Russian Man Catches Cops on Hidden Camera Threatening to Frame Him by Planting Drugs

Russian Man Catches Cops on Hidden Camera Threatening to Frame Him by Planting Drugs

Russian Man Catches Cops on Hidden Camera Threatening to Frame Him by Planting Drugs

I saw someone on Twitter respond to bootlickers asking whom you gonna call if you need police by stating something along the lines of: “I’m sure I can figure out how to plant drugs on myself….” Truer words have never been spoken.

The video is from Russia. Luckily, the victim installed a hidden camera before the cops arrived, and caught them threatening to frame him by planting drugs on him. Eventually, this is gonna happen to all bootlickers out there, so keep supporting the enforcers and protectors of policies that drag countries to shit, while the aware prepare for what’s coming.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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86 thoughts on “Russian Man Catches Cops on Hidden Camera Threatening to Frame Him by Planting Drugs”

  1. Police are no better than you or I, I’ve been at a party and seen an officer of the CID branch snorting cocaine!
    Many are corrupt and so on. I wonder what the world be like without police enforcement, lawless… a suburban ; o
    Anyway Russia you bastards stop trying to steal our Scientific research on the COVID 19! Lol

    1. I’m sorry to burst your bubble but covid is nothing more than nonsense. And as for the elite police force they are servants made to serve the elites. The cocaine smoking bored policemen who want to harass civilians because they’re bored are made to look over the population. That CID would never be made to look after the elites. Look at the queens force they arent even allowed to move. Anyways dont forget that the freemasonic Zionist Jews are at the top of the food chain.

        1. When you live in the basement of your parents house at the age of 45 its a lot easier to blame everything,to call everyone bootlicker or sheep, and think all police from all around the world are against poeple.

          1. Why you still live in society if you hate it? Go create your own chaz. Without police in the street in 2 weeks its a living hell.

        1. every time someone has a family member die or go to hospital now they say oh its cause of covid. No people die. You just aren’t educated you believe anything you see on the news. Doctors are FORCEd to say its covid they even admitted to it and don’t understand why they are FORCED to say it is when they are saying its other reasons like pnemonia. Corona virus is ANY MEDICAL BOOK if your dumbasses take the time to look is COMMON COLD. That is all it is. That virus can’t even kill a child. Sports players that are testing positive for it have 0 symptoms of it. Cause its weak cold. You don’t catch a virus btw. It is what FORMS FROM A LOW IMMUNE. Just like cancer it forms from low immune. You don’t catch it from people. What is making poeple sick is 5g. 5g was put in wuhan last year. Scientists said after 6 months people will start getting flu like symptoms from it. And then in nov-dec it was around 6 months time frame that people started getting sick.

          They rioted against having it cause of safety issues. 5g also has a ton of towers in ny. the emf radiation from these towers that are made to look like trees are lowering peoples immune. Bees and birds that fly by it die. They think its a tree and fall over a die. Same thing you seen in china videos of people just falling over a die. Coronavirus is not killing people its the 5g that loweres immune system. Educate yourself before being zombified by the news. Just casue someone dies doesn’t mean its coronavirus. Its from a low immune and a lot of the times its not a coronavirus its something else but doctors are told to say it is.

          1. I’m not commenting on the rest but just one point.
            Pneumonia is just water in the lungs from an infection. Yet it can be caused by many different diseases or disorders. Old people often die of pneumonia because of old age as I believe do people with aids and radiation sickness. I am not a doctor and am happy to be corrected by others that know better. So ,just because they are dying of pneumonia does not necessarily mean they are not dying of pneumonia caused by Corona covid-19.

            What is important and scary is that very few doctors /medicos have commented here on bg about it. What do you think that means? That is what scares me!! It either means they don’t know what is going on,they know it is a scam but are scared to say it because of threat to their life or livelihood , they know it is true but much worse than we all know and have been told to shut up or they are scared to express an opinion because it will be unpopular .Which do you think it is?


          1. @urinedanger
            What do you know about viruses besides nothing.
            What do you know about the common cold and pneumonia.
            Im afraid your ignorance and confirmation bias would make it impossible to learn the truth.
            If you would like to learn how wrong you are, without insults, I’d be glad to help.

