Sonoma Cops Brutally Murder Man with Disabilities for Sitting in Own Car

Sonoma Cops Brutally Murder Man with Disabilities for Sitting in Own Car

Sonoma Cops Brutally Murder Man with Disabilities for Sitting in Own Car

52 year old California man named David Glen Ward reported his car stolen by a carjacker. Later, he recovered his car and while driving in it, he was pursued by Sonoma County Sheriff’s deputies whose “shoot first, ask questions later” attitude, as well as the itch to murder or brutalize someone every time they put on their uniform, is very much in line with the attitude of all cops in police states.

The Sonoma Cops pull Mr. Ward over and proceed to harras and assault him, without verifying whether he’s the owner of the car or not. Mr. Ward was a man with disabilities who had to carry an oxygen tank and use a walker or a wheelchair, according to his half sister.

Citizen killers Charlie Blount and Jason Little don’t care about any of that, and proceed to violently extract him from the car, even though his legs are pinned beneath the steering wheel.

Blount grabs Ward by his hair and pulls him out of the car window, while his buddy Little repeatedly deploys taser to enhance the brutality. Blount then smashes Ward’s head into the car door, and puts him in choke hold to drag his dying body out.

Cop Nick Jax later informs Blount and Little that Ward was a carjacking victim, not a car thief. Blount, who just itched to get a nudge on his belt for another life he took responds with “Oh well.” – typical cop response when finding out he had just killed an innocent man.

Ward’s main problem was reporting the carjacking to the cops. As we have seen countless times at Best Gore, asking cops in a police state for help tends to result in your own death – this is what happens when you call the cops. And they would also kill your dog for good measure.

Citizen killers can be heard in the video saying that Ward was running, but who wouldn’t, knowing they are pursued by armed thugs looking for their kill of the day? One way or the other, they want you dead. But running gives you at least some chance.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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208 thoughts on “Sonoma Cops Brutally Murder Man with Disabilities for Sitting in Own Car”

      1. He That Turbo (Rabbit-Style) Arse Pumping Cop tells him to stop moving his hands while he is tazing Da-Fuck outta him, like W.T.F. Is that??

        Of course his hands are going to shake & move while ya have 8 Million volts pumping through your entire body. But,,, why did he not tell the cops right away that he called the cops to his car stolen but got it back a short time later? like tell them like right away man. 🙁


          2. I’ve defended police before but these guys need to burn in hell. They were whining about the bite because they know they fucked this guy up and needed an excuse. It happens in all these brutality cases they whine about some little thing to illicit sympathy. Just get him out of the car, Christ.. Fuckin idiots.. By that I mean have him exit himself..

          3. I’ve defended police before but these guys need to burn in hell. They were whining about the bite because they know they fucked this guy up and needed an excuse. It happens in all these brutality cases they whine about some little thing to illicit sympathy. Just get him out of the car, Christ.. Fuckin idiots..

          4. To Ronnie’s revival comment, I dont think they ever revived him. I think he was dead the first time and to better uphold a self helping story probably said that for the benefit of it being heard in the video when its reviewed.

          1. @Marty
            Fucking right B G Bro, as i myself also defended Cops, & on many occasions when they were in the right. And It’s only fair to call a spade a spade brother when the situation calls for it. But unfortunately here on Best-Gore many members just right-out hate All Cops no matter what happens.

            But the sad thing is that they would surely call them if some dude robbed them at gun point, or broke into their houses, or more precisely they were a victim of a B &E as we call-it. Could you imagine a world without Cops?? I Don’t care how much they may hate cops but in all honesty they would be (The Very First Ones To Cower Behind Them) if God-Forbid, there was any type of major uprising and maniacs out on the streets shooting people at will.

    1. The pig is shiting himself to a man thats surrendered, here’s a tip guys: don’t surrender 🙂 run or fight. fight under your teams, I got to my feet cable.tied, asked who was the arresting officer, Head.butted that pigs nose XD I got a hiding n 12mouths but worth it.

