15 Year Old Killed by Drunk Driver in Garanhuns, Brazil

15 Year Old Killed by Drunk Driver in Garanhuns, Brazil

A fifteen-year-old identified as Maria Andreza Barbosa Conceição was riding on the back of a mototaxi when a car hit them on a road in rural Garanhuns, state of Pernambuco, Brazil. Maria was knocked from the bike and had her head split open on the road, pronounced dead at the scene. The mototaxi driver survived as well as the drunk behind the wheel of the car. Angry residents converged on the scene and set fire to the drunk’s car. The drunk driver was identified as Alexandre Barbosa Silva Filho and taken into custody, charged with vehicular homicide.

Well, twenty years after surgery it seems my back has finally turned against me. It’s putting a lot of pressure on my sciatic nerve and causing me a great deal of pain. Nothing can really be done about it other than it maybe improving over time with exercise. I refuse to use pills. So, I awaken with my lower back and hip in a fucking vice and come on here to see what? The most juvenile fucking display I have seen since 20-fucking-12.

We all like to josh each other from time to time and have a little back and forth bullshitting. But, my whole post yesterday turned into school yard name calling. Grow the fuck up. This is not You Tube, this is Best Motherfucking Gore. Act like it.

Obli out.

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          1. I cringe when you say that though. I feel it through the screen although you’re not talking to me directly I did that though and I’m not really very proud of it at all

          1. Same here, only they invite me on every long trip because they know I’ll be the poor ass that will end up having to drive them all the way back.

          2. Hey there’s nothing wrong with that!! It took me a long time to start drinking because I was so afraid of becoming addicted since it runs in my family. I drink but I never allow myself to lose control. I get to a point where I know I’m at my limit and need to sober up. If people are gonna drink they need to do it responsibly but there’s a lot of morons on this planet πŸ™

          3. @little-foot Yes, God Yes! *settle down Pete* Ahem I mean, well I’m kinda busy these days, soooo I’ll need to check my very, very busy calendar….but for you… aahhhhh welllllllllll….*long sigh* alriiiiiiight!

        1. Yea snap my father was a alcholic wife/ kid beater so day he left I made promise to my mother and a pact with my self that I would never touch alcohol to avoid remainding her off him and stuck to it over 20 year later .. Get hate over it but I don’t care peer pressure don’t effect me . .Sounds like you in better mood today glad to see you back posting regular lol

          1. I’m so sorry to hear that @cullilingus but I think it’s awesome you’ve kept that promise, that’s pretty amazing. I’ve said before that sometimes the bad people in your life are the best examples because they show you exactly how you don’t want to be.

            Lol yeah I’m feeling a bit better, just been a little off lately but I’ll get over it…probably πŸ˜†

          2. Yea wise words there he has definitely showed me who I won’t become . He is still due a ass whipping if we meet again he bust my nose when I was six with a punch so only fair that I repay the favour rite ….. Well a Pact is a Pact and to be honest I don’t see I’m missing to much if only more people had your sense to stop at a certain point … Well glad you feeling better and I’m sure you will get over what ever bummed you out …

          3. Are you kidding me?!?! Can I punch him too? He definitely deserves to get his ass kicked and with you being a pro at boxing, I’m sure you’ll have no problems fucking him up. That really makes me angry, mine was just useless at least the guy never hit me.

            Haha don’t worry about me, I’ll bounce back eventually πŸ™‚

        2. Yea he was a s.o.b . I remember it he punched the bird cage killing the bird then when I tried to stop it he popped me with a right hand breaking my nose hmm somethings you don’t forget rite .. Yea ill pin him you punch him but you gota dig out your 6 inch heels and stamp his balls to mush . I won’t e even mind getting another bill for specially made size 2 6 inch heels be totally worth it lol

          1. I hate this guy more and more, what a piece of shit. Who does that kind of shit, he’s fucked up. I will gladly whip out my heels for that asshole. Hell, I’ll bring a couple of pairs.

        1. I can now confirm the amount of buttfuckery; lets just call it “balls deep”… and people wonder why we can’t have nice things around here.