          2. I never said coronavirus killed people I said you’re an idiot if you think covid isn’t real. That’s a whole different discussion you’re trying to have. Nice try, but you need above a third grade reading comprehension level in order to make me look dumb.

        1. of course its not real. A virus is not real. Its not something you CATCH. You guys are uneducated. Its something that forms from a low immune system. So what causes this low immune system is from the 5g towers. Its emf radiaton. don’t believe me stick your head in a microwave and find out. Some countries wont even allow it. They wont talk about it. Unless they get rid of that 5g people will continue to get sick. A virus forms from low immune. That is how cancer starts. You guys are just uneducated on how the body works. I do know cause I haven’t had a cold for over 25 years from doctors almost killing before. I had to study about the human body and how it works or I would be dead by doctors killing me with antibiotics suppressing my immune system. If i haven’t had a cold in almost 25 years and you have then we know who the real idiot is by those results.

          THere is a lot of things you clowns don’t know. Flying during the day those sun rays are making that airplane and you radioactive making you sick every time you do it. Stewartists and pilots get cancer over time from it. they say they can’t explain it haha. People that fly get it. Its very deadly but fake news will say oh its safe. that plane don’t help stop the radiation from hitting you. But be zombified by fake news. Its your life not mine. My dad told me you can’t help a dumb ass. They enjoy being dumb.

          1. Awesome, another member with brains. That’s why I’ll never lay off the spinach leaves, blueberries, ginger juice and carrots.
            You’re dad is very right about what he said too.
            A dumbass is comfortable with a lie, but afraid of the truth.

        2. @juror
          Fucking go hang yourself you dirty Grammer Nazi. People who think Covid isn’t real are dumb, and if that describes you tough shit. But if it doesn’t, I don’t see why you needed a reason to get offended. If the shoe doesn’t fit don’t wear it.

    2. They tried to put shit in my window but I saw the Bitch’s shadow on my wall and when she left I licked that shit up and swallowed the selifane. They live to make my life as uncomfortable as possible just because I get high.

    3. Canada’s National Research Council: 17.07.2020.

      “No record of ‘COVID-19 virus’ (SARS-COV-2) isolation by anyone, anywhere on the planet,”.

      In other words as I have been saying for months they have never shown the ‘virus’ to exist and therefore cannot ‘test’ for it or produce a ‘vaccine’.

      It has not passed one Teer of the Koch Postulates (which there are 4.). Which is the method of detection, determination, and causation that we have been using for 131 YEARS..!
      Which has detected every other virus know to Mann, that has in the past caused to spread and infect on a pandemic level.
      Corona virus (much like ourselves). Has been know to exist since the 1200’s. There are many different types.

      What has happened, and continues too, is this:
      The circumcised one’s pulled off the biggest LIES of the last Century.
      The circumcised one’s are doing that again with this the Plandemic, economic reset, NWO and further genocidal activities against their greatest enemy.
      The Fair Skinned Races..!!!

        1. Hallo again Benzin.
          No I can’t write in the Forums, I can’t start Topics.
          Have a wealth of material but this account is restricted.
          I’ve requested to be able to, nothing has happened.
          Every FUCKING day I check the emails to see if the status has changed, it so far hasn’t.
          Nems explained a way that someone else has been able to post in both the above and Activities page’s.
          For me STILL NOT..!
          No buttons, no reply boxes. Nothing.
          Just this usual BS “You cannot reply, create, add, alter or change anything”
          For Activities, Forums and Topics.
          I’ve requested Mark, other’s have asked upon my behalf.
          Still fucking nothing, to the point I am now bored Shitless with only the comments Playground section.
          I’ll just in a very short time now have no more patience left, an so I’ll just retract from BG altogether.
          Having to find somewhere else to post valuable information which is not here.
          Basically I’m pissed off with it for the main reason, I feel I’m being CENSORED by the site..!?!

          Story of my FUCKING Life, everyone tries to shut me up, or down as was the case with my own website.
          Because I tell it how it is.
          Most of the time saying that which people are thinking, and dare not speak.
          Had a 2 hour session with my own Doctor on Sunday who opened her practice just to see myself especially, because she cares and again was able to confirm info, also giving me more info, explaining what is going on from the Doctor’s point of view, also what they are in the near future expected to do.
          As long as I keep her anonymous she’ll keep informing me also telling me the status within.
          Hope this answers your question.

