Shirtless Man Catches Fire After Being Pepper Sprayed and Tased by Police in France

Shirtless Man Catches Fire After Being Pepper Sprayed and Tased by Police in France

At Place de la Nation, a circle on the eastern side of Paris, between Place de la Bastille and the Bois de Vincennes, a shirtless man briefly burst into flames after the French police, who had tried to arrest him, deployed a taser on his ass.

Prior to deploying the taser, the cops struck the man with batons and hit him with a pepper spray. It is speculated that the combination of the fumes from pepper spray with the electric shock of the taser sparked the flames.

The incident happened in July 2013, but the bodycam footage has just been released. The police detachment conducted the internal investigation of the incident, but nobody was held to account. The spokesperson for the police refused to provide a statement on the incident. It has also not been specified why the police were trying to arrest the man.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

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117 thoughts on “Shirtless Man Catches Fire After Being Pepper Sprayed and Tased by Police in France”

  1. If I were to speculate I would say that the friction between the taser’s electrodes and the chicken grease attached to his body from all that KFC he no doubt wolfs down religiously caused him to burst out into flames far hotter than any hot sauce he had ever dipped his fried chicken wings in.

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    and then getting it set on fire just for being a berk to the police! What a waste.

    The fat policeman with the baton was acting all hard. Without that baton, I don’t think he would have taken him on 1-2-1.

        1. LOL!
          Well one tends to notice that most wrongdoers have better physiques than average.
          Jes’ sayin’. (Trust me, I’m straighter than the Eiffel Tower, but nothing wrong with checking out the competition).

          Professional guys just don’t have time to go to the gym often. I have a good physique myself, but it could be even better if I hit the gym 3 times a week. Maybe I’ll do that when my current contract ends in March.

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    1. I’m sure that it would have, but the fire wouldn’t have been accidental, and his neighbors would have been the ones to do it to him. In Africa, you are much safer in police custody. You will probably still be lynched, but hey.

        1. Probably more like kindling, because even his kin would burn him. Cops were trying to arrest him because they thought he was a blood sucker. His shirt was stained red before he took it off, but it turned out to just be Kool-aid.

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  6. if you think about it rather than killing the target this is much better xD
    they just need to pass a law that whatever injury resulted from resisting
    arrest it would be void. Suffering is much better than death if you want
    to teach a person a lesson.

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