          It’s been quite a while since I’ve witnessed the comments devolve into such a cluster fuck of juvenile insults. Christ…

          1. I just went and read the post from yesterday. Yeah it definately got out of hand, but let’s not pretend we ALL haven’t done that one time or another in our adult lives.
            Everyone has a different threshold of how much they can take before it gets too much and it seems that’s what happened yesterday.
            But honestly, who cares? It was yesterday, and it’s over. Now we move on. Simple.

          2. Definitely been sucked into a couple of those as well in my time and, at some point, I probably will be again.

            But, I think the issue arrises when the comments devolve and add no value whatsoever to the post and continue on for hours upon hours.

          3. @ Mikey,,, you described what happened, with much accuracy, and wisdom, my man! You are a good, and honest kid, and i respect you for it. πŸ™‚

          4. Thanks @thedre, you humble me πŸ™‚

            @deadohiosky, I completely agree with you. But, if we’re going to say that about not adding value to the post and/or going on for hours, then we have to admit that it holds true for so many posts that are filled with flirting and the like. There’s a ton of them that take up a third of the post and go on throughout the day, I think those are much easier to ignore only because there’s not fighting involved. And I’ve been guilty of doing it from time to time also. And personally, I don’t mind what anyone writes, but it’s not my site.
            I guess if we’re going to enforce a rule, then we can’t pick and choose which conversations to enforce it on ya know?
            Meh, I dunno, just my opinion, and honestly my opinion shouldn’t matter when it comes to the site.
            Either way, love my BG fam πŸ˜€

          5. @mikeygraves
            I can definitely see your perspective but I think the only separation is that we are talking about positive interactions versus negative interactions.

            If we are talking about this as a purely spatially based issue however, I would agree with your assessment.

            Either way though, I’m with you 100% as far as our BG family goes and that is partially why I’ve been sucked into arguments in the past…when I see a fellow SOB getting shit on it definitley rubs me the wrong way. This is “la familia” and fuck all of the haters πŸ™‚

          6. @mikeygraves I agree with your point. There are many times when I’ll toss the word troll out and by the standards I personally judge it, I find myself getting that uneasy feeling on my shoulders shortly after I post a comment that looks pretty “trollish”. You the feeling that hypocrites are numb to?

            …self awareness can be a bitch…

    1. I always hear these stories and the drunk drivers who caused the accident never seem to be the ones who die and even walk away without any injuries…
      One Christmas eve my neighbour a taxi man with 5 kids went out working, the kids were in bed everything was set for Santa, so he went out but promised wifey he’d be back before kiddies woke.
      Two 19yr old scumbags high and drunk were joyriding. They crashed into him and he died right away and neither of them had a scratch, nothing but he was messed up bad.
      They got 7 years and one got out after 5 for been a very good boy. 7-15 years for murder is seen a s a hard sentence were i live.

  1. They need to bury him in those shorts to take them out of circulation. And fuck the prick that ran him over.

    Obli, I wish you well with your back, I know the exact pain you describe, it is soul destroying relentless shit that will try to wear you down. I’ve had my phase of using meds and pills to get relief, but that shit just leads you to a worse place than the pain. The best thing I ever did was get serious with physio and excercise for it. It gives you the mental edge over it all. The worst thing you can do is nothing. Anyway, good luck man.

  2. Hi @obliterator thank you for all the content and hard work you do for BG behind the scenes we take for granted. I wish you well for you back and exercise does make it better. I do wish you would crack down on those who post content that does not respect the rules of what not to put as comments. Minimal trolling could be tolerated even expected from some and regarded as funny but those who abuse should be discouraged to continue by eventually banning them. I am sure you are taking the right measures towards this end and I do support your decisions. All the best.

    1. @greetsob, the membership has doubled in approx. 1-2 months! Is that right admin.? I looked a while ago and it was 2000+ members, now it’s 4000+ members! So we have a lot of new people, maybe expect a lot more rule breakers, maybe not? I probably break a rule or two sometimes? I don’t get into much trouble though. πŸ˜‰

      1. Agreed. 99.9% Imo is ok but what brings me to say it is following what obli noticed following yesterday’s posting. Name calling and such is just very imature albeit very easy to do. Either way in terms of percentage wise I guess it does not happen too much and could be tolerated ? by 99.9 % of the community. For those getting egged on just imagine a little child doing the trolling and a proper rsponse would be not to respond in turn.

