Videos of Spanish Cops Arresting People for Not Wearing Facemask – One Liberated by Populace

Videos of Spanish Cops Arresting People for Not Wearing Facemask - One Liberated by Populace

Videos of Spanish Cops Arresting People for Not Wearing Facemask - One Liberated by Populace

I guess the Spanish people can count themselves lucky that Mexican half nigger Kyle Rittenhouse immigrated to the USA and not to Spain. He would have shot everyone opposing police tyranny and demanding that liberty nonsense.

Spain, it seems, decided it will not be second to Australia in active oppression of citizens, and instructed their tyranny enforcers to arrest everyone who cares about their health and well being and refuses to wear a facemask.

Crisis is the best way to make the public beg for the people in power to take more power. And as anyone who doesn’t live with rose colored shades on their mugs realizes, power is a drug more addictive than any physical substance.

Ordo ab Chao (Order out of Chaos). Massive disruptions, deaths, increasing reliance on government, fear, rationing, culling and harvesting the human crop right into the coming years… That’s what the plandemic brought us.

And those who survive will get their vaccine and ID2020 chip to prove they’re “safe” and are allowed to travel (think Chinese social credit system).

Meanwhile, the coronavirus has never been isolated from a person. In other words, there is no evidence that the said coronavirus causes any actual disease. They have tests for antibodies, which can be produced by a variety of processes. But there are no tests that can isolate a coronavirus allegedly present in a human being.

Magically, while COVID-19 numbers are up, the common flu numbers are rock bottom down. Based on what the grim picture the talking heads on Zio TV and the ZOG operatives paint, every time you step foot outside, people should be dropping around you like flies.

Yet I don’t know anyone who has the alleged virus. And I bet the majority of you don’t know anyone with the coronavirus either. Those who think they had it, should ask themselves why are common flu numbers down this year. But what I do know are people who lost their livelihoods and will possibly lose their homes because of the plandemic measures.

The measures cause general discomfort, TPTB send their agent provocateurs to cause riots and looting, people film the looting and share it on social media and in response you hear: “We need to bring in cops and the military to restore order. Forever!” Hegel is rubbing his hands at the textbook dialectic.

That’s it. Nothing reinforces the need for a powerful centralized authoritarian government more than a quick game of “Fear Thy Neighbor“.

Here’s the video of Spanish police attempting to arrest a woman for not wearing a facemask on a street. Luckily, just as the rest of the world, the Spaniards too woke up to the scam and prevented the cops from going through with their oppression while shouting “Libertad!

One more video of a woman getting violently arrested by the cops for the same. This time the passers-by didn’t have sufficiently large cohones to free her. I hope she is all right. ZOGs have gulags for people exhibiting non compliance. Now may be the time to resharpen the guillotines, I wonder:

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93 thoughts on “Videos of Spanish Cops Arresting People for Not Wearing Facemask – One Liberated by Populace”

    1. Spaniard here, we arent opressed in any way dont use this site as a source for whats going on around the world cos youll start to believe that any country shown is in crisis or living a civil war. I remind you everything that is shown in this site are very rare incidents and that the rest of millions of people living in it are living their normal lives and arent feeling slaved in any way cos its just a fucking mask and any non-brainwashed person that believes in germs and viruses understands why…. It is normal tho that when youre alone and depressed you start to believe in conspiracy theories and shit. Stay sane and btw i know someone very near to me who got the coronavirus… Sorry for using the first comment for this unrelatable matter, just wanted to be heard.

      1. I know lots of people who’ve had a corona virus.
        It’s called a flu.

        Anyone who has to say “conspiracy theories” is too afraid of what they’ll find out if they do a little digging themselves or is simply trying to steer you away from the truth. So watch out for those people. Be safe !

        Sorry I forgot to ask, but what source do you use to find out what’s going on around the world?
        Maybe I’ll check it out 😀

        1. You’re fine, idiot bro, let’s discuss how you’re stuck in your stupid bubble, how the whores people are so stupid not to see that the covid exists, I have two sick relatives, you fucking idiot, I hope you die and get your black ass taxed

          1. Haha, so I guess you’re one of those brainwashed retards that wears a mask everywhere he goes because 2 of your relatives were told they had a flu lol…
            Good luck with that you idiot because you’re already dead.

