Tony Timpa – Murdered by Police in Manner Similar to George Floyd, But He Was White

Tony Timpa - Murdered by Police in Manner Similar to George Floyd, But He Was White

Tony Timpa - Murdered by Police in Manner Similar to George Floyd, But He Was White

The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.

~Morpheus, The Matrix

An insignia representing the 33rd degree in Freemasonry, which is the highest degree attainable, bears the degree’s official motto at the top: Ordo Ab Chao

If there is anything that brings the end goal of the powers that be ever closer to
reality, then it’s chaos. Nothing has given them as much control of the world’s resources while keeping the masses subdued and monitored through police state, then manufactured crisis (ie chaos). Thus, one could interpret the meaning of the phrase “Order Out of Chaos” as “Out of crisis, we’ll bring about the New World Order“.

Look at it this way – the more that people riot and destroy property, the more of a license the government gets to clamp down with authoritarian measures reducing freedom, and have the sheeple and the NPCs violently support them in it.

All they need is a few agent provocateurs to start looting and inciting violence, a few crates of bricks strategically distributed across important cities, and of course – a false flag event that will trigger the NPCs – like a white cop killing a black patsy.

Using false flag attacks to reduce people down to reactionary beasts who abandon critical thinking and surrender to their emotional impulses is nothing new. Breads and circuses work in the meantime, but every so many years a major event is brought about to keep the populace angry with one another, afraid of one another, and emotionally reactionary to one another, because in that state they are predictable and thus easy to control. It’s textbook “Divide and Conquer“.

During all of the recent “chaos“, the powers that be raked in some $600+ Billion of the common folk money, but thanks to the NPCs, the focus has been on the looters, who, even if we ignore the fact that they mostly consist of undercover police agents, may have ramped up hundreds of thousands, maybe a few Million in losses to individuals and businesses?

While the controlled mainstream press definitely played a crucial role, the role of the NPCs in turning people against each other while TPTB loot the wealth of mankind into oblivion, cannot be overlooked. Per usual, the Hegelian Dialectic will offer the plebs the “solution” to the problems they’ve created, which the plebs will embrace.

Much as the police, the NPCs are weapons of the state. In a way, they remind me of controlled opposition groups, like the English Defense League in the UK. On the surface, the EDL is anti-immigration and pro native English people, but in reality, they are pro Israel and anti native English people. They use the fact that people are fed up with the disaster that is multiculturalism, and appeal to their built up anger by making them love and support the very source of the problem. So long as the plebs support the source of the problem and direct their anger at the symptoms, the problem will only grow stronger. This in turn ensure the symptoms never go away, so the anger of the plebs grows linearly, which ramps up their support for the problem. And this is why “…these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy.

By the way, just week before the George Floyd protests broke out, the US government spent millions on riot gear. The biggest tell-tale however is that Dear Leader Trump, the globalists’ poster boy, shills the hell out of George Floyd. Did he say anything when Tony Timpa was murdered by the cops in a manner strikingly similar to that which allegedly killed George Floyd? You know the answer…

The video of Tony Timpa’s murder is below. It happened four years ago, but most of us have not heard about it. I got a few people send me the video of George Floyd when it happened, but nobody sent me the video of Tony Timpa when that happened.

It pays to be reminded that the majority of the victims of police violence are white, including Tony Timpa. Thus, shilling for police in a police state is analogous to shilling for the EDL in the UK. And if we use the Matrix as the analogy, then the police protect the Matrix from those who become aware, and the NPCs are Cypher.

As for the protesters participating in the George Floyd events – they are as much a problem as the police. When something is as obviously a set up as the killing of George Floyd and you participate in whatever it was geared to incite (ie the “Divide and Conquer” agenda, distraction from the plandemic, and paving the way for the transition from lockdown to curfews), you support the real problem and are as much a roadblock to freedom from tyranny as police worshiping NPCs.

When both Democrat and Republican leading figures answer to the same people, your support for either side makes you their asset – a useful idiot who does their bidding without even getting paid for it. Likewise, when leading figures of both sides of a staged protest answer to the same people, your support for either side makes you their asset – a useful idiot who advances their end game goals without even getting paid.