  3. Brazilians must go through a lot of pens just from writing out their names and addresses. Sorry to hear about your sore back @Obli, I know how you feel all too well. That sciatic nerve hurts like hell when it flares up. I can respect the fact that you don’t like taking pills but if they help with the pain (and they do) why deprive yourself from some relief? If you are against taking pills then why not try a more natural pain reliever… like marijane? I’ll bet you would feel so much better after one joint. It will also make a bag of Doritos taste so much better.

    1. i know you get it. but pills just aren’t an option. i’m an addict seven years sober and i don’t know what might happen. pills scare me. i know so many people and so many horror stories i’d rather not go that route unless there is absolutely no choice.

      1. Very wise choice. I’ve been battling the pill addiction for years. My docs say I need them to live with some quality of life but when you need to take them just to function what quality of life is that? Once you get started on them it’s damn near impossible to stop…best to not touch them in the first place.

      2. @Obli try to get a script for muscle relaxers…they are not in the same league as pain killers…I feel for ya on the back pain…sucks to crawl to the toilet to piss…been there.

  4. Good on you for not using pills, as they can become quite the crutch @obliterator. After multiple surgeries on my knee, I can attest to this fact. I’ve been opiate free for a few years and even though my shit still hurts, it’s better to deal with it than to mask it.

      1. Nah, not at all @brokeback.

        I just got to the point where the pills were actually ruining my life as well as my health. I think they can be used properly but it can get out of hand quickly….and honestly, once I stopped with the opiates (notice I say “opiates” because I didn’t discriminate towards the end) my pain became much more manageable. I honestly believe the pills cause the body to stop producing the proper response to deal with pain but that’s also just my opinion.

        However, I wholeheartedly agree with your statement regarding the sweet, sweet Chiba.

        1. @DOS, I congratulate you for getting off the opiates. I tried to quit a few times in the last few years but because of the heavy dose that I’m on the withdrawals were horrible not to mention the pain I live with on a daily basis. I no longer abuse the pills, I just take when I need to in order to control my pain in order to have some quality of life. Too many people become addicted to them and it takes control of their lives. I firmly believe that marijuana is a much better pain killer but that’s a whole different topic altogether.

          1. I know what you mean about the withdrawals man…I wouldn’t wish that shit on my worst Brazillian enemy. I was prescribed Oxy 10s and blue Xanax (1 mg) and managed to not abuse them for a couple years. Shit went downhill after my mom and brother died though. I think I began to use the drugs to mask my mental pain as well as treat my physical. When shit really went south is when I was found unresponsive in a parking lot with multiple scripts on hand. I was revived and eventually charged and thrown in jail for 30 days…lets just say that was my “ah-hah” moment lol.

            But, mileage always varies from person to person…that’s just my fucked up situation and thank god I made it out πŸ™‚

          2. @deadohiosky, good for you on getting through that buddy! I got hooked about 13 years ago when I was 21. I took my first pain pill, and before hand I was one of the most hardcover anti-drug people you would’ve ever met.
            After a while of failed rehabs I went the methadone clinic route. Though it kept me off opiates it basically stole 10 years of my life.
            Unfortunately I lost my car and wasn’t able to make it to the required amount of meetings, so they detoxed me hard, fast, and in my opinion borderline illegally.

            Did god for a little bit, but then relapsed bad after I decided “Hey, what’s this heroin I’ve heard so much about?” I started to clean up until a tragedy a month ago and now I’m fighting to get clean again. But yeah, I don’t care who it is, I seriously would NEVER wish opiate withdrawal on anyone!
            Hope ya stay good bro.

          3. @mikeygraves
            It’s not easy but It’s nice to be at a point where it doesn’t control me anymore.
            I also kind of had a feeling you may have been alluding to opiates with the “heating pad” incident because that’s the only time I’ve ever slept through my pants being on fire (fell asleep with a cigarette, woke up without the tops of my pants and melted boxers).

            I think the hardest part for me is the fact that I do love the way they make me feel and how they “numb the pain” so to speak but I also have to look at the flip side and how much trouble they caused me.

            I’m sure you’ve heard it before so I won’t kick a dead horse, but I buried my brother from a heroin overdose as well as a couple really good friends…be carful man. It’s easy to drift off into that eternal deep sleep….