  1. @happy @Vincit Omnia Veritas


    ***Well Boys/Girls Best-Gore Has Made It To The Big-Time.***
    And on The Documentary/Movie on the Big-Screen Called **Don’t Fuck With Cats**

    You Can Clearly See At The 1 hour 4 minutes and 10 seconds mark, the picture/video that was sent to an investigator from Mark Himself. And when you look at the top left scroll bar, it says none other but *(Best-Gore. Com)*



    1. Why is it that most cops are power tripping assholes? I guess that’s why they become cops in the first place. They like flaunting their power and having that gun on their belt to intimidate people.
      BTW… I am having problems making posts. I can reply to others but for some reason I can’t make a post on it’s own. When I type my post the box to “send post” disappears.
      Anyone else having this problem?

      1. @Brokeback
        I Hear you bud.

        And it wasn’t enough that,,,
        #1- A Best-Gore member, & “Mark” (Best-Gore’s Owner & Founder Himself) had informed/called a member of this group at 5:A.M. & supplied them with the video.

        #2- Or that along with it,,, Mark had contacted/called The Edmonton Police Department
        to inform them about a possible, and most likely crime that had been committed and sent to his site, by stating that he had received a video that showed a possible murder.

        #3- But also that Mark gave them The Name, (Luka Magnotta) and the address that the perpetrator/murderer possibly resided at. And that The Information that Mark had gotten/received was from a tip from one of our hundreds of thousands of loyal/honest Best-Gore Members.

        #4- To Add Insult To Injury,,,
        Even though Mark had called The Police himself,,, Reported a possible murder that was posted on his site,,, which trust me, if they would have a choice,,,not too many people/site owners would do today.
        And along with all of this,,, himself sending-in/E-Mailing this incredible video evidence of a live murder being committed,,, they,,, The Edmonton Police Force completely, and utterly just wrote it off as a fake, not giving-it a second look, until the shit hit the fan that is.

        And that is when, As You i’m sure remember very well my good veteran Brother Broke,, and that is that they,,, “The Cock-Sucking Jew-Servants” decided to have him arrested, instead of thanking him, and admitting to their grave mistake, and shortcomings, for not taking him, and his video evidence seriously to begin with.

        So they arrested, and tortured him instead. And for the better part of 2 + years they made his life a living hell. And all because of the sheer embarrassment that they would have suffered if they did not shut him up, and try to close Best-Gore Down. And they did this because “THEY”,,, Yes, They,,, had failed, and so miserably at their high paying jobs. And again all to keep Mark’s mouth shut. **Which He Didn’t, lol, ** No Fucking Way, lol. 🙂

        I Still cannot believe to this very day @Brokeback that they wrote “Mark Off” along with all the incredible video evidence, and the possible Name & Address of This Fagot-Freak that he sent to them. Un-Fucking Real Man.

        ************SO, LONG LIVE MARK,,, AND LONG LIVE BEST-GORE************

          1. They did the exact same thing to the Chinese guy on the greyhound bus in Canada who cut off that white guys head. They were putting voices in his head telling him to kill and controlling his nervous system with frequencies. I think people don’t believe it’s possible or something. I know because I’m targeted, they used to gang stalk me all over town whenever I left the house. They zap the fuck out of me whenever they feel like doing it everyday, even now I have pressure on my head and I’m wearing a metal plate on my chest. They put voices in the head of someone I know and threw him in a mental hospital. If people don’t believe it now, don’t worry, you will eventually. They were testing out their new weapons on these guys.

          2. Not that I believe you but there’s supposedly a device in cell towers that can hijack people’s thoughts and shit. Depending how far down the rabbit hole you wanna go..

      2. @Brokeback
        Yes brother, that has happened to me also lately. It has to do i’m sure with the continued Jew-Ass Attacks that have been relentless to say the very least. But rest assured that Mark has been working extra hard to FUCK THEM-OFF Sort of speak, lol.

        But what i do in the meantime broke is that i log-out, and then just log back in, and that usually resolves-it, as it has for me every time bud. So Give-it a shot, and post something right after-it, and i’m sure that your problem will be solved brother. 🙂

        1. I’ve noticed the Jewish population started getting out of hand, around the early 70’s. The only logic, was the growing interest in microwave ovens. Unless it’s a baby, you really can’t pack more than that, into one of those.

