Portland Tyrants Shoot Peaceful Protester in Head with Rubber Bullet

Portland Tyrants Shoot Peaceful Protester in Head with Rubber Bullet

If Bootlickers Existed in 1776

Even though only a fool would think bootlickers will get it, I had to start the post with the above image because it really hits the nail on the head.

In Portland, Oregon, the tyrants shot an unarmed, peaceful protester holding a boom box in the head with a rubber bullet. Needless to say, if that happened in China or pretty much any other country, the worshipers of Dear Leader would scream like they finally got a semi.

The Americans exhibit a lot of bark with “muh guns” rhetoric, yet tyrants are killing their children in full sight without repercussions every day, and still there is no bite.

Anyway, I already uploaded the video to BitChute, so the attacks on Best Gore intensified because they know I will once again show the true colors of the cowards in blue. Expect more downtime as a result. They really need the bootlickers to remain hoodwinked and I’m messing with their plan.

There’s a reason why the incident with the Hong Kong girl getting shot in the eye got endless press coverage, but no peep on the kid with the boombox getting blasted in the head in Portland is made. That’s how they make you worship and support your greatest enemy. I wish I could say I was shocked.


His name is Donavan LaBella, he’s 26 year old and he’s white. As documented thoroughly at Best Gore, being male and being white makes one a prime target for police brutality.

Props to Bets Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

Also a video of tyrants assaulting medics tending to an injured person during a protest likewise in Portland:

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163 thoughts on “Portland Tyrants Shoot Peaceful Protester in Head with Rubber Bullet”

          1. Do me a favor and film it when you finally kill yourself like your ilk do. After you get PTSD because you can’t rape preteen boys every day and get away with it now that you are back.

        1. Just to be honest. The people in the armed services, under 30, they ain’t going. Sure, they got people who will issue the orders, but not the ones who carry it out. Let’s just say there are a large number who would be cool with the che method

      1. He sure did. I’d like to feel sorry for the guy but cannot. Anyone still “protesting” at night are not there for any reason other than to get in people faces, damage property that is not theirs, piss of the people they are trying to convince to be on their side and get shot like this dumbass.

      2. Anybody regardless of race or ethnicity that is down with the BLM should get shit with rubber bullets in the head…
        Anybody who actually attends one of this BLM “peaceful protests” should get shot in the head with a real bullet.

    1. We went armed. Nobody got beat ran over or shot with tear gas around us.

      SRA has been spreading this message through the protests. The state violence has been a tremendous tool

    2. Damn, USA is the only country in the world that accepts this excesive police brutality, the only country when a cop can easily get away by shooting an innocent person in the head, I mean, I have seen police brutality, but this is way too much, shooting a guy in the head just for standing there? really? damn, that’s crazy

      1. You really think that this guy holding the boombox talking shit to the cops is an innocent bystander??…

        Come on bro I thought you were one of the team, (not the BLM team… the other team)
        The FTP team, and although
        “Fuck The Police” team and “Nigger Lives Matter” team might have that hate element towards piggies in common we cannot sympathize with the stupid…
        This motherfucker got shot, he was begging for it or maybe he just didn’t gave a fuck if he did… I mean from the short video we can say w certainty that there was a couple of warning shots that should’ve sent anybody in the right mind to seek cover or at the very least to get the fuck out of the open.
        But then again nobody present in that “peaceful protest” was in their right mind, otherwise they wouldn’t have been there to begin with.

    3. These are not protesters! These are Marxist communist transgender loving punks. They don’t give two shits about you or me, they don’t even care about the history of the freeing of the slaves. Look at all the abolitionist statues they have damaged or destroyed, go on search it and tell me I am wrong. You let these far leftist into power and you can kiss your gun rights goodbye. Tell me I am wrong, look at every democratic blue state and you will see gun rights stripped. I can’t even buy a box of bullets without paying a fee for a back ground check. No .50 calibers, no magazines over 10 rounds, even if you have a magazine you need a special tool to fucking remove and reload it. No tracers, no steel cores, you can’t even hunt if you have lead in the bullets. Do your own research and tell me I am wrong, don’t worry about me I lost all my “assault weapons” in a boating accident.

