Trump Worshiper and Bootlicker Aggressively Assaulted by Cops in Fort Lauderdale

Trump Worshiper and Bootlicker Aggressively Assaulted by Cops in Fort Lauderdale

Trump Worshiper and Bootlicker Aggressively Assaulted by Cops in Fort Lauderdale

In Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a Trump worshiping, bootlicking embarrassment to the human race got violently assaulted by power tripping cops despite being cooperative, unarmed, and non-threatening. But do you think fellow retards worshiping Trump and the domestic terrorists will finally get it? Forget it.

Brad Parscale was a Donald Trump’s campaign manager, but allegedly got demoted a couple months ago. The cops who assaulted him claimed to have acted under the Baker Act, meaning they suspected Brad Parscale was a threat to himself or someone else.

We have seen how blood thirsty cops are countless times before, whereby when there is a suicidal person, they’d be dammed if they let him kill himself and robbed them off the thrill of killing him themselves. So it figures that under the guise of the Baker Act, they’d resort to unwarranted brutality so as not to pass up on the opportunity to brutalize another person. Especially if the mark is white – their primary target group for extrajudicial executions and abuse.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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106 thoughts on “Trump Worshiper and Bootlicker Aggressively Assaulted by Cops in Fort Lauderdale”

    1. He wasn’t being cooperative. Get the facts straight here. He could have come out right away. But instead he let things escalate, and escalate, until they had to call backup reinforcements, and finally the SWAT team. This is why it went down like it did. By the time that police sergeant took him down they weren’t fucking around anymore. He had fucked public resources around long enough.

    2. I guess they like to act as quickly and forcefully as possible to not give the person any time to react before they can be under control. Makes sense when you’re a cop trying to arrest someone to take them to jail. A lot of people will fight before letting that happen and the guy was big so there was no patience on the cop’s side. But judging by these videos it doesn’t take much for the cops to use much more force than this to get the person under control and the cop probably wanted to avoid that. That’s just the nature of a cop having to do his duty and detain someone unfortunately. Which in a country with so much violent crime including guns, means cops will be more ready to use excessive force. Obviously ends in more cases where someone gets seriously hurt or killed but there you go.

    3. Bro he made them get a SWAT team for Christ’s sake. Now I hate police , people in general tbh, but come on. Him and his wife are being a bunch of 2 bit Florida dwelling assholes who can’t handle a lovers quarrel on their own so they use the police like a God damn couples therapist. They both should be in handcuffs for wasting the police and the public’s time. No one was in danger, and no one except those hill billy’s got hurt. She called the police for no reason other than “MY hubby said mean thing to me” and then he had the courage to just say “You know what I’m NOT gonna listen to the cops because I don’t like that my wife told on me”.

    1. Daily Stormer, a long-confirmed Zionist-controlled opposition site, run by a Jew Andrew Anglin. I know how much I want to trust the information provided by the Zionist accomplice without reading what he has to say.

      1. If you put our police force in Mexico tomorrow and said you have to get the country under control. You have all the money you need and all the weapons and vehicles you need…. we would wipe out the Mexican cartels in about two months. If we really wanted to. If you used our technology along with military, CIA, FBI, and our top law enforcement personnel we would wipe them out like the turds they are. It would be like an Major League Baseball team playing against the Highschool team in a local Mexican town

        But we don’t want to. We will never see this hypothetical play out but again. It’s a World Cup soccer team playing against the local school team

        1. No. Even as militarized as the US police are, they wouldn’t handle it. The mexican military can’t handle the cartels. Now if you’d bring in the us military, maybe then, but then you’d have too level the entire country, and that would mean 120 million more mexicans for california too take in.

          1. Like I said if we wanted to. That’s the point. We don’t want to. If it was necessary… same for Mexican police. Their is too much corruption. But let’s say we had to stop them at all costs. It could be done without leveling the country. Wouldn’t be super super easy but really not that hard if the world said go at them with everything you got. Any tactics. Take the gloves off. We would smoke those rats, The reason it doesn’t happen is because of money corruption and well…. the USA doesn’t just go into Mexico’s openly like that

    1. This bitch knew what she was doing. Udders hanging out while cops arrived when she couldve put on a shirt after dialing 911 on him. Claiming he was racking a bullet in the chamber and then claiming she heard a boom.
      I hope the cops look closely at his guns and find out the whole truth but in the end she will get the glorious P pass because white males are all demons in todays society.

          1. Agree…

            Digging Deeper into the Body of evidence, should yield a Stiffer sentence. That is, until the media starts to Pull Out of the inBreastigation, changing it’s OutCum altogether.

