14 year Old Finn Goes for Motorcycle Ride, Dies After Failing to Yield

14 year Old Finn Goes for Motorcycle Ride, Dies After Failing to Yield

2 days ago in Finland, a 14 year old kid went for a motorcycle ride that was to be his last. In Finland, you have to be at least 15 year old to own a driver’s license, so he was riding illegally.

While riding through an intersection, the kid failed to yield, and a crossing car slammed straight into him. The youth died at the scene.

There is only one photo of the aftermath, but let it be a reminder to every inexperienced biker, that death likes to lurk around motorways. Give her an opportunity to take you, and she’ll go for it.

Props to Best Gore member Dynamite for the pic.

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        1. YOU CAN see his young. But surprised where all the blood comes from as his helmet looks pretty solid. Who give a fleck about sex anyway or at what age. My little boy is 3 and I’ve seen a lot of RL death and autopsy. Is the one thing every caring and loving parent fear!

    1. Possibly he did, lots of kids have sex with each other these days. I’ve noticed they all use condoms though. My 15 year son is a drummer in a band, girls (the little bitches) flock to muso’s. ;( Plus he rides off road motorbikes – I don’t like it, one bit.

      1. Agreed @tas. It’s been a long time ago but I first got laid at 14 (She wasn’t anything special but it served the purpose) so I do agree. Also, your boy has the right idea…I have played guitar since I was 16 and can definitely say that I scored a lot just being in a band. The music just seems to blow the panties right off 😉

      2. Idk if he got some or finger banged,but I’m totally fuckin sure he/his generation has seen just as Much porn as I have in 25 years in 3 years thanks to the interweb. So prolly got his rocks off somewhat,or just jaded and confused about sexual relations. So he decided to get his rush from slamming his head so hard he could be on BG.

        1. I just hope they cease to produce from their 550 genetic diseases, that humans do not have, that they have from inbreeding and incest.

          They need pesticide. Zyklon B is only good for lice. They need rat poison.

    1. The first time I rode a bike was when I was 13. I was riding a all black low cut chopper and it was one of the coolest things that I experienced when I was younger. Especially riding one of the busiest rodes in my city! If my parents knew how fast I was going, even racing against my friend who had this badass scooter, not the pussy kind, in a parking lot, Id be dead! lol!

  1. Ahhh surelly he survived. He was wearing a helmet at least… oh wait… 😆

    Yeah finns break like egg shell… they dont make them how they used to be 70 years ago. Too bad it was not my ex’s stupid little brother… although its the same age. 😆

  2. Well if you cut some of that fucking mop off you head you would of been able to see. Kids nowadays and their
    Beetles style haircuts.. I don’t get it? I thought it was trending in American only. Evidently not^^

        1. “If there is a god …” doesn’t work. Your ex from 10 years ago doesn’t call you when you say “if my ex was here …” But if you pick up the phone, and ask him to come over … God works the same way. He allows Ducatis, teenage deaths, children with cancer, etc, even though He did not create it.

    1. People rarely take pictures of dead people in here. Guess it has something to do with the culture?

      Some more details about this picture: This picture was taken by this guy’s female friend and she sent it to all of her friends on Whatsapp. I can imagine how they felt like when they saw their friend just laying there in pool of blood.

  3. when i turned 16, age of consent i bought a brand new motorcycle., i am Sooo lucky to be alive 10? over. I just sold my race rocket 2 mos ago. I miss her, already lookin at some new Wheels., fck, boys & their toys n boys will be boys.

  4. when i was 14yo. i played football with my mini pro team and we win 10 tournaments.
    never be interrested by ride or car or whatever.
    the others guys have bike (even 125) and they say that was for “flirt the girl and look mature”
    heh ! as mini pro, i bet 4 ladies and touch money…
    today at 30yo , i see i have make the good choice, i was mature long before them all XD

    1. for me, the helmet look good (those motocross helmet are pretty big and long normaly), also the blood didnt look come from the head, but more from the mouth and nose. i bet he have his neck broken and eventually others bones, thats can explain why he bleed from mouth and nose

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