Shoot First, Ask Questions Later Cop Executes Man Carrying Pen

Shoot First, Ask Questions Later Cop Executes Man Carrying Pen

On April 30, 2015, a San Diego cop shot and killed a homeless man who carried a pen in his hand. According to a report by the district attorney’s office, Officer Browder feared for his life when he fatally shot 42 year old Fridoon Rawshan Nehad. Officer alleged the victim advanced on him in a menacing manner.

The incident was filmed by a surveillance camera of a nearby business, and appears to show the officer shooting first, asking questions later. The victim is shown leisurely walking down the alley without bothering anyone. When the police car shows up, the victim is blinded by its lights, and unable to tell it’s a police car, he just walks to the side to get out of the car’s way. The officer is far enough from the victim to not be in any immediate danger. He doesn’t appear to identify himself, and does not give the victim reasonable time to respond. He simply sees a guy carrying something in his hand and opens fire without second guessing.

This has got to be one of the few executions by police after which the cops did not handcuff the lifeless victim and leave him bleed out. The cop must have realized he should have asked questions before shooting, not the other way around, and tried to help the guy. For some strange reason, he didn’t focus on the paid vacation cops get after killing someone.

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      1. Sounds like this little Aussie’s kinda place
        (minus the homeless) …….

        Don’t want to sound elitist, but I don’t like beggars sitting around with a hat out front and illegible hard luck story scrawled on a piece of cardboard……’s just a bit, ” I give up” for my liking and I’m not a “I give up” sort of person.
        That’s all. Plus they do smell…….

  1. Well if the homeless guy had a mouth like the man in the last post then I can’t blame the cop for shooting him first.

    On a serious note, once again we see the failure to properly train and hiring any piece of shit as a cop.

    Oh and Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight! 😀

  2. A couple of seconds before the second cop ran up…does it look like he raised the guys head off the ground and either let go or actually banged his head into the ground ?

  3. “Browder: Code-4, send an ambulance.
    Disp 1: 10-4, shots fired, you need an… ambulance?… lol?
    Disp 2: …pfff… what a rookie! xD
    Disp 1: Unit 615-john?… :’D
    Disp 1 (male): ABLE we’re going 97. Looks like he migh be busy ah… pfff… treating the ah… rofl! …the wounded here. x’D Ah… lol! It looks like theres a few officers 97 with him also.
    Disp 1: 615-John possibly treating the wounded?… x’D
    Disp 2: Is this for real? Is this rookie serious!?… lmao!
    SGT: 625-Sam, do you have enough units there please? :’D You dont want your “wounded” to die now, do you?… roflmao!!”

    Yeah you can tell they were all dying from laughter there… 😆

  4. ” Hmmm, I wonder what will happen if I aim and pull the trigger in this here weapon I have ?!, will it nullify the problem, get me out of a tricky situation ?!. Oh well, here goes nothing, no harm in testing it out hey ?!, I mean shit, I have a badge, it’s Christmas and I’m feeling kind of groovy, so fuck it, I’m a cop and I will play with my toy if I jolly well want to, and sod the consequences ‘cos there are none. Bang Bang, glug, hiccup, burp, slurp !

  5. The guy clearly lunged at the squad car. The blinding lights must have triggered an inner rage and the cop recognized the danger the squad car was in and not wanting to report a damaged unit to his Sgt., sprang into action. The desired end to the drama was attained.

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