          4. Yeah you know how hard it is, and how it seems impossible at times. And I know what you’re going through. Sure I’ve had friends die from overdoses over the years, but nobody I was especially close to at the time.
            Then Jan. 20th my best friend of 20+ years, my brother, died as we were sitting here watching t.v. He just fell asleep and I couldn’t revive him. I did mouth to mouth while my dad did CPR, and they shot him with Narcan but it was too late.
            I thought if anything, that was the reason I was going to use to get off it. And I did, for a whole week (which seemed like a year). And then one day it all got to be too much & I just needed the thoughts and images from that night to be quieted.
            And I’m sure you know how easy & available it is in Ohio. Especially living in Cleveland, 5 minutes from downtown, you can throw a rock in any direction and hit a dealer.
            But I’m trying. We’ll see what happens I guess.
            Sorry to hear about your brother man. Hope you’re doing ok.

          5. @mikeygraves
            I’m doing better now man but you never truly get over something like that, you just kind of learn to function in a new state of normal.

            What’s crazy is I know exactly what your going through and it is one of the hardest fights I’ve ever fought and to be honest, I’ve slipped a couple times over the years but never for long. I always make sure to correct course when I veer.

            I don’t miss the withdrawals for sure though: sleepless nights, sweats and chills, the shits, and a complete lack of motivation. I think I got really tired of that roller coaster ride and trying to get enough drugs to just be well and be able to function. It sounds like you really want it and that’s important but in my humble opinion the initial withdrawal is the easy part compared to the mental gymnastics you’ll end up doing trying to keep your sanity after that. But, I think you can overcome too brother, especially if you put your mind to it and decide your the one who’s going to be in control.

  5. Ehehe, if only this was the treatment of all drunk drivers… πŸ˜› The mob has spoken… with fire. πŸ˜† They didnt mentioned that the drunk driver suffered a “bit” before the cops arrived, so the mob might have gone easy on him after all.

  6. I hate to hear about your back @obli. Being disabled myself, due to spinal injuries in my cervical and lumber spine, I can say that I wouldn’t wish chronic back pain on anyone. I don’t blame you for not wanting to go the pill route because I have been down that path myself. Although I do have to have pain medication to be semi functional I hate it, and it took nearly 5 years to find a doctor who has even the slightest knowledge of treating chronic back pain. I sincerely hope that you happen to find either a good doctor to help you elevate it as much as possible, or that you are able to heal up on your own. I don’t know what the extent of your problems are or diagnosis. All that being said more than anything I just wanted to say thank you for continuing to post excellent material on here. Although I may not be a super frequent commenter I do read nearly all of the posts and comments. So definitely a hats off to you for the work you do, especially when it would be much easier to say “fuck this immature bullshit” when you have a trolls pissing off long time members. Anyway thanks for all you do, as well as the other admins, it’s appreciated. I sincerely hope that you can find some form of relief soon.

    1. Me too. I got diagnosed with a spinal disease called ankylosing spondilitis. It’s genetic but doesn’t come to the light until your late second, third decade of life. It’s extraoridanirly painful but I take meds gladly because if I don’t the pain is so unbearable that all I can do is lay on the floor unable to move stand, walk etc. Hips are where I feel mine. During flare-ups I can’t walk…the pains so bad. I just had one the other day but I’m thankful this time it didn’t last as long. Without the medication this would be an everyday thing

      1. My mother has that. I requested to be tested in my 20s for the HLA B-27 antigen–after I learned about it in my college Clinical Chem/Genetics class. I dodged a bullet, but I still have a nonspecific autoimmune disease.

        1. Omg I’m so sorry kitties and yeah that’s the only way to.know. The auto immune is awful. I hate having that too. Just one day I can have some sort of weird infection. My body starts attacking me at random. Not so much anymore though and I’m not sure what changed if anything

    2. thanks, brother. i had back surgery way back when to correct scoliosis. i have limited range of motion from the center of my back to the hips and of course i’ve had aches and pains here and there but nothing like this. can’t do pills. i’m an addict with over seven years sober. i cannot allow anything like that into my life. no matter how much it hurts.

