Shooting at Art All Night Festival in Trenton, NJ, Cops Assault Innocent Man

Shooting at Art All Night Festival in Trenton, NJ, Cops Assault Innocent Man

Shooting at Art All Night Festival in Trenton, NJ, Cops Assault Innocent Man

Two gunmen reportedly opened fire at festival goers at an Art All Night 2018 festival in Trenton, New Jersey. According to the authorities, one suspect was killed and 22 people were wounded. Four of them, including a 13 year old boy, remain in critical condition. A “neighborhood beef” is said to be behind the shooting.

The video shows the chaos during the immediate aftermath of the shooting. The cops trained in Israel did not let the opportunity to get their rocks off by assaulting random innocent people go to waste.

Props to Best Gore member @mastergerwe1997 for the video:

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