  1. Cannot believe I was just staring at that chick’s rock hard nipples like that. What a pig.

    Now I just scroll through mohels link and read they are permanently like that, seems so. I did not read full article. I do not presently feel like deep reading . Selfish eh? I better do that instead of just stopping when I see tits

    Regardless, yet another unwarranted concrete slam by Florida’s finest. On what planet would that ever be acceptable? If he walked out carrying remote control for television set he would have been dead before ever hitting the porch

    Cops are way too jumpy. Granted I do not do their job nor would I ever want to blindly pull over random car on desolate road but that is their job. They are paid and trained to deal with the variables and the unknowns yet with alarming frequency their go-to is violence and thuggery. No reason to do what he just did. No reason either to kill some mentally challenged 80 year old who lunges cause their policy is shoot to kill. Bullet to the knee wouldn’t suffice?

    Something is gravely and fundamentally wrong within law enforcement of the entire United States of America. Seriously, it is like no department is exempt. Really needs overhaul but media stirs shit into ridiculous frenzy of indecipherable bullshit that only serves to incite and not solve

    Maybe it is who departments hire. I would be curious as to what sort of exam or evaluation cops go through and how often they are reassessed. You always too see the random weirdos that kick out taillights and shit. How much does the average US citizen pay out each year either directly or indirectly to fund millions upon millions of dollars each year in settlements?

    Going to read that link now in its entirety. I did watch few minutes of it and did notice her beams and did in fact notice they never waivered. did not even know permanent nipples like that were a thing, how horribly unsexy. I bet she never cums, just moans alot.

    Hmm if this story proves correct, hope that forever fella of other thread takes note. Shit woman. Shit cop. Tada!

    1. despy…

      Sometimes one is lucky enough, to get the results back from the exams, before their next victim does…

      On several occasions myself, I’ve heard less than stellar conversations from death enforcement, while sitting in a convenience store drinking coffee. I’ve heard the same conversations once again, after detaining a subject in their rigor mortis mobile.

      The media, the money = the transfer of power

      There’s no system of checks and balances anymore, as I’ve stated previously. (unless you’re into Wall Street) The executive branch of our government, is simply the judge and jury anymore.

      The chief of police usually keeps their job, simply because they have more political clout and sympathy from the media than the mayor. If the mayor wants to give the chief of police their walking papers, they may want to consider finding a new line of work.

      It’s obvious I have no sympathy for the police. However, getting rid of a few police pauns in chess, is far less politically destructive, as opposed to fucking with the chief of police.

      1. I thought Detroit Police chief was doing ok. We have had minimal BLM bullshit and nothing burned down after Floyd. He has been here a few years now. 2020 should be interesting but any of those numbers just may be extra. Ironically you would have to be kinda crazy to be cop in Detroit. Savages and Subhumans and then you got the residents 😉

        1. Glad to see things going okay for you…

          Chances are, if the media doesn’t interview a chief of police, selling a story as to why they need more military weapons from the taxpayers, then there’s a favorable chance, that you’ll remain alive after a traffic citation.

          …whew, I need to get in better shape!

  2. Well this is my territory – Dade and Broward

    This is not the type of suspect I would beat the shit out of . I think some of these officers cannot help themselves when they see a white man .

    Remember that we live in the twighlight zone where we kiss the ass of 13 percent of the dumbest portion of society

    Case in point if the suspect was black officer probably would not have done the same thing .

  3. Alright I just read it and my first impression is she had something or someone she wanted to do that day and wanted him out of the house. Why she did not just leave? I do not know. Perhaps because she needs his money and he finally caught on to her bullshit and threatened to throw her out or told her if she left never come back. In her mind she needed a spin to make it all his fault. He also is drunk as hell. Wonder why that is? I am rather half assing this as I do not even know how long they were married or if she ever presents herself in any other fashion aside from tits out.

    What I do not agree with is generalization that all women are shit and out to get you. I will say 75% are in fact like that and of those 80% get bored or seek out boy with “more stuff” or even something different , non monetary to offer. New experience maybe. Humiliating you even further by hooking up with an acquaintance or work colleague or whining for jewelry or some shit. I actually know of a boy that asked girl to marry him, she said no and then proceeded to not only keep ring he proposed with but slid it on a chain and wore it around her neck. Really? He was probably all happy thinking she is thinking on it. Nah . What a cuck and I almost blame him more than her for allowing that.

    Very unfair for the 15% of us out there that love deep, genuine and selflessly(and no I do not suck at math I just gave it more thought) Also too it is horribly unjust and sad for the man that lives life without ever sharing his innermost thoughts and desires and goals with a partner. Who can blame him? But doesn’t make it any less sad

    I also do not agree with the whole gun caressing and subsequent explanation/ justification . Just reads weird to me. I wouldnt want drunk handling gun anywhere near me period. But the way she so callously states he has 4 or 5 guns in the house is straight up cold. probably why her nipples are like that, ice queen. She was absolutely itching for escalation. I still cannot get over those boobs like that. Sick sick woman. What happened to her towel?