      1. It doesn’t matter what their political ideological belief system is when a person is shot. The only thing that matters when a policeman or policewoman does this to another human being is the QUESTION: was the action(s) of the officer justified or not under law?

    4. The gun rights and constitutional people support the Trump administration. The democrat side would ban and confiscate their firearms. They have all the gun community on their side which would prevent any real or successful uprising. What you see are communists, anarchists, hoodlums. Those are people that nobody likes nor cares about. shooting them in the head won’t matter to anyone.

  1. Where is everyone? Scary aint it
    Just went to look this up and it should have been top of newsfeed in Oregon. Nope! I only see it in The Sun and DailyBeast . Oregonlive however features this headline

    “Black photographers  capture history at Portland protests” with this moving opening paragraph ..They were all lying on the ground. Thousands of protesters were spread out across the Burnside Bridge, stomachs to the pavement in memory of George Floyd and his final moments. Mariah Harris, 29, moved through the crowd, aware she was witnessing history and that she had to capture it.

    We are headed into racewar. It is in the air now. Something massive is going to go down. You feel it in the streets. Between the covid, the cops, the blacks and the election.

    It is horrid thought but I find myself fearing Trump will lose. For as fucked as we all are now could you imagine Democrat in there? I don’t know what the answer is. Nor do I really want to see what goes down if Biden loses. To say I am concerned is understatement

    Post is disgraceful.

      1. You’re a dumb motherfucker. Cops sign up to deal with the most retarded people on the planet and de-escalate situations. But instead it’s dumb ass trigger happy hicks getting a badge just so they can walk around acting like they have 1000 pound nut sacks because they get to have a glock on their waist. I can’t wait to see mass murders held out on cops in America and frankly the general crumbling of this piece of shit country

  2. “As documented thoroughly at Best Gore, being male and being white makes one a prime target for police brutality.” and being a rioting protester doesn’t help…? (you neglected that part!)

          1. I guess since someone made/titled a song means that I must believe it because it MUST be true….. Or is that too much for a hate monger to understand??

        1. when I see “agent provocateurs on police payroll’ aiming their weapons at me and choose to remain, chances that they are not going to place a blue rose on my person is rather scarce… There are trigger happy “agent provocateurs on police payroll” just as there are rioters in a peaceful crowd…. at least that’s what most of your videos prove…? Just say’n…

  3. @happy

    Mark. Police brutality aside for the moment I would be happy to have a discussion with you at some point, perhaps in the forum section, as to where you stand on the ideological fight going on at the moment.

    I arrive at the above due to the nature of the protests in question, of which this footage belongs. We can however both agree that police brutality is wrong and to give it permission one-way to spite the opposition is to see it returned back at us and ergo tie ones own noose.

    Still. These current BLM protests have been merged, willingly or otherwise, with Antifa and the far-left modern day version of Marxism with the emphasis removed from the white working class struggle and replaced by the new fighting class, the “minorities”, and their desire to destroy whiteness white people and white culture in general. I.e. The “oppressors“.

    Add to the above the LGBT groups with their 545 plus genders and their denouncement of biological science in general and other subversive shit we whites are under attack from daily it is quite clear that we are in a cultural/racial/cultist war of sorts in which these protests(riots and looting, once blacks get involved) take form and are expressed.

    It is not just a simple matter of police brutality then to most people but a case of ideological purpose and reasoning juxtaposed in separate argument to that abstract.

    1. As soon as you talk about antifa which isn’t a group, there is no membership. Then say Marxists are trying to something to the white working class, in no understanding of Marx is there a white working class. There’s just the working class. You cannot defeat the ruling class with your little sect. It’s delusional to think you could. Absolutely the BLM movement is intertwined with Marxist thought. Which is why BLM protested for Daniel Shaver. There is no understanding of marxist thought where you pit working people against each other. Your boss likes that. Very simple question from the Marxist perspective. Do you work for a living, or do you profit off the labor of those that do.