          1. @pigsonthewing
            Ahhh-Man that was just too funny brother, lol. that’s why they are such weird-ass looking fucking inbred bastards. Too much time in the microwaves, lol. 😉

      3. @Brokeback
        I’m sorry brother, cause you were talking about the video above, and i thought that you were talking about the Netflix-Movie **Don’t Fuck With Cats** which is a must see as B G is In It.
        It’s about Magnotta brother, very cool documentary dude, so you should check-it out man. 🙂

        1. Thanks Dre, I am gonna check that out. I tried the logging out and then back in and it still wouldn’t let me post. I think it has to do with the browser that I’m using.
          Merry Christmas Dre!!!
          … and everyone else here. Have a great day!

          1. I’ve been using the TOR browser for a couple weeks now. A little slower surfing, but with the privacy/security attached with it…

            Definitely worth it! (imho) 🙂

      4. Just cause he is disabled doesn’t mean hes allowed to run from the cops on high speed chase and then keep putting his hands up and down when all he had to do was keep his hands up and unlock his door. He basically can’t do anything right and the cops are probably going to prison over it. I doubt this old ass man who is disabled can even pass a driving test to drive a car in the first place.

      1. @bullseye42
        Cool brother i’m glad that you saw-it. You Do Know that Mark, and some of our members had actually caught Magnotta before The Cops Even Knew who he was right?? Or do you not know the whole story of what exactly happened?? If not let me know, and i’ll pull up the link for you brother. 🙂

        1. The cops knew who he was all along. They were targeting him. They didn’t want the attention, so they were playing dumb. They were putting voices in his head telling him to kill the Chinese guy right before he did it. They were also parked right outside of his place gang stalking him and playing street theatre.

          1. if he was black that would be a story you heard from black lives matter. But hes not so they wont put this on cnn and continue with the cops are racist story.

    2. @Vincit Omnia Veritas

      Mark,,, this NETFLIX Movie/Documentary is one is one Hell of an Awesome Christmas Present Bro!.
      So This Proves, & vindicates You once and for all what us Veterans New All Along That Best-Gore Helped Solve A Murder Case. Is

      I Have only (Started To Watch Part 2) but i was so exited that i had to rush downstairs and tell you right away that we are also at the beginning of part 2 of this crazy mini-series. And the part clearly shows the **WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC!** on The Best-Gore Home Page Ta Boot. 🙂

        1. I Agree, as i am just starting the part 3. And although much of it i think is a crock-O-Shit the baseline story that the very first info, and video came from Mark, & Us Members here at Best-Gore.

          So honestly,,, if it was not for Mark contacting The Edmonton Police Department To help them-out with an awesome tip/video they would have had fuck-all to go on. So they thank him by arresting him instead, lol. Fucking Despicable Jew-Cunts, as The Lead Detective was A Fucken Jew-Pig.

          1. They wanted to shut Mark up because they were targeting Luka Magnotta with electromagnetic weapons, V2K voice to skull and Mark was bringing attention to the case. They were doing the same thing to the Chinese guy who cut off the white guys head on the greyhound bus. I only know this because I am a target. If you go threw it, then you recognize it when other people complain about the same things, which Luka did, he complained of being followed around everywhere for years “gang stalked” and people doing weird things in public like taking his photo ” street theatre”. He complained of voices being in his head. Just like people didn’t believe Jews controlled the world when people first started talking about it after 9/11, but now they all believe, it is the same with these electromagnetic weapons, I’m telling everybody that they exist and what they are doing with them, and many people probably don’t believe it. In ten years, everyone will know.

          2. @TheProtocolsOfZion

            You know what brother??? I Believe You and do so 100%
            Others should also believe-it/you cause it is happening, and more
            so today, than ever, with this 5-G Shit. It really does affect/screw
            peoples overall mental state, and their sense of security, thinking
            that they are going nuts! mental state.

            Until we start, (or in your case) continue to spreading this truth,
            then with enough people reading about-it & some even becoming
            infected by this *High Tech Parasitic Jew-Bug* hopefully, we will
            start to see a drastic change. So by yourself getting-out there,
            people might start standing-up to these Big Jew-Owned & Controlled
            Corporations, nothing will change.

            So keep-up the good work My Good Friend & B G Brother. Cause by informing
            us all, along with the public at large, as what you are doing (and have been doing) with many other important topics, you will be doing your part in helping-out your fellow man, that’s for sure. 🙂

      1. @LeatherTramp
        Thanks brother for the kind words that Mark Deserves so very much after all the suffering, & all the shit that he had gone through for simply reporting a crime, not for committing one. 🙁

        But Yes brother it was a good one indeed. And the fact that Mark got some kind of vindication is what makes me so happy. No matter how small the part was, it was the crucial part that made me so proud, and happy to be a member and part of an organization that helped catch a killer, that if not caught i’m sure that he would have killed again.