The video of Tony Timpa extrajudicial killing is from a bodycam worn by one of the cops. Parts of it were blurred by the source. This is what happens when you call the cops:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. And that is the kicker. Not sure if you realize it or not.

            Most cops never say anything or go against the blue line because they are all pensioners. They will do anything for that tasty carrot.

      1. You know, I’d expect more astute appraisals from Bestgore patrons. We’ve seen plenty of malice…but I don’t see it here. In a world full of so many interactions, is it possible that sometimes shit just goes wrong? Bestgore patrons tend to hate on cops while cracking jokes about the grizzly deaths of other indisputable innocents like children. Seems, to me, a silly incongruity. Ya’ll make jokes about dead kids but feign righteous indignation when any manner of death occurs at the hands of police. Sorta makes me think this place is just a playground (training ground?) for ANTIFA and any other brand of aimless angry anti-authoritarian turds that exist in society. Let’s see. At Bestgore, we hate jews, we hate blacks, we hate cops, we hate God…. what the fuck DO you twats actually stand for… other than hatred and chaos? There’s no structure or remedy proposed here. This site has the potential to be informative, but the people who comment here have reduced it to gore-porn and a platform for every type of angsty pubescent rage one could imagine. Yes, life is brutal, but can’t we have adult fucking conversations about it…about it’s causes and its remedies? Naw, that’s not what this place is about…in spite of their pretense of high-minded ideals. This is a dumpster fire, just the same as the rest. Some places have unicorns. Ya’ll have guts. But you’re all still pussies because you can’t deal with facts like grown adults.

    1. As with everyone else, they do what they are told and go along to get along.

      Blame starts at the top. Not merely with the “government”, but with the jews who have subverted and now completely control it. They get what they want. Our problems are their solutions. The sheep will continue believing their narrative and the cops will continue following their orders UNTIL (((they))) are exposed and their house of cards comes crashing in on them.

          1. School shooters must be twitching like crackheads trying to sell their newborns for a dime rock, need to get their butts up in high-rises & start picking off BLM, antifa, everyone out rioting

    2. Ordinary people will care about this, but the mainstream national jewbagel media will never pick up a story like this since he was white instead of black. They know who their masters are. You’ll likely hear about it on local affiliates though, so they can say they aren’t ignoring the story.

      One thing I have noticed about the dinosaur jew media is that they WILL throw a black under the bus for a faggot. Faggotry seems to be the only thing more sacred to them than being a nigga.

    3. Put your hands behind your back & push your
      shoulders forward.
      Now try to take a deep breath or a normal breath.
      You can’t get enough air to do anything but pass out.
      This type of hold is guaranteed to cause a slowish death

    4. I remember this one quite well, the Civilian Killers are on bodycam laughing, cracking jokes while they’re killing. And to add insult to injury, the EMT gives the victim a fucking sedative after he stops breathing. It’s no wonder why they get shot and killed and expect citizens to give a shit about their lives when they don’t about ours.

  1. The EDL is nothing now here in England, Multiculturalism doesn’t work, it will destroy some of the greatest countries in the world, you can have black majority countries, you can have Asian majority countries, but if you have white majority countries it’s racist and evil, the liberals of this world working along side the Jews will end the west as we know it.

    1. You dumb bitch, most migrants are in the west because their countries were destroyed by guess who, the white west, the chickens have come home to roost, now you dont like it?

        1. White men also need to put white liberal women in check. We have let those bitches do whatever they want, and look at the shit they’re doing.

          Liberal white women can’t speak for us anymore. Now of course, this doesn’t apply to white nationalist or conservative women. Women on the side of the men, as they should be. Support the nationalist men.

      1. @tomrules

        Don’t talk bollocks and don‘t make up shit just to stick it to whitey you self hating buffoon. Its quite silly and even more pathetic. The vast majority of migrants in the white west are from countries untouched by the white west.

        For a start half of Eastern Europe is now in Western Europe. Africans from countries that were never invaded or warred against by whitey are also in Western Europe. This is economic migration and you know it.

        Personally I find it absolutely fucking incredible how niggers keep going on and on about how the “ebil whitey debil dun took dem from da muddaland against deir willz an sheeeeeeeeeeeeit and forced dem tu live in da wite man land” and yet look at all those black people now willingly choosing to enter cramped, sickly conditions in boats on dangerous journeys to the white mans land rather than stay amongst their own people and lands. Willingly choosing to leave mother Africa behind for chains and servitude to a white master.