      You may here people mention upper middle class, professional managerial class, but to be clear, those are the mindsets of those people, they seperate themselves from the working class. I mean it’s pretty clear you’ve never interacted with any of this, and the only thing you’ve ever heard about is not what Marxists say, but what people say Marxists said.
      Id suggest for an actual clue on these topics “Richard Wolff” or like just do the audio book version of the communist manifesto by Karl Marx. People will way read capital and maybe this is just me, but unless you like, know economics and shit, and are really into dialectics, it’s a fucking chore. I had read it when I was like 22, sort of thought I understood, but it wasn’t untill 33 and I read it again that I realized I hadn’t even almost grasped most of what was being put out.

      White working class is the language of the republican and democratic parties. Not the Marxist.

      1. “As soon as you talk about antifa which isn’t a group, there is no membership. Then say Marxists are trying to something to the white working class, in no understanding of Marx is there a white working class. There’s just the working class“.

        Sorry boy, you are not fooling anyone. I’ve been alive too long to not see through your shit. Nice try though kid.

        You are targeting whites and you are neo-Marxists. Why lie when you are so utterly transparent?. You just end up looking stupid to everyone with half a brain.

        Forget Richard Wolff, try Douglas Murray for a modern day look at how things work kid and yes Antifa is a group ideology and identity boy. Grow up for fucks sake. Your take on things is embarrassing for a man of your supposed age. You sound like you are 12.

        1. Also, the fact that Marx was openly racist to everyone but whites and often stated his preference for his own race makes me think that you have never actually read the man, you are just regurgitating him like every other libtard.

          1. Lol you mean Marx who wrote that freeing the american slaves was the most important liberatore act in human history? Who communicated with Lincoln, often, who congratulated him on winning the civil war? Or the radical republican party which was a Marxist organization? Printing the communist manifesto and his other works? Hmm weird.

          2. Marx referred to niggers as filth most of the time. Read a book for fucks sake. He was against slavery for the division it caused amongst the working class. Mahatma Gandhi was the same. He also was against slavery but hated niggers too for the exact same reasons so try to study something other than gender studies next time.

            Anyway. Marx was a piece of shit and you have pushed the argument off point enough. My argument was that the modern day version of this shit(far removed from the past version, of which your beloved Antifa belongs) is an anti-white movement which I see you never attacked because you can’t as it is evidently true.

            Not just the rich whites either, or the American whites. It is a movement against all whites of all persuasions. A movement where all white people are the enemy and must submit or be crushed.

            This nonsense is going on all over western Europe now as well and they are screaming down with white people/white culture when we never even had a hand in killing that dumb career criminal nigger saint George. So yes these protests, if you can call looting rioting arson and violence that, have morphed into an hate and attack whitey campaign.

        2. Man your standing at the back of the cave starting at the shadows on the wall pretending that’s the real true shit. I can only try and show you the outside world, whether you turn around or not, that’s on you.

    2. If you saw all the damage that “innocent”, “entitled”, unemployed antagonist and the other gutter socialists have done and are still doing and all for sport; you might think differently. – I’m on board with the stop murdering people before , during and after arresting them and cops needing to scale it way back in the violence against citizens. Those protests worked and got results. The other protests are by immature people who were raised to act the fool until they get what they want just so they will shut up and go away. It’s a sad state of affairs that policy making has stooped so low.

  4. Que loco, del otro lado del charco sufren la brutalidad policial mientras que en Latinoamérica los malditos delincuentes nos matan y la policía no puede hacer nada. Podríamos negociar un cambio, les damos a nuestros delincuentes asesinos y ustedes nos mandan a su policía salvaje y represora . ¿Qué opinan?

    1. Si tuviéramos policías como ellos no estaríamos sumidos en la delincuencia. Lamentablemente los gringos no son agradecidos del país que tienen. Hay gente que está dispuesta a morir por llegar a USA… aún así los gringos se quejan… nada que hacer..

  5. I don’t often find myself agreeing with much of the screeds that come with the posts, but I will say, at least I can fucking make a through line out of the different things you say. Your not constantly contradicting yourself one opinion to the next.

