Utah Nurse Assaulted and Arrested by Cops for Refusing to Draw Blood from Unconscious Man Guilty of No Crime

Utah Nurse Assaulted and Arrested by Cops for Refusing to Draw Blood from Unconscious Man Guilty of No Crime

41 year old Alex Wubbels, a nurse at Salt Lake City’s University Hospital, was assaulted, dragged and arrested by the cops for respecting the law and the rights of an unconscious person. As is common in the police state, there are no good cops in America so out of 4 or so of them on the scene, not one stepped up to uphold the law, and serve and protect the citizens by arresting the abusive cop.

The cop identified as Jeff Payne apparently demanded the nurse draws blood from an unconscious person so he has their DNA sample. He had neither a warrant for the patient’s blood, nor was the patient under arrest (ie, patient committed no crime, but to the cops in a police state, everyone is guilty. They just need to choose what to pin you with.) Furthermore, the patient was unconscious and therefore unable to give consent to have his DNA harvested. Consequently, and rightfully, the nurse explained to Jeff Payne that the patient’s rights would be violated and told him he’d need to get a warrant to proceed.

A friend from Utah told me that the incident was preceded with a vehicle fleeing from police in Cache County crossing into an oncoming lane and colliding head on with a truck. The driver of the fleeing vehicle died on the spot. The truck driver survived but got severely burned was in a coma when brought to the hospital.

The cops justified their demand for the DNA sample by claiming they “suspected” the truck driver was drunk. To make matters even more interesting, the patient is identified in Jeff Payne’s report as 43 year old William Gray, a reserve officer in Rigby, Idaho. His terrible injuries were entire a consequence of the police chase.

In a nutshell, the nurse was doing her job and consulted with her supervisor to relay on the police the information as to under what circumstances they can draw a patient’s blood. She was arrested because Logan cops were trying to illegally obtain a blood sample from a truck driver that is an off duty police officer in another county, and they wanted to put blame on him because an unrelated suspect (emphasis on the word “suspect“, ie not a proven criminal) was forced into a fatal crash with his truck while fleeing from Utah Highway Patrol. The cops would have had a lawsuit on their hands for causing wrongful death to the driver, so instead of seeing such headlines as “Suspect in dangerous high speed pursuit crashes into truck, injuring innocent bystander“, they’d manipulate it into more cop friendly “Suspect in police chase killed by trucker high on drugs“.

If there was any such thing as “good cops“, ie cops who actually force those who abuse their authority to face consequences for their actions, then this wouldn’t have happened, or wouldn’t have been a problem as it’d get resolved on the spot with the arrest of the bully cop and the release of the nurse. But because good cops are but an urban legend, and the citizens thus can’t count on cops to uphold the law, the time will have to come for citizens to uphold the law themselves, and decorate the trees in every town under police state occupation with these cops. I’m not condoning violence against police. I’m merely advocating for the citizens to live their lives free from undue violence by the cops, and their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness without undue interference from the cops.

Props to Best Gore member @Pktrkt1 for the tip on the video. This is the full length bodycam footage of the incident, providing a side by side view of two police bodycams of the most interesting parts. Skip to 20:20 for the arrest:

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118 thoughts on “Utah Nurse Assaulted and Arrested by Cops for Refusing to Draw Blood from Unconscious Man Guilty of No Crime”

  1. They’re a law unto themselves. You can bet in most hospitals they deny treatment to people they don’t like and make people suffer (eg. give paralysing agents without anaesthetic) for heart surgery when there is no way it can be proved. Kudos to this woman for doing the right thing and not abusing power.

          1. he needs to go get a haircut lmao he looks terrible, like a clown..wtf is up with that hairstyle..hes bald with a mullet?? gross maybe if he got a haircut instead of looking like a dam clown people would take him seriously

      1. I agree! I was angry. It is cops like this who are destroying the reputation of those who actually believe in ‘To Serve and Protect’. I saw a video yesterday of a group of officers picking a gentleman up on 6 felony warrants, and because they were human, they allowed him to spend some time hugging his family, smoking a cigarette, and allowed him to propose to his girlfriend before taking him. They even moved his cuffs to the front so he could interact more freely. Of course, we will not see videos like that in the media because the image the media wants people to see is an overwhelmingly negative one. It is like so many other things in life, a minority of abusive, corrupt individuals makes the whole look bad. I know I will get backlash for this comment because I am defending the good cops, but the media has everyone so blinded. There are millions of positive interactions with cops every year. Only a fraction of a percent of all interactions (literally) end with the cops attacking and murdering someone or in situations like above where one officer is a complete douchebag. The other 99+% of interactions are a more accurate representation, but they are not what the people see.