          1. I understand that @mslateron. I’m not implying anything at all. Some people can take them as prescribed…I started out that way. As I’ve said before; the mileage may vary from person to person.

        1. I’m not saying that I never had a drug problem…..I did and then some. I can never get off of what I’m on…it’s a horrific ordeal. BUT w/o them I was unable to walk at all..the severity of my pain was off the charts. I do what I have to do to stay functional for my son so he may have a normal life. Point blank period.

          1. @trainwreck, because Australia has a huge black market for pain pills, mainly Oxy’s (oxycontin) I can imagine the US has a bigger one? You are right in knowing that you will be targeted for a home break-in if someone knew you had those tablets. Tell no-one.

          2. @Tas I don’t know anyone locally since I moved but in the past old roommates would. Normally people would just do it behind my back. They get pretty brave once they’re moving out. It’s used to be if you steal from me I’ll just beat you down. But since the kid I’ve had to figure out different ways to make the same point, quietly. I’m not on anything that most pill addicts want. I don’t like the vicoden, percoset, oxycontin. Too short acting and I have to take too much. I take methadone. It’s long lasting and has been a wonder for my pain.

            I’m sorry if all this talk regarding pills has certain people feeling uncomfortable. Not my intention but it’s open book time again here on BG

      1. @obli Do you have a tens unit? I’m sure you’ve already tried that, no? Can you take NSAIDS like Mobic, Aleve, or ibuprofen (non-narcotic)? Sometimes that can help. They can also do an epidural (steroid + lidocaine), but that would hurt without some sort of sedation (Versed is probably what they use and that’s a no-go for you).

  7. Wow, what a nice, civil conversation happening here!
    My boyfriend’s brother killed 2 people, and himself in a head on crash. His blood alcohol was 3.75. The people he killed were awesome people whose youngest son has Downs Syndrome and depended on them for everything.
    It was a tragedy. My boyfriend’s brother was his best friend, it crushed him. The anniversary of the accident was 2 days ago. Anyone who is has EVER driven drunk should be thankful they are still here. *raises hand*
    I can honestly say I have never, ever, done anything smart whilst inebriated.

        1. You are BB and that’s OK. We are equally in the same boat, so you know just as well as I do what we go through on the daily. Like I said previously this last one was scary so I think I’m going to a rheumatologist and start the humera shots I’ve been putting off. They keep calling me, and I avoid because I’m terrified of needles big time

          1. Humira isn’t an every day shot. Some are once a week. It’s better to have it done otherwise your immune system will continue to attack your body and cause even more damage. But, you probably already know that…sorry.

          2. Yes ma’am I know once a week but these assholes want me to do it at home. But no the immune system thing I wasn’t thinking that much into it and you’re right I really should get on this, put the fear of it aside. Thank you I appreciate that

    1. @illegalsmile, I will raise my hand too, I only ever got into trouble while drinking. Fighting, promiscuity, drink-driving, resisting arrest etc. ALL because of alcohol. I never drink now, I mean NEVER. Plus I need to look after my kids without a hangover etc.

      1. I’m the same @tas, every bad thing that ever happened to me involved booze. I have not been drunk in over 14-15 years, and I believe I would be suicidal if I ever had another hangover. I still will enjoy a beer on occasion, but I could on one finger how many beer I had last year!
        I couldn’t even finish it, then I drank half a gallon of water. I take many meds too, so booze never goes with that. On the meds subject, I smoke lots of weed. Legal here in Maine, thankfully. I have been taking Vicodin for 8 years, 1 or 2 a day. I’ve got herniations at C2,3,4,5,6, and a few other issues in lumbar. I am tempted at times to get a pain specialist, get some really good drugs, but I never do, have watched oxycodone/continue destroy quite a few people and that keeps me in line..lol not to mention, anyone who has ever worked physically their whole life, they’re going to have issues with the spine. I took a fall while lobstering a few years back. Fishing offshore with 12ft. seas, I hit the deck so hard I almost knocked myself out. I also had a bait hook in my hand, which is a ft long, sharpened.rod. Lucky I did not kabob

        1. Holy moly @illegalsmile55 that’s intense. But kabob yourself? Lmao

          @Tas Alcohol has always been the #1 killer of my family. Abuse, neglect etc all stemmed from alcohol abuse. Although I had a drug problem, I don’t have a criminal/arrest record except for the driving under the influence and other traffic related offenses (I didn’t like paying my fines). I’m really lucky there. No alcohol no drugs I’m OK.

