Two Black Cops Assault and Shoot Unarmed White Man At CTA Red Line Station In Chicago

Two Black Cops Assault and Shoot Unarmed White Man At CTA Red Line Station In Chicago

Two Black Cops Assault and Shoot Unarmed White Man At CTA Red Line Station In Chicago

At Chicago Transit Authority’s Red Line Grand Station, two black cops assaulted and twice shot in the back an unarmed white man. The cops pretended to want to arrest the man, but being out of shape and consisting one half of a privileged female who don’t need no man, they resorted to deadly force. ACAB!

When all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. In a cop’s mind, if he/she yells “Stop Resisting” enough times, it justifies shooting the citizen in the back.

The citizen must have been a fare dodger or something equally threatening to society and the brave officers in blue protected the fellow citizens by using deadly force against this menace. I mean can you imagine living in the city with a fare dodger on the loose? Thank God these brave officers took care of the threat. It sends shivers down my spine if I imagine what could have gone down if the brave officers didn’t put their lives on the line by confronting this maniac. Plus he was white and a male…

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186 thoughts on “Two Black Cops Assault and Shoot Unarmed White Man At CTA Red Line Station In Chicago”

      1. The guy was a tank…Probably on drugs. There is absolutely no justification for shooting someone in the back, who poses no threat to your life, going in the opposite direction…Splash two cops, and deservedly so.

      1. I was just reading a story about a 16yr old black kid interviewed on the news because his 82yr old war vet white neighbor was robbed, beaten, shot , & set the house on fire & the kids talking about how he wished there was something he could do blah blah yeah it was him!
        They then ran another story saying “black teen who killed war vet racially attacked by ayrans” Always the victims ALWAYS!

    1. I feel like these black cop’s were wanting to take revenge for uncle sams plan for them in the past.. Jeez so in china .. Chinesse people are licking infected dog butts and spitting trying to kill other chinese people. In US black cops just found out that they are allowed to use police brutality too.. Lol 2020 has been a great year for us BG members am I right I think I speak for most of us when I say “WE WANT MORE!” lol Gotta love this content and so happy BG is getting more videos than it ussually got per week comparing to last year.

        1. The Militia Boys LIKE cops. Couldn’t be cops themselves, but dream about one day shooting someone “BAD” so they love guns.

          Cops are just militia boys who bullied their way thru school so they actually get to have a gun.

    1. If Niggers all perished tomorrow what would they leave behind for archaeologists to discover much later in the future?

      Niggers would leave behind oversized shirts, baggy shorts, high top basketball shoes, nigger rapper hats ( I do not know the English word for that hat so call it a Nigger hat), big fake cheap gold “chainz”. gaudy excessive fake cheap “bling” jewelry, metal teeth. Stolen handguns (that were used to commit violent crimes and armed robbery), unsightly cars (the wheels cost more than the entire shitty car), empty cartons of cigarettes, empty bottles of cheap shitty alcohol.

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          1. is that what you would like to do? export white semen to negro lands so they become less and less black with every generation and then progress?

          2. And here in America they haven’t advanced at all either, they just sit around living off the government assistance smoking crack and each other, shitting out illegitiment tar babies every nine months. They wouldn’t even be speaking English or live in a civilized society if weren’t for “Da white Debil” The kike puppet masters paint a picture they are upstanding members of society, go to any “hood” you’ll see that isn’t the case.

          3. And that’s what I always talk about. If, hypotheticaly, we had never engaged pure blood african blacks and f.e it’s 3000 A.D and we shall have lightsabers, Planets colonized etc. They would have still be running naked on their savannas, hunting animals with spears and praying to sun and fire. And you know what? There is nothing wrong about it because its just the way of their lifestyle which We whites destroyed bringing technology and ideas they were not prepared for. Somehow we are responsible for their doing because in little over 100 years they’ve got access to power and tools their minds(mostly) are impaired with.

        2. I find it funny you fecal people call white people crackers when the term originated due to the cracking of the whips as they tore into black flesh. It’s like you saying “Your people made my people your bitch SO THERE! Ooooh so offensive BAHAHAHAHAHA!

