Three Young Men Beaten, One Thrown from Roof by Police in Saltillo, Mexico

Three Young Men Beaten, One Thrown from Roof by Police in Saltillo, Mexico

In Saltillo, the capital of the Coahuila state in Mexico, a group of policemen brutally beat three young men, and threw one from the roof.

The police pursued the youths for allegedly having assaulted other policemen earlier. The youths took shelter in a private property in La Colonia Morelos, where they climbed on the roof.

The incident happened on December 20, 2015. It took the woman who filmed the beating 2 months to pluck up the courage and take the video to the Commission for Human Rights, alleging that not only did the police commit brutality on the youths, but also break and enter for violating the private residence without a warrant.

I guess cops will be cops no matter where in the world you are. You question their autoritah, they put boots up your ass.

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      1. There isn’t a goody nowhere in sight if SANTA came climbing up that chimney shaft @Am0ur! what say ya?

        I think SANTA wouldn’t want his suit sooted and not even the Mexican cops would scale the shaft as they mostly are stoned to their Goddamned bones to hold a Trejo pistol.

          1. Honey ,Were those two niggers or whites ?
            And what happened thereafter ? Has the long arm of law caught up to them and has the justice been rightly served .

      1. @Re-pete That’s very true. The good ones are afraid to be good. A bullet in someone’s head means nothing to the corrupt ones. And they’re definitely good at looking the other way. I was with a guy one time when we got stopped at a roadblock. He had two kilos of cocaine in the vehicle and the cop saw it. The guy i was with gave him 3650 pesos.. which is like $200, i think. He smiled and let us go two minutes later.

        1. I kinda wish are cops were like that with traffic tickets. I’ll give then $200 if that will spare me the ticket and traffic school. Now if you’re a cop that stops me, I’d better pray that I just got out of a Taco Bell drive thru 😉

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  1. Eh, what can you do?
    “They just doing their job!”
    “If they didn’t resist…!”

    …and all kind of sheeple BS’s.

    I don’t know if this scums in blue would ever be like this if people are weaponized?
    -We the people, in every corner of Earth, allow Governments to “protect” us instead we to keep militias that would protect us, from them.

  2. Members of my family are cops and some of my friends are and yeah lol they can be dicks. Towards other people, though but not us. I think part of their training teaches them to be like this?

  3. “alleging that not only did the police commit brutality on the youths, but also break and enter for violating the private residence without a warrant.” Quoted from the author as being said by the woman recording. Well first of all it doesn’t work like that. Yes, the police were guilty of excessive force/brutality, but they do not, I repeat DO NOT need a warrant to enter someones property when in pursuit of criminals, when there is reasonable suspicion, or expectation of the suspects to be at the resident. In this case the suspects were visible out in the open, the police had full authority to enter to apprehend the suspects. I don’t care for pigs any more then the next man. They are all dirty murderous thugs with badges who hide behind them well, but in this situation, no warrant was necessary. If the suspects had entered the house, and the police didn’t see them directly enter the house, then yes, they would need a warrant, because there isn’t enough evidence of the suspects location to justify a search and seizure. Since the suspects were out in the open visible to the officers, they were apprehended.

    What does this lady think you can go out and rob a bank, get chased by swat all the way to your house, but since your on your own property on your roof SWAT is gonna be like “oop pack it up boys, cmon time to go home, the suspects made it back to their house and are on the roof, now we gotta get a warrant…. Hey don’t go anywhere guys, just sit tight right there while we call in this warrant.

    This lady is out of her rabid ass mind, and the op shoulda laughed when she even suggested that second part about the warrant. I literally was like are you fucking serious? Can anyone be this fucking stupiD? With a capital D!

    Anyways, the old lady hit the nail on the head with the brutality part though. Nothing new, typical pigs doing pig things. When they are not killing innocent civilians, they are driving drunk killing people that way, or doing some other fucked up abuse of power and covering for each other.

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