        My God. It can’t get anymore pathetic. Even I feel pity towards them for how pathetic they are and I am racist as fuck. They are that pathetic.

        Your defence of them is even more pathetic though, sickening even. Stomach churning, because you are defending traitors to their own race. Uncle Toms. Coons. Coconuts. House niggers etc. You are backing the runaways rather than the defenders. You are supporting the cowards rather than the fighters. You are promoting brain-drain. You are acting to keep the poor countries poor always because you favour escape and the escapees rather than those who stay put, fight and build upwards.

        Fuck. It makes me sick. Shame on you, fucking weasel. I have nothing but respect for those who actually care for their own people and lands and stick around and fight for it and work hard to build it up. I am talking about people like @african-angel and that’s coming from me a white racist bastard. These people are closer to creating racial equality than you will ever be you fucking turd.

        1. really you respect african angel? she is a fucking asshole. lest we forget the post about the teenagers in Chicago that kidnapped and tormented a retarded kid and posted it on Instagram or whatever. here is her thoughts on that

          “White people in the US and South Africa has done this million times to innocent black people. They did it in privacy but am so proud of these niggers doing it publicly.”

          fuck her

          1. @desp

            I meant I respect her for actually caring about her own land and race unlike those runaway black men, and it is mostly all men, who willingly take the slave boat to white massa land because their dicks only work when they see “da wite pussy”.

            I don’t think either of us respects the opinions we each hold on each others race though, lol. She’s in Africa though, she can hate whitey all she wants and get away with it because she is not stealing our taxes via welfare and Affirmative Action unlike the hypocritical black bastards in white land who complain about and curse whitey all day long whilst willingly sucking our dicks for survival.

        2. Empty skull your back missed you where to begin. There is no heavily populated continent that hasn’t been touched socially, culturally, military, economically by the west. That includes Africa which nearly the entirety of was colonized, and that’s after centuries of slave plundering, followed by generations of non-stop regime changes, sanctions(economic warfare) and general economic colonialism. Some of these nations such as the congo being literal slave nations. What problems the mid east and n. Africa may had are now on steroids thanks to non-stop western interference. If I’m not mistaken quite a few migrants tend to stay temporarily not permanently and or send money to their families back home in their Home countries. I don’t disagree with staying home and working to fix the problems their and most don’t. Not suprised at the ones who do. Do europeans not immigrate to other countries and get treat Infinitely better than migrants coming to europe who don’t have the evil history of violence and destruction of european land and culture with them. They even stay long enough to make war, genocide, and new nations perhaps they have the same idea. You obviously are just using that argument as a not even thin veil to argue against migrant immigration as if you really give a fuck. On that I can actually relate to a degree. Fuck any and all immigrants no more get your illegal asses out. Going to the lands of people you hate exploitating their resources and having your way with their women not cooning uncle tomming in the least. Seem to be one of those europeans who think they know and understand America better than Americans

          1. “If I’m not mistaken quite a few migrants tend to stay temporarily not permanently and or send money to their families back home in their Home countries“.

            No they don’t, lol. The vast majority of migrants entering Europe, as in 90% of them, are young males who have abandoned their own people, family and lands and will never go back and they most certainly do not send any money back home for two reasons, white welfare doesn’t pay that much and secondly in order not to face deportation they all pretend to be from Syria even when they look like Kunta Kinte from Roots so I doubt they will be leaving any such trail back to their origins.

            The women and children of their own countries are left to rot by them and so their home countries are fucked for at least another generation or so all so that they can come to a land where everybody hates them but they get free shit. Wow, so aspiring. Such wonderful people.

        3. That it I expected (don’t why) a better rebuttal. Well at least you tried this time and didn’t just run away (in fucking cyberspace) like before just gotta put more effort into it. Your simple reply was barely worth responding to.

          1. The world doesn’t revolve around you, lol. I do have an actual life to live and can’t be on here all the time.

            That said, most of your comment was just woe is me shit about how whitey needs to accommodate the worlds poor because ‘history an sheeeeit’ and ‘whitey bad’. I really couldn’t be bothered to wipe your nose for you so I gave a fitting answer in return.

