15 Year Old Polish Girl Hit by Car on Crosswalk

15 Year Old Polish Girl Hit by Car on Crosswalk

15 Year Old Polish Girl Hit by Car on Crosswalk

Near Wodzisław Śląski, at a pedestrian crossing along Korfantego Street in Radlin, Poland, a 15 year old girl was hit by a car while on the crosswalk. The CCTV video of the incident shows the girl bounce off the car that hit her and land under an oncoming car. She tries to get up, but falls.

According to the Polish media, she suffered multiple fractures and is being treated in hospital in Katowice, where she’s said to be in serious, but non life threatening condition.

The CCTV footage was released by the Polish police as a form of prevention. Apparently, in Poland they recognize the importance of sharing graphic images with the public as the most effective means of education and accident prevention.

Props to Best Gore member @boleslaw666 for the video:

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        1. She is a strong Polish girl. You would not have survived such a crash. You are weak from geberations of welfare. We Polish don’t allow muslims in our country we just travel to UK to make money. I look at UK and wonder why English do nothing about muslim problem.

          1. As my girlfriend is polish I can testify that she too is one tough bint, I’ve run her over 4 times and she’s still able to make my breakfast

      1. Never trust crosswalks. Most drivers don’t give a shit when passing through them. She should have stood in the middle and waited until the on coming driver saw her and slowed down. I don’t care if it takes me 5 minutes waiting. I don’t typically cross crosswalks until I see no on coming vehicles on neither side of the road.

        Roughly 3 years ago witnessed a motorcyclist run right into a guy crossing from the opposite side of a crosswalk. The guy didn’t give a shit to be cautious and look before entering. He died on the street with a gaping hole in the head. Some of his brain even got on my pants. I must admit it was thrilling. Just wish my phone wasn’t dead at the time to capture the event. Would have definitely been bestgore worthy.

      1. You know what they say, Dre. Fifteen will get you twenty. Gotta be sixteen or older. Also, the fact that she has been hit by cars is a big turn off. Can you imagine how much complaining she would be doing? “My bones hurt…i gotta hematoma…I think I’m bleeding internally…blah blah blah.” I ain’t got no time for that.

          1. Ha! That’s funny, but on a serious note, I regretfully had to trade in your father for your brother. As you know, Your pappy has emphysema. Every time he coughs, it would force my dangle out of brown town. I ain’t got no time for that.

  1. She didn’t look right at all. It never seemed to occur to her that a car might be coming from that direction. It was about three feet from her when she finally noticed.

    I blame the second car for not killing her. The first made a reasonable attempt, but the second really should have finished her off. That was a golden opportunity. He had a chance to kill someone and pass it off as an accident. Those moments are few and far between in life. I bet the driver is kicking himself.

    1. To be fair, on zebra crossings, the pedestrian ALWAYS has right of way, esp when they are already crossing. Even if they are about to cross and a car is coming, the car HAS to stop if someone wants to cross.

      But you’re right, she wasn’t looking right, she just assumed the car would slow down. But clearly this driver was an idiot. There’s no way he could not have seen her LOL. Even after he hit her, he didn’t hit the brakes quick enough. Probably pisshed.

      1. These videos are good. It teaches me at zebra crossings even though I have right of way that I can still be hit by a car and not to trust any
        Cunt driving a car unless it’s me. Always look when crossing a road. Does Not
        Matter what special markings are on the ground

      1. Fedposting I’ll accept (although I had to look it up as I had never heard of it). In fact I can take just about any insult. Mean-spirited, small-minded, bitter, cynical, misogynist, sociopath, psychopath: I plead guilty to all of the foregoing. But never call me either a homosexual or a paedophile. I may have some fairly perverse sexual desires, but none as low as those two abominations.

  2. This is human evolution of the brain .. ie she will look at what’s on the road VERY CAREFULLY for the rest of her life
    Too many young girls seem to have no concept of what a road is, ie a pedestrian can move about quickly, but a car/bike at speed cannot (and they can’t always see you due to other traffic, signs etc.)
    Dumb mole learned her lesson !

      1. Yes, I know how it’s spelt, but I like the way it looks on the page as “Mole”
        Plus, you never see the word “Moll” now, so most of the dumb Moles here wouldn’t know what it is if I did use it
        Bad Jonny has already thought it through, long before your tar-baby nigger ass did

          1. How can you tell who is Oz Nem, or do just know by experience?
            I saw an old Oz movie circa 198o, and some people didn’t like some chick, so they just sprayed one word on the wall:
            I knew it was spelt wrong, and cacked my guts out, because it was just so ‘pure’ so ‘simple’ so ‘holy’ that even though I don’t know the movie, I have never forgotten it
            It’s the only part of the movie I can even remember

          2. Turns of phrase ,vocab ,tone , assertiveness etc. Nothing I can quite put my finger on …almost at an instinctive level .
            Just like I am all but certain Vag is Aussie and not Swedish nor Norwegian as he says.