          1. @MichaelSmith
            That is exactly what I mean. What if everyone named Michael was determined to be a “bad seed” because the fictional Michael Myers was bad? It is a lack of knowledge that perpetuates the belief that all cops are bad. Citing a corrupt system is still not indicative of the actual truth. Cops work within a corrupt system because it is the only option. There is not another system to choose from when seeking employment, and a corrupt system does not mean every individual within the system is corrupt, just as not every person named Michael is a bad seed. We live under a corrupt government (USA) so by your logic, everyone in America is corrupt which is an ignorant viewpoint.
            As for protection being an infringement upon autonomy, I have to scratch my head and wonder if you really believe that or are just reciting drivel you have heard. As humans, it is in our nature to establish a hierarchy and societal roles. We establish protective forces because they are necessary for a successful community. We do it on a number of scales, from neighborhood watch to the military. Hell, even privately organized criminal factions do the same. The cartels have a governing/protective force as does any terrorist group or mob organization. Protection does not deter autonomy. Rather, it allows it to exist. Without the protection our police provide, lawlessness would prevail with the threat of violent death ever present. Finally, I want to reiterate the fact that overall, a fraction of a percent (meaning less than 1%) of the millions of encounters with law enforcement every year end in any kind of violence.

    1. She was following proper protocol, they didn’t like her answers and they had a major temper tantrum because they’re complete retards. These CK’s wonder why they get picked off one by one, worthless scumbags who live to terrorize period. I can’t wait for the sympathizing apologists and lemmings attempt to justify this.

    2. the guy looks like a bad MADTV charatcher played by michael mcdonald from MADTV lol lol like his dr phil impression..haha he looks straight out of a michael mcdonald skit no wonder this jackass is doing shit like this,.. hes clearly a madtv actor

    3. the guy looks like a bad MADTV charatcher played by michael mcdonald from MADTV lol lol like his dr phil impression..haha he looks straight out of a michael mcdonald skit no wonder this jackass is doing shit like this,.. hes clearly a madtv actor…. with his bald head and clown hair down to his neck, lol typical madtv mike mcdonald

      1. Really now? When you read, check- up on, and type, as much stuff as our friend does in one day, only God Himself would be expected to do this without making any mistakes whatsoever, so what’s your point?? Like, holy-Fuck guys!!!

  2. Sad state of affairs when a nurse knows the law better than the stupid cop. I hope they sue his incompetent butt. Yeah someone died in the accident but there is legal procedure that needs to be followed. That manhandling was totally uncalled for. Big tough bully roughing up a woman for doing her job.

      1. Thanks Nasty, it’s good to be among one’s own. Stupid cop, the hospital always draws blood upon admission, all they have to do is subpoena the records. The cop is now on leave and the mayor had to french kiss some hospital butt. The nurse is a real trooper, she just wants the cops to be better trained.

      1. She was “interfering with an investigation” basically a reason for him to arrest anyone who gets in his way of doing whatever the fuck he wants, much like “resisting arrest” where they can arrest you just for saying no.

  3. You know….my mom is a nurse. Has been for over 30 years. This right here, this RIGHT here should be the case of CASES that proves this tyrannical system is fucked. A fucking nurse explains calmly,professionally, and LEGALLY to the fuck head cop only to be put under arrest? Forcefully!? And then we wonder why somebody would go John Wayne Casey crazy. The sound of that filthy vile cops voice when he forced the nurse against the wall at the emergency door entrance tells me HE ALSO KNEW full well he is in the fucking wrong. If SOMEBODY blew that cops brains out right then and there I bet, I BET. We would see that police brutality shit stop faster than you can say ISIS IS DYING.

      1. Lol…ikr. This cop is OUTTA HIS FUCKIN MIND!…and everyone let’s it happen? The other boys in blue just stand there. He basically says cripticly she doing her job,and I’m doing mine…if you try to stop me I’ll kill you…even tho I’m bat shit crazy right now,and wrong in every way, I’m 100% in the right cuz I have a badge.

  4. This one is getting alot of media play which is good because it’s pretty damning proof that this can happen to anyone.
    This isn’t the one that brings the people to the streets demanding justice but it is getting alot of coverage and many who do not come to sites like this are seeing this and maybe thinking there could be something to this “police State ” nonsense after all.