  6. It doesn’t matter if you believe in the protesters cause, or outright oppose it. If we allow the storm troopers to harm nonviolent protesters, then when it’s your turn to stand up for what YOU believe, you are going to be harmed. These bastards have sonic weapons that can stop actual rioters and looters, but they rarely use them. They want violence and destruction, so they can justify tighter restrictions, and erosion of the people’s liberties. They have agents on both sides flaming the fire, so they can eventually step up, and provide the solution to extinguish it.

  7. This isnt going to get much attention because he is white. Majority of protestors are lead to believe this is an issue of racism and not police brutality. This belief will be held as long as social media platforms and MSM news outlets keep throwing these deaths under the rug unless it happens to someone with brown skin.

    1. ya if it was a black guy then it would be kill whitey blm. Its all part of democratic agenda. They don’t care if white person gets hurt or talks about it cause then it makes it look like police aren’t racist and that they also hurt white people. THey just want to paint that picture that whitey is racist and they are racist to black people so they can get funding for blm and george soros makes money. THat kid got a wake up call his protest means nothing if it doesn’t follow the white cops are racist to black people agenda. And he got a wake up call how brutal things can be when you want to be protestor.

    2. Well it’s an issue of both race and class, neither cancel each other out, like no offense when shaver was murdered in arizona, there were no “all lives matter protests” but there was BLM protests. Y’all should talk about that

      1. The whole Daniel Shaver BLM was just “This happens to us too pay attention too me!!!” Don’t kid me there was tons of outrage for Shaver but the protests were obsolete. You see this happen amongst all races. This is first and primarily a police brutality issue in America. Minority groups in this country just don’t know just how good they have it. Most of which ive seen while protesting were college kids with a victim complex. Then there’s the whole Black trans lives matter bullshit getting spammed during the floyd protest when there is zero correlation. However you do have a brain between your head, class is also a problem yet that is more towards the judicial system we have. Any dumb motherfucker from any class can be a trigger happy corrupt cop and drop civilian bodies.

          1. peak human genetics ,if that cunt looked like me instead of a little sperm faggot he could take it like a champ

  8. THere is nothing peaceful about protesting. Its just an asshole who hasn’t been knocked on his ass yet trying to act like a tough guy to fit in with his friends. Then reality sinks in hes not as tough as he thought he was when hes coughing up blood.

    1. To be fair Mark tends to frame arguments in a way that goes against human nature which is why people miss the point a lot. Not his fault, just the way people are made.

      Human beings do not like to be attacked and abused by any group, especially by the authorities. They do however find it enjoyable to see harm done against their opposition.

      These BLM protesters are a group of people who hold very anti-white sentiments and have been recorded destroying things under the guise of black lives matter even though most of what they are protesting against has nothing to do with BLM and the white people alongside them are libtard snowflake types on a power trip. Naturally then most white people are pissed off and when angered people often put their common sense aside which is what is happening here with the support being shown towards police brutality that they otherwise should not be giving.

      Were Mark to show footage of a old white lady being smashed by the cops there would be a massive drop in the support being shown and a massive rise in anger and disapproval. Its all about the optics.

      To conclude. We are emotional beings which can and often does give rise to the absurd and illogical. Just look at libtards for example, they are the personification of such direction.

  9. One piece of shit shot another piece of shit. The piece of shit victim shouldn’t be fucking around in a protest because it’s going to mark you out to the filth, especially if you’re directly goading them, play stupid games etc. The piece of shit copper should be chucked off of the force and charged with attempted murder, firing a baton round directly at someone could very well kill them and they fucking know it. No good guys in this scenario.

    And the medics? Don’t make me laugh. That just a couple of kids with red crosses made out of electrical tape stuck to their clothes playing doctor. Those two fucking tossers were probably sporting a semi every time they got to stick a plaster on some antifa wanker and had their little fantasy validated. Filth have got enough to deal with without two Larpers getting under their feet and supplying aid and succour to their enemies, no matter how ineffectual they are. Still, it’s a win for the role players, not only are they seen to be “healing” the injured but they’re also the victims of police brutality. JACKPOT!!! They no doubt skipped home together like happy little bunnies and engaged in vigorous bum sex to celebrate. Take that Nazis!