      2. Youre absolutely right bro, You know something i would tell this on our language, Tienes razon el admimistrador de este sitio tiende a generalizar el solo es un “Redneck” asolapado que manipula a estos gringos perdedores, El covid es una enfermedad real asi como lo fue la gripe española.

      3. Actually, its so good to see Spaniards standing up to the authorities. The Spanish have had more than their fair share of political oppression and they can smell a rat faster than most. The problem is that we are still mostly surrounded by docile and compliant lemmings who listen to the main stream news and believe the rot they spew out and thus they also believe it, when they are told rotten lies like “hydroxychloroiquine” is dangerous or doesn’t stop CV/19, or face masks are necessary to prevent cv spreading etc etc….

        The truth is that there is far more than meets the eye on this “Pandemic” and you certainly do not need to be into conspiracy theories to know that WE pay the Police to protect us and not to abuse us.

        The so called politicians in virtually every western country with the exception of Scandinavia and a few others (I will include Trump as he is the only world leader not accepting the CV bull) have taken a certain political view, cemented by self preservation and strategy for their personal financial gain. First of all, they all fucked up by sending older people from the hospitals to the care homes, perhaps the single most stupid and negalent move by our so called leaders ever seen. They absolutely want to deflect from this, by reenforcing the validly of their excessive lockdown and stupid unnecessary rules. Their parasitic lawyers have already forewarned them that an avalanche of legal action might follow, and they could get sued into the poor house.

        Next, they are all lining up at the trough, to gorge themselves on the massive pay day of kick backs coming down the track from big Pharma, who will produce (fuck all use) vaccines that our rotten politicians will try force You, to force into to your children. A false vaccine that kids absolutely do not need. Of course their own progeny will not be getting anything rammed up their noses. In addition, they are using this “pandemic” as a ploy to see how far they can push the population and how compliant the ones they have managed to scare through the rotten and complicit main stream media, will be. If you can fool enough of the people, you stand a far better chance of suppressing the ones who have the guts to ask the right questions and to stand up for themselves.

        Lastly, the scum who have been conniving in Davos for years, are currently discussing with our corrupt leaders to see if this is the right time to bring forth a “financial reset” that will keep the elites in their financial grandeur, whilst they tinker with forcing everybody over to a block chain digital currency (controlled by them) or continue trashing the economy, so they can force in universal basic credit for everybody displaced and thus control most of us by controlling our income.

        If you think any of the above is over the top, think again. Germany has just extended its furlough payments till the end of 2021, typical Germans, advanced the experiment already.
        It is my belief having looked at all the evidence coming out of China, including the disappearance of several whistle blowers and what they had said, that the CCP purposely released CV19 to hopefully ruin Trumps record US economy and thus get him out of office. It was of absolutely no consequence to the CCP how many old people would perish world wide against the prize of getting rid of Trump. Whether all the other underhand bullshit we have been seeing was part of a joined up plan, or merely further opportunist moves by our rotten elites is still open to conjecture.

        Trump is not just a major problem for the CCP, he’s a major problem for the establishment that promotes the never ending cycle of manipulated wars and lucrative arms production thats kills tens of million of our brothers and sisters world wide for absolutely nothing, except the preservation of a system overseen by and designed to keep the elites rich beyond belief. I am talking many trillion of dollars worth, per person, of personal wealth. Forget the rich list, its peanuts compared to what the rotten core have taken.

        So for those of you who think this is all simply more conspiracy talk, lets look at the cold facts…

        We have a new strain of a common family of Covid virus, thats kills less people than typical seasonal flu?

        A virus that is predicted (worse case) to kill less people than any of the last 6 flu spikes?

        Yet our government have shut down every western economy (except the ones who would not Sweden etc) and we can see, (despite what the media says) that life in Sweden is fine and dandy and meanwhile our hospitals are NOT overflowing with dead bodies?

        We have a WHO who clearly lied and contradicted itself at every turn about CV19?

        We have the worlds top immunologist telling anybody who will listen that masks do not work and the trajectory of CV is unknown, but likely to fade out, as all of the other recent respiratory virus have done?