        And like i said,,, the part where that dude that got awoken at 5 A.M. To see A Best-Gore video Or,,, *(The Best-Gore Video)* As it was the only one in existence, being that it was sent there first, and directly by Magnotta Himself (i think) was a freaky thing. And i say this because it was what got the ball “Really Rolling” per say.

        So with only this video of that murder anywhere in the world is what got me all teary-eyed and so happy being that it was Christmas and all.. And being that i am a close friend of Mark & his family it made-it that more special for me, after what my Brother Mark went through. He suffered so much at the hands of The Edmonton Alberta Police Department, that this brought back some of those horrible memories for my wife & I.

        Sorry for my shitty writing skills, i am so, so tired from all the holidays that i can baerely see, lol. have a nice holiday brother. 🙂

      2. @sreadthealoha
        Yes indeed my good brother. Cause what he went through at the time was so bad that it upset myself & my wife so, so much that we had, and still have today a feeling of complete, and utter hate for my Countries Judicial system. And i say this because of how they completely trampled of his rights and freedoms. And because of this,,, i have never thought the same about Canada ever again. 🙁

        1. Actually let me see if i can get it again. Mark removed-it at the request of The Victim’s Family, which was a respectful thing ta do on his part. But i have gotten it elsewhere before, just let me see if i still got-it, lol, and can upload-it for you John,, And No-Charge B G Brother. 😉

          Actually,,, here ya go brother, but don’t tell anyone Mmm-K?
          *************** 🙂 And,,, So Happy-Holidays Dude. 🙂 ****************

          1. @jonboy318

            I Do not blame you for wanting to see-it also. I Am glad that i could help you-out.
            If you need to upload any other ones i have tons of them that i have actually uploaded
            many of the to a memory stick in order to retrieve them later, as most of them Da-Rotten-Jews Take-off the net entirely. 🙁

  2. Cop who recognizes the dead man from earlier in the day — “I don’t know why he ran. All this, it’s all legit”

    If it’s not clear by now. Don’t run from the cops. It their mind it makes it ‘legit’ to execute you.

  3. Stupid mother fucker, he shuld not touch the car, and report every thing is back under control…
    Insted letting them guess that he drive his car back….
    In america dont be a wiseguy…..
    I all the time comper it to police in my country, shooting marshmallows on criminals that getting killed by over Laughing…..

  4. Last summer I got pulled over and when the cop came up to me the first thing he said was “Why do you look so nervous?” I wanted to say “How do you know what I normally look like?” but I didn’t. Instead I just played his game of “yes sir… no sir…” being as polite as possible. He made me feel like I had a car full of drugs and guns when all he pulled me over for was a burnt out tail light. After answering a shit load of questions and waiting forever while he ran my license, ownership and insurance info through his computer he came back to me with a ticket for the burnt out bulb and made sure that I had a reason for disliking cops.

          1. So you know about my blind date then. I guess I shared that with everyone here at the time. I got laid that night but to this day my cock looks like a banana.

  5. Those Cock-Sucking,,, Foreskin-Snortin,,, Degenerate Pigs. Not All,,, But Many in The States Especially Are way out of line man. And fuck-all ever seams to be done about-it, cause it hasn’t only continued,,, but it seams to be getting worse by the day for fucks-sakes. I Feel Sorry for my Good B G Brothers & Sisters that reside there. 🙁

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    1. Imagine if this poor man who owns the car was a little nigger.
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      1. Excellent point, Mein !
        When a whitey is mistreated, we don’t go and ‘burn up LA’ do we?
        But these black nigger scum wanna go on ‘Rodney King’ day 24/7 if some white cop takes their drugs off them.
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  7. All countries have retards but in one great country they make them into cops or Presidents.

    I’m sure some citizen- killer apologist will tell me how stressful their job is and that mistakes happen. Exactly why I don’t let my dentist do my taxes and my teeth be done by my accountant. Cops should be of a high calibre ,not the dregs ,but I guess when you are secretly pushing society into a militarised Police State you don’t care about killing innocents do you?

    Fuck you ,apologists,I have cop friends too.