  10. Enemy of the people, as proven yet again. If you’re going to a protest, you need to be armed and preferably armored. It’s the only way to prevent this kind of thing from happening. Nobody was shot in the face by rubber bullets at the Bundy Ranch Standoff because protesters were just as well armed as the feds. As the saying goes “An armed society is a polite society.” If you’re unarmed, you’re a target because criminals know you can’t fight back, whether these criminals have a badge or not is of no consequence. Don’t commit any violence, and call out any agent provocateur you find. Stand side by side armed in solidarity with one another in peace as is your right as a human being.

    1. Damn, USA is the only country in the world that accepts this excesive police brutality, the only country when a cop can easily get away by shooting an innocent person in the head, I mean, I have seen police brutality, but this is way too much, shooting a guy in the head just for standing there? really? damn, that’s crazy

  11. Being male and white doesn’t protect you from becoming stupid. These guys are totally agitated and brainwashed. They kinda feel black inside. Perhaps the blow to the head helps to get normal again.

  12. Yeah…. whoever you are that writes the crap that goes with these videos…. you got it BACKWARDS……
    I’m a poor working class American….. in other words I’m a typical American….
    These “peaceful protestors” are the enemy of this country….. they are left wing, liberal trash…..
    This commie piece of shit is lucky a rubber bullet is all he got…. HE DESERVES TO BE TRIED FOR TREASON!
    You are obviously NOT living in America, so you might as well keep your liberal retarded opinion to yourself…
    Im sorry to the “jogging joggers”, but you weren’t a slave and I have never owned slaves….so that shit needs to be let go of….

    You better start taking the side of Americans….. we won’t allow this country to be turned into some European shithole with communism….

    1. It’s all roses until you “get fed, feet first, into the maw of The System”. I hope you never learn the hard way, as I would not wish that shit on anyone. Protip: try to remain in the center of the sheep herd; the wolves may not be that hungry when they get to you. You’re welcome.

  13. No way he would survive to a bullet in the head, his brain is severely damaged. What a stupid asshole, standing in front of armed serial killers with uniform is never a good idea, another person killed by cops in cold blood

  14. Damn, USA is the only country in the world that accepts this excesive police brutality, the only country when a cop can easily get away by shooting an innocent person in the head, I mean, I have seen police brutality, but this is way too much, shooting a guy in the head just for standing there? really? damn, that’s crazy

  15. White idiot getting shot in the head rioting b/c a career criminal (9 times in prison) black man that was high on drugs trying to pass a fake check to get money to buy more drugs was killed by the police. Seems to me nothing wrong happened here.

    1. Yep. They have been “protesting” his death in Europe too and we had nothing to do with it. The libtard and nigger fucks over here started burning shit and destroying statues for something that happened in another country.

      They were demanding that white culture and white people be destroyed though so I guess that was their real aim from day one. The BLM groups own website states that their aim is to end white majority rule which over here in Europe where we are the indigenous population and the majority comes across like a call for genocide against white people.

      I don’t like police brutality but I struggle to give a fuck when a brainwashed traitorous piece of shit gets smashed.

    1. Fuck those niggers. France brings them in and provides somewhat of a safer place to live and learn. And then they pull shit like that?

      They act like they’re from the streets and hood rat as fuck. But they’re all wearing the same shoes. Quite expensive ones may I add. Fucking dogs.

  16. Beat those fucking Marxist. I live in Minneapolis and they destroyed our city and now we’re on the hook to come up with 500 million dollars to replace or repair the 1,500 buildings they damaged and destroyed. Should have used live rounds. Oh and your use of the term “Peaceful Protester” is a crock of shit. If he wasn’t throwing rocks, he was providing cover for those that were.

  17. A lot of the boot lickers are right wingers who think police are being dismantled instead of reformed. They do this because they hate black people and try to play the victim, all the while police are kill both white and black.

    And yes there are boot lickers from all sides.

    I do believe in the right to bear arms, but some people are to crazy to have guns. These criminals will kill you if you cant protect yourself

  18. When will you Americans start standing up and firing back? You guys have such easy access to firearms. They robbed us here in Australia. Fuck I wish I was born and raised in the US. I would at least try and make a difference.

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