        We have literally all western government printing money to “ease the situation” whilst at the same time pushing rules that are stedily removing the ability of ordinary people to make a living and killing off jobs that cannot be recovered?

        We have (without doubt) more mortality and social misery generated by the lockdown and social distancing rules being enforced ( Australia is frightening) on the population, as growing numbers of people commit suicide, miss scans/hospital treatments, that will lead to further significant loss of life. How many doctors world wide have been warning about all of this? Go look, its staggering.

        I wont go on….

        It still remains to be seen if they back out or push on, however, if you have been following whats happening behind the scenes you will know that the re-election of Donal Trump is critical to what happen next.

        1. Corona virus will be used to justify a nuclear attack on China, which has to happen because we cannot compete with a country where a quarter of the world’s population work 72 hours a week for a poor salary. The lockdowns and facemasks are designed to condition us to the next level of wearing gasmasks whenever we venture out into a poisonous environment.
          I fear that soon we will have “proof” that Covid 19 was an engineered virus deliberately spread by the Chinese government. The BBC have recently made a prerecorded news bulletin announcing that Britain is being attacked with nuclear weapons. It goes into detail as to what we should all do when the explosions occur. It is presented by a currently employed BBC news anchor, and a copy of this has been leaked and is now on YouTube, amongst some other fake variations of a similar type of video. I watched it last week and found it very disturbing.

          1. I agree with the underlying sedition and evil conniving of the elites that you are basically referring to, but not as regards the use of nukes. The truth is we cannot use nukes as we were warned and forbid from doing so in 1954. Eisenhower signed a treaty at Edwards AFB . (Fact)

            We now have weapons that are not nuclear but highly destructive that can be operated from orbit that haven’t been revealed to the public.

            COVID was released by the CCP in conjunction with the US deep state in order to end Trumps presidency. They saw the rest of the world as collateral damage and they didn’t give a fuck. Trump had turned the system upside down by stopping the war creation machine made up of the US military industrial complex, the arms manufacturers, and the banking cartels and both sides of the rotten corrupt US Congress. They will try anything to get rid of Trump, including stealing the election, a military coup or even as a last resort assassination. Everything else they tried thus far has failed.

            Trumps COVID 19 diagnosis is not what it seems. Think about it. Given the tight protocol a US President gets and given certain high profile members of his administration all suddenly have it too?

            In addition, the cabal has hijacked the pandemic to try force through the UN 2030 agenda and the world economic forums 4th industrial revolution. They want a CCP style tagging system of the worlds population through a compulsory vaccine and nano tech.

            Think I’m exaggerating?

            Trumps re-election is the only thing standing between the gates of hell opening and the survival of our very freedom.

      4. Everything is about perspective.
        Youre telling me that people are not oppressed in your country, im watching evidence proving the contrary. I also know that in terms of living, spain is a shit hole in comparison, (you guys made 40% less on average) and I also am not impressed with current conditions in America. Meaning I would never ever want to live where you do, regardless of how bad it is here, i am 100% sure it is much much shitter in spain, probably around 40% shitter.

        Now, as far as your attitude goes. I will offer up a similiar analysis, anyone, anywhere, can convince themselves that things could be/should be worse than they are. Its called being optimistic.
        That does not change however, the fact that spain is a total shit hole, and that you are oppressed there currently.

    2. Fuck u asshole, its my life, if i dont want to use a mask, why i need to be punished? Fuck off..
      Fuck off Presidente of Peru #FueraMartinVizcarra ‘The country that i live today’.. Thanks to this shitty president we must return to home at 10PM to 4AM. And on sunday i cant got outside.. FUCK U MARTIN VIZCARRA

      1. Estás bien imbecil jaja ojalá te mueras pita mierda , te lo digo en español , deja las putas drogas paranoico , como putas vergas tomas esto como información verdadera , bueno no espero nada de un pinche latino idiota , jaja por eso sus países están tan de la mierda , ojalá te suicides puta

    3. Fuck u asshole, its my life, if i dont want to use a mask, why i need to be punished? Fuck off..
      Fuck off Presidente of Peru #FueraMartinVizcarra ‘The country that i live today’.. Thanks to this shitty president we must return to home at 10PM to 4AM. And on sunday i cant got outside.. FUCK U MARTIN VIZCARRA

  1. Fair play to that woman, she wasn’t giving them an easy time. They are a proud people.

    On a side note, the lady cop in the beginning had a particularly nice arse. I’ve always been a sucker for a woman in uniform, particularly if it’s reminiscent of the SS.