  8. The damn dirty cops love to show their power! No matter whether with pistol, taiser, truncheon or arrest! Then they are very big … but alone, not on duty, without weapons, they cry with fear! Pigs, the man didn’t do anything! That makes the cops horny !!!!!!

  9. Why did the driver keep moving his hands? Every time the cop shouted “Keep your hands up. Do not move your hands,” he immediately lowered/moved his frickin’ hands. Some people have a death wish.

    Oh well, it’s Christmas Day, I have just eaten a large bar of chocolate, and I got to see someone die, so life ain’t too bad.

    1. What happens if you’re standing there with your hands up with a gun pointed at you and your balls start itching like crazy? You know if your hands come down you’re gonna get shot but that itch is unbearable.
      What to do what to do…

      1. Yes, indeed, as Hamlet almost said: “To scratch or not to scratch, that is the question.”

        Also, just imagine if you needed to sneeze. I suspect the violent noise and head-jerk of a sneeze would be fatal. The trigger-happy cops would empty their guns into you.

        I’m so glad I live in England. I have only had direct dealings with the police on a few occasions and they were always “jolly decent chaps,” as we would say. Obviously, someone who gets into trouble a lot might have a different opinion.

        1. Im sure you do honkey, I’m sure you do. Having a sweet muscular ass draws attention from your kind too.

          On a side note. I learned that you didn’t receive $3,900 from your credit card company for interest overcharges. All you got from them was a cease and desist letter regarding your TikTok video.
          The one depicting you pulling a long string of rubbers, ass lube, burn cream, a symbolic box of twinkies and a table leg that you whittled down into a giant cherrywood penis from your purse while asking, “What’s in your wallet?”

  10. Merry Fucking Christmas – From Muricas Biggest Most Brutal Street Gang……

    What a pack of dipshits……….Good luck to all you Americans out there, so easily could be you next, but nothing will change for the better, only getting worse…….

    1. “Woe, woe, and thrice woe! The time has come; the end is nigh.”

      If you are British, and old enough to remember Up Pompeii, you will recognize the immortal words of Senna the Soothsayer.

      However, I do believe we are living in the End Times. As a wise man said, the world is not falling to pieces, rather the pieces are falling in to place. The end truly is nigh.

    1. Here in Indiana, you can legally defend your property by shooting a cop, if there is no search warrant. However, most of the cops here, are armed with military grade firearms. So if you happened to get lucky by dusting one off, chances are, it’ll be the last time you pull the trigger.

      1. Just another reason the 2nd amendment is about as relevant and as much a fantasy as the jehovas witnesses.

        You can dream of “standin your ground” all you like until your adversary calls for backup, then you’ll be lying your ground with your firearm next to you…

  11. It never seems to amaze me how Insecure, almost all, Police officers are. Its one of the reasons why an Individual joins the Force!
    Psychology needs to be more implemented into Society. I think that we are all at fault here, because we as a whole, as alruistic Human being to another, we as a whole really need to address the issue by educating ourselves to have more Clarity when it comes to Criticism, or judgement towards those who are mentally ill!
    Alot of these Police officers are very sick in their heads, just as Criminals are, and before they are just given a Gun and Badge and sent out to serve and protect, shoot first ask questions last, the “Force” should deeply evaluate individuals, making assessment tests and other systems of Diagnostics, where an individual can not Lie. This method can reveal the true behavior behind these peoples minds! Revealing wether these individuals are even fit and responsible enough to analyze a situation where the best moral Judgement can be practiced. Sure theres Going to be mistakes, but there sure wouldnt be many mistakes as this one, and the Mamy others that you see. These Cops are far from Smart, they need alot more Training if theyre going to make constant mistakes like this! You can tell by the Cops name “LITTLE”, is probably one of the reasons why he got into the force, because he was probably bullied, i know if I had a name growing up like that, I would probably have to accept my own insecurities having to go through such an experience!
    Very sad situation indeed! I feel very Bad for this Man who was merely living out his life and had to run into a couple of insecure very scared individuals with guns! Just look how terrified the Cop is that he has to peak around another Car thinking an unarmed Man was Armed! What a pathetic way to handle such a situation! There couldve been other more mature ways to handle such a situation!
    Its very sad to have to see that we as Human beings, we as a Society are so Far off from having enough empathy for one another! Humans can be so very ignorant and Immature! Its sad that some Children Know how to act with more decency! I hope that No one has to go through some thing so terrible, but with it so common now a days I wouldnt be surprised if we saw another similar story!
    When will we as a whole stop being subjected to the ignorance that surrounds us, smothers us, and realize that the only way to prevent this is to objectively take responsibility and as a society address these matters along with so many others!
    Its so common to see how this world now a days has so much hatred in it, so much Immaturity, so much Miseducation, and so much ignorance! When will it all stop, or at least evolve into a world where subjective thinking is Converted into a more Objective style, as reality will always be?