          1. That is a very generous offer Benzin.
            Tho, how would we do this..?
            Meaning I post a topic to you, then you post it to the topics. Or the forum..?
            Also would it not cause any problems with the site..?

            Apologies for not responding sooner,
            I was busy with trying to invent a new type of pollen filter, to halt the constipated congestion of my Head…

          2. Thats not right,the hole idea of this site is not to restrict free speech,if anyone know about this it would be mark.So why are you being restricted i wonder?

          3. Nems.
            Do I take it that you mean the piece about the Doctor’s info..?
            Thinking you do.
            It is too long Bud,
            Haven’t quite finished it, also I want it to stay put. Not be disappearing down the page of the comments section, whilst it’s being added to, similar in fact to how Pavlova & Moi, have extended and somewhat confused some page’s already with our ramblings.
            As regards a new throwaway email, I’ll be setting one up again later today, which should be active for today so.

      1. it is real but its just a cold. The flu is worse. Whats killing people is 5g that lowers the immune and viruses form in the body from that. and people die the same way as you see birds and bees fly by these cell towers. They a lot of times just fall over and die. they put 5g into wuham in middle of 2019. scientists said the emf radiation is to much and people will show sickness symptoms in 6 months. And thats when everyone got sick around december. but gov don’t listen people have to have their 5g. new york same thing 5g towers every where. and they try to make them look like palm trees so nobody notices them. anytime you try to hide what you put some where its always dangerous for people.

      2. Here is a cute one. over 88% of the victims they are tested positive with coronavirus have 0 symptoms of it and scientist say they can’t explain it. They even had some religious cult saying its god protecting good people. People believe this is real? It is just beyond me how the left wing news can make people this stupid. Its amazing. I play poker. I would say 99% of the players i play on the table are completely stupid with very limited thinking ability. 1% are smart and thats me being nice about it in actuality only .005% making a living at poker. Its like playing a game against a child. Its how i realized casino owners are multi billionaires. Because most of society has the mind of a child. And this all comes from woman have their son about 99% suck their titty till there in their 20s. Baby them they will have the mind of babies. No matter what you say they will continue to believe the news. Its 2020 and people still believe whats on the news that some left winger forced them to report? Our society is full of stupidity. One thing you can’t fix is stupid. There mind are stuck at level 1.

      1. Go take a cop test. its on you tube. Since you think all these cops are so big and bad lets see you handle each situation. they will show a man come at you wit a bat from certain distances on a lawn. Then he holds a rake yelling at you coming at you. Then he holds a gun but is not pointing it at you. Then in that split second you have to figure out if your imminent danger if you can shoot him or not. If your wrong he can kill you and if your wrong you can go to jail. Welcome to the life of a cop who has like 2 seconds to react to someone he doesn’t know who could be holding a deadly weapon to hurt you with or a rake to just rake some leaves but is upset. And you got 2 seconds to figure it out. I am sure you will be a good cop about it and be the next best gore victim.

        1. LOL. I’d like to see the mental gymnastics to explain why cops have one of the safest jobs there is, then. With so few deaths on the job, that being a farmer, garbage collector, truck driver, electrician, construction worker, etc. is far more dangerous. And I purposefully left out the most dangerous jobs, like fishermen, roofers, or loggers.

  2. @hopingfornemesis

    AVIATION 101 by bad jonny

    America Airlines .. “Your safety is all that matters!”

    Hey dudes, we just lost another jumbo, passengers & crew

    Oh, that’s a bummer .. again?

    Not really a bummer, we’ve got stacks of planes & pilots left haha

    But what about the 180 passengers & their families?

    Fuck ‘em. You take to the skies, you take the fuckin’ risk, huh?

    But I though ‘safety’ was your motto?

    Yeah? Well that was a mis-print. We mean ‘profits’ are our motto, haha
    Don’t worry, we’ll change the tag-line soon, but we don’t wanna pay the signwriter, haha

    What would you like us to do for you?

    Oh, just the usual, an air crash report

    Will you spend the money for safety on our recommendations?

    Is there any fucking incentive to?

    Yes, you’ll save passengers lives, their families grief, the crew, and the plane
    Surely that’s worth it?

    That’s not quite enough, Poontah

    What do you mean, that should be plenty!

