Videos of Police Repression in Santiago de Chile

Videos of Police Repression in Santiago de Chile

Videos of Police Repression in Santiago de Chile

The video shows several instances of Chilean police force repression in the country’s capital city of Santiago de Chile. There have been protests going on in Chile for a few weeks now, and the police have acted as henchmen for the government to quash them.

It’s truly frightening to see the hatred the cops in basically every country hold toward their own people. That’s why the ACAB can never go out of style.

Props to Best Gore member @ramone27 for the videos:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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117 thoughts on “Videos of Police Repression in Santiago de Chile”

  1. Well .. Yes and no.
    I mean yes, the pigs were certainly laying into this guy .. but
    He is probably some kind of cunt-rag, and we don’t know what shit he has done
    So .. Good on the cops for kicking his head in
    Die !

    1. People like you Johnny boy need murdered and having the video posted here for our entertainment! Also invest in toothpaste because the taste of rectum and boot polish I can smell even through my fucking screen

        1. Agreed @Bad Jonny
          As if liking or appreciating a cop equates to boot licking… shit: bad cops end up in jail and the ones I talked to could give a fuck about politics or “big brother” government….they just want to finish their shift like any other worker.

          Brilliant logic….so let’s use the parallel argument; to those yelling “ boot licker”. … are the anus licker supporters and beta male servants of the scum criminals; so you are lower than worm shit.

          Actually; let’s ban the police ; so I can cave in your fucking heads without penalty. You want Anarchy? Kool! Then Darwinism rules ; and the weak get eaten; pass the salt Mother fucker. 😉

          1. Excellent points, Warrior
            Yes, most people that are cop haters, are too stupid to realize that if you leave them alone, they leave you alone, so you’ve got nothing to worry about.
            There are many videos of a cop talking nicely to a motorist, and the motorist just turns into a monster cunt, all over a $5 ticket!
            And all jail-birds hate the cops, blaming the cops for why they are doing bird, but it’s THEIR CRIME that got them in there, not the cops, if they were just smart enough to trace ‘causation’ back to it’s roots.
            But alot of people are not SMART ENOUGH to trace it back, so they just ‘dream’ of a society without cops, not realizing there would be no one to call when someone (gang) just moves into your house and kicks you out on the street!
            As you say, it would be law of the jungle – just killing all ’round, like spiders or ants
            What kind of society would that be?
            These cunts can’t answer that question, too busy babbling something about the cops .. Stupid cunts ..

        1. Well, thank you! Glad you dig it!
          You see, my approach here is different to most others.
          They come on with pre-loaded ideas about cops, Jews, niggers, et cetera.
          But I practice what I call ‘Word-Purity’
          It means, I have no idea what I’m gonna say from one second to the next.
          I might diss cops one minute, then give them a break
          I often try to show universal love through open hostility

          “Only in hate .. Can we truly understand the miracle of Love .. ”
          – Bad Jonny

          1. Once I saw you defend the Jews I now know what kind of ac you are! A shekel has been deposited into your account! Good goy

          2. @iwontlikeyou

            I never defended a Joo.
            But .. I think once an Israeli shot a filthy Arab in the back, and I said good riddance to the sand monkey cunt ..

            So you really don’t make much of a point.
            You really don’t make much of a goint.

      1. O Vile !
        Be it You ?

        Be Coronated, Vile
        You are as Holy as Bile
        Wish we could sail the Nile
        We’d enjoy
        Every fucking mile
        Learn to plaster and tile
        Learn to make
        A clay sun-dial
        And all the while
        We’d do it with style ..

    2. He did nothing wrong … if he searches the social networks (#chiledesperto). You will see that people are only fighting for their rights.
      All deaths and injuries were caused by our police (which according to their motto is “order and homeland”) thanks to our dear President Sebastián Piñera.

    3. I live in chile, you don’t have any right to make an opinion about the cops doing their job by maintaining gangsters on their limits, that guy was no gangster, was a random civilian who lives on the place and was brutalized by these pacos culiaos(fucking cops) only by walking on their side to only get to his home, what you say is bullshit to high levels that no one can tolerate, now in my country is on a full scale revolution against the government and against the constitution itself, made by a bastard named augusto pinochet on the dictatorship of 1973 and the economic model of the fucking jew of milton friedman making Chile one of the most unequal countries in the south cone of america, so next time you’re gonna talk about cops repressing and hitting (and in cases killing) people, better read some more about the case and making yourself an argument minimally valid, and you’re lucky that you’re not in Chile, because one american bastard named John Cobin it’s senteced to death by the people, so we are waiting for him to go out of preventive jail to gut him in public.