    1. “Wouldn’t be surprised if I saw another similar story”….
      Mate, mate, mate, scroll down and you’ll find the tag headline “Police Brutality” and about 10,000 similar stories. Must have been nice and warm under that rock of yours?????

      1. Yes she is a UK pudding manufacturer who is very bitter and twisted, prefers to be known as Aunt Bessie but apparently she saw something terrible happening to 2 Pony’s with her Grandfather in a woodshed when she was 7 years old and that anger has manifested over the years into her puddings.

  12. What wasn’t mentioned was this fucker stopped twice then ran on a high speed chase twice. He was also a meth addict with an extensive arrest history.
    The asshole would still be alive if he reported his car found, or stopped for the cops who thought his car was stolen, or cooperated with the cops when he did stop.
    An asshole that stupid needs to be put down.

    1. Slow clap.
      Even without your extra important info, he was still resisting. Resisting questioning, resisting getting out, resisting being taken out of the car including biting. His comment “Why you fucking harassing me all the time!!” at 2:40 makes more sense with your info. Another Eric Garner ,local police knew by name and past crimes. Tsk tsk. Listen to police even when you think they are rude and not cuddling you.

      I had an ex who came by my house and was trying to “kidnapped” me in my front yard. I wrestled him, for maybe 10-15 mins. I guess a neighbor called the police. They pulled up my house’s driveway. Im covered in mud, it had rained last two days. The policeman got out, went up to me and rudely said “Put your hands on patrol car! “. My hands were on the hood for over 45 minutes. I know cuz my timez said so. He tried to say my ex had ecstasy in his car, they were breath mints of some sort. He was screaming so sure. We remained calm and listened and obeyed. Everything worked out. You got to ask yourself if letting a jerk police be rude to you is better than getting in a fight you might not win.

  13. Such a pity.
    Why didn’t that David guy just say “Hey you’re making a big mistake. I’m the owner of the car, I’ve got it back. I’ll show you my ID. I’m not the jacker”
    Also these two cops were treating the whole thing like an SAS or Navy Seals terrorist assault mission. You get the idea after the first 3 minutes that the driver is not likely to pull a gun out and shoot. Even if he does, the two cops are ready and primed to shoot back. Next time wear Kevlar body armour or one cop should approach from the left, the other the right, and use a loudhailer.

    Such a tragedy.

  14. All this Cop bashing LOL. I am sure many of you were Cops, retired Cops like Myself. I am sure all you you know hundreds perhaps 1000 Cops like I do. Have never seen any Cop Kill in 20 years………Or even know one that did. I will tell you what I do like, Its the ones bashing Cops……..Then actually needing a Cop to Come help them or perhaps getting their asses beat down and willing to suck balls to get help from the ones they Hate.

    1. Why in hell did the guy lead them on a high speed chase, Ignore commands and report a carjacking, getting his car back and not letting the cops know ? Sounds very Shady. If the guy would have done like most and just pulled over , got out and explained then he would be alive today I am sure. While tragic none the less . this guy put himself in that situation 100 percent.

      1. He shouldn’t have to. Why were the cops harassing the guy when it was HIS car, and he wasn’t breaking any laws? I would have told them to fuck off and just kept driving. If they get in my way I’ll shoot them and say they’re interfering with my official business of going home to watch Asian porn. Let the motherfuckers see how it feels.

  15. LOL not going to the USA, cops over there are worse than serial killers, because serial killers don’t have the protection of the state. Cops can kill whatever they want and they won’t get punished, scary stuff if you think about it, the police state in USA got out of control, abusive, torturers and serial killers, that is what they are

  16. So, someone carjacks you.
    You then, somehow without wheels, but with a disability that requires oxygen and a wheel chair, track down those mothas that have stolen your ride.
    Then, trying not to tangle your oxy line while recovering your keys from the mothajackers, get in and drive like crazy.
    Then when the people you employed to recover your vehicle in the lawful way try to pull you over you run from them, refuse to follow their instructions and end up deD.

