Two Black Cops Assault and Shoot Unarmed White Man At CTA Red Line Station In Chicago

Two Black Cops Assault and Shoot Unarmed White Man At CTA Red Line Station In Chicago

Two Black Cops Assault and Shoot Unarmed White Man At CTA Red Line Station In Chicago

At Chicago Transit Authority’s Red Line Grand Station, two black cops assaulted and twice shot in the back an unarmed white man. The cops pretended to want to arrest the man, but being out of shape and consisting one half of a privileged female who don’t need no man, they resorted to deadly force. ACAB!

When all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. In a cop’s mind, if he/she yells “Stop Resisting” enough times, it justifies shooting the citizen in the back.

The citizen must have been a fare dodger or something equally threatening to society and the brave officers in blue protected the fellow citizens by using deadly force against this menace. I mean can you imagine living in the city with a fare dodger on the loose? Thank God these brave officers took care of the threat. It sends shivers down my spine if I imagine what could have gone down if the brave officers didn’t put their lives on the line by confronting this maniac. Plus he was white and a male…

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  1. My question is aren’t police officers trained on how to shoot accurately . So the used deadly force ok dude wasn’t giving up . So if the situation called for the officer to pull out her weapon . So if everything is on the level why not knee cap him or shoot his foot . So they are trained on how to shoot accurately so there’s little to none collateral damage . Is it just me or does it seem police officers are trying to provoke the citizens to turn on them . I’m sure with at the police academy they study history on what led to the riots years back . I’m sure they know this and yet they proceed on that path . which leads me to believe that the officers are under orders to harass , intimidate , injure and or kill civilians .

  2. I’m from the Chicago area; so I’m familiar with this. First, he’s hispanic. His name is Ariel Roman. Second, the Chicago police have asked the state’s attorney to drop all charges against him. Welcome to Chicago.

  3. Everyone should realize that it is not always officers fault even if they are armed or unarmed.. 99.9% of the time if a police officer tells you to stop resisting stop where you’re going whatever you listen to his commands. For one they might not know the entire situation before they get there all they know is is they see a big guy who done something wrong who may or may not have a weapon they don’t know this and he is not cooperating… if you done something to break the law and you feel like it is worth your life to resist then that’s on you not the police officers. They’re trying to get home at the end of the day and don’t want to be shot. They are put into dangerous situations day in and day out and never knowing what day could be the last or what day the person could have a gun. They’re not playing around which lot of people think they are but I’m not playing around even though I know I did nothing wrong if they tell me to stop rollover put my hands behind my head I’m going to do so and you know what I’m going to come out alive in the end.. once they figured out that I’ve done nothing wrong and this situation is diffused everybody goes home. but everybody is so defensive and everybody is so into themselves and self-centered that they can’t stand that’s someone mistook them for being a criminal.. or you actually are a criminal and then you’re just stupid in the first place and then you’re even more stupid when you resist like this.. does it deserve to be shot if he did skip paying a fair.. no it doesn’t but at the same time it was a deadly situation because they do have guns and he doesn’t and knowing that he should be making smarter decisions like stop resisting and trying to run away when they don’t know if he does have a gun and he could be running to go grab someone else for a hostage they don’t know that. All they do know is this big man is not cooperating and they’re losing and he could go for their guns or he could have a gun they don’t know but they’re not going to stick around to find out they’re going to do what they were trained to do to protect themselves.. all I can say is is if you were told to stop resisting more than two or three times and you are still resisting and you get shot that’s all on you..

  4. I’ve seen two news stories about this, only two. No news on the lying liberal media. Had this been a black man shot, it would be spread across every network, 24/7. And, race bating Sharpton and Jackson would be holding rallies/riots in the subway and streets.

  5. Yeah typical never seen this footage.
    Yet if it were a worthless nigger pointing a gun and shooting at white cops in Timbuktu and the cops shot back it would be on the news for a month, race baiting the lemming monkey masses.

  6. The whole thing seemed incredibly amateur and backward, as if the cops had zero training or experience. They didn’t even look competent in how they tried to hold him and the shout to “shoot him” was absolutely criminal, what happened to reasonable force? The guy was obviously on drugs to be resisting the killer cops, but he didn’t look like an immediate danger to anyone and not carrying a weapon either. The way they handled the situation looked like it was their first time doing it. Even the way she shot him looked like she was not remotely used to handling a gun and looked like she never saw the inside of a firing range. You would think she would have done a simple leg shot or even a warning shot followed by a leg shot if necessary. But to shoot the guy square in the back shows total incompetence and a complete lack of value for human life, white or black.

    I would have handle even a wayward dog better, certainly given this guy a chance of life via a outer extremity take down shot.

    If this is the level of professionalism that you can expect from American police, then you lot are rightly fucked in many cases.

  7. I am all for women working in a Mans job. But a Police Officer is not a job for women!! This gal was useless to her partner!! Also, she should lose her job!! If there was ever an unjustified shoot, this is it….

  8. Whether it was a white or black officer. American pigs love having their trigger happy fingers ready to go. I’m surprised that silhouette colored cop didn’t hold the service weapon side ways when she fired. Probably took them both months of training in order to drop the hood rat jive language as well as learning how NOT to rob a gas station while upholding such power. Suspect lucky he wasn’t shot with a banana.

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