        3. I find it funny you fecal people call white people crackers when the term originated due to the cracking of the whips as they tore into black flesh. It’s like you saying “Your people made my people your bitch SO THERE! Ooooh so offensive BAHAHAHAHAHA!

      1. It’s no secret that everybody else is smarter than black people. It’s a curse to be black and I entirely agree. Just note that no matter how much smarter the other races are, there are still white murderes and indian terrorists. The only difference other than obvious ones is the level that we do things but otherwise it’s all the same.

      1. Cracker isn’t an insult it means whip cracker, the slave driver whipping the field niggers making them pick cotton. even in the 1800s they were lazy. Also honkey is a term invented by the blacks for white people who honk their horn at the drunk nigger winos in front when they passed the liquor store

    1. Initially when the video gets started I thought the nigger bitch wearing blue was trying to shove in her baton in that white man’s ass ;who kinda of looked hell bent in calling it quits to his sorry life but then it happened ; when he got shot ,making it easier for him to die . And all along the scene played out was as though the man was a threat to the society at large and they had to kill him because they perceived him to be as some kinda “THREAT”

          1. @1seeker

            Hatred of negroes is an interesting thing I find. Sure. There are those who hate negroes/or at least say they hate negroes because of their dark skin colour but for most people that hatred comes from elsewhere.

            Many people from western Asia also have dark skin and yet there is not nearly the same level of hatred for them as there is for the negroes.

            The history of slavery has very little to do with it as well due to the fact that most countries never had a black slave trade and so never operated from that perspective. In fact in most of these places, including most of Europe, it was the poorer members of their own racial pool who were the slaves.

            Also. The west Asians. The east Asians. Europeans etc. On average they all hold a similar dislike for negroes so this hatred towards them transcends the race barrier.

            I would have to surmise then that this hatred is due to observed behavioural characteristics more than anything else. Their physical appearance merely serving to add to those differences much like with Jews and big noses.

          2. @1seeker

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          3. Every bad experience I’ve had is due to Niggers. But Blacks can’t be racist? They’re the most racist, Vile, Primitive group of people I have ever met. Something in their brains are not wired correctly. They tend to act on instinct rather than coherent thought. I grew up in an area 50/50 Black and White. Gangs of Blacks would beat white kids seen as easy targets. Only when we fought back did you see their real side. So I agree. Experiences lead to detrimental thought process.

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            Just one of the many many many reasons why nobody can stand the flat nosed freaks. But I’m white so my opinion doesn’t matter because my skin doesn’t look like I took a swim in a septic tank.

  1. It’s been a massive year for breakout farts “ACAB”, who not only scored their first No. 1 album on the weekly killboard 200 chart , but also just about managed to hit it to the top with their no 1 “Stop Resisting”;track now
    playing all over the US and guess what ! every one donning those blues has it on their lips especially fat ass bitches

  2. What a truly dismal place to be accosted by any type of shit rivet, let alone a pair of test-pickles, who seem to want nothing less than ward off their boredom at the expense of anyone they happen to come across whom THEY deem to not be “acting normal”.

    Sucks frothy dogshit milkshakes that this particular FV will most likely experience the conclusion of his life because of the pace of their day.

    1. We should have female cops but they should only be used for handling female criminals not male. In third world countries, there are very few female cops and females can get harrassed or raped by male cops during interrogation so female cops are definitely needed. In fact, I think we need to hire more female cops but only for handling female suspects. Keep them at the stations, around prisons and offices and make it a law that female suspects and criminals be only searched or interrogated by female cops. Rape victims also feel less comfortable if they have to report their ordeal to male cops.
      But yeah, females are not fit for fighting with male criminals.

  3. This is a case of the stupid apprehending the stupid.
    These cops are so fat, it looks like they had too much KFC and doughnuts.
    The dude they shot was pushing his luck. If some jerkoff with gun is barking orders at you, it’s best to do as they say, there’s no telling what they’ll do.

    1. The offender was resisting arrest and apprehension by the two lawfully appointed police officers.Whether they are negroes or not is not the relevant point in my estimation.If the offender had fully cooperated with the police and not tried to runaway than he would not have been shot.I believe if a policeman is armed and tells you halt and lay on the ground you do it urgently and avoid any problems.I was a security officer in shopping malls for a number of years and if an offender coopoerated with us there was no problems.