  5. This cop was obviously a fuckwit and a bad bastard as well because officers of the law must, you would think, be required to abide by and serve the law which in this case would also include medical related law as well.

    For all purposes and intent then this cop was a criminal because he was breaking the law.

    The reason why I find then that people from all over the world have various, conflicting views of the police(including here on BG) is because they act differently depending upon the socio-political environment in which they live.

    The American police appear to be authoritarian and rightwing because their society is and so the perception is that police are inherently rightwing and authoritarian.

    Contrary to the above however is the fact that Western European police forces are so leftwing and libertarian in general that they allow immigrants to attack, rape and murder the indigenous population out of fear of appearing racist/xenophobic and even go as far as to cover it all up.

    There was even those infamous examples in England wherein Muslim paedophiles were allowed to continue to rape white children for years because the cops did not want to offend minority racial groups.

    To conclude, the cops are just a reflection of your society at any given time. Whether you agree with that reflection or not determines where you stand in relation to your cops and your society in general.

  6. Fucking arsehole cop should be beaten into releasing this nurse, and charged himself with a Citizens Arrest. Furthermore all the staff on the floor should have lined-up, to block the goof from putting her in the car, and letting themselves ALL get arrested in unison until another cop stepped-in to speak with that asshole arresting officer, cause a few buses would have been needed to bring them all in. And chances are that that dummy-cop would have been responsible for a lot more than one death leaving a hospital virtually empty..

  7. WOW! unbelievable, and all them other pigs just standing around backing up his illegal actions, I can see him getting a paid vacation while this gets investigated and when he’s found innocent a promotion will be waiting for him.

  8. Well looks like medical staff needs to start carrying weapons too and they should refuse medical treatment for any cops in a near future… Thats what the hospital’s manager should do, and that might solve that shitty kidnapping situation.

    1. Don’t forget this is the plan that been brewing along for quite some time now. There’s been gun grabs going on for a decade now,and the police know this while they have gotten more weapons,technologies and free rein,access. This government wants another civil war between law enforcement and civilians.

  9. Ah ha fucken, hardy har, har…
    That nurse should be able to retire nicely on this sweet mishap. Power donut plain clothed cop must hv been hyped up on too much caffeine,or forgot his blood pressure pills… But I like it. Another couple million lost by a struggling city, all bc of a dumb ass idiot employee on a power trip. Guess it doesn’t matter much anyway. He will probably be voted Chief, and the citizens pay for it all anyway. Robo cop Should have got his moneys worth and lit her up, all while crying ” stop resisting, stop resisting “. He can’t look much worse. Well he has an interesting cop story to tell the family. Honey- how was ur day. Lol

    1. That nurse obviously has never gotten arrested in her life and by the looks of her behavior she doesn’t seem to know how the system works.

      Me I have gotten arrested seven times and done a couple of months two x’s in county jail.
      I just got arrested the beginning of this year and probably have a couple warrants which were part of my plan to deal with them.
      I ain’t paying the court a single fucking penny.
      I’ll just wait till I get arrested and get taken in front of a judge a few x’s and be released on time served.
      Has always worked for me.
      Going to jail is no big deal, so long as you’re not going to do some serious time because the psychological effect would be too much to bear, but a month or two ain’t shit.
      Police can arrest you and hit you with any charge they can legally or illegally hit you with it is always up to the D.A. to follow through with the charges.
      From my experience most of the times they gone either drop the charges as in refuse to prosecute or lower the level of the offense in a deal they offer you.
      Exactly 3yrs ago I was taken to county cause of some domestic violence shit and kept going to court for like two months without going nowhere with my case, the first couple of x’s were “dry runs” so by the 6th or 7th time when I was told by public piece of shit defender the exact same story as previous time I just had it and told him, you know what fuck this shit, I hate coming to court and be chained up 12 fucking hours and all you have to do is listen to the goddamm 911 call and you will see clearly how I’m being held against my will and if it got physical I was defending myself. I have no doubt that I’ll beat this case without a problem…. thats when my public defender got serious and told me, “Do you really think that we’re here to prove wether you’re guilty or innocent??”
      Then he answered his own question telling me that I was there to take whatever deal was offered to me and that if I didn’t take the deal and fought the case and lose that they were gonna hit me up with the maximum allowed sentence for my crime commited which were like 3yrs or more.
      So that was actually shocking the way criminal inmates are treated by the system.
      It is not about who tells the truth and who doesn’t they don’t care how many lives they ruin all they care about is their goddamned check.
      I noticed that in every session there was like three D.A.’s and all of them were some real young motherfuckers. I’m talking about 35-40yr old cats.
      And they’re the ones working out the deals and serving out sentences…
      Playing with people’s lives.