            If you want a better answer make a better argument.

        4. Your head really is pretty empty as your limited comprehension skills show. I didn’t say whitey was bad anymore than you said blackie was bad just stating facts. From what I’ve seen you seem to comment and reply plenty and we all get notifications. So your aware just chose to answer my newer comments. You just don’t reply to comments that utterly destroy you and your ability to argue back logically. I’ve utterly destroyed more than a few dumb fucks like you on here don’t reply back totally disappear from the page only to show up on the next 1 day later. I’ll stop just tell all my other victims I said Hello!

          1. @serialkillerfuture

            Dear god. I don‘t get any notifications from you because you never fucking tag me. You have to actually add “@empty-soul” to your comment somewhere otherwise I can’t fucking see you when I log in.

            I don’t have enough free time in my life to go through week old threads with hundreds of comments each in order to see if you questioned me somewhat somewhere. Tag me and I will respond. It is not fucking hard.

            As for your comment this time, you failed to address how a culture/society with finite space and resources can accommodate all worldwide permanently. You spoke of white history and you spoke of white economic colonialism but failed to take into account actual space and resources per-readdress. Neither did you take into account the various differences within whiteness, that being that most white countries never had black slavery and can’t be blamed for those who did.

            Historically speaking only 20% of white Europeans at best engaged in the black transatlantic slave trade and yet all are blamed for it. That is racism in my opinion because you are broad-brushing an entire race based upon the actions of the few which is something you supposedly stand against.

            You wouldn’t do this to any other fucking race so don’t do it to mine.

            Personally, my country can’t even accommodate the numbers that are already currently here and yet you suggest we accommodate the world at large, not fucking happening.

            To conclude. Fucking tag me if you wish me to respond otherwise fuck off with your bullshit. I will debate you anytime you want on any subject just so long as you fucking tag me.

            Its not hard just start with,


        5. You idiot @empty soul. You sure huh…. because everybody seems to get notifications from replies me new members, but the great empty skull doesn’t. But I’ll let it go. Here you are again with your inferior comprehension skills and intentional distortions. Never said or suggested that america or any countries no matter the resources should keep accommodating permanent immigrants. I am against any more immigrantion to america regardless of origin. Neither did I say all white countries participated in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Most of the powers of the time who’d go to later shape and influence europes destiny benefited and participated in one way or another. Even more so from colonialism and neocolonialism. As far blaming all for the actions small groups. You,the entire site sure doesn’t or seemingly have never had problem doing so. In regads to muslims, blacks etc. This is despite these groups actions often having had less of an impact on anyone, but themselves overwhelmingly. But of course in your eyes your above all that your an individual that’s for lesser races and groups. I brush any group with the same brush if it’s more than warranted. Debate discussions sure. No with problem destroying you.

      2. Since when was america the cause of every problem in every country? Did you ever think that maybe they came to this country because their country’s leaders are bad at running a country? if we go to war with someplace america cares more about the civilians than the country’s leaders ever did.

      3. Ya. The ones who destroyed those nations, are the same ones who are advocating for those backwards people to migrate. They’re also the ones pushing for the sexualization of children, the gaying up of society, and they’re the same ones protecting those rich jewish internationalist capitalists.
        All these problems originate in the same place, the west.
        Its just, most western people are completely idle and lazy, and don’t seem to care enough about their nations to do anything. I mean, why bother when you can just go get something from mcdonalds?

    2. Don’t forget the Republicans are also pawns of the jews. I’m all done for white majority countries etc. And I’m a muslim who agrees with that. The issue is the jews are trying to make everyone one. They want to get to them all and they are doing this perfectly fine. They dont want borders they want the entire world population. For their false messiah who is the antichrist [which we muslims believe]. Their Hub is Jerusalem isreal, their immigration is to Isfahan Iran. Their puppets include America, UK, Europe as whole. Banks are under them, health professionals are under them. Royal families are under them, gold and silver and all kinds of valuable resources are under them. They don’t have a net worth because they have power over alot of these things. But a time will come when the antichrist comes, and the majority will follow him and a large battle will commence.

