILL could have dealt with situation differently as I’ve seen so MANY other officers do PROFESSIONALLY. You pussies look at the “how to be a commie-pig” text manual so much that you actually had your doubts on getting fucked up by an old geezer. You fuckin’ pansies will be eating the ground too soon enough one day if you don’t get your shit together like a REAL police officer. I can smell the bacon from here!!!

  17. I guess when the police tell you to come out, YOU BETTER COME OUT!!
    He was non compliant, and did lose his footing, but they jerked him out of the house while he was hanging onto the doorknob….
    Old bastard probably deserved it…..js

  18. How can they get away with doing this??..I don’t understand it.
    That poor bloke was no threat at all. He wasn’t been abusive or aggressive. He was vulnerable. Even if he had hurt his wife,wich he never,well I am going from the info I have read&watched here. He was standing there,he was the one been abused. There was no reason for them to brutally attack that elderly gentleman.
    Why don’t we hear about all this in main stream media.we are starting to hear more. But it’s mainly racist stuff. .we should see it all.

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