Fifteen Somalians Suffocate Inside Truck Smuggling Them to South Africa

Fifteen Somalians Suffocate Inside Truck Smuggling Them to South Africa

Fifteen Somalian immigrants suffocated to death in a truck container in an apparent case of human trafficking gone wrong. The truck with Zambian plates was loaded with bags of beans and dry fish, which were used as a front cover to hide the cargo of over 50 Somalians suspected to have boarded in Tanzania.

Passers-by are said to have forced the driver to open the truck when they heard strange noises coming from the cargo area on the Zambia-Congo border. The Zambian driver, together with his helper, have been arrested by police on the Congo side. Over 30 survived this tragedy.

Their target destinations were big South African cities, primarily Cape Town and Johannesburg. They spend huge sums of money on bribes to undertake the 7800 Km (4900 Miles) long journey, on which they have to cross at least five international borders.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the pics. Note – even though the official report states that 15 people that were in the truck died, there seem to be more than 15 lifeless bodies in pictures. Unless some of those eventually came to, then the report may not be entirely accurate:

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    1. I know, I was about to say something about Somalians being so skinny, and everything, but that would be rude.
      Plus, all the “good associations” against poverty and starvation made all the jokes so easy and old…
      Like: What’s the Somalian flag? They don’t have anymore flag: they ate it…Or, what’s the n°1 rule to play hide n’seek in Somalia? Not more than 50 behind a tree…Where do Somalians live? Where the wind takes them…
      Ok, I’m out…
      This is very sad indeed…

      1. Q: Where can you find 60,100,000 French jokes? A: In France. Q: How do you brainwash a Frenchman? A: Fill his underpants with water. Q: How do you kill a Frenchman? A: Slam the toilet seat down when he’s getting a drink. Q: How did the French react to German reunification? A: They put up speed bumps at the borders to slow down the panzers
        Q: What do French recruits learn in basic training? A: How to surrender in 17 different languages. Q: Why don’t the French eat M&M candies? A: They’re too hard to peel. Q: What is the most useful thing in the French Army? A: A rearview mirror, so they can see the war.
        ….nothing personal but as you can see there are jokes for every nation..

        1. Haha! @gentlenatureman : I didn’t know this one 😀
          And @mr-no : We do know these jokes, but we substitute French people with Americans or people from Belgium 🙂
          Cause here, they have a reputation of being…not so smart…
          But it’s only jokes, after all, and we know it’s just some “clichés”, it’s not for real…

          1. I had no idea that Belgium people had this reputation at all since I am from Europe myself…Yes , of course they are clichés, there are smart or dumb people everywhere also. Well, regarding this human cargo, these somalians were going probably to work as servants or slaves for white south African rich people, were going to be paid like shit, but I guess it would have been still better than dying like that..too bad.

          2. I know, it’s sad…
            And yes, here, in France, we have lots of jokes about the people from Belgium.
            Such as: Q: Why do people gather at their windows, when there’s lightening? A: Cause they want to be on the picture!
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          3. Ahh I didn’t know, I am from italy but I guess that maybe there is some bad blood between french and Belgium people, it’s like in italy we actually have jokes between Italians ourselves, if you are from Rome you surely have a joke about someone from Naples , or if you are from Florence you have jokes about someone from Pisa and vice versa, and it’s all dated back from hundreds of yrs ago when italy was still formed by small medieval towns and always in war against each other..interesting.

    1. I’d like to migrate and start a new life. It’s not fair that brown or black people can cross international borders at will and get the red carpet treatment. The West should not carry the brown man’s burden.

    1. They were entertaining themselves during the long trip by giving each other blowjobs, it’s clear, a big orgy and unfortunately wasted all the precious oxygen that was inside the cargo…sad

  1. Fifteen somalians and an Irishman are in a truck on there way to south africa,the Irish man says to the somalians,well lads where are ye off to?somalians tell the Irishman we are off to a better life in south africa where we have loads of money and loads of women and get job with white man,where are you going the somalians ask the Irishman,well lads he said its a funny story,id tell ye but i dont think ye have the time or the air to hear it….

  2. That’s pretty incredible about their boarder patrol accepting bribes to look past this, this website truly does document reality. If this happened in the western world, Sky news / BBC etc would pretend this sort of corruption doesn’t exist and life is all sunshine and daisies.

    1. @der-kopfsammler ya I hear that shit buddy they just let a bunch of these Syrian/future Isis family’s come near my area of Tx,i figure in next ten years they’ll be a wave of rapes,and other various crimes as well as some kind of attack that will be coordinated by there zog masters,bring it snackbarist and your hooknose overlords

    1. Consult a map. Southern Europe is closer to Somalis than South Africa. Time , money and effort would have been better spent attempting to enter the “Land of Plenty” (Europe). Once in Europe there would have not been any need to work. European nations would have met their every need. Council accommodation and dole for everyone!!!

    2. If they really wanted to support their families they would stay there, grow some balls and work to make Somalia a place they could live instead of running to some other place to turn it into another shit hole like where they came from.

  3. Last summer austrian police found 71 dead (already rotting) refugees in a cooltruck left alone near the boarder. It was on the media as a big tragedy, dont remember if it was also mentioned here. Wonder what they payed for travelling without air and why nobody thought of that before. Seems to be a common problem.

  4. Believe it or not, the Somalians are doing well in South Africa. Somalis in Canada or UK tend to be lazy benefit takers, mostly work shy. Unlike Western countries, South Africa does not give generous benefits to asylum seekers. It’s sink or swim. Somalis tend to be small time traders. Local SA blacks (often lazy and violent), are jealous of the success of the Somalians yet are too lazy to work long hours for little pay. From time to time the local blacks lash out at the Somalians, burning shops and committing black-on-black murder. I really can’t figure out the ANC government. There is vast unemployment among SA blacks yet Somalians, Zambians, Nigerians, Egyptians and others are allowed to flock to the country. Wasn’t the end of the struggle in 1994 supposed to be about uplifting SA blacks? Cant SA blacks not open small shops or flee market stalls? Mandela is spinning in his grave!

      1. Somalis are ok. Like any group that is vastly outnumbered, they are polite. They have to be on their best behavior or they’ll get assaulted or killed by the majority community. Put them in large numbers, such as in UK or Canada, the Somalis are not so well behaved. Mind you, they are not as violent as Jamaicans, but there is a steady increase in violent crime committed by Somalis in Canada. Laziness, state benefits, love of money, the drug trade and guns make for early death for many men of African descent, including Somalis.

  5. Crying shame how smugglers exploit these people for monetary gain.
    they probably don’t give a flying shit about how many die as a result of their piss poor planning. i wouldn’t be able to live with myself if i knew id needlessly ended so many lives for the spell we call money.

    All the money in the world can’t buy back your soul.

  6. Only 15?? What a damn shame there wasn’t more of them! Fortunately they were stopped before they had the chance to invade, settle and breed in a country that does not want or need them. No SYMPATHY. God knows they’re a POX in any country they land in.. I for one HATE them with a passion. Only GOOD Somalian is a DEAD Somalian.

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