      Anyways had this nurse known the system she would’ve had kept her composure while being arrested knowing that whatever charges she was getting arrested for we’re not going to carry in a court of law. And those charges will be dropped and she will be our of county a few hrs ltr…

  10. There aren’t many videos I can’t watch, but this really hurts inside. A women doing her job – the right way – as best as she could, as best as anyone could. This looks so wrong. And it says so much more, why does the cop think, he has the power to deliver his injustice as he pleases, he completely lost his rightorwrong barometer, and became just like the people he used to pursue. This is sadly eyeopening, and if catching on is a really dangerous trend, if you have to fear the people, that should protect you. The womens looks like she never even pays a driving ticket too late and now she knows how it feels to be viewed and treated like real criminals from police. I feel sorry for her and for all the people there must be, where there was no camera to document this type of incidents.

  11. Everyone, myself also, on this website is no better than the cops are. The self-righteous people on here, especially the owner, make me puke. The age-old problem with the world is everyone thinks they are better than everyone else. Look in the MIRROR! (Insert the usual name-calling and swearing in place of cogent replies below)

    1. @E_Blackadder; I disagree.

      Not everybody is self-righteous, self-important, delusional, controlling, power-tripping, manipulative, narcisiscitic, psychopathic, promoted beyond the level of their ability, bullying, devious, lying, child abusing, thieving, drug abusing, murderous, mysogynistic, fanatical, deranged, genocidal or, in other ways, a total cunt.

      Most people just try to get by, and look after their own.

      Those that choose to ignore the rules set by, generally, civilised societies ‘the law’, or organisations ‘the police’ etc. are typically the problem.

      The deeper problem is that ‘the law’ and ‘organisations’ protect both the powerful and their own.

      There is often a lack the balls, even at the tip of the management structure, to sanction or dismiss individuals that bend, or frankly ignore the rules, even when the evidence is staring them in the face.

      The massive increase in the use of mobile communication with coupled cameras is, in my opinion, the main reason why society at large is now witness to the thugs who have managed to obtain positions of authority.

      These miscreants aren’t suddenly flipping out on a single occasion, they come with a pattern of behaviour that either hidden, condoned, or not reported.

      Dig deep enough and it can be uncovered but again, in my opinion, the lack of sanction is due to the potential for public embarrassment that the organisation did not identify or act on this behaviour before.

      I can look in the mirror and I see respect for other people and personal integrity.

  12. All you good cops need to weed these old fucks out and you need a psych test to keep the power hungry short dicks out of the force. If not the entire police entity as we currently know it is going to come down in flames and there is a growing number of people across this nation hoping for that. I hope it does not come to that. Good must prevail. I hope there is an internal backlash with in the force which changes it.

  13. That’s good. People need to be entertained, they need the distraction. I wish to God that someone would be able to block out the voices in my head for five minutes, the voices that scream, over and over again: “Why do they come to me to die? Why do they come to me to die?”

  14. the guy looks like a bad MADTV charatcher played by michael mcdonald from MADTV lol lol like his dr phil impression..haha he looks straight out of a michael mcdonald skit no wonder this jackass is doing shit like this,.. hes clearly a madtv actor…that is mike mcdonald playing rogue officer lol

  15. I know what this cop was thinking! He thought he had the right to obtain the DNA because it was during the commission of a crime which would make it legal but the dumb ass cop didn’t have the brain capacity to realize the truck driver committed no crimes he was the innocent victim of this head on collision and if he wants DNA from the criminal he can go back to the highway and lick it off the fucking road!

  16. Also as I read comments left! some people are asking why none of the other cops did nothing to stop him or even question his authority! The reason for this is because he looks like the on scene supervisor at that moment based on the unmarked car! The fact that he looked like bozo the clown without his makeup has no relation.

  17. Anybody want to bet that after the department concludes the investigation that they’ll find that this fat, fucking pig, “made a poor choice while performing his duty to uphold the law, However, didn’t violate any law and therefore should be returned to duty without prejudice.” These cops will cover for their “brother.” Just watch how the officers in blue just stand there and do nothing. This pig ought to go to prison and the other officers should at least lose their jobs.

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