Light Them Up – Sworn Enemies of American People Shoot at Citizens

Light Them Up - Sworn Enemies of American People Shoot at Citizens

Light Them Up - Sworn Enemies of American People Shoot at Citizens

I remember a few years ago, I saw an ad for the US Navy. After a showcase of some of their equipment, the ad concluded with the statement: “To get to you, they’d have to get through us“. It is understood that your average sheeple would not pick up on the subliminal threat in the message, just as they did not pick up on Dear Leader Trump’s threat in his recent tweet, because what it really conveys is: “You’re fucked! No one will come to help you, because we’re here to make sure no help gets to you while our fellow faggets shoot at you while you’re standing with your kids on the porch of your own home. is 12 years old, and for 12 years I have been consistent in exposing the ZOG henchmen for who they really are, as well as the fact that it is the ultimate insult to oneself to have ever uttered the words “Thank you for your service“. There’s nothing else that can make one a bigger sheep than worshiping your greatest enemy just because the Zio press tells you to.

Dear Leader Trump went public with his open hatred for the American people, so it figures that he would seeks to combine it with the sworn enemies of the American people – the US armed forces. And here’s the result…

Groups of heavily armed thugs are now roaming the streets of America, shooting at people standing with children on porches of their homes, while egging one another on with “Light them up!” Note the use of nausea inducing lazers by the terrorists.

Know your enemy!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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89 thoughts on “Light Them Up – Sworn Enemies of American People Shoot at Citizens”

  1. I’ve come to the conclusion that with all the recent events considered, we are about to face human extinction. Some call it tribulation or end times but if you look at the plandemic leading to global economic collapse, then massive social unrest and ultimately a war with China; you can see the writing on the wall. Billions are going to die this decade and what is coming will dwarf everything in known history. Hitler, Stalin and Mao will come out of this looking like choir boys.

      1. Hitler is a Hero and not a choir boy. We need a guy like him to stop this epedimic (not the fucking covid19) But theese niggers and jews who kill,torture,rape our beloved race EVERY FUCKING DAY

      1. If you dont think death/heavens going to be some clicky he said she said shit popularity contest like this dumb fucking rock floating in space is your delusional. Life wouldnt suck this hard just to have the ‘perfect’ place to go when youre dead. Yeah, right

        1. Well bellend zombie, if Ur talking heaven then the clues in the name isn’t it. It’ll be my heaven..And unlike yours, it won’t be a load of cunts bitching and backstabbing.

    1. And to top it all off we might just see another massive false flag attack on US soil similar to 9/11 by next year after of course trump re-election which we’ll than see US invading Syria under his presidentship.

    2. Nope. Not even close. You know why? International Trade. China depends on US for food supply. US depends on China for everyday goods. War between these two is simply impossible.

      Just because you live in the gutter doesn’t mean rest of the humanity is going extinct lol.

  2. Good post and a lot of truth. My old senior citizen veteran friend used to always tell me that Thomas Jefferson said that an American revolution should happen every 20 years and I would blow him off because I always felt that America was number one and had no need for it but now I understand. Fortunately, a lot of people are fed up and fighting back because America supports the riots and protests in other nations but won’t support black people who fight in the American military also. Most people are tired of the double standards and 1% getting richer, along with these facemasks. I only hope that everyone calms down and realizes that the only color that matters is money.

    1. Well Said.
      If you have seen Sons of Anarchy you may have remember one particular scene where Jax Teller told the AB Shot Caller Ron Tully (Played by Marilyn Manson) that he(Tully) doesn’t give a shit about Color White. He only cares about only one True Color and that is Green.

  3. The problem America has though is that they have a large number of feral pavement apes who are dumb as fuck and rape, steal and murder in numbers way above their own headcount.

    With the above all the other races start to view the police and their heavy presence as a good thing and a welcomed sight because they pretend to offer a solution to the problem, that being protection from the black menace.

    Its the old rock through the window routine I guess in that you intentionally fuck things up and then come in with the solution to the problem. In this case a police state.

          1. Terrific movie and funny btw, i watch him many times

            I loves when all of them hit the table

    1. I know right? Guess she wants to play the victim. The title implicates that these guys randomly shoot at citizens without any warning. Too bad she didn´t cut out the first parts.

  4. American people Fight Back
    With everything you have
    Organize get on the Rooftops of your City Streets ATTACK.
    Kill anything in a Uniform.
    Before it Kills YOU..






    1. And what about the fucking niggers and jew who are 100 time more disgusting then cops fucking moron ???

      Wait a minute are you a fucking nigger or a jew ???????????????

        1. I focus my attention on REAL JEWS & REAL NIGGERS.

          After that maybe i will focus my attention on pigs, who knows

          Btw If there weren’t any police (that I hate) a horde of negroes would rape you and your family, torture you to death and then set you on fire and eat you like the cannibals they are.

          1. Nah. You see, I purposefully don’t live in areas with high concentrations of those people. Even if they did, the people here, where I live, would be more than capable of killing any number of those monkeys.

    2. @jxk777

      I would like to understand your reasoning but I can’t

      Cops are disgusting yeah but if you aks me to choose between Niggers and jew or cops, that will be hard to choose but i think i will choose pigs.

      And you ??

        1. You did not anwser my question and i was expecting that from a guy who ”call to other” to shoot pigs and help niggers and jews.

          Inaction is much worse than choosing and it is far too easy that is exactly what all bastards do…. No action and doing nothing.