  2. I heard Conspiracy Theorists stating that those ID2020 Microchips are supposedly supposed to be under everyone’s skin by the year 2030, All I know is I am not getting one of them Microchips or Vaccines, People need to just rely on their own damn immune systems but instead panic over a pandemic that only ties to the presidential election coming up in November in the U.S. that’s why everyone listens to the worlds leading health professionals like the CDC which the CDC has lied about the number of people infected with covid which is also why the U.S. economy is so damaged which finally brings me to my final point on why the U.S. has the highest known covid cases in the world. Anyways I don’t know anybody with the actually Coronavirus but I do know alot who drink Corona Beer just putting that out their.

          1. Yeah people anymore just don’t stand up to their rights but let a Controlling Government tell them what to do otherwise, Dude people just act like sitting ducks and it shows how stupid and clueless they really are but they don’t think that that’s the thing.

    1. You are drugged, friend, leave the Colombian cocaine, you bastard, that is why you are stupid, you know that conspiracy theories are just that, stupid people, they are not a serious source, but well not poor make you understand that, well the covid kills you because your system immune goes crazy and starts attacking your lungs haha, also liquid is created for that, that liquid makes you drown, prero good the pleb with 1 IQ like you and the one who manages the page do not think

      1. Quit your bitching, What’s your goal here bud to make everybody believe your sorry ass, I can tell you won’t be here very long if keep acting that way feeb, Sure maybe it won’t happen now but it will if you keep acting like a (Know It All Cunt) about everybody here so quit with the bitching, moaning and whining, Etc, If that’s the way you believe on this entire pandemic then so be it, But don’t start telling everybody that they don’t know what they are talking about its just what they believe any wise man and woman should know that, Its life not a fucking TV Commercial.

    1. do not do so much mental handjob, do not take those sources seriously haha, all medicine has side effects tomto, but if it is experimental, that’s why I advise you to use a mask and not get sick from this shit haha

    1. Who said I hated Rittenhouse. I pitty him more than anything, as well as everyone who has to live in a country with someone like him.

      However it’s true that I don’t particularly care for NWO globalist shills who detest the idea of freedom and pursuits of happiness, and are willing to kill anyone who doesn’t submit to police tyranny. And that’s exactly who Rittenhouse is. As such, he appeals exclusively to other NWO globalist shills, whether closeted or frank.

      As far as I could tell, Rittenhouse never punched a girl. He’d need to drop balls first.

      1. Men the only corrupt police are from Latin America, you in the US are addicted as shit, you and your addicted government have destroyed our Latin countries, you armed the cartels, you fucking shits. Finally, why don’t you talk about the fucking Jews, they do talk avowly about conquering the world (in the obvious maxismo it is Jewish if you did not know it) there is also another movement but I do not remember, in short the Jews are not just 1% of the population and look at the immense power they have, also stop being conspiratorial and stop saying that the covid is not real enresy it seems that you drug heavily and you remained paranoid or something

      2. So you are for the protesters? Just want them to start the war? Kyle getting in the way of that? Kyle not being 100% based Aryan Chad outweighs the 3 pedo jews he shot? Kyle and people like him should have joined the protestors and burned it down? If you want war/anarchy/revolution then you need pawns like Kyle on both sides, lots of them.

        Idk man just seems weird. We all laughed our asses off. I hope it’s not all business all the time.

        1. For the last fucking time.
          Jews are in their fucking homes, real jews are not outside protesting.
          These were not “jews”
          You can say they have “jewish backgrounds” they are not jews. Jews sip baby cock blood. Jews orchestrate false flag attacks, Jews own banks, jews meet behind closed doors to discuss how to gentrify your cities. Jews are not out protesting like retards. Jews created the conditions for these protests. Just because someone at some point had someone who fucked a jewish pussy in their heritage does not make them a “jew.” The same way that my last name does not entitle me to secret meetings with the Cabal. Baby penis blood has never tou hed my lips, so what kind of jew am I? Stop reveling in the fact that these three white people were shot by a mexican. These were not jews.