    2. oh my gosh so funny you mention KFC and donuts because I literally just uploaded image to imgur that I was going to use to create new forum post but now I will just share here!

      on Thursday I drove coworker to grab everyone’s lunch and since she wanted to use two coupons I went in with her. I spotted this on the counter . lmao wtf this is a real thing

          1. Nice.
            That would explain a few things. I wonder if they shoot up with insulin before or after eating that. As much as I hate fast food, it looks kinda lalicious.

  4. People used to be racist out of ignorance.

    Now they’re racist out of experience.

    Would love to know how two cops could apparently get Baby Huey there down on the ground, pound him a few times, he gets confused and upset, so they de-escalate the situation like real professionals and pepper spray him in the face, then they’re shocked that he didn’t immediately quiet down and get compliant. You take a faceful of that shit and see how quiet and still YOU can manage to be. And once you get shot, how fucking eager are you to hang around and swap sweet potato pie recipes? Of course the guy got up, of course he ran for the escalator. Wearing “POLICE” shirts doesn’t mean shit when you’re beating, pepper-spraying, and shooting me, all while screeching “GIMME YO HANDS! STOP RESISTING STOP RESISTING STOP RESISTING!” like a broken Date Rape Ken doll.

  5. Many years ago I tried to join the Idaho State Police < yes I did….. I wanted the good pay and benefits.
    Regardless, I did not pass the initial test. (a couple of sit ups short of passing – fucking cheeseburgers!!!!) Anyway, I moved on and did not sue them for discrimination against Fuckpigs.

    This is why we have short, fat, nigger women in the police force today. Fucking cucks allowed this to happen.
    They should require cops to take a physical test every year! If you are a donut eating fat-ass – you don't move on.

    On the other hand. How great it is to have a short, fat, nigger bitch try to pin you down.

  6. When that out of shape cop shot him, the suspect couldn’t even see. He was mased & searching for something to lean on in order to support himself. He wasn’t a Fuckin threat! The Fuckin guy could not even see…wtf. They were out of shape & itching to pop a cap on his ass. What a wonderful world we live in…lol where someone’s life is reliant on the stamina & health of a bunch of fat out of shape cops. If your gonna take the responsibility of being a cop, make sure your healthy enough to actually physically arrest someone without having to shoot & kill someone. If I was blind, I wouldn’t apply for a cab drivers position…lol TO ALL THE OUT OF SHAPE, RACIST, FAT ASS COPS , WITH A GOD COMPLEX…….DROP THE DOUGHNUTS & SAVE A LIFE!!!! HERE ENDS THE LESSON!!

  7. They had all the right in the world to shoot him, he was resisting quite ALOT and if you resist when they tell you not to they are ALLOWED to use lethal force, and the female officer actually used Non-lethal quite ALOT, so only way was to shoot, 100% fair game.

  8. Clearly this was all the honkey’s fault- for not understanding the ebonics that the ‘cops’ were shouting at him.

    It is the job of every white American to learn the languages of all other turd world ‘peoples’ so that we can understand them when they spit their poop speak at us.

    Repeat after me…
    “Ibahh habe it when muh wipps be in bah way!”

  9. These piece of shit out of shape chicken and waffle eating black pigs should be on all the other African lynching videos.. you cant take nature outta the nigger.. there pissed a single, what seemed to be intoxicated Superior white male was overpowering his “lay my fat on you technique” while i screan shoot him.. racist power hungry
    black cops in already poverty stricken areas will breed toxicity..

    1. Ryan baits should be your name you got jew fusion center written all over you. Your probably not even black. Just some faggot being payed by Abe foxman to troll sights like these and bait people so you can red flag for exercising freedom of speech. Go fuck your self fake toad and your Jew boss

  10. You know? Police here in Germania have guns too, also with “real” bullets if you will,

    but shit like that (black on white, white/black, foreigner on arisch, opposite) doesn’t happen here that often (I know the US and A is way bigger, but just if you compare) so intense/explicit/bloody or deadly.

    and whats that ad down below with that piggy troll ogre swingin a mace, this isn’t even implicating a porn game, haha

    I nearly clicked on that ting just 2 get 2 know haha

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