            Moll Flanders was one of Charles II girlfriends. He had a few and the people hated them many a time. She was in a carriage once and the people thought she was the King’s current girlfriend- i think it was Louise kerouialle? later Duchess of Portmouth. So they were calling her a ” slut and Moll” etc and she calls out “No it’s me ,the other one”. So I think they all started laughing and clapping whilst she went by. Clever I say.

    1. Some 15 year old girls are very well developed physically. That’s why they are called jail bait. Nature is telling us they are good to go, but legally (and emotionally) they are still children, so it’s still paedophilia and no man wants that label hanging round his neck for the rest of his life.

  3. This is totally the girl’s fault and no blame should be placed on the driver at all. I don’t care what the law says about crossings, there is no way you can expect drivers to be clairvoyant. She stepped out onto the crossing from directly behind a large bus that had just passed. The driver in the car would not have seen her step onto the crossing. When she stepped into view of the driver she did so without even looking to see if it were clear or not, despite the fact she was stepping out from behind the bus which was blocking the driver’s view.
    Sorry, but this is just another entitled teenager who thinks everyone should be paying attention to her because she is special in her own, tiny mind. She gave no thought to the possibility that she had some kind of personal responsibility to ensure her own safety. The sad part is she actually survived this event and will be able to breed and pass those retarded, entitled genes on. The one piece of credit I will give her is that she didn’t have her face in her phone at the time though I don’t dismiss the fact that she could we have had earphones in and was gossiping whilst walking along and not paying attention to her surroundings.
    No sympathy, and she’s lucky not to have collected a Class-A Darwin award.

        1. Lucky for him he only have “ideal username”. You have much more than that.
          No one is defending girls stupidity. But responsibility is on driver. In a driving school they teach about this kind of situations. If you can’t fully see crosswalk, you should stop.

          1. “Responsibility is on driver”

            Typical libtard response. No one wants to take responsibility for their own actions; placing blame elsewhere is the overall snowflake attitude today.
            The girl stepped out without a single glance towards possible oncoming traffic. The driver has absolutely no blame attached to him/her as he/she did nothing wrong.

            “If you can’t fully see crosswalk, you should stop.”

            Or maybe “If you can’t fully see ROAD, you should not step out onto the crosswalk.”

            My point here is that you cannot put any blame the driver. Think about it: they drove within the law yet you want to blame them? If you think about it a little more, the driver could see the crosswalk fully before the bus crossed it and all looked clear. The stupid girl should have checked before stepping out into a road she couldn’t see.

          2. How do you know what the driver did or didn’t, could or couldn’t see? What kind of nimrod walks out in front of a fucking car that clearly isn’t slowing down? Yes she was in a crosswalk but she came out from behind a bus and plowed full on forward totally ignoring the oncoming headlights. She didn’t look to her right once.

  4. This is true Darwinism!!

    Who the fuck just crosses from behind another vehicle, especially a big bus and just assumes nothing is coming the other way?? She definitely did not look OR probably assumed the car would stop because she was in the crosswalk. Either way, poor survival skills on her part. Never assume anything and always be aware what’s going on around you.

    Where I live a college “professor” just got hit and killed by a train. Liberal genius with zero common sense crossed a double track at a train station and just assumed another train couldn’t possible be coming in the other direction…right?????

    1. Yes, it’s incredibly naive to assume that other people are going to do what they are supposed to do. While I am crossing a road I constantly look left and right just in case. Even though she was only 15 she should have known that.

  5. The bus passing by is definitely partly to blame here. The bus passing by caused a significant blind spot on her right side. So it is understandable that she did not notice the car that hit her approaching, at least for a while. Having said that, there is still at least a few seconds after the bus passes by that she could have and should have noticed the approaching car and it’s very bright headlights approaching. I can not understand how, even though initially the bus caused a blind spot, that she totally failed to notice this car approaching after the bus passed her by. Perhaps she had some kind of a phone jack or music ear jack in her ear making it impossible for her to hear the approaching car? But that still doesn’t explain her failing to see the bright headlights of this car. Perhaps she just assumed the car was going to slow down? She is very lucky to be alive and survive. That was a hard hit she took by not one but two cars!

  6. It’s amazing to me that when people cross the street they just assume that every oncoming car will stop before it hits them. Why take such a chance with your life at risk? When I cross the street I act like every car is trying to hit me and I’m playing Frogger trying to avoid them.

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  8. When she’s trying to lift herself up after that horrific accident .. dosent she remind you of Enrique Iglesias in one of his music videos when he’s been beat up by a mobbster and that gal from I know what you did last summer comes out also or scream the movie back in a day ? Amazing she got that act down to last moment in perfection however no more kiddn’ I hope she’s alright she looked very pretty and hot

  9. You just saw female who was inside of her own world, paying zero attention to world outside. Not anymore:
    Eyes on back and front and even third one will be opened to check if there is evil car around.
    Nobody will play flipper with her anymore!

  10. After watching the video the first time I replayed it several times, each time trying to warn her by shouting “Look out!”, but to no effect. She didn’t respond at all. It’s as if she couldn’t hear me. Could someone explain why she couldn’t?

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