  8. The great Obli struck down with back pain, it’s like Hercules suffering from depression. Seriously though sorry to hear about that shit, I had Sciatica for a while until a swift cortisone injection dealt with that. Horrible pain anything linked with the spine, although mine was only a tip of the iceberg by the sounds of it compared to yours! Maybe get on the heroin? Some smoking hot brown could lighten the blow.. Only joking, hope you get better soon legend.

  9. I’m so glad I missed the squabble, otherwise I’d have gone back to lurk mode. I’m a single mom of two teens (only 17 months apart in age) and I already get enough drama and BS here at home.

      1. That’s what I usually do unless something catches my attention or its directed at me. When it comes to certain people I scroll past as fast as possible. If it gets too much I’ll just leave again for a few weeks. I don’t want that to happen but if things continue on they way they have been I think I’m going to.

  10. Obli my friend, I don’t know how set you are financially, but two years ago we had the brilliant idea to put an American Standard eight water jet (not air) regular sized tub in our bathroom and no matter how badly I hurt, and I still do, I get relief after just 20-30 minutes in 107 degree water. I couldn’t sleep more soundly and still be pain free the next day with medication. It cost us $1,500 U.S.D. No doctor’s visits, no drugs, and with a 40 gallon water heater set to 130 degrees F, no running out of hot water. I got tired of daily hydrocodone doses and quarterly cortisone shots to feel normal, too. Inversion therapy is another more reasonable option, as well. That works for us, but it is not as immediate as the tub.

    1. Inversion therapy – just looked it up. Never heard of it. Interesting idea. In particular I like the fact that mainstream press is full of crap about how it could be dangerous – that basically tells me that it’s the means to fix oneself without poisoning yourself with pills that fill some corporate guy’s pocket. Have you ever tried it yourself?

      1. “Have you ever tried it yourself?”

        Not without a spotter hun, as those can be dangerous. There is a risk of falling or collapsing on your head. I still have the “Teeter Hang Up” inversion table ($550 U.S.D.), but the tub works better at pain management for me and provides more immediate relief than five to fifteen minutes upside down. Also, I wouldn’t advise inversion if 50 or more pounds overweight as that can put stress on the ankles and/or feet, causing more pain and injury. It is highly impressive for ab work and stretching though and I would get that if money is too tight for the tub. Ultimately however, I would prioritize saving for the tub. It’s been a life changer.

        1. @harumph, yeah my mom has been doing it for a little while now and she’s basically tried everything over the last 25 years. She says this has helped the best for her by far. But you’re absolutely right that are dangers that come with it. She found out the hard way when she was alone & fell and got a concussion. She was warned about it but of course she “knew better”.

    2. @Acneska An inversion table got rid of my lower back problems that come with a 6ft 2″ frame and its just hanging upside down for 10-15mins a day. It’s safer to do the exact opposite of what Doctors tell you to do these days. Chiropractors are the real Doctors for me. They’re all about avoiding meds and surgery.

      1. I heard inversion tables are phenomenal for your back and hips, homeopathic doctors and rheumatologists have recommended them as well as acupuncture….the latter I’m not too fond of but inversion therapy is out for me

  11. Hey, Obli. πŸ™‚ Sorry to hear about your back. Hang in there, big guy! I’m glad you are handling this well by not taking pills but I hope it doesn’t get any worse for you to consider start taking pills.

    Anyway, glad you still posted! πŸ˜€

  12. I’m sorry your back is screwing up, I know exactly how you feel. At least it’s cool enough to use a heating pad, it’ll ease the muscles enough that they would unlock some. Muscle relaxants are good for short term results.

  13. this is awful, poor child!
    I feel terrible but also very lucky because in the past i did drink and drive.
    I would go out with my girls and then go home get in my car and drive to my boyfriends every Friday night for months.
    I got pulled over and believe it or not instead of arresting me they drove me home with a warning and that was it, but after that i never did it again, and that was 6years ago. I know i will never again. I am very ashamed, i could’ve easily killed an innocent person as it is never the drunk who dies.

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