12 Year Old on Bicycle Run Over by Truck in Novgorod the Great, Russia

12 Year Old on Bicycle Run Over by Truck in Novgorod the Great, Russia

This video reminded me somewhat of another similar video also caught on dashcam in Russia whereby a boy on a bicycle was hit on a pedestrian crossing because he rode on without checking if it was safe to cross the road. I’m appalled to see the general disregard for crosswalks in Russia, though. In the video below, you can see that cars in the direction of the dashcam car stopped, yet none of the oncoming vehicles did. That however does not excuse the boy on the bike from not checking if it was safe to cross the road – even if it’s your right of way, your self preservation instinct should dictate you to first make sure you’re not riding straight into the death’s embrace. I do however have to commend Russians for not acting like Mexicans and almost never hit and running.

The accident happened on June 27, 2013 in the city of Novgorod The Great (Великий Новгород), Russia. The boy on the bike was only 12 year old. Although badly injured, witnesses reported that the boy was alive immediately after the accident. No info on whether he pulled through in the end, though. The video also reminded me of this truck vs bicycle accident from the Ukraine.

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    1. I bought a really crap bike once because I was fed up having bikes stolen within days. I was cycling back from a spin class and I can work really hard in a spin class. This bike was nightmare though, I was killing myself peddling and not getting anywhere. I went down this really long road that went downhill with a really small gradient. I’m killing myself and this c*** flew past me freewheeling. I watched him till he was a tiny dot in the distance and he didn’t peddle once. I was riding the most crap bike in the world. But if you buy a good one it’s just going to get stolen without question. A crap bike will get stolen in London as well but you don’t mind if it’s a cheap one.

  1. Yea trucks don’t stop on a dime. I’m going to wager that if this kid was alive after the accident, it wasn’t for long. Most human bodies can’t survived with a truck skidding on your head. shame. Young kids haven’t lived long enough to get the fear.

  2. Poor lil dude. I hope he made it. Did the tire run over him? I didn’t see it actually go over him. At least people acknowledged someone got hit this time. I wouldn’t let my kid ride her bike in traffic like this for nothing. No matter how much safety you teach them ..there are still careless idiot drivers everywhere you look ready to mow somebody down.

    1. @YourNextExGirl sometimes kids if you tell them what to do they do the opposite I’ve seen this before -.- lets say you tell them not to cross the street but instead of not crossing it they cross it anyways.

      1. No way.. you mean kids dont always listen? I’m sure glad I was a perfect child.

        Nah, I guess I’m biased because I did do everything right as for being safe when I was younger and my brother and me both got hit by some drunk crackhead. She’s actually in jail now because she had sex with a white dude, got pregnant, and tried to put her baby in the oven to “make it black” like her. So I don’t feel so bad about being hit by her anymore.

        1. @YourNextExGirl o.o holy shit !! Wait if she was black and the guy was white and she had his baby wouldn’t the baby come out black skinned ..? Wtf and she puts the baby in the oven to darken the baby more is she fucking retarded .. Good thing that stupid piece of shit is in jail and you aren’t dead. when I was younger the kids from the neighborhood and I used to see who could cross the road the fastest and try to beat the 30 mile per hour cars that would pass by yeah I had a mother and father but I was a little turd that gave two shits about listening to his parents /: now that I’m grown up I look back at my childhood and I am sometimes shocked because we did the stupidest shit. But there was this one time we were playing with fireworks and I accidentally shot one up the sky and it came back down and a beaner guy had his sun roof opened and the firework landed inside his car and it started smoking o.o we didn’t know what to do so we ran away luckily the car didnt catch on fire to the point that it blew up shit !! I was and i still am a person that does things that other people wouldn’t dare do, jumping off a moving airplane is definitely on my *to do* list 😛

          1. @misfit Apparently not black enough. But her name was Tina Tat Tat ..so what do you expect? Plus, the kids around here used to sell her actual rocks and tell her they were crack rocks and she fell for it every time. You were a bad ass little kid. I never ran out in front of any cars, but I sat my neighbors yard on fire once from one of those smoke bomb things. You need to go skydiving! I went last week.. Got told how stupid I was and tons of shit, but it was by far the coolest thing I’ve ever done. And so worth it.

  3. Mark….you are right, quite often Mexicans do hit and run, but there is a reason. or actually a couple of reasons. One is that in cases where there is injury, all parties involved go to jail until the cops figure out who is guilty. So even, as in this case, where the driver is not negligent (unless he was drunk maybe) he would be in jail for days or weeks. The only way to avoid this is to have insurance that covers the bond. Most people don’t have this coverage. It is even true if someone gets hit walking across the road beneth the pedestrian bridges. Many times the person who has the least money is deemed to be the guilty party. Drunk drivers, and there are many in Mexico, (the legal limit is 0.15) almost never stick around.

  4. By the way, apart from the topic, Novgorod the Great is one of the most beautiful ancient cities of Russia. Pure miracle! My native birth city is Vladimir – almost the same, the former capital of Ancient Russia. Both are part of the Golden Ring of Russia.

      1. Roads are relatively good in the Russian regional centers (like Novgorod or Vladimir. I’m not talking about Moscow for known reasons). However not as good as in US or Europe. Not so good in small towns though. Highways and main roads (routes – is this the word used in US for highways, right? Will appreciate your answer) are pretty good today. Rome was not built in a day, you know 🙂

      1. If you look up Novgorod the Great, or Veliky Novgorod, in Google pictures, you’ll see how beautiful this ancient city is 🙂 I’ve been there a couple of times on business to provide some translation services.

          1. you weren’t kidding, lol. VERY E. Orthodox. lovely scenery and buildings. i’m not religious by any stretch of the imagination but I really appreciate the architecture of these cathedrals. as I was looking at these pictures I also came across the church of transfiguration. holy shit, beautiful.

    1. Yeah, what happened to “look left, right, then left again”. Dumb ass kid didn’t even slow down to look at all.
      Not saying he deserved it. Good vid to show young students where stupidity can lead you.

  5. Now remember children, ALWAYS use the Green Cross Code:
    When you see a red man you must wait.
    When you see a green man you may carefully cross the road.
    When you see a black man you must run for your life. He’s got a knife and he wants your pocket money.

  6. I like how the guy with the stick shows up what was going to do make a back board with a 2×4 . And carry lil guy out the street. Seriously did he just get back from the hardware store or the lumberyard I think is pretty cool how everyone walks away at once but then I realized it was to let dash cam man through.

  7. Hey everyone ^_^ long time user I just don’t log in to often..
    With that out of the way.. Brings me satisfaction the little shit was hit kids now a days (not that I’m perfect and don’t fuck up from time to time) are absolutely careless and expect for everyone ells to move aside.. I say he had it coming 🙂

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