      1. Well, my little Chili-Beaner cunt-rag, you lost me at:

        “you don’t have any right to make an opinion ..”

        Have you read what you typed ?

        That’s among the dumbest group of words:

        The fact is: ALL cunts, everywhere, for ALL time, have the right to their opinion, on ALL matters.

        That’s what an open forum like this is all about.

        People’s opinions.

        Even if they are gay, or Prince Andrew.

        Epstein had an opinion, now he does not.

        Please always look at what you have typed, and ask yourself the question:

        “Am I a just a Sea-Donkey Mole Fuck-Tard?”

        The answer may surprize you ..


        1. Lmao, now with that kind of typing i don’t know if i’m arguing with a 10 yrs old or a cheap bastard who believes himself a smartass, the thing here is that you have no exact right to make an opinion favoring the lunatics of the cops on my country, one bc i don’t speak about your cops, and two because you’re the same kind of person that we offend here in chile as “facho culiao” (fucking fascist), so officially you’re the clown of the forum and the boomer of the page.

          1. As I said : “ask yourself the question:

            … Am I a just a Sea-Donkey Mole Nigger-Ass Dumb Fuck-Tard?”

            The answer will really surprize you ..


  2. Does anyone remember that weird video of all the women in that warehouse that were seemingly being tortured? One lady was restrained and had boiling hot oil poured down her throat via a metal dick shaped funnel.. It was just the most horrifying video I’ve ever seen in my life and I’ve always wondered as to whether or not it was real. That video changed my psyche I swear.. Made me look at life differently. Satanic Jews must’ve made it. Earth’s depravity knows no end.

  3. @Vincit Omnia Veritas or @happy
    Great Video Brother. But Man-O-Man, are they ever clubbing those poor guys on the head so fucking hard that it’s sickening to watch. They really must have quite the hate-on for their own Citizens. 🙁

    But What does ACAB Mean, or stand for Mark, as i have been trying to figure it out, but just can’t get it 😉 ???

    1. I know a couple of cops, they aren’t bastards. If you knew half of the shit they had to take on a day to day basis – it would make your head spin, especially the public order division and the ones dealing daily with the alansnackbar brigade.

      Then when these namby pamby arseholes prance down a highway where they definitely don’t belong, or are told to do something by someone with a baton and they refuse – they’re all surprised when they find out they opened a can of payback??? I call that a bona fide case of an idiot beating that is way fucking overdue. Some people respond to logic and reason, some just need a beating…

      They generally are quite respectful of the law abiding folk.

      1. Yep you all have guns and when one of you goes utterly Bismarck you turn that gun on loved ones strangers and children when there are several buildings in America’s capital city absolutely jam packed with the kind of scum no one will miss and many would love to getting there just desserts! Just a thought just a playful thought!

          1. Yeah, still building…I can’t see myself working somewhere that doesn’t involve using my hands. I live in Oklahoma though, I’m just originally from Louisiana. How are you? Australia seems like it would be a great place to be.

          2. @hopingfornemesis

            Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, France, New Zealand and the United States, was the best place to live, but now it’s starting to deteriorate as we are invaded by imigrants.

            Once that country falls to the hands of the imigrants it would be like the fall of the Roman Empire. After that there will be no place on earth where it will be good to live

  4. Shithole, damn, Chile became a living hell full of faggots and retarded protesters that happen to be disarmed, the goverment has the guns guys, therefore the goverment already won, that’s why americans don’t want to be disarmed, because once you are disarmed, you are done

    1. Stfu boomer, your fucking country supported the dictatorship of augusto pinochet with the stupid belief that salvador allende was going to give a foothold to the ussr in american soil(not to confuse with U.S. soil knowing how idiots you are) and with that thousand were exiled, tortured, killed and even disappeared, and don’t think that by throwing stones against guns means that we lost, we are paralyzing the country certain amount of time in order to put pressure on the government full of corrupted bastards, that’s how is done, moving our asses to make progress for real, not like you gringos who stay on their seats and do nothing more than jerk daily watching porn, conchetumare pa grande

  5. Right to bear arms, even if you don’t own guns buying some 30-06 m2 ap black tip is a good investment. If civil unrest ever does go down in the states i can see the price of that round skyrocketing.

      1. @Hoping for Nemesis

        30-06 M2 AP is military surplus ammunition Springfield cartridge (equivalent to 7.62×63mm).

        AP is the abbreviation for armour piercing; the bullet is effective against lightly armored vehicles, protective shelters and personnel.