          We call people like you ”lukewarm”

          Now this is your new name ”LUKEWARM”

          1. You started an attack upon me without knowing or investigating anything. That is a knee jerk reaction born of ignorance founded on no information.
            Which would make you no different to the pack.

            Then try to impress me with knowledge from text.
            Likened to a child in class accepting what it is told from the teacher and blackboard. Parroting unconfirmed truisms that you take for facts.

            All that tells me is; You are no exception to ALL the rest.
            So why would I be interested in anything that you have to say..?
            Now should you have had a more thoughtful approach, we possibly could have become Comrades, or at least had some mutual respect.
            Whereas we’ve arrived at this juncture, to go where humm..?
            My time is precious and I use it wisely. I’m NOT interested in Playground scuffles with someone who has shown me they can be just as ignorant as a bar of Soap.
            Go bark up another tree, perhaps you may have more luck while you are behaving like a Dog…
            Over and Out.

        2. @jxk777

          Of all the people you’ve ever met I’m the one with the most knowledge and you said i am ignorant. You can think it if you like it but you say that when you don’t know me at all.

          1. Wooha. Nothing like blowing your own Trumpet is there eh’

            Don’t BE so ignorant to think that.
            Pure conceited statement Mr.

            Listen to yourself Mann, READ that back at yourself FFS..!

            Your making me regret already the comment I’ve made prior to this. Had I seen this before I would NOT have sent it..!

            Cop the FUCK onto YOURSELF..!

            Nearly hurt myself falling over laughing at the ridiculousness of it..!
            Is there any hope for you..?

  5. I live just outside Minneapolis(where this takes place) and I also believe we’re
    screaming towards Armageddon. This is some fucked up serious shit.
    I could go on, but it is way to much to write.
    we’re in 2020 not 1965. We are better than this!!

  6. I live just outside Minneapolis(where this all started) and I also believe we’re
    screaming towards Armageddon. This is some fucked up serious shit.
    I could go on, but it is way to much to write.
    we’re in 2020 not 1965. We are better than this!!

  7. not as dramatic as this but reminiscent of what I viewed yesterday from work window

    we are on route to hospital so lots of times you will see cops with lights and sirens race up to intersection to block traffic and allow racing ambulance to rush to hospital unimpeded

    well yesterday no less than six Wayne County (detroit) sherrif cars went racing by. one stopped and jumped out and put up his hand signaling for cars to stop. this lady was smack in the middle of intersection in the middle of making her turn. it really was spooky cause she was taking up couple lanes

    well after a few seconds she completes her turn, probably out of fear of being mashed in the middle like that . he screams and motions for her to stop at side of rode. meanwhile a hearse enters scene along with trail of cars with flags signifying funeral procession. it was over the top dramatics, I figure for dead cop

    anyhow they all pass and next thing I see is that lady still at side of rode. hands up cop gets back into his cruiser and proceeds to diagonally cut in front of scared lady, no lights just as two others whip back around all lit up and completely box her in

    they had her trapped there for 10 minutes. total intimidation.

    I don’t know how I would have handled same scenario. she truly was in blind spot of those rushing north, saw a clearing and took it. regardless the way they had her locked in at the end was purely to show her who is boss. she is probably still pissing 🙁

  8. My honest reaction to the part about American Soldiers is FUCK YOU. We would never open fire on innocent Americans and making us the bad guys in the situation is ridiculous. Especially considering they’re not even doing anything yet.

  9. Da-Fuck did they order the people to go and stay inside their homes, is what i would like to know. Like what excuse did they use “this time” in order to control the masses??? Did they pretend that there was a mad man on the lose, or W.T.F ???

    I Just don’t get-it! Who ordered this,,, Why,,, Where,,, When, & For What,,, did this happen??? 🙁

          1. @Gubment Cheese
            Yea for sure man, as they are being trained more, and more for the public unrest that is soon to come worldwide, as the sheeple are waking-up to all of their many lies.

  10. No offence to anyone but I do support police with Murderous behavior, If a cop was going down the street shooting gangster faggots in the head until they are all dead then that’s why I support police that have a tendency to commit genocide

  11. A message to all women. NEVER DATE OR MARRY A COP! They are all corrupt and in these criminal secret societies. They are secretly attacking citizens with directed energy weapons and throwing political dissidents into mental hospitals and poisoning them. Theses assholes in these secret societies are responsible for 9/11 as well. They murdered 3000 Americans.

    If you are dating or married to a cop, leave him. Don’t support theses corrupt scumbags by giving them the love and comfort of a woman.

  12. Nothing new here just the way these tyrants have been taught and trained to do their job your local NPC bootlickers have no problems defending the action of their oppressors as long as it benefits their safety and security from the imaginary enemy’s.

  13. came here for the “nigger” comments
    No I didn’t really but every video I come across on here(and I have been a user since 2013) it has some type of off beat nothing to do with the video nigger comment. I laugh at most of them and feel sorry because they’re dialect is so limited it’s okay daddy trump is going to wipe that ass with the stock pile of police he has at his finger tips.
    Think he cares about how many times you say nigger? Its so over used and so 1700 shits been dead like epstien.
    Spice things up a bit like
    “You dirty small pox spreading Christian devil slaying trailer park I got my gun and sister all i need trump supporting I might be gay but my daddy don’t approve u.s government loving brain washed sheep”
    Every black person i met was cool it’s them Caucasian folks who think they are entitled to everything with that generational settler mind set.
    This video this single video is just a peek at whats comeing and guess what?
    When this country boils over it’s going to be the brain washed nigger haters that will be rounded up first and shot down like dogs.
    Stay tuned

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