Young Man Beaten by Multiple Cops with Sticks in India

Young Man Beaten by Multiple Cops with Sticks in India

Video from India shows a group of cops running toward a young man on a street, and unleashing a beating on him with sticks.

It looks like the victim doesn’t even understand what the heck is going on. But the cops don’t seem to care – they act like they’re getting their rocks off by beating on the guy, so why bother investigating? Beat first, ask questions later seems to be common police mentality in many countries. Except in some where its shoot first, ask questions later.

Props to Best Gore member @hindustan for the video:

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          1. Another retard with his stupid poetic gimmick. You are not funny nor are your comments poetic or shit and nor do you have much knowledge but you try a lot to be a smartass. Just shut up. You really are an annoying little shit.

        1. Why abuse Hindus when the Mozzies are so much more worthy of abuse… If there are fucked up things going on in India, A mozzie is usually behind it – although abuse of women is not part of that… You guys need to get your shit together on that one

        2. @Curry.Muncher and @Hindustan

          First, I say whatever the fuck I want and no hindu will ever tell me otherwise.
          Second, this is bestgore bitches! Here we have freedom of speech and expression!

          The freedom to say:”Fuck you! Fuck Hindus! You stinky and smelly curry eating pieces of shit!”

          1. @dethbyplaster
            You were right. I had a shitty day and was dealing with the hangover from last night. But still i wasn’t attacking or threatening him i was only saying that he did commented some racist things bout hindus. And keep telling that “i get a lot of scam call from Indians”. Let me tell you that i get scam calls from all over the world. It doesn’t mean that I’d say ill things about other countries. Its ok that you try to make funny comments but it should be in a limit.

    1. I bet you’re right. That was an Indian version of cops. Tune in next week and watch as they beat the shit out of the CEO of 7-11. His dying words were, “Some…change…for…you…please.”

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  2. What did he do? It’s looks like he was legitimately confused, like “why are you assholes spanking me?!” It’s not like he was, oh I don’t know, walking around holding his wife’s fucking severed head! Way to prioritize, Indian cops, ya fuckin’ retards.

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