      Our prophet told us that we will kill Jews, until even the tree and the rock will say o slave of Allāh there is a jew behind me kill him. These jews have been causing corruption ever since they were found amongst the children of isreal and they will be wiped out and that is a promise.

      1. Those Jews sweet talked their asses into our countries to enrich themselves and undermine us. Nationalism for all races puts them in check. Multiculturalism allows them to mix with us and have a say in our affairs. Those greedy cunts want all the wealth to themselves. I hope you guys fuck them up royally.

  2. You can’t make political capital out of a straight white male. Nor can you get away with stealing shoes and TVs as a result of one. You cannot “axe fo sum gibs me datz” either.

    A straight white male has no socio-political worth at all which is quite amazing really considering we are told over and over that we have a “white privilege” that supposedly supercharges our socio-political worth into overdrive and yet the black man, a person told over and over again that he has zero privilege, apparently has more socio-political worth than anyone else because the world stops and mourns whenever one dies.

    Alas. The only worth a pleb has is in their ability to be reduced to a ball in a game of political football.

  3. Eventhough no one likes the police, if you look at the reaction of the people saying the floyd thing was all racially motivated. The police are called to stop criminals and crimes, and the majority of criminals are black. So theres more of a chance of a black person being killed by the police.

    Where are these BLM in Chicago where black people die everyday. They never want to address the issue between black on black violence but when its white on black (with a hidden agenda) they want to address it. It smells like hypocrisy to me, they dont want to solve the issues in their own homes (black on black violence) but they want to solve issues around the world (racism).

    After doing some research into this Floyd’s apparent killing you’ll be suprised to find the freemasons involved. Such as the family lawyer Benjamin crump who states hes a part of the masons In his website, stephen Jackson who claims to be very close to floyd was very close to freemasons, so much his own father was one. And finally that individual floyd (if that’s even his name) had a chest tattoo of the freemason symbol. Ordo ab chao

    The jews are behind this as they sip on their fine wine, steal the peoples money and watch on as they cause corruption. They’ve been causing corruption ever since the time of Mūsa [moses]. Killing prophets sent to them and causing corruption through means of deception and hypocrisy. Through thousands of years they’ve remained the same but have upped their game to an immense level learning from their past mistakes.

    The Jews are the heads of the media and only they allow you to see what they want you to see. These dumb protestors and rioters are spawns in this game of the chess and the jews are the ones playing the game. It’s very sad how large the numbers of people being followers is but eventually most sheeps end up being slaughtered

  4. Cops: We beat up protesters and arrest looters of goods, to protect war criminals and looters of billions so they can continue their plan to enslave humanity and control all resources without opposition.

    Sheep: OMGWTFBBQ fuck blacks. The police are our best friend.

    1. Sheep: When I transitioned into a 1984 Buick people told me I was crazy when I demanded oil changes. But my mechanic was very understanding. Once a month I go into the garage and he shoves a hose up my ass.

  5. This guy was clearly high on some type of drugs! And the size of him made him a human tank, yes they had him restrained but they did not block his airway during this video, he clearly went into cardiac arrest because of whatever he was on! The George Floyd video was different he had a knee deep in his neck for over 8 minutes. Non of the officers attempted to check his vitals during this! That’s the difference.

      1. Agreed but not all officers are bad, they see the worst shit day in day out and have to put up with the worst of the worst. Unfortunately the Floyd video has put a huge stain on law enforcement in America but what needs doing is improved training and internal affairs cases taken more seriously, just as in society in itself you have good guys and bad regardless of skin colour, same applies in the police etc.

        1. Well, not just in USA police see the worst, but USA is known in the whole world for the violence of policemen
          In the world yankees aren’t appreciate…
          Famous for police violence, fat food and fat people, Trump, McDonald, weapon to everyone -even underage-, massacre in schools and more…
          Onestly I don’t remember something good that people out the States tell about them… yup, nothing
          Anyway, in every country police see orrible thing and must expect the worst, and can happen that someone exaggerates or do the bullshit (like yankee’cops), but never so often like them

          English it’s not my first language, hope that what I wrote can be understood 🙂

  6. Exactly, those assholes are planning more rioting and looting tonight at a major intersection where’s there’s of course, a big shopping center attached to it.
    I’m sure you know exactly where 17th and Bristol is right @fuckerpig