        The AP effect is due to the high velocity of the ammunition and the bullet composition. A steel core penetrator is enclosed in a soft lead envelope covered by a partial copper/nickel jacket with an open tip. On hitting the target the soft lead and jacket peel away and the steel core punches on through.

        The ‘black tip’ refers to the colour of paint applied to the tip of the bullet which allows identification as an AP round when handling/loading.

        30-06 rounds were manufactured between 1939 and 1954 (the standard 7.62×51mm NATO round replaced these in 1954) and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get hold of them, not least because AP ammunition is prohibited in most (?all states) as it is capable of penetrating body armour. Note that performance standards for Type IV body armour include ability to withstand penetration by 30-06 M2 AP.

  6. @vileness

    COPS AND JEWS by bad jonny

    I don’t like cops
    I don’t like Jews

    Don’t like Prez Trump
    Whining : Fake news!

    He only hears clapping
    He can’t hear the boo’s

    Don’t like pedo priest
    On the church pews

    He doesn’t catch coughs
    He doesn’t get flu’s

    He’s too busy raping
    Did you see the clues?

    Like pedophile rapist
    Actor : Tom Cruise

    He teaches the Bible
    It’s all just a ruse

    Priest who rapes kids
    Would rape goats and ewes

    Go to Australia
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    Goes to his cloak-room
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    He says he’s for Christ
    But pays Devil his dues

    Raping the kids
    With the end of pool cues

    What’s he got to gain?
    What to lose?

    Rape a choirboy or girl?
    It’s to him to choose

    Then goes to sleep
    Listening to Blues

    Getting musical ideas
    Connecting with ‘muse’

    Or painting an artwork
    Experiment with ‘hues’

    Take the Catholic family
    Out on a ship cruise

    Eating fried chicken
    And drink Mountain Dews

    When their son mentions ‘rape’
    The family now sues ..

      1. Yeah, 60 or 90 min. tapes
        I loved those fucks
        even when the tape broke, I would splice it with clear sticky tape, so it played just like normal except for that 1 sec. which didn’t really count anyway
        I think Eminem released a new album on cassette too, cause that’s what he had in the early 90s ..

          1. And then some mob brought out the ‘chrome’ tape – more expensive ?

            But once they got to 12o mins. long, they just got too sticky in the heat !

            Plus, you can’t just ‘start again’ like a CD or vinyl …

          2. Yes, I remember giving tapes to my mates at highschool to put on Rolling Stones albums like:
            Love you live
            Still Life (live USA 1981 tour)
            Emotional Rescue
            Tattoo You
            Some Girls
            Got Live IF You Want It
            Rolled Gold

            In fact, I played nothing but ‘Rolled Gold’ in my Gemini Holden for a WHOLE YEAR – Yep, same tape, over and over, and over …..

      2. Hey NEMS, I guess , back then the Opus was a relatively nasty brand of tapes which were often sold through Franklins It was cheap, but not really “cheerful” with problems with tape mechanism and dropout rates……….This is what GOOGLE threw up as one of many search results @hopingfornemesis

          1. I saw Wake in Fright on Netflix. Good movie, kind of crazy like most old Aussie movies. I remember Donald Pleasence played the insane doctor, and the kangaroo hunt. I think it was Pleasence’s best acting.

          2. Yes ,Pleasance is an excellent Brit actor and especially chilling in Wake in Fright. That movie was crazyarsed. Have you seen another mental Aussie movie about nothing? I think it is called Dhimboola; about the goings-on in an hick Aussie country town. I think John Hardgraves was in it. A heartthrob of the time who was gay all along. Never a roadblock in the way of imagemaking or profits is there?

            I’m going to think of some good old Aussie movies for you. Have you seen Breaker Morant (late seventies or early eighties) and Gallipoli (1980 or 81 version)? Both based on real life war events of course. A good series is the Drinkwater Dynasty and Thornbirds. Both late seventies or early eighties.

      3. Yes, Nem, all time classic Oz : No Secrets by the Angels

        Now as for NZ film, there is a part II to : Warriors, called “What becomes of the broken-hearted” starring Jake da Muss – check it out

        I haven’t seen UTU, so I’ll check it.

        I think NZ film is poised to be where Oz was in the 7os with some nice fresh stuff, different to Europe and USA.

        Most people think Oz movies for real started with “Sunday too far away” and “Picnic at Hanging Rock” made in the mid 7os , but for me, the first REAL Oz movie was: “Wake in Fright” 1971 around same time as : “Walkabout” also 1971.