    Sound feasible?

  17. Sorry for unrelated comment,

    Seems now bestgore post more about accident and murder, where in the past when still in pro chan uploading many video related to what happening in the world including syria war, or other battle related death.

    I miss old bestgore really much even many old video cant be watched anymore.

    Is there any new place that had battle related gore where people got blown up or shotted death from recent battle like in idlib syria?

  18. Why did he drive off in his car with police chasing for 5 mins? First thing any normal person would do if you found your car would be to call the police. Why didn’t tell police the car was back in his possession, why did he run? Something very odd about this case.

  19. That is just Terrible man. What this poor man had to endure is just utter Brutality, of the worse kind. Shit like this this is not supposed to happen, and should Never, Ever happen to a good, law abiding, tax-paying Citizens man.

    And to think that it was also done by Cops For Fucks-Sake, and to someone who obviously has a disability/impairment is just mind-boggling to say the very least! Gangs are supposed to be doing shit like this, and the Cops Are the ones that are supposed to be protecting us from them protecting us all from them,,, NO??? Fucking Sick Bastards! 🙁

    1. Fuck that retard. He calls in his vehicle stolen then doesn’t update he recovered it, why was he’s fleeing from them for a bit before pulling over, doesn’t verbally tell them that when they pull him over, then he won’t keep his hands up or properly unlock the door, remember the police think this is still some dumb piece of shit thief criminal….then he’s resisting and starts biting them hard enough he breaks the skin. Never go full retard.

      1. @REMZAP86

        You’re right my man, & Absolutely So. Cause Although he did not deserve to be Killed/Die,,, he should have unlocked the door, and quickly with those uniformed sickos near by, knowing what they are capable of doing. Also,,, i’m sure that he was trying to get some coin from his insurance company, for booze, or dope. Cause disabled, or not he looked stoned out of his head by his not keeping his hands-up unlocking the door, not informing them that he had recovered the car, & so on. I Still feel bad for the guy,,, like real bad, But,, FACK,, that Stweuped Bastard could have made-it much easier on himself!

  20. Well at least this proves cops are racist. They will kill your old white ass too if you don’t listen. They don’t give a fuck what color you are. First don’t run from the cops, 2 learn to open your own fucking car door. 3 let them cops know you got your car back after a car jacking. 3 simple steps to still be breathing. Its called common sense and when you don’t have any your the next famous person to be in a new best gore vid that perves will be whacking off to.

  21. First off, why’s a disabled man driving? Second, why didn’t he update them that he recovered the car after making a stolen report? Fucking retard. Third, why didn’t the retard verbally tell them that he made the stolen vehicle report earlier, state his identity, and tell them he recovered it and comply? Fourth, what the fuck are you doing biting them so hard that you break the skin? Anyone who does that deserves to be beaten to death.

    1. I have had my house alarm go off and even though i tured it off it triggered the police. So i see them go behind my house i open the door to tell it was false alarm and before i could say anything he told me to get on my knees with hands over top of my head or he will blow my fucking head off with 9m pointed at my dome. I get it I look like psycho killer. Id pull a gun on me too and id shoot my ass. Guess what i did i got on my knees and put my hands on my head and told him its false alarm its my house. He ssaid I am lying to not move.I said if you don’t believe me ask your wife. Then he laughed and said ok get up. That was it. If I turn into a defensive assholes like 99% of the people in the vids he would of shot my ass and i would of went on bestgore with my head blown off. The comments are ridiculous. The guy did the opposite of everything the cops said and hes the victim? geez

    2. According to reports this fuckhead recovered his own car,didnt report it then led police on a chase down back streets doing over 70mph. The chase finally came to an end a dead end . Why the fuck didnt he say anything? The victim is to blame here ,also did you hear him ask why are they always harassing him?? Odd dont ya think?

  22. totally behind the pigs for doing this. comply to the police or be destroyed.

    Yes Sir. No Sir, May I go sir?

    it’s always worked for me. Fuck the rest of you idiots who don’t get it and thank God the cops are putting a wailing on your skulls. Follow the laws. So respect. Or get your teef kicked in

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