Thugs Dressed Up in Cop Outfits They Bought Shot by Thugs Dressed Up in Cop Outfits Taxpayers Bought

Thugs Dressed Up in Cop Outfits They Bought Shot by Thugs Dressed Up in Cop Outfits Taxpayers Bought

Thugs Dressed Up in Cop Outfits They Bought Shot by Thugs Dressed Up in Cop Outfits Taxpayers Bought

In Santa Maria, state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, a group of thugs dressed up in police outfits they bought got gunned down by thugs in police outfits the taxpayers bought.

Cops are known drug traffickers, molesters, thieves and the such. They don’t like competition and use resources taken at a threat of violence from the people to eliminate it.

Props to Best Gore member @pedro-hawk for the video:

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87 thoughts on “Thugs Dressed Up in Cop Outfits They Bought Shot by Thugs Dressed Up in Cop Outfits Taxpayers Bought”

        1. Nah…

          He’s a farmer, so Baling himself out with the drug profits will be easy. Believe me, he’ll have his Hay day in court, when these cops can’t Harvest enough evidence against him.

          It took this victim forever to seek justice. I heard it’s Bin ten years or Sow. These cops will accuse him of going Underground to sell these drugs. However, his attorneys have already Buried this evidence, by Planting these drugs back on the cops.

          Witnesses say, it’s gonna take an Auger, to keep up on the Turn of events that are about to happen. In the meantime, the judge is saying Case closed.

          The only mistake is see, is this poor chap trying to sell home Groan to these cops.

  1. Impersonation hardly helps ! For all that ill-gotten booty to be had both sides did go the extra miles though ;but somewhere down the line their strangely acquired personalities gave each other away just when both sides must have thought of hitting this big-time swindle not to go wrong .

    The one with that wicked looking tattoo on the nape of his neck liked munching most of the bullets for being famished for days .

  2. Dude they are lucky they arn’t on brazilian cartels hands(bussiness), they probably will have brutally killed, the guy with the weid open joe had taken the whole damage anyways, i wonder how he gonna look like after it.

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  5. I swear the the captions on the posts are funnier than the posts themselves lol! I’m usually in a fit of laughter before I even check it out. My only regret is not joining BG sooner instead of being a casual lurker over the years, I seriously missed out on all the fun.

  6. the policeman asks both the black dude whose head he lifts and the guy with the fucked face : Are you still alive , man?? Are you still alive?? But the tone is not of someone intending to help, its rather: are you gonna take too long to die, man? i dont have the whole day.

  7. here is the story. This gang had just killed 3 guys in bar, where they were drinking after playing some soccer with friends . Apparently one of the guys they killed was from a rival gang, the other 2 were just unlucky to be near the target. Police chased the criminals after the murder, and what we see in the video is the end result of confrontation with the police. News reports say 5 criminals were arrested, 3 criminals were shot, 2 still in hospital.

  8. Looks like he’ll survive, but won’t have a mouth to tell the tale to his future mini nino De Silva beans. I’m sure he’ll be happy to be alive grinning from ear to ear like The Joker.

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