        They made a remake of “Wake in Fright” as a modern serial, but I’m sure it’s shit, just like most serials made from a classic movie – eg:

        Psycho/Bates Hotel
        From Dusk Till DAwn

        If you haven’t seen ’em, check ’em out & also “Badlands” 1972 which was the basis for the 1982 Springsteen acoustic Album “Nebraska” … All good stuff ….

        1. Haha. Walkabout? I was growing downy golden hair on my testicles when I saw that first and wanked off. It was about early 1980 when I saw it! I lusted over the actress who was also in American Werewolf in London ie English Jewish actress. Marvellous big eyes .Didn’t she fuck the aborigine david gulpalil in the movie? Walkabout.

          I will check others. UTU was in the eighties about pioneer NZ with the Maori Wars. UTU means revenge in Maori. I do remember Wake in Fright and Picnic at Hanging Rock.

          1. Yes, I think she was sort of raped, by a black Abbo Boong.
            Yes, she was under 18 yet appeared nude for a bit, mainly under water, causing young guys to spank the monkey on sight (like Jonny)

            Reminds me of:
            Franco Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet, 1968.
            The actress was only 14 and went topless for a bit.
            The film was originally rated R in 1968.
            In 1973, the rating was changed to PG when the film was trimmed of its nudity.
            After that, the original nude cut was no longer available.

    1. Be nice to see you recite your poetry on you tube Jonny, but then you might get arrested.
      In a way islam is a response to jewism? whatever their religion is called. Look how the jew never fights his own wars. Now they’re being raped and murdered again. I wonder if they’ll fight this time or just get the Christians to come to their aid yet again.

      1. They are truly a piece of shit – look how Hollywood popped up run by Satanic Jew cunts, who stole all their ‘movie’ ideas and technology from the Germans who were making ‘Metropolis’ and ‘M’ and stuff like that.
        Look at what pigs Epstein and Weinstein are.
        Even Jew Bob Dylan (Zimmerman) admits he actually made a ‘deal’ when he sold his soul to the Devil for fame and riches.
        So did Jew JOhn Goodman. And KISS (PISS).
        And who knows how many more.
        Jews .. Just animals!

  7. Disperse and scarper off cause if ya dare stand in their way ,you will pay either with severe injuries , random gunshots or arrests ; all because reprisals mean nothing but retaliation from the ones holding law and order mawkishly only to appease some bureaucrats or half headed politico big wigs; cause the rewards promised for the ones wearing uniforms are always huge .

      1. Good days Blu. No fucken Licensing and digital rights and Apple being able to delete your song selections or the platform disappeared and all that crap. Something your descendants could put on and hear as we do old wax cylinders from one hundred years ago.

        Try and get your grandchildren to hear your voice on Facebook , Instagram etc in even ten years time!
        Won’t happen ’cause the program has been updated or the server was hacked or lost or bought out or some bullshit. Always some reason for you to be stiffed! Fuck off cunts!

        1. Good point, Nem – even cunts like JustCloud FB & others who begged for your money, assuring security said: “Sorry folks, we lost half of your files .. Be like the Eagles please .. Take it easy”
          It’s true.
          Something will happen, and all the videos & recordings will turn to dust, and cannot come back !

      2. Good days Blu. No fucken Licensing and digital rights and Apple being able to delete your song selections or the platform disappeared and all that crap. Something your descendants could put on and hear as we do old wax cylinders from one hundred years ago.

        Try and get your grandchildren to hear your voice on Facebook , Instagram etc in even ten years time!
        Won’t happen ’cause the program has been updated or the server was hacked or lost or bought out or some bullshit. Always some reason for you to be stiffed! Fuck off cunts!

          1. Witty!

            Nothing survives unless it goes onto NSA servers ,at which point when you become troublesome to NatoState ,they dredge it for shit against you for some law they will bring out.. just for people like you…

            The digital revolution has been an abysmal failure for real people, mate. Everything is ephemeral and nothing is owned by you to be left or shown to anyone after an appreciable time. Exception is use by the security services of course.

  8. I’m ok with this. These people are wasting their time honestly. They should be out on the football pitch practicing for the next world cup. Their government isn’t going to change by protesting. They need to send in Jack Ryan for any thing to change. Tom Clancy will tell you first hand.

  9. I have nothing interesting to say about this video. I just thought I’d let you all know that . . . and increase my goints in doing so.

    I’ll be adding random comments to all the old videos in order to get my goints up to a respectable level (i.e. 1000). Yes, I’ve become a goints whore. How did this happen to me? How have I sunk so low?

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