    They did this last Friday about 3 blocks south of this and it was chaos.
    Every law enforcement vehicle that drove through got completely destroyed by rocks and bottles.
    They’ll probably use this as an example this time and have a couple of news vans near by since they pretty much expect the same results from the same crowd.
    I’m not sure how nobody gets killed this time.
    More these bulshit curfew alerts

    1. Yup, I grew up on Brookhurst/Edinger intersection. Went to La Quinta HS.
      Bristol / 17th is a tough neighborhood. Pretty much a piece of shit part of mexico now.
      Honestly the cops should stay away. Let the looters burn that shit area down. Just leave The Olde Ship alone. Not a bad drinking spot. I haven’t lived there (CA) in years. It’s going down fast…. well it’s down already.

  7. What kind of human being kills a guy then calls the mother on the phone to let her know they just killed her son.
    I know the officers may not have had the intention of causing this guy to die but they guilty for his death because they kept on joking and having fun while non-responsive Tony is obviously turning cold being pinned to the ground.

    1. Cops these days are as useless as fuck. In the UK too.
      They can’t or don’t chase real criminals anymore. They don’t investigate most burglaries, nor petty crime.
      All they do is attend demonstrations, fire tear-gas, wield batons and chase you for minor traffic violations. And do paperwork. And maybe kill the odd person or two, black or white.

  8. It’s rather despicable these savages are still out there patrolling the streets. And the zombified bootlickers will defend action of their citizen killers like the well trained NPC that they are chewing on the boots of their oppressors and masters.

  9. Ok as a police officer you have to perfectly understand that there will be times when you interact with a person that may not be as mentally developed as they should be or maybe they are just special needs people and your approach should not be the same as when you approach somebody who is properly developed. As a cop you should be looking if a person is displaying signs of being a special needs and improvise your approach accordingly. Tony may have been the special needs type and the way they handled him was just inhumane.
    Tony seemed to be in distress and panic being surrounded by that many cops so his fear got dramatically amplified as one of them puts hands on him to calm him down that’s why he acted the way he did on the ground he wasn’t resisting and definitely not being a threat.
    Not one of those pigs had brains and understood the situation and was truly there to protect and serve.

  10. Yes, but here’s another angle:
    This Tony Timpa fuck was taking very dangerous drugs that turn your mind to pus.
    If the didn’t die that day from these blue meanies, the stupid fuck would have found a way to die in the next few months anyway, by:
    -driving while fuck’d
    -getting into a fight for no reason
    -falling from a height/breaking his dumb ass neck
    -stopping breathing while passed out
    -getting shot doing armed robbery while off his head
    -stabbing himself/shooting himself (Texans all have guns)

    So .. when you look at what this fuck’s future would be, the cops probably did him a favor.

    Just a new way of looking at a crusty old situation.

    Tony Timpa = Tony Tampon
    Fuck him ..

    1. you couldnt believe what they steal! I saw it all. I became so jaded I wanted to beat the fuck out of the punk that stole package of hotdogs

      at first you are like awww they are hungry but then you just get plain pissed. I think what blew my mind the most was all the disappearing bibles, baby clothes a close second

      1. Well over here where I live these motherfuckers broke into a WIC store and emptied it out, that to me was the lowest of the low…
        For those that don’t know WIC is a type of program that helps out Woman with Infant Children (I believe that’s what WIC stands for) and they provide help with Milk, eggs, juices and all type of nutritional food I think they may also provide with baby formula.
        Anyways who would steal food for babies and children???
        I know everyone in here knows the answer to that.

  11. Notice how the paramedic tells the cop doing chest compressions to let his chest come all the way up. That’s so his lungs can fully expand and he can get a full breath.

    When these cops have a person face down and they’re putting all their weight on their back, they are driving their chest and stomach into the ground, so the chest and lungs cannot fully expand thereby not allowing a full breath. They can’t be pushing peoples chest into the ground with their full weight anymore, especially on a person who is cuffed. When they are saying they can’t breath, they mean it. They are only getting in little tiny breaths, it’s not enough air, they feel themselves getting dizzy, then they pass out, and that’s it.

