Trigger Happy Cop Opens Fire in Room Full of Children, Hits 9 Year Old in Face

Trigger Happy Cop Opens Fire in Room Full of Children, Hits 9 Year Old in Face

Trigger Happy Cop Opens Fire in Room Full of Children, Hits 9 Year Old in Face

In Wichita, Kansas, a group of trigger happy citizen killers entered a house with a goal to terrorize the family, and while in the room full of children, a citizen killer with an undeniable disregard for others opened fire because a pooch barked at an intruder, hitting a nine year old girl who was sitting on the floor directly in his line of sight. The girl screamed in horror: “Ow! Ow! Ow, you hurt my eye!“, as the ricochet from the cop’s fire struck her in the face.

The domestic terrorist who likes hurting puppies and children was identified as Dexter Betts. He was reportedly fired from the department less than a month after the shooting, and faces a charge of aggravated battery.

He saw the dog beforehand. He knew it was a little bull terrier that couldn’t hurt him. He also saw all of the children and where they were located in the room. Yet he fired directly at one of them as soon as the dog barked. What’s most shocking is that police terror has become so commonplace, it’s no longer shocking. It’s the norm.

The cops were reportedly in the house because of a call about a suicidal person. Of course, as we’ve seen plenty of times at Best Gore, the cops’ desire to not return home from duty without killing a citizen is so overwhelming, that when they find out about a suicidal person, they rush head over heels to kill them. Obviously, if a person kills themselves, they rob the cops of the joy of killing them – a notion utterly unbearable to a cop’s mind. It all aligns with such facts as that the people would be robbed less if there were no cops.

BTW, the suicidal person was in the driveway with his hands up when the killers arrived.

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163 thoughts on “Trigger Happy Cop Opens Fire in Room Full of Children, Hits 9 Year Old in Face”

          1. Because they are just as careless as the cop. They hate cops, not because they might have killed innocents but because it’s hip to hate them. They obviously do not care about innocent people if they want this for his family.

          2. The cop definitely used poor judgment and is a fucking pussy for shooting a dog considering animal control officers go to work every day and deal with all types of animals including pitbull’s and they don’t carry guns. However wishing harm on this dumb ass cops family is kind of fucked up. They’re probably just as pissed off at him as the rest of us are

    1. We need more cop assassins… They were doing great for a while and now they went dark again. Cops are such faggots that they will continue to do things that force citizens to give their lives to killing these criminals…

      1. I don’t understand why people still call the cops for anything.
        You have the right to bear arms and handle your own business.
        Suicidal people situations should be handled by the fire department who are unarmed and actually trained to rescue people.

      2. Mandatory retraining of police needs to come soon before we’re all fucked for the rest of this country’s sad existence. Citizen killers need to come off the street by any means necessary, whether it be by retraining or execution/sterilization.

        My personal belief: Police who kill for kicks should have invariably more severe prison sentences. The public is supposed to trust them, not fear them. Cops are supposed to solve problems, not start them. Betraying one’s trust in you forgoes your right to forgiveness.

      1. Being trained by Israeli’s don’t help, nor does limited immunity or a Judicial system that relies on them to enforce their bs corporate policies/ regulations. Never ever call the cops… smfh.

    1. Exactly, he gives no fucks whatsoever about shooting the kid in the eye, much less about trying to murder a dog that couldn’t even hurt him, and just says “It’s ok, I’m good” without even batting an eye about what he did. I hope there is some real justice dealt on this one, and I don’t mean jail time. An eye for an eye would just be a warm up in my opinion, filthy scumbag.

    1. Calling all americans motherfuckers instead of a specific group is pretty niggerish nigger. You going to spout bullshit some more that is also lies when Argentina is one of the biggest shithole countries in the world? Thought so dipshit.

      1. Oh who cares, why you all get so triggered.? Malvinas was being sarcadstic anyway if not so what. There are more things to worry about on this earth. i just hope this fuckin bullshit bickering between us all which goes on throughout the world will end in one big nuclear bang, problem solved.

          1. Haha i find it so strange when people have to bite every time. There are some here that just can’t let one slide, not even one. Does make you wonder about their lives, whether they know life’s problems.
            But i do find it funny to get them going .. although it doesn’t quite give me a hard on : ) @illegalsmile55

    1. Brah… sorry to say, but this is just usual and typical training . Everything is life ending threat- even when it’s not ( Pos even says “they were attacked”). Everything stops being a threat with 10-15 rounds ….. usually…. lol

    1. The dog survived, the girl was treated and released from a hospital with both eyes in tact. The pig cop was eventually fired but pleaded not guilty to aggravated battery. I haven’t heard the outcome of his trial or if his trial has even began.

  1. They called about a suicidal person, so the cop took care of one. Also that’s what you get for having a dog that carries a stigma of being one of the most aggressive breeds even if they are not. Try buying a cat or a ferret next time.

      1. Ha! Listen to this cop lover. Not to mention I’ve seen pussy cops shoot all kinds of tiny dogs. It would take one kick to scare them off. My dog is a part of my family, if you come in my house and try to kill him….

        1. Never hate your enemy. It clouds your judgement. I dislike this scary faggot cop just the same as I do the very retards that called them to resolve their problems. Try the suicide hotline, find god, purpose, seek counseling etc.

          Reasons people become suicidal

          1. Their lives are an empty void with no substance or meaning.
          2. Mental illness, Depression, anxiety, cerebral palsy etc.
          3. Cannot live with the crushing pressures and expectations of the material world.
          4. Can’t face any type of harsh reality
          5. Peer’s views on what is deemed right and wrong.

          My views are firm in my spirit. I don’t suffer from depression nor do I make my or companies life more difficult than it need to be. Hardheads have to learn the hard way. This is logic. They can sue and make a bundle at the cost of their young.

          1. Well, I believe that we should freely allow people to kill themselves should they desire so. We should have an euthanasia booths, so that anyone could just say “ok, fuck this”, hop into one of those booths, press the button and turn himself off forever.

            Ok, a little overboard, but we should have euthanasia procedures just as common as a flu shot at clinics. Any person have the right to decide to end their life and we should not stay in the way.

            Fuck me, right?

    1. I work with dogs everyday I am a groomer I have bathed many pitbulls never bit once . The dog that took a piece of my hand was a small lap dog. Still not scared I would not be able to do my job .

        1. Only it wasn’t a pit, from all the information I’ve gathered it was a bull terrier. Besides every pitbull I’ve ever met (and that’s quite a few) they were some of the friendliest dogs I’ve ever encountered. The dogs attitude depends on how the owner raises it. A strange intruder comes into your house, you better believe the dog is at least gonna bark. Alot of homeowners get dogs for that precise reason, especially with little ones around. Plus the idiot had already confirmed he seen it. What a fuckin’ hero.

    2. Most folk here seem to think suicidal person means an emo twink, wheremore often than not is some blood thirsty psycho holding people hostage or planning to take out as many people as they can. So there’s that, as well as being stupid enough not to lock up your dogs if you know cops are coming inside.

      That being said, this cop is a fucking retard. I can understand getting jumpy because a fucking dog darts at you outta nowhere, but you have to gauge your options and adjust your mind beforehand, cuz you’re not in an empty alley at midnight in the southern depths of the Chicongo, this is a suburban house with kids all around you and a doorstop dog. A well placed kick on the animal would’ve sufficed, damn.

      He’s lucky the girl just got pelted with a flat soft ricochet. Must’ve been in some pussy lefty city that bans hollow rounds, since those are desired for police work so as to avoid ricocheting like it happened here, afaik. Glad he got fired, and I hope that at the very least this idiot never gets barred from handling a gun again.

    1. I knew it was a black bastard. One of those cunts who let the authority go to his head. Shooting a gun in a room full of kids is nothing less than psychopathic.

        1. He’ll be bitter and angry, i bet he targets his wife because she’ll turn on him now he has no income, black men are ugly fuckers anyway and without an income they become so much less attractive and all the while he’ll blame everyone but himself. His hell is just beginning carnage. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up in jail.

  2. Before I quit drinking in 2001 I squared off with a Wichita cop. Within 3 seconds five more of these assholes materialized from nowhere and thoroughly beat the shit out of me.
    I suppose it was a fair fight by cop standards as they didn’t shoot me in the face.

    1. yes me too, i got distressed from this one. The cop will feel nothing because he’s a black man who shot a white kid, he will justify it with the whole slavery thing. i did notice however that the other cops turned their backs om him, they knew it was evil and they knew he was off the force from there.

        1. yeah, those other cops really felt it, they’re not all bastards. i felt it when those two cops killed that little black boy who was about 12 and was just playing with a toy gun. It’s not just about black or white it’s about being human. That cop is a bastard , just happens to be a black one.

  3. Apparently both the dog and the girl were hit by fragments and the girl survived. Still doesnt excuse that though especially after he aknowledged the dog (the cop was black which might explain his fear of the little pooch).

  4. Coward, punk you shot a child in the face you are a worthless piece of shit if you are a pussy don’t become a cop. The dog was just barking at you and while shooting the dog you shoot a child in the face? I hope the family sues the fuck all out of you and the police department. That child will be traumatized if you didn’t. murder the child the siblings will be traumatized I hope this loser gets fired he should go to jail for attempted murder of a child. FU pussy boy.

  5. What a fucking Retard! Lol,,, Aggravated Battery,,lol,, That’s It???
    Why doesn’t that Diddling-Fuck, “which I’m sure was A Jew-Judge to begin with” not make an example out of that Cunt, by adding some trumped-up charges? It’s not like he,s never done this throughout his entire career, by torturing anybody Not Towing The Zionist Line, or exposing The Ugly Truth Regarding Their Twisted Appetite for Small Boys Foreskins.

    Those Foreskin-Roasting, Then Crunching, Degenerate Pigs describe it best,,,
    – If you’ve ever eaten Jr. Cock Skin at a Kosher Kid Roast, you’ll notice it’s chewy and gummy—sort of the Sexual opposite of textural pork rinds you find in convenience stores.

    *Saul Cockskosher The Turd Jr.*
    “”New-York Times””

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        Be well Nemes,
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        I am totally shocked that you have befriended such a liar, and a manipulating Loser! while he also being completely disrespectful to yourself

          1. Well said brother, as he is not worth-it whatsoever! Also,,, this goofball @dycrow idiot is also trolling me on here relentlessly, and for No Apparent reason. What is it with these assholes all of a sudden?

            And this idiot shooting his Gun in a packed School fuck-Man,,, even a mentally challenged individual would know better for Fuck-Sakes. As there is no excuse whatsoever for such reckless behavior.

            One comment with a shot is one thing but when it becomes a regular occurrence and 14 Trolling Notifications that have nothing but insults, & stupidity it becomes a little much you know.
            So besides all this Horseshit,,, What New with Yourself, & How have you been brother? 🙂

  6. What is demonstrated here is how on edge these fuckers are spooked by a barking dog is no reason to start busting caps this fucker won’t hesitate to put 2 in the chest of any chubby cunt who morning farts near him…Boom motherfuckers

  7. I just can’t anymore with this shit. The police are judge, jury and executioner – all with perhaps only a high school diploma. At least, the very least, he was actually charged. That’s a small miracle.

  8. Poor kids, they shouldn’t have gone through that. Especially the one who got hit, whoever had the cops brought there in the first place is the reason all that happened, plus the cop being trigger happy but you probably know what I’m getting at, feller.

    Have a nice day – Gman

  9. My first thought was…why is everyone acting all cool and casual while these fuckers are basically invading their house. Am I missing something as in……get the fuck out and getting my kids out of the line of fire and off the fucking wii into a hidden spot?

  10. Betts is a true piece of shit. A cowardly waste of space as ever there was.
    I can’t believe he went to the other cop trying to get him to agree the dog attacked. The damn thing barked. It did it’s job. Unlike Betts.

  11. You can tell that piece of shit doesn’t give a fuck that he just shot a lil girl. He doesn’t even seem shocked about it. It blows my mind that he didn’t even radio in that he shot this lil girl. Only good cop is a dead cop

  12. Ths reminds me of the Muslim Somali Cop who shot the Australian housewife in Minneapolis? He apparently killed her because he feared for his life seeing a woman in pyjamas and robe.

    The point is i saw his face on the news. One look and i could tell that guy was not cut out to be a cop. He was way too effete,way too thin,way too smiley and frankly looked as if he would be afraid of his own shadow. They definitely chose him on a basis other than merit and an innocent law -abiding woman paid for it with her life.

    Tell you what. I bet these cops are kicking themselves for not “disappearing”the vid before they had to produce it. That must really hurt that.

  13. Damn…no racist comments? oh yeah the victims are white…all i know is that this white on white crime needs to stop…if those kids were in school and parents were at work instead of eating mayonnaise sandwiches and sucking from the government teat, the police would have had no reason to assault them in such a manner…smh

    1. white on white? the shooter was a filthy, shitskinned jiggaboo.
      And victim was a little white girl. THATS why we are see-ing no “black lives matter” hashtags and marches in support of this innocent little girl who was shot in her own home by a fully grown blackie-sambo.
      “if those kids were in school”???!!!! how many schools do YOU know that open in the dead of night?
      That wogs parents should have worked and raised him, instead of smoking crack and giving him up at 18months old

      If That badged picka-nee-nee had been back at home with his parents [excuse me, i OBVIOUSLY mean grandparents] eating fried chicken and watermelon instead of being out invading other peoples homes, looking for underage white girls to violate – then this never would have happened

      There you go. happy now? Feel better?

  14. I still can’t believe that happened right here in my hometown. We already had that semi-famous swatting incident that killed Andrew Finch, who was the uncle of someone I’ve known since elementary school but haven’t seen since highschool. Shit’s really hitting the fan here quick.

  15. I’ll be the odd man out here and say, none of this would have happened if the owner of the dog had control over it. No little girl had to be shot in the face, and no cop had to be fired for defending himself against a hostile mutt.

  16. I have no respect for the police here in the USA. They are pigs, they are cowards, they all suffer from Napoleon complex. Something needs to change. There are NOO normal police here in the U.S. If you are normal, the pigs would run you out on a rail. I fucking can’t stand them, they make me sick.

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