    Let me spell it out for you, dicknose:
    1. Fuck the passengers, now they won’t be late for the return flight, right?
    2. Fuck their families, we never met them, did we? Fuck them
    3. Fuck our pilots, there is always more guys wanting to fly than there are jobs, so we can afford to pay ‘em shit wages, give ‘em shit training, and not really give 2 shits about them
    Fuck them and their wives & kids. We are not a church or charity mate, we are a PMFE
    That’s: Profit Making Fucking Enterprize get it?
    M comes before S : ie – money comes before safety dude, you gotta catch up, man
    4. The plane was insured man, it costs our company nothing, other than our insurance expense
    Went up by 2% on our Profit & Loss Statement

    Aaah, but it has cost you something. Your insurance costs just went up by 2%, see?
    That may end up being 2% off the CEO’s ten million dollar salary, huh?

    You stupid little cunt, do you really think the CEO that caused this is gonna take a pay cut??
    Don’t make us laugh dude, I just spilled my MacCoffee over my crotch
    Don’t you see? That 2% will be ‘absorbed’ in the usual way:
    Cheaper planes
    Cut back on plane maintenance
    Cut back on crew training (in fact, our guys have only flown on a computer, before we make ‘em
    Jumbo jet captains (Ssshhhh)
    In fact, None of ‘em could manually land a plane if you paid ‘em (which we almost don’t .. haha)
    And Fill up the fuel tanks only 5% more than for direct flight

    But this report you ordered will cost the taxpayers 100 million
    All just for recommendations which you don’t have to follow, in fact you’ve just said you
    Won’t be following any of them

    HaHa .. Welcome to the real World, poontah!
    This is how the real World operates, Haha

    You mean, all this time, there IS no real safety for the public?

    HaHa .. Never was, poontah, never fucking was
    That’s just fairytale stuff for Greg Peck movies on Sunday Afternoons and shit
    Our new motto, dude:
    “Wanna be a pilot, with starch-white collar?”
    “Forget the fucking safety, and show us the dollar”

    So where do you want me to send the finished report to?

    You can email it to : [email protected]
    We’ll make sure it gets filed where it belongs poontah

    I can’t believe you get away with this!

    Thank you. We can’t believe the public still fall for it.
    Murdoch’s TV & radio sure does a good job of keeping them
    100% stupid idiots
    They can’t even see what’s right in front of their nose
    They just line up, and take their seats, and go happily to their death
    Just like bulls or pigs at a slaughterhouse
    It’s no different, we just don’t use a ‘bolt-gun’ to their skull
    That’s about the only difference here
    Actually at least the bull & pig meat is sold for something
    Human slaughter just goes to the morgue

    Anyway dude, I’m off now …
    Gotta go watch Air Crash Investigations (it’s fascinating dude)
    You should watch it

    Over and out, ten – four rubber ducky

    . .

      1. Nope .. What is it? Can you get it for me?
        I was just making the point that so many so called ‘Govt Regulatory Agencies’ are
        infiltrated & run by the major corporations, so these “Royal Commissions into …”
        are just a kind of PUnch & Judy puppet show meant to give the public a hard on,
        while the guys that run the corporations steal the public’s money & safety & lives
        . .

    1. Well said. They were talking about retiring Qantas A 380 today on the news. I flew on that almost on its maiden voyage!
      Noone will ever trust the US Fed Aviation authority or TSa or whatever again. They were caught cooking the books to allow Boeing to pass checklists so they could fly and get orders! A us gov agency not allowed to be afraid of corporates was pushed into signing off by people in power , man! Senators and Ceos and presidents wanted that deal through! Burn those cunts to the ground!

      1. Yeah Nem
        It’s like the drug companies and the A.M.A.
        The cunts working for the AMA are told that if they ‘play ball’ and ratify this
        sweet little chemical (DDT, Agent Orange, Thalidomide, Opiods) that they will
        get a high paying job at the company when they finish their tenure at the AMA.
        The whole thing is a revolving door like a corkscrew screwing into the public’s
        There is no ‘at arm’s length’ with aviation or medicine whatsoever
        Both are completely controlled by ‘profit making corporations’ who just set up
        little ‘enquiries’ so the papers can print it and make the sheeple think they are
        Just plain evil

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