    So, instead of saying I can’t breath, say, I can’t get a full breath. Especially someone who has been physically exerting themselves, you cannot push their chest into the ground, it’s like after running, you are sucking wind. Now imagine if someone put you down face first so your chest couldn’t fully expand.

  12. I think I really needed to see this feature, simply for my own reassurrance in belief. I was completely confused as to why the George Floyd video blew up, went viral and now all this protesting and looting is happening because “Black Lives Matter”. My first thought was.. I’ve seen police brutality happen a lot due to BestGore to all races and genders (there was even one of a cop shooting a dog to death because it ran at him if you remember? A fucking dog.) so.. genuine question.. am I missing something? Do people think cops only kill black men and that’s why it’s all kicking off? Or has something else happened that has slipped under my radar? I’m genuinely confused by all this.

    Police brutality is the problem, not necessarily “racist” cops, no?

    1. You might be right but not completely…
      This incident is far worst than George Floyd for the simple facts that as Tony was on the ground having his life slowly drained from him every single pig present was laughing, joking and just having fun like is a kick back, one even says ” hey I think that he went to sleep”
      I don’t recall the cops involved in George Floyd’s death laughing or joking and most of all I don’t recall the cops having called Floyd’s mother to let her know they just killed her son.

  13. “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out.” KR

  14. Well, the headlines.
    Look. I know everyone, every races have problems. I just think if you’re not an asshole or a very shitheaded person then nobody shouldn’t be killed.

    But I can’t talk about that much as a hypocrite because I knew I still kill others species… like… those chicken nuggets I ate last night.

    So what’s the point when you anti cruelty acts in humans but still eat animals.

    So I just stay in my own bubble…. weehhhh

  15. Lmao they don’t give af about yall either lol what you gotta say now, I’d rather be openly hated than to be loved by a group of satan worshipers keep on living everyone will feel like a nigger soon enough…..

  16. AMERIKKKA part 3 – by bad jonny

    All over da Divided States
    It’s nigger fuckin’ day ..

    “O dey shouldna done dat ..
    Dese white cops dey can’t stay..”

    “But dey stood on his nigger head
    Till he was turnin’ grey ..”

    “He screamin’ out for Jesus Christ
    You heard his high-pitched bray ..”

    “Dey kill da fuckin’ nigger dead
    Dey kill’d him where he lay ..”

    “Dat what cops do now, Tyrone?
    Just rape, and bash, and slay? ..”

    “Now all da colored children
    Of the World afraid to play ..”

    “Him woz not a cwiminal
    He not a brother Kray ..”

    “He just wanna feel da Sun
    Smoke crack an’ feel da rays ..”

    “Flyin’ high as Santa’s rig
    Reindeers pull dat sleigh ..”

    “All dem white folk watchin’ him
    Hey, why don’t dey yell: HEY! ..”

    “We want apology, now bro ..
    What da Prez’dent say? ..”

    “Time for all minorities ..
    Even if ya gay ..”

    “Meet up in da millions
    ON San Fransisco Bay ..”

    “Ya’all be colored dark as me
    Or least as white as clay..”

    “Or white uni student dickheads:
    Penelope, Faye and Kay ..”

    “Hi, do you love Gweenpeace?
    And what’s that on your tray? ..”

    “Gotta save the Seahorse
    We needs some stocks of hay ..”

    “We all vengeful negroes now
    Jus’ like Cassius Clay ..”

    “We smash up all da white-shops, yo
    Ya better stay away ..”

    “Media says we should be fair
    But we say fuckin’ : Nay .. “

    “We all been on da welfare ..
    Gotta make da system pay ..”

    “On da dole and playin’ music
    Snoop and Doctor Dre ..”

    “Niggers could go to work, you
    That’s not da way we play ..”

    “We have lazy drug times
    And let the white man pay ..”

    “We planned it back in April
    To go viral end of May ..”

    “Send in cops on horse-back
    Charge us with affray ..”

    “It all cop brutality
    Just ‘cause we won’t obey ..”

    “Lootin’ all da top clothes stores ..
    My Levi’s start to fray ..”

    1. “No little black kids now at school ..
      Eatin’ curds n whey ..”

      “White cop is da big King Kong
      While darky is Faye Wray ..”