          1. You gotta read what i said dumb fuck.
            Hes not a real jew.
            Try again, hes about as jewish as the niggers he is protesting for. How many secret meetings has he attended? How many times has he traded insider stocks with his friends?
            You clearly dont understand the meaning of the word JEW. You can have a last name of steincohenrosenbaumberg and still not be a real jew.

            Being a “Jew” obviously has nothing to do with what you think it does

  3. Wait a minute, so all them Spanish pigs are willing to get up close and personal and risk catching the dreaded Wuhan Wiggle just to arrest the lady without mask? Bit irresponsible considering they are all from different households.
    Just using their logic, AND ALL!

    1. @dumbcunt – you need to escape up here to far nth Queensland once they open our border to you Mexicans.
      BTW – did you hear about the guy that got eaten by the great white at green mount beach in the Gold Coast yesterday? His name was Nick Slater and he was in my year at high school……..

      1. I spent a fair amount of time up in Hervey Bay around 10 years ago. Couldn’t get used to the laid back, stress free lifestyle funnily enough. Cunt of a thing to happen to your mate, hope he didn’t suffer. When I went to Broadbeach I saw some of the biggest jellyfish ever, maybe that’s what brought the shark in?

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  5. I would invite anyone not believing this virus is for real or that it is sooo harmless it’s nothing more than the common cold, to join me for just one shift at my COVID-19 dedicated ICU. You will find people of all ages, some with no prior health conditions, fighting for their lives. The majority are intubated, laying alone in their beds, often for many weeks or even longer. The ones that dies, and a lot of them do die, do so alone! We, as staff members, don’t mourn them.. we’re too busy bagging them and transporting them to the morgue.

    Luckily you will only see me there, when it’s time for me to push the Etomidate as we’re about to intubate you. Well smile, it could be the very last thing you’ll ever see!

    1. It’s not about if it’s real or not, it’s about governments and police using it as an excuse to push more laws and have more freedom to put you in a cell, fine, arrest you and have more control over your life.

      You think when this is over they will magically make all the extra police powers they gained go away? Oh god and the irony of a neo Nazis telling you this.

      1. People who are ok with being stupid, ignoring common sense (and science) and put both themselves and others at risk are not worthy of the freedom they so greatly prize. In fact they should be beaten with rancid donkey penises and set on fire.

    2. Stop putting fucking tubes in their lungs. Its damaging your patients you stupid fuck. You are literally killing people by intubating them. You are the problem. Fucking moronic fuck. Thats why rich people go to real doctors. Rich jew that I know fucking got “covid” he asked his doctor if they were going to stick tubes in his lungs to help him breathe. His doctor told him, IF I PUT TUBES IN YOUR LUNGS YOU WILL DIE BECAUSE YOU WILL LOSE YOUR ABILITY TO BREATH ON YOUR OWN AND STOP FIGHTING THE VIRUS INSIDE OF YOUR LUNGS, INTUBATION LITERALLY KILLS PATIENTS WHO GET COVID. Fucking crazy how dumb most doctors are with all their education and modern tech. Its not Covid killing your patients, its your useless hospital staff, you should all go down for malpractice. But if that was the case, half the doctors and hospitals would need to be shut down. Really its all going to plan. The misinformation is so blatent, that doctors are killing their own patients thinking intubating them is helping when its not.

      1. You are literally the dumbest cunt alive.. I’d be surprised if you’re smart enough to chew gum and breathe at the same time.
        I would strongly encourage you to go back to school; either smarten up or demand a full refund, ‘cus you’re as fucking dumb as they come!

          1. You really are a fucktard..
            Learn some basic English comprehension, then reread my original comment. If you still can’t comprehend it, slice your wrist and end your pathetic miserable life!
            Stupid faggot!

  6. I live in Australia and I won’t disclose my state but Vic is currently under Marshall law (call it whatever you want to call it) but it is Marshall law.

    There is curfews, interstate and over seas travel ban and mandatory laws and restrictions on how far you can walk away from your home and go out at certain times. Mandatory face mask laws.

    That and gun laws.
    I don’t know how more obedient we (Australians) can get even a dog bites back when you step on its face but apparently Australians don’t.

    Looks like Spain is following suit too.

    1. That’s how Palestinians have lived for decades, and the apparent goal is to turn the whole world into the Palestine. It won’t stop with Australia, though it sure seems as though “they” chose Australia to test out just how much the plebs are willing to submit.

    2. I’m in Melbourne, and can tell you, I’ve barely seen a cop car since stage 4 restrictions began. It’s all media driven deception to give the impression of marshal law being enforced, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Wouldn’t surprise me if undercover Vicpol officers organized that protest themselves….the shifty cunts.

      1. Also sorry ment to put this in the previous comment but don’t you guys get fined/arrested for being outside 8pm? You can only exercise once a day. You can’t go past 10km of your house? How is that not martial law? Also with army also being sent in too and mandatory mask wearing.

        You guys are getting fucked. NSW and QLD don’t even have it that bad.

        (Won’t spam further.) But like geuinley curious how much more crap ya gonna take.

        1. Here in Australia I haven’t worn a mask for even a minute, nor am I living with a curfew or anything else corona circus related. It’s only mandatory in one lil unimportant (sorry Victoria) corner of the country. The other 96% of the country has no restrictions at all…….

        2. Thing is, most people are breaking the rules. The cops aren’t really targeting individuals, because it would be a waste of time and resources, and they know it. That’s why they need small numbers of protesters so they can do their ‘show of force’ nonsense. Summer isn’t far away, and THAT will be a bridge too far for the authorities.

  7. Haven’t you all heard this Scamdemic is now totally Trumps fault. I’m so over this fake fag illness. All the world’s ugly ass lgbt non binary cock mongers just want to normalize the eyes as the new normal for attractiveness.
    Look assholes I haven’t lifted weights for 20 years and eaten healthy foods and kept my handsome face all this time to now hide from some imaginary bug….
    Fuck you CNN never have I seen more biased fake shit news. …I’ve officially blocked the channel now.
    Fuck Corona…. I am impervious to these ailments of the common
    faggot. …..for I am a super uber shit kicker.

  8. Here in Iran nobody forces me to wear a mask, only if I want to go to places like banks, but in street I am ok without a mask, also I had this corona disease a month ago, me my parents my brother and sister, we all recovered in a month my parents are 64 they both recovered, it’s like a flu but much stronger, I never had coughing but others in family they were coughing, anyways it wasn’t that much of a killer disease, if you don’t rest and eat well, it may get dangerous, first day I had fever and body pain, I went to visit a doctor, he gave me some pills and some injections, next day I was great so I went out cycling, but it came back again the next day, so I realised this is serious and I have to rest, it’s a month now and I’ve lost my sense of smell since the begining, and it’s not coming back until now, I don’t know how much it takes to have my sense of smell back but it really sucks, it’s like eating dirt, can’t taste anything

      1. Thank you Dutchy, I’ve been on this platform since 4 years ago maybe more, You have a great country I hope you get rid of growing socialism fascism control freaks and also we get rid of the Islamic fascism for better future, also I am thankful for this platform for showing us the harsh reality of life

  9. I read a study on the effectiveness of masks long before this whole rona thing. It found it reduced the number of water droplets making it into the air by only 20%. Another study was done recently and it found they only work if you’re talking or yelling, breathing softly out of your nose like in most situations the masks do nothing.

    Hontesly the virus is only killing people who are 90 years old or people with shitty weakened immune systems. There’s pretty much no deaths from children. I’ve never had the flu or cold in my life and am under 40 so I kinda find this whole thing almost comical, people are retards.

  10. It’s simple to understand Why Flu numbers are down, so far. It’s because people are taking measures against Covid. Duh. Lmbo. I’m tipsy and don’t give a fhag nugget. This video was a waste of time. Fkn Hairy and the Hendersons more relevant.

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