Serbian Tyrant Beats Man in Backseat of Police Car

Serbian Tyrant Beats Man in Backseat of Police Car

Serbian Tyrant Beats Man in Backseat of Police Car

In the city of Vračar in Serbia, a tyrant who didn’t know he was being recorded was getting his rocks off by slapping a man in the backseat of the police car. The man was arrested by the tyrants for allegedly violating the Covid-19 5pm to 5am curfew.

Once the video has gone public, Serbian minister of the interior Nebojša Stefanović posted a message on his Twitter account saying:

The footage that appeared on social networks, which shows the misconduct of a police officer, is not the image of the police that we want. I asked the Internal Control Sector to thoroughly examine the actions of the police officer.

Note how his primary concern is the image of the police, ie how the plebs will view the tyrants, not the actions of the tyrant. Otherwise his tweet would read more like this:

The abuse of citizens by police officers such as the one in the video that appeared on social networks will not be tolerated. I personally directed the Internal Control Sector to fire the abuser, and punish him to the fullest extent of the law, to demote his superior officer, and to retrain the department on their conduct during the interactions with the members of the public.

But then again, any member of a government that uses verifiably false science from “experts” they know are bought to spread fear, while honest doctors, nurses and other woke people with a voice are silenced or disappeared, just so they can oppress their own countrymen and trample on their basic human rights, deserves to be tried for high treason. Thus Nebojša Stefanović’s pathetic attempt at damage control doesn’t surprise me in the least.

Props to Best Gore member @srbijabgd for the video:

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  1. SCENE I
    Now that’s funny.! Presumably one way or another the cop slapping the violator of the curfew should have gotten a well deserved dressing down but none of that is gonna happen as no one is seemingly visible or found seated in the backseat ; beside on the other hand what if it was that the cop was only trying to dust up the upholstery making the violator feel at ease and not be paranoid about the worn masks and the pandemic itself . Which unfortunately went against the cop slapping the man with the story that sound well concocted and in place for all to believe.

    Breaching the curfew for a few COPlicious slaps isn’t anything much to talk about in the first place and why make a big fuss over such a trifle. He violated the norms because his buying a packet of condom had a sense of urgency

  2. Anybody who wants to be a cop should be given a psych evaluation and a brain scan to weed out any psychopaths.

    The people in that city should hunt him down and beat the shit out of him. Civilians need to start creating their own fighting groups.

  3. The footage that appeared on social networks, which shows the misconduct of a police officer, is not the image of the police that we want. We ask members of the public to refrain from filming the police going about their duties.

    Those doing so face arrest and a year in the gulag.

    And you can’t do fuck all about it because we disarmed you years ago……….

    1. Our citizens were disarmed following the Port Arthur massacre back in ’96. As of next year, every Police car in my state will be armed with two assault rifles, one for each pig. Good timing hey 😉

  4. Just like here in the United States when politicians and or law enforcement management . Make comments about oh this is not the image we want and we are going to make sure this stops . Don’t fear citizens our officers are here to help . All in all it translates to , we are stop any and all observers especially when they are recording . Next time there will be no video Or witness so there is no proof of officer misconduct . They aren’t going to stop their officers from such behavior . It’s seems more like they encourage it they get a paid vacation when they return they get a bonus , pay increase , promotion and back pay for their paid vacation . Ain’t that a bitch being an officer you can get away with anything not only do you not get reprimanded . You get rewarded for breaking the law that you are supposedly enforcing . Must be nice .

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  6. A piss poor example of the fucking pigs failing at their jobs. “Hey! Not only can I get away slaying citizens. But I can also NOT fuckin’ practice social distancing while also committing 1st degree assault against a helpless citizen.” CONTRACT the Virus you Pigs! Contract it!

  7. This is citizen vs authority. As I am preparing for the worst marking police’s residents with spray paint. I don’t give a shit fighting with police on the street, instead I’ll knock their houses kill everyone and take my share.

  8. Was for 5 days in Beograd. A nice and clean city with no gypsies. Good food, very beautiful women (the most beautiful in all of Europe I dare to say). Police was discreet, it’s a very safe city. You can’t say that for most of Europe’s capitals. Worth a trip guys.

  9. That wasn’t a beating. That was some corrective training. Something mommy and daddy should’ve done and probably could get away with in Serbia. Lord knows it needs to be done here in the us but the nanny state run by ninnies will poo poo you for doing so then recommend worse is done to the parent then the parents were trying to instill in their child whom will be released upon society now knowing less and more likely to be ill prepared for what life will throw at them and not knowing how to react. They will cry and have a screaming fit and shed tears until someone like this cop comes by and slaps some sense into them.

  10. i think alot of you guys that watch these videos are PIGS yourselves. If you just got heated im talking about you. Dont worry your day is near. we dont forgive, we dont forget and we are LEGION!

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