      “Da World not fair for black Nig-nogs
      Dat’s all Ah gots to say … ”

      RIP George
      RIP All you black nigger filth
      (Remember ‘innocent’ Michael pedo Jackson?)
      Innocent my ass ..

      Jonny loves you

      1. Hahaha BJ Strikeouts once again.

        IF the thin blue line of Amnesia is to protect and serve it’s to do job of killing renegade slaves in this example it was a black criminal slave, properly.

        Not condoning such Wild West street justice tactics but, as we all know they are a symptom and not the cause.
        If it was you, or I (for whatever reason) in the same circumstance it would be our Head’s the Citizen Killer’s (with favoured activity) they’d be Dancing On.

        That said; did he Dieded..?
        Ow, shame,
        RIP: Pink Floyd. In your case not, have started a
        “Go Fund Me page” the proceeds to be donated to killing more animals from the Human Zoo.

        Hare Krishna Maha Mantra krisha Nigga goo goo Hare Krishnas.
        Harry Who..?


  17. the only white, native Country is now named Germany.

    you must realise the importance if how it was before names abd (and) words, how much problems that caused – to solve …

    white english who claim nativeness to england are remembering times through family to when whites were living in their best era – in england.
    its a time frame.

    the white race didnt begin in africa or england.

    there are pure whites, but there are a hell of a lot of ppl from unspokenabout races that have mixed with whites along the course of history.

    ppl who fight on a false premise fall flat on their faces, or worse.

    this is a warning to the importance of facts and realising when you have got something wrong.

    it could save your life.

        1. Ok. Often times I’ll be cryptically philosophical,
          cynically criticizing the Matrix/Illusion/System without directly saying so.
          Other times attempting to make an
          (appears to me) obvious joke.
          Sometimes it works and Sometimes it dont.
          So was just passing humorous anecdotes.
          What I thought were.
          Whilst Stoned as Mudslime Adulteress ..!
          Just Waffling, thanks for asking and not taking the rise, tho…

          1. police r pissing me the fuck off… i wanted to have a wank then i git sectioned.

            i hate them more than ever before.

            fuck the fucking police.

            stab the fucking pricks.

        2. If I ruled the World
          ( or had control of it )
          Long enough to do this:

          Which led the way until it reached
          Then low and behold that became
          See where I’M going with this…?
          Have I missed One.
          Then gained weight to become
          Think it’s time for a Shot of something…!!
          BIG FAT hairy ladies VERY Scary.
          There’s a knocking at my Door.
          Thanks be TO FUCK, My Medicine is HERE..!


  18. 1 less white fuck. Everyone here knows that NO LIVES MATTER. If more whites are killed than blacks then they need to focus on the MAGA fucks. These right wing fucks bitch about their freedom being taken away but are so far up Trumps ass that they don’t realize it will be taken away soon. Too bad we won’t be seeing any pigs taking out all these fuckin politicians from both the left and right.

  19. He wasn’t “snoring” you fucking morons…he was agonal breathing.

    Agonal breathing is instead an abnormal and often brief and inadequate pattern of breathing. Agonal breathing may sound like gasping, but it can also sound like snorting and labored breathing. It may even seem as though the person is moaning. … Agonal breathing commonly occurs with cardiac arrest or a stroke.

  20. ** this is in response to drugs**

    You might be right but not completely…
    This incident is far worst than George Floyd for the simple facts that as Tony was on the ground having his life slowly drained from him every single pig present was laughing, joking and just having fun like is a kick back, one even says ” hey I think that he went to sleep”
    I don’t recall the cops involved in George Floyd’s death laughing or joking and most of all I don’t recall the cops having called Floyd’s mother to let her know they just killed her son.

  21. The job of an organization, that is meant to protect the citizen, is exactly that, to protect the citizen.
    A cops job is to sacrifice his life to save his fellow citizen.
    These aren’t cops, they’re a private security force working for the internationalist Capitalist Jew world order.

  22. Pretty sure August 10th 2016 was when obama was president and trump probably was too busy campaigning for an election to even know about some obscure video and death that took the rest of us 3 years to hear about.

  23. I must have been too busy at work to take time off for the looting back in 2016. Oh wait, wrong color died. My bad. MSM probably slightly (if ever) mentioned it outside of Dallas.

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