    1. Those 75% of women are so corrupted by material it’s disgusting. They’re anyways competing against each other and have to have the bragging rights.
      Showing off their nice or expensive things on social media just makes the next chick say “oooh I want that, what or who do I have to do to get that”.
      I thought it would be more like 90%, but 75%, probably still too high to even bother anymore.

      1. That is what was so endearing about girls up north. You could tell they weren’t all into that shit , entirely different mentality up there. Sure some had some weight on them and some were a bit bulkier than others but they need that. Winter’s Coming

      2. Welcome to the wonderfully vapid world of materialism!

        There are honestly days where I wake up and am severely distressed that our species still proliferates. Ooh gold. Ooh silver. Ooh. Pfft. What meaningless shit is this? This is the best we can do. Forget meaningful values and celebration in the pursuit of higher purpose.

        Meaningless trinkets are wear it’s at!

        “Ooh look at the shiny! I must has the precioussss!”

        I hope everyone dies.

  4. I can’t seem to find bunch of photos of her spread eagle on internet, which is a positive, but I didn’t check pornhub 😉
    In the random ones I do see. Her nipples are indeed perpetually hard like that. It borders on grotesque. Not to get all graphic and weird but stiff nipples are sexy look but always and forever? Lol that is someone to fuck on a friday ,not marry.

    Who knows maybe he requested that but why would any self respecting woman agree to it? Maybe I got it all wrong , maybe they come like that when you buy the boobs. I do not know I do not care for fake boobs so never studied them. Somehow I thought they sewed the old ones back on. Maybe extra stitch. Procedure referred to as Frozen Foods keeps them like that. So weird. I will say she does not appear to have destroyed plastic surgery face but her boobs completely ruin her. I also was completely turned off by the fact she kept her own last name. Red flag fellas, unless she is superstar she should take on your name . Married 8 years and no kids. Probably unable to conceive after countless abortions, you know she wanted that paycheck

    However I could be entirely wrong. She could fall in the elusive 12% . Her titties are so much smaller than size of her heart and love of her husband 🙄

      1. Is that true? I thought voice was odd but what struck me as really odd in looking at her pic again is her torso. Isn’t it kinda strange? Is it the belly button? The placement? Missing rib? Extra one?

        Could explain why pics are so hard to find and why no baby

  5. Wait a minute mate I had to stop the video at two minutes approximately after I read the article …. so wait …..what’s wrong with this picture ? .. from the get go?….anyone ?.. okay so let me point out first of all that I think that that babe I’s so fine that even though she had fake boobs on top of her hot body I’d still let her whip me and I’d stick my tounge out for her delight and act all interested before I let her have it threw every hole available heck I might even explore a bit and get creative and fuck her ear while I’m at it hahahah xd ^_^/…. okay now that I got that out the way she’s clearly seducing the cops with “oops my towel slipped im so sorry mister officer I mean I could have just been a decent woman and got some clothes on real quick but I’m a whore I mean come on it’s 2020 fuck it all Mac “lulz hilarious never disappoints the nerve of most women these days oh but wait they still want respect even if they’d give it up to all the neighborhood lmao and then some ahhhh damsel in distress alert !!! “ sirens effects “ come of it Mac youre in no trouble the bitch just needs attention .. beware guys there are a lot of these women out there seeking to destroy us all just saying 😉 … okay continue thank you … off to the rest of the video . Oh and ps you know I love you women I will always will :* <3 😉

  6. Okay … seen the entire video .. Woaw I was watching it in crazy sun light you all might be onto something… chick was hiding its shlong in other words was showing everything but the raging hard on … Woaw now I feel awkward about wanting to nail that thing … okay I pass … but in other perspective that guy got tackled crazy I was like whaa ? D: lulz ^_^

  7. Stupid pigs as usual..
    And all on the word of some fag tranny with fake tits who just got off the cock carousel long enough to Rat this guy out for not wanting to talk to her/him…
    Anyways to all the bootlickers here…quit defending the fucking cops you idiots. Who cares about the context who cares who did what just hate the fucking pigs or you are a common bootlicker cop dick lover homo. Thanks bye

  8. Another example how a female’s word to authority substitutes for facts or proof. Cops take action immediately as if everything she said was true. This happens in rape accusations or domestic abuse accusations. Guy will sit in jail for two years til they can prove him innocent. Guilty until proven innocent. The whole world is simps, praise woman.

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