Trigger Happy Cop Opens Fire in Room Full of Children, Hits 9 Year Old in Face

Trigger Happy Cop Opens Fire in Room Full of Children, Hits 9 Year Old in Face

Trigger Happy Cop Opens Fire in Room Full of Children, Hits 9 Year Old in Face

In Wichita, Kansas, a group of trigger happy citizen killers entered a house with a goal to terrorize the family, and while in the room full of children, a citizen killer with an undeniable disregard for others opened fire because a pooch barked at an intruder, hitting a nine year old girl who was sitting on the floor directly in his line of sight. The girl screamed in horror: “Ow! Ow! Ow, you hurt my eye!“, as the ricochet from the cop’s fire struck her in the face.

The domestic terrorist who likes hurting puppies and children was identified as Dexter Betts. He was reportedly fired from the department less than a month after the shooting, and faces a charge of aggravated battery.

He saw the dog beforehand. He knew it was a little bull terrier that couldn’t hurt him. He also saw all of the children and where they were located in the room. Yet he fired directly at one of them as soon as the dog barked. What’s most shocking is that police terror has become so commonplace, it’s no longer shocking. It’s the norm.

The cops were reportedly in the house because of a call about a suicidal person. Of course, as we’ve seen plenty of times at Best Gore, the cops’ desire to not return home from duty without killing a citizen is so overwhelming, that when they find out about a suicidal person, they rush head over heels to kill them. Obviously, if a person kills themselves, they rob the cops of the joy of killing them – a notion utterly unbearable to a cop’s mind. It all aligns with such facts as that the people would be robbed less if there were no cops.

BTW, the suicidal person was in the driveway with his hands up when the killers arrived.

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  1. That cop would be fucking dead if that was my baby, you bust into my house without even being 100% certain that my house is the one you’re even looking for, shoot my puppy with no agression being shown & in the process shoot my baby in the fucking eye! Oh yeah you wouldn’t be leaving my house alive, I’d make sure that my face is the last thing you ever see & that my child will be the last person you ever hurt

  2. I love your site . My respect for you for telling the truth . It’s funny that this hasn’t got out about what the cops are doing . It’s obvious the have orders to try and screw with people to have an uprising . I mean the police aren’t stupid and I’m sure they study Riots history how , when and why . So knowing what led to the Detroit , Watts and the L.A. riots why would they continue down that path ? answer they have orders to do so .thats why nothing happens when officers do this. it’s all bs he may have been fired from what ever city he worked for but they will get him another job else where with a raise and back pay . It’s happened before . But who has the power to order officers across America to turn in the people the have sworn to intimidate, harass , steal, abuse , enslave , encarcerate , kill , use as target practice and murder I meant protect and serve (dang spell check ) . those officers who are doing this or thinking of doing this , as soon as those who ordered you or asked you to as soon as they get what they want you will be the first to go . Because you can’t be trusted your willing to break the law for them so what’s to stop from doing the same . I just hope it was worth it . I mean it obvious there’s an agenda here . It’s like that old saying when you get rid of all logical explanations only the illogical remains as the truth as the explanation no matter how impossible or improbable . Kinda like every time the gov if the guy incharge does something not good . All of a sudden you get a school shooting , or a explosion , terrosit this or that , something to say hey hey hey look over here not over there . I’m not saying stuff happens cause it does . Stuff like this vid just seems planted . Sorry for ranting just another tid bit I’m sure those officers get to target practice for free . I mean I’ve gone to the range and maybe I’m wrong but most people who do target practice this included the cops . Target practice and brag about how good we can shoot how accurate so if that’s so . How can people who are in a job where any day can turn into a need to be accurate with bullet placement . They get to target practice not only for free but they are paid to do so . They miss or claim to be in fear for their life if that’s they case then maybe they choose the wrong profession . You would think in this day all the tech we have that shooting like this would only be seen in movies . To have it happen on a daily basis to children . This video is clear proof they were ordered to go in and empty their clips .

  3. I apologize if misspelled anything . I forgot to mention . Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying all officers are bad you people know what’s up who’s who . I get it you have to depend on each other more so in bad situations . Just think those who are doing those things that are to be unspoken they are putting your lives at risk your families lives at risk . . It’s real while yes officers can get away with a lot does that make it ok to act in this manner in the video . sooner or later your gona mess with the wrong one . I ask this question officers Now how would you feel if you came home to this? Is it worth it ? Having to explain to Your family this happened because I or my brother or sister officer couldn’t control myself or thereselves at work and it followed me home . Having to look your family in the eye whike they are clinging to life having their life changed forever . Having to tell them you got hurt because I or they took the power I have as an officer to far ! This is to much ! We as people need to find solution we need people who want to fix what’s wrong . Not a fucking wall either it’s kinda stupid people have been getting around under , over , threw or completely bypassing that structure . Maybe if instead of shutting down the system fix the system . Stop sending money to countries that don’t want us there and keep the money home where it belongs and fix occurrences like in this video . All this so called leaders of ours ain’t doing shit for us . Fix what’s wrong or get out of the way for someone who is really truly and whole heartedly wanting to help and fix what’s wrong .

  4. Now her siblings know what the police are….soon as a lap dog barks they shoot. I don’t know how an officer can stand up and testify for their union brother. NICE, now I wanna kill a few cops.

  5. Now her siblings know what the police are….soon as a lap dog barks they shoot. I don’t know how an officer can stand up and testify for their union brother. NICE, now I wanna kill a few cops.

    I’d really like to see what happens, if there’s a case made of it. But it has always been in my case “There’s an inability of the law to do anything about the law”.

  6. bs, anyone from the us and know the truth about this video, cops always get shit but not the fing black pos parents doing something illegal and put their kids in these situations, probably did it on purpose

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