10 Days Old Infant Among Victims of Fatal Motorcycle Accident

10 Days Old Infant Among Victims of Fatal Motorcycle Accident

According to the limited info I got about this video, four people died in the accident, and one of them was an infant only 10 days old. I didn’t get any further info.

After the frog-posed female fatality is shown, the camera glances over a slightly beat up motorcycle, which leads me to believe this was is vehicle involved in the accident.

The child is shown at around the 0:19 mark, and it does indeed seem to be dead, and does seem to be very little, perhaps mere days old. After that, the footage shows two men in the gutter. One appears to be dead, the other one is injured and grief stricken by the deaths of his mates.

Unless I’m missing something, my conclusion is that 4 people got involved in the accident, 3 of them died. Also, unless my ears are deceiving me, this happened in a Spanish speaking Latin American country.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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80 thoughts on “10 Days Old Infant Among Victims of Fatal Motorcycle Accident”

  1. Super sad w the baby. Just sad. No helmets once again and I want to I have to believe the baby wasnt on the motorcycle!!! But wouldn’t surprise me if the poor kid was. The guy alive flapping like a salmon. His legs are between the concrete pillar. def gonna have some cantaloupe sized nuts in the morning.

        1. I cracked up also heavily. Interesting how things works in shithole countries. No mercy or discussions. Fine pickaxe straight inside the SKULL!! BRUTAL!!! 18+!!

          1. Yeah I can’t find it anywhere. The vid for it on BG was taken down by the old vid-player provider I think, or it just doesn’t load for me. But I can’t find it on any other site either.

    1. Good eye plaster… it’s nice to see that one of these men in the videos is a gentleman and holding the baby with care. Maybe the fact it is a baby helps as we have all surely seen that in most of these everyone carries someone as if they’re taking out the morning trash. But I suppose in some cases they pretty much are.

  2. Of course a dead baby is sad. Anyone dying is sad. I dont under how the baby was involved in the accident. Why are people just picking up dead people? I don’t know, I think from where I’m from we wouldn’t do that.

    1. How is it sad? It’s not sad. I hate babies. Their not even a person yet… They are like small dogs but dumber. This world is better off without more babies. Their slutty selfish shitty third world parents shouldn’t have had sex. No wonder their baby is dead, serves them right. Wear a helmet, drive a car, drive slow, don’t drive in a third world shithole, have sex with condoms or don’t have sex at all- especially if you got nothing to give a baby, and last but not least – learn to speak English and get an education. No sympathy from me.

  3. That’s what they get for having sex. If they hadn’t have had sex this wouldn’t have happened. Bunch of horny third world nobodies. Why bring another fuuking baby into this shitty world? Into their shitty lives? How selfish is that! They got to stop making babies!!! Animals

    1. I agree that people who do not have the means to take care of a child, those who choose a ‘thug life’ or are on drugs shouldn’t have children but to assume these are those kind is jumping the gun a bit. The child didn’t do anything wrong so why take the anger out on this child?

    2. @Facetious Fairy…..do gay people like yourself not have sex? Just because you guys can’t have children as the result of taking it up the bum, doesn’t mean you should take your anger out on people for whom children is the natural result of sex.

      And the only reason you don’t get to do anything silly like these people is because you live in a better country and have had the priviledge of an easier and more meaningful existence.

      This bit of logic was brought to you by Mr Spock.

      1. How the fuck you ‘Muricans’ make me shake my head when I read your bullshit. I think these beautiful people have 10x more meaningful existence than you yanks ! Fuckin hell! What with your fucking urban decay, Donald trump, kardashian whores, unaffordable health care, millions upon millions now known as ‘the working poor’ even after doing 70hrs per week in 2 jobs, while fucked sitcom actors get 1million $ a week, your guns out of control – The USA is the biggest fucking hole on this planet. I would never go there and think your all fat fucks on Prozac ! So tell me who has meaningfull existence ! You obese, rude, self centred, loud and depressed yanks are just fucking awful……but I won’t say I hate yous coz that just brings me down to your level (but I do really)…..

          1. So did o-town, back-street boys, 98 ยฐ etc. I’m fairly sure lol mainly from being ear raped by the radio as a kid and teenager

  4. This is santo domingo , dominican republic !! The phrase Dummy in a can , i feel they hit the lady and she was carrying the baby , that would also explain why theres the two morons in the ditch and not all of them . Its just my opinion

  5. Baby dies in a vehicle related accidents POOR BABY “OMG!”

    Teen Girl jumps off of building, “To bad she didn’t do a back flip!!”

    On a side note the bitch in the doggystyle position could’ve got the dick with that fat ass. Poor baby? Nope, that’s life!

    1. Erm……take a step back, and think about it.
      The baby didn’t have a choice in the actions taken. It is the victim of someone elses’ stupidity.
      The teen girl jumping off a building did have a choice.
      The bitch in doggystyle did have a choice, and she’s probably the mother of the baby.

      This bit of logic was brought to you by Spock.

  6. It sounds like Puerto Rico or the Dominican Republic (not Mexico like most of the assholes here says) and the man holding the baby claims “estรก vivo” which means “he’s alive”. A little less judging and a little more thinking never hurt anyone.

  7. The man holding the baby says “un medico, estoy vivo”…which means “get a medic, he’s alive”! I hope he lived, sweet baby looked perfect. I know that’s a way of life for people in other countries, bet I don’t take my newborn